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The unexplained disappearance and “drowning” in November 2012 of yet another college-age man after he was mysteriously booted from an upstate New York sports arena en route to the bathroom fits the classic 'Smiley Face Killer' motif.

Because there have now been hundreds of similarly suspicious deaths throughout America's I-90 and I-94 corridor since 1997, and because there doesn't seem to be any end in sight to the carnage, it's time for those who match the standard victim profile in these cases to learn how to avoid falling prey.

With an eye toward crime prevention, the tips in this guide are particularly directed to those individuals who match the victim profile. This guide will also be useful for anyone familiar with the famous ‘Smiley Face Serial Killer Theory’ who is looking for current cases, case updates, and related forensics. It supplements the complete case primer and analysis provided by the author in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN.

The rules contained in this publication are blood simple--study the fact sheet and tips carefully, and be safe.
Read five free tips below, and find exclusive interviews with survivors and families of Smiley's most recent victims HERE.
RUIN SMILEY'S DAY: Follow these FREE tips to minimize the danger of vanishing into thin air one night and ending up another unsolved "drowning" statistic:
1. Buddy up at all times. Safety in numbers is the name of the game, before, during and after a night out on the town.
2. Scrap the hoodie attire. Too many people think it makes young men look like...hoods...quite frankly. And, considering the percentage of Smiley Face victims who were wearing this particular piece of apparel when they went missing, a hooded sweatshirt should be regarded as a significant liability. (Ditto for flip flops or any other type of footwear not suitable for running in.)
3. Watch what you're drinking — never drink from someone else's bottle or glass, especially if you don't know them. This includes any liquid whatsoever (or substance) being offered by a female you might've just met.
4.If you are asked to leave an establishment verify first that the individual requesting this is authorized to do so an.....
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  1. Holy shit you can't verify the fucking person has a right to throw you out. They wont give a shit. and you wont remember if you have drank or not. These fuckers in Illinois are such a joke.

    1. Illinois is a treacherous zone, agreed, but if one remains level-headed they can most definitely thwart Smiley.

      Whatever state you're in though, opportunity is what these psycho-thugs seek, and the path of least resistance is the best way to handle the confrontation.

      Swing at them and you've got a real problem.

      Although I perfectly understand the hit-or-be-hit instinct myself, these days if one engages in an altercation of any kind with heavy-handed authority figures it greatly increases the chances of death and, thereafter, a convenient *accidental* drowning.


    2. Look into 18yr old Thomas Gregory Bearson from Sartell, MN. He went missing on campus of North Dakota State {ndsu} on the 20th of September to be found today on the 23rd. He was drunk left a party an disappeared to be found dead roughly 7 miles from where he was last seen. For more info just google his name and state of North Dakota. I fear something sinister may be brewing. Please look into this and turn any leafs possible.

    3. Yes I have been watching the Tommy Bearson case. A growing number of these otherwise classic Smiley Face disappearances are no longer resulting in *drownings* and I do not believe Bearson's body was placed in the water either.

    4. I know a little about killers and death I am certified death investigator. I as well have been keeping an eye on things and do not believe Tommy Bearson is tied to the others. 1-A killer never changes his /there MO (ever)
      As well as I do indeed think it is a cult,/ gang. I indeed think that this is a serial killers.

    5. Killer never changes his MO?

      Your an idiot, shill, or joker dingbat.

      "Never" is not the right word: you might try "usually" doesn't change his MO.

      These murders are obviously unpoliced or sidetracked by law enforcement. Good leads are ignored: seen that before when the pigs are obstructing justice.

  2. hey did you get link to that pic I posted onl;ine. Thought it was wierd locations of bodies showing up in my mail. Someone filled things out on internet with fakes names. It must have been sent around same day as deaths.
    Tomoko Baldwin was the name on the card sent to meant that was sent in May when Finnerty who was found in Baldwin was a victim. Maybe just a coincidence ,but thought it was worth mentioning in case it happens again. Could you imagine having the location before they find a body? It would mean someone knows who I am. This is why I wanted to be able to send to mail pribate. Am at library computer and it asks me for a code for setting up mail.

    Any way people have noticed me looking at these cases at library and I was given some info. I am in upstate NY now

  3. Oh if Tomoko is supposed to have some kind of hidden meaning ,do not have a clue what,but like I said maybe just a coincidence. someone had to send that on purpose though and it was sent to the address on the mail and not in my mailbox by mistake,so thats weird. Any ideas?

  4. Replies
    1. Gotta say, Tennessee, your friend had me worried with her frantic messages and I'm glad to hear from you once more -- don't do that again.

      Keeping in mind that a few not-so-clever-as-they-think perps troll me from time to time, we'll have to figure out a yahoo code or something so you can ping me and share docs or data whenever you want.

      Sorry nobody responded but, no matter how urgent a missive sounds neither my secretary nor I (nor the site admin) reply to them if they're the slightest bit suspicious.

      That's the Killing Killers longstanding policy and I hope you understand.

      Your friend, E.R.

    2. BTW: Tomoko Baldwin is a member of a particular fraternity (not saying which) but hasn't been active for several weeks now ... what have you discovered?

  5. Discovered? nothing about him. Someone filled something online in may using that name to get a bank card. They sent it to where I live. No one by that name even lives on my street. As you can see the date is may as that would be when it was requested. it is one of those card you put money in and use like a debit card. I think Mike F is suspicious. he came up with the arm pattern and showed how it relates to Shaffer. I knew who was missing an arm so I saw how it also relates to Blatz-who was missing an arm. That is not looking for a pattern as I did not relly have to look-I already knew. The only thing I did have to research at all was Garza who I find was found at the lacrosse playing field. Mike F also mentioned the stadium and Shaffer . Also the stadium shaped like a horseshoe. My ssuspicion is he may have left clues to where Shaffer is and my guess would be at a flagpole or near on where a tree was planted. I had that person from lacrosse send you a link to that pic I posted of that card sent to me.-I do know may was when the quarterback found in Baldwin went missing which would be about the same time the card would have been sent

    Anyway there was also an Armando missing . the date was given at the 15. I know from experience the days are sometimes one or 2 or even more days off. I am thinking it may have been the 14th and flag day. The victim had a moon tattoo and someone just went missing in Crescent Georgia
    this is another possible arm pattern. I also suspect it could have been Mike posting about Randall Flagg . I think like others-the killer may have posted online,but it is not me-I just happen to see there may be some merit to what they said.

    any way I did leave info but in code . Though I do not now if that info really means anything. Since the mail mathed the locations I thought maybe graffiti did to. Arrows in pink chalk went as far to the address of 44. the arrows start at the smiley face. Also Indian river is on my route and a smiley face was there when an indian went missing here.
    As I said I am in upstate NY and so was Keyes. never met him myself but others have.

    maybe it was just some kids with chalk and paint but given the mail and the timing it seems a bit odd.

  6. another thing mike F mentioned was a pire office on high street where Brian Shaffer was. I think he was trying to tell us Jesse Ross and David Reilly are a clue to Shaffer. The first 2 I mentioned are the same day. reilly went to pier 23 and High street used to be Route 23. You see what I am saying? same letters-same numbers-pier-pire-23. reiily in a ny river the same day Anthony RIVERa is missing. They find Reilly's hat in Connelly which is another familiar name because Kara Connelly was the reporter that did the story on Keith Noble that was found in the Hocking River.

  7. any way no one else was supposed to know about the tomoko thing so you might want to delete the messages. I was not going to share it with the world

  8. why the secrecy? About tomoko? It is not like I hide anything. Sure sometimes I sometimes want to consider what I maybe should be posting before I post it. Besides I have shared things a lot of times with people and never hear back from them. Those people also I am in no hurry to tell anything, but I am not keeping secrets .

  9. I think you all are nuttier than fruitcakes!

  10. While I am not sure I buy into some of the connections that Tennessee111 has made on this blog, I do 100% believe that it is glaringly obvious that many of these young men didn't simply just get drunk, fall into a body of water and drown; there is something much more sinister at play here.

    I have researched these cases in depth these past few months. Eponymous: I actually just finished your book. It was very well researched and made me believe even stronger than many, if not most of these young men who have drown under similar circumstances over the past twenty years (and let's not forget--it is STILL happening) were murdered. I believe I pretty much got your theory on WHO may be responsible for these murders, but I do not believe you presented any opinion on WHY you think these type of young men (college aged, good looking, intelligent, athletic, well-liked, ambitious) are being targeted specifically. Can you share your thoughts on this?

  11. @Troy: These are spontaneous deadly-force 'crimes of opportunity' and subsequent cover-ups that consistently affect a certain victimology, and result in an apparent 'serial' pattern. (Tu comprendes...?)


  12. Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts.

  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11350062/Who-is-stalking-the-canals-and-streets-of-Manchester.html

    Also happening in England.

  14. Focus on "roofie" drugs being put in their drinks by:
    a) strangers at the bar
    b)bar staff (working with bouncers who are in on it)

    c)how does one get roofie drugs? There's evidence out there, you just need to get FBI motivated to move and apply what they know how to do.

    d) Cynthia Vurbeff roofie rape in San Antonio, Texas: it was done by a contract surveillance scumbag crew (retired FBI slob who never got arrested or indicted or subpoenaed?????!!!!).

    e) The profile for this crew of scumbags has to focus on the Authoritarian Personality with focus on those in the military, from the military or first responders. People who are working class and hate college kids (not a heterosexual sex kink...more of an ENVY the college kids from the middle class who didn't have to fight wars or put up with the rigidity of the military).

    No doubt...there is a roving band of psychopaths protected by law enforcement: YOU DON'T GET AWAY WITH THESE MANY LINKED CRIMES IN ONE GEOGRAPHIC AREA with some help from the Masonic secret occult based rat bastards known as law enforcement.

    Wouldn't surprise me if it was linked to "counter terrorism" and wrapped around State Secrets classifications.

    That wouldn't surprise me at all since the definition of "terrorism" has morphed into those who support civil rights or engage in dissent.

  15. I found 3 days ago after a suicide of a girl and a train a smiley face drawn into the asphalt leading to the 12 mile creek with an arrow pointing to the creek. Oct 28th 2017 just across the border a student was found dead there were two small new gang graffiti symbols also on the asphalt. I believe he's here now in canada. How can I send pictures and have someone investigate. Mike. St catharines on. Boo9zoo@yahoo.com is my email

  16. Ummm.....You should be posting these 10 Tips for free! NOT CHARGING PEOPLE TO FIND OUT! What the FUCK?!?!!?!? I understand that you are looking to make money..koodos but if you actually care if these men come out of the situation alive give the 10 tips for free. If you dont it just goes to show you don't care about lives only MONEY.

  17. What do I do if I believe I am currently going to be there next victim. They are very cunning to leave behind no proof and turn people against you with money and fear.I have no idea how I have managed to survive these last few months other than my wits and luck.