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John Wayne Gacy Innocent?

Well, not hardly, but he emphatically insisted he was an innocent man in a jailhouse letter written to the co-founder of Amnesty International which has just resurfaced this year. Of course, you know what they say: there are no guilty men in prison. It's rather a moot point by now anyway, as the infamous serial killer of 33 men and boys was put to death by lethal injection in 1994, his famous last words to executioners and other witnesses purportedly being "kiss my ass." It's believed to be genuine, and, if so, this new type-written missive by the man dubbed the "Killer Clown" for his scary Pogo the Clown costume and persona is valued at four to five thousand dollars. Zero dinero, if not authentic. In either case, it's definitely worth a read and a chuckle. (See it below and scroll further down this page for a complete translation, verbatim.)

Dear Mr. Kutner,
I have recently read about you in the newspapers, and wondered if you might be interested in working on my case, at a point of Post Conviction. I have enclosed a clipping on my appeal, and while I feel I have good issues, I don’t feel I will get justice in the Illinois courts, because of public pressure and mass publicity that surrounding my case.
The state appellate defender is handling my appeal at this point, but may not be when I get to Post-Conviction. I was railroaded to where I am now on death row, not only by incompetent counsel, but by constitutional law, Judicial misconduct, and Prosecutorial misconduct along with procedural errors as well.
Since your as famous as I am infamous, and the venues you have behind you, I was wonder if you would handle a mass murderer who is not one, but can’t seem to get anyone to look at the facts instead of the mass publicity, fantasy, and state theories. And now in the courts with poticial pressure.
If your interested, I would like to hear from you one way or another, and maybe able to fill you in on more of the facts so that you would see what I have to work with. I am told that if you put all the facts in my case in a computer along with all the Illinois law, my case would be thrown out. as there is no evidences to tie it all together. I have been made into a media monster, through mass publicity, and the facts seem to just go right out the door.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, look forward to hearing from you.
John Wayne Gacy