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Monday, November 18, 2013

MISSING IN ILLINOIS: Emmanuel Dominguez

BREAKING NEWS 11/21: Missing Chicago bartender Emmanuel Dominguez ID'd as beaten, stabbed and burnt body found in Gary Indiana. Full news coverage HERE. Original story below:

MISSING PERSON ALERT: Emmanuel 'Manny' Dominguez, 30, has been missing in Illinois since leaving a Halloween party last month with his ex-girlfriend and associates.

His car was found abandoned a few days later, but apparently there were no clues inside or around the vehicle to aid the young man's worried family members and investigators.

Emmanuel Dominguez missing posterNow, as Dominguez's uncharacteristic absence nears the one month mark, the worst is being feared, and his loved ones are desperately trying to get the word out about "Manny's" odd disappearance.

Emmanuel Dominguez is employed as a bartender at the Dana Hotel on Chicago’s Near North Side. 

He is described as a 5-foot-8 light skinned male, approximately 175 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes.

Investigators say the 30-year-old attended a Halloween party at a warehouse near Damen and Walnut in the West Town neighborhood on October 31st.

That's where he ran into a former girlfriend and then left with her and her associates by car for Bucktown.
Along the way, Dominguez reportedly got out of the automobile, the woman claims. His cell phone last pinged at the intersection of Division and Halsted.

Anyone who sees this missing person or knows of his current whereabouts is urged to call 911 or the Summit Police Department at 708-458-1313.



  1. The poster says he was last seen 11/2/2013 but the article says not since the party on 10/31/2013. Who was he with in the meantime?

    1. I was aware of the discrepancy when we decided to post this alert, but the conflicting dates have not been thoroughly explained ... yet.

      Something foul afoot though, IMHO

      Thanks for commenting --

  2. There's a lot of helpful info on this site.


  3. I am curious if He will be found in a River or a Lake? Sure the Police will say "No Foul Play" Suspected. Halloween is Big for this Sick Group. Just like Chris Jenkins. Worst part about it,is all of these Sick Freaks hold many of their victims for some time before disposing of victim. What is it going to take for these people to get caught?

    1. I don't understand. Who is/are this "Sick Group" or "Sick Freaks"? What kind of people are you referring to?

    2. I am Referring to the Group or Cult that is responsible for these killings across America. Probably getting up to the 300's in victims. This has also happened in Canada in some areas. MSM just started reporting the knockout game and people are surprised. Wait to this finally gets the attention it deserves. These Criminals are working together across USA via the Internet somehow. Men are being snatched. I can offer countless Articles stating the Victim was scared out of his mind and being pursued. Same articles saying 2 Men following. Sometimes very tough or Big Guys are victims. Victims are almost always held. Law Enforcement wants nothing to do with this. If You are a Young man I would suggest not going anywhere by yourself, Be aware of surroundings at all times, and Please God Stop wearing Hooded Sweat Shirts. This is something the World has never seen before and it is hard for people to understand.


    3. Wow. Maybe lay off the drugs a little.

    4. Nice Comeback and arguement. Ignorant Fool.

  4. I live in Chicago, and used to work near Division and Halsted where his phone last "pinged." The area is pretty desolate after dark, likely much more so in the early morning hours. The Chicago River is also just steps from that intersection. This doesn't look good.

  5. This Poor Kid. God Bless his family.His Body has not been dumped yet. He could still be alive. These Killers are just playing a game. Some victims held for day or weeks some dumped that night.
    Be a Citizen Journalist! We can Solve this and stop the Killers. Many people are involved. Pressure needs to be put on law enforcement.


  6. possible body match, updated - http://someoneismissing.com/emmanuel-manny-dominguez/

    1. Wow -- thanks -- that's less than 40 miles from where Dominguez was last seen, plus he owned an Acura I believe so the victim's keys match up as well.

      Here's the coroner's description for anybody else following this case who hasn't yet seen the article:

      "The Lake County Coroner's Office is seeking the public's help in identifying a man found stabbed to death in a burned out car in Gary earlier this month.

      "At 11:21 a.m. Nov. 4, officers on routine patrol saw a burned-out vehicle with legs sticking out of the trunk in a wooded area of the 2700 block of Maryland Street.

      "The Lake County Coroner's office ruled the cause of death was multiple stab wounds suffered in an apparent homicide.

      "The deceased is a 5-foot-6-inch tall white or Hispanic male weighing 147 pounds. He was wearing a red, hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and Diesel tennis shoes when discovered.

      "The coroner's office said the man had a bronze whistle and an Acura key fob with an Ace Hardware house key attached. Anyone with information about the identity of the deceased is asked to contact the Lake County Coroner's Office at (219) 755-3265."

  7. UPDATE at 10:15 AM on 11/22/13: Burnt and stabbed corpse found in Gary Indiana on November fourth formally ID'd as that of missing Chicago bartender Emmanuel Dominguez.

    Click on the name in this comment to read full coverage via Gather News.

    Posted by Eponymous Rox, for Killing Killers.

  8. I want to know how you posted this on Monday, that he was ID'd??? DNA was not confirmed until yesterday morning, family was notified of the findings Thursday??? Either way RIP my beautiful cousin Emmanuel - God is with you

    1. Sorry for your loss. The original post was done on Monday as an alert to help find your cousin. You'll notice that the article was UPDATED on Wednesday as to the ID when it was released by the Coroner's office.

  9. Red Hooded SweatShirt. God Bless Emmanuel.Tortured,held, and murdered. Brutally on Halloween. Very Scary and very Bad stuff.

    Anybody not seeing this is Blind. MSM hiding the obvious Facts. Do Not Wear a Hooded Sweatshirt and Be careful alone.

    1. You are a disgusting human being and I hope you get killed.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I was born in Gary,Indiana and grew up about 10 miles from Gary. Never,in all my years of living near Gary,was there ever a murder crime like this...this is the smiley face gang. Period! When is this going to stop? never? good lord! A 5 yr.old could figure these murders out! Do law enforcement not care? Are they in on it? This has gone on long enough. What will it take!

  12. Starting a Twitter Page to Help Fight this and Draw Attention. ....Details coming Soon.Together This can be Overcome.

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  14. It's been a while and they may have leads, but If I was the Investigator?, I'd look more into the Ex Girlfriend and her associates. I don't buy the whole, "He got out the car and left alone" theory. Something had to have happened, there has to be a motive, again, "Last seen getting into car with Ex Girfriend and Associates" Does that sound right to anyone? She may have had a motive? Either way, My Prayers go out to the Family, and I hope they get closure and justice.

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