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  1. Here's a new (old) one for you from 2004. http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/l/lobdell_anthony.html

    Exchange student Anthony "Tony" Lobdell from INDIANA disappeared by drowning while studying in Argentina. Exact same MO as all the others.....

  2. http://www.wisn.com/news/police-search-for-missing-man-in-wisconsin-dells/30940056

  3. Dear Eponymous,

    I have read about most of the disappearances and deaths you chronicle on your blog, though I have yet to read your books.

    But have you ever considered that there might be a "gay" angle to these cases?

    Please note that I am not refering to any one case in particular. I am gay myself and, frankly, most, if not all, of the young men who died were incredibly hot, judging from the photos. They keep being described as "athletic", but I think "hot" is a better word, because, in addition to having a great body (implied by the word "athletic"), most of them were incredibly good-looking as well.

    Please note, again, that I am not refering to anyone in particular.

    I bring this up because of the following:

    1. Many of them disappeared after a night of drinking with their buddies, whom they abandoned before wandering off on their own. This is very common behavior among closeted young gay/bisexual men, who "lose" their friends to go cruising when they are drunk.

    2. Public restrooms are notorious cruising places for gay men. In a small town, I guess the riverside near bars and taverns would also play that role (secluded, dark, etc.). Perhaps some of them were "relieving themselves" when they were approached by a stranger(s), perhaps gay himself/themselves, who was/were ultimately responsible for their demise, either then and there or, after kidnapping/luring them to another spot, murdered them at a later point in time, perhaps retaining their bodies for some time, before later placing the body in the river/lake.

    3. Police, family, bartenders, etc. seem, in many cases, very reluctant to talk/act. Police brush off the deaths as accidental. This kind of attitude/behavior has, unfortunately, been characteristic of many crimes involving gay men who have gone cruising ("they deserved what they got", "let's not give Bar X a bad name", "let's not tarnish Joe's name now that he's gone", etc.).

    Again, I am not refering to any one case in particular, so no need for friends and family of the deceased to feel aggrieved (unless the shoe fits). Because of the continuing deaths, however, I feel that the question deserves asking.

    1. That could very well be! I think its an excellent theory as we can't rule much of anything out at this time. I wondered something along the same lines due to the missing and deceased young men all having attractive qualities. It may as well be a person who is sexually aroused by submerging their victims in water and watching them struggle to breathe. Whatever the truth may be.. Its an incredibly sad and horrible group of murders.

  4. Hi C, I've also read about some of the more recent cases, including one you commented on, and many of these stories sound suspiciously like gay hookups gone awry. Interesting to note that all of these cases have taken place after gay hookup sites became common. Today, there is a gay hookup app called Grindr, which, I understand, is similar to Tinder. So we can imagine a killer, or more than one, choosing their next victim on Grindr and chatting him up for a few days before agreeing in or near the place where the victim lives. If the killer lives in another state, he would allow himself enough time to get to that particular place. Once there, the two, killer and victim, would agree to meet in a general area at a general time, specifics of which would be TBD. All of this could be done right under the noses of friends and family, who would just notice the unsuspecting victim tapping away at his phone, as he made plans to meet the killer.

    This kind of setup would account for a lot of the weird behavior that I have read about: victims asking to be dropped off at unusual places, or deciding to walk home alone, or stepping outside for a minute and never coming back.

    One point to keep in mind is that these hookups between men are, very often, free of the obvious precautions that women take before venturing out to meet some guy they met on Tinder. Another point is that families would be unwilling to pursue the matter of homicide (for obvious reasons) if they didn't know before that X was gay, and that bar owners wouldn't be exactly thrilled to learn that a gay rendezvous turned deadly involved their places of business, as the press would tend to refer, even if in passing and mistakenly, to Bar Y as a place patronized by gay men.

  5. I was thinking the same thing regarding the app Grindr. I believe the victims are also drugged, so when someone on Grindr texts them to meet under a bridge or by the water they don't think it's suspicious, just a quick hook-up.

    On another note, does anyone think it's simply coincidence that "loner" is spray painted on the bridge near the area Zach Marr went in the water?

    I've noticed numerous drownings happening everywhere, it seems. Men, women, a lot of dark hair and eyes versus white with blue eyes of former victims. It's like they're messing with the FBI at this point, IMHO.

    I do think it's plausible in some cases that once the victim is drugged and outside someone may pose as security to prevent them from going back inside. Then they simply follow the vic down the street and toss him into a waiting van.

    What troubles me the most is the silence of the authorities. Silence=denial. Nothing to see here, folks, move right along.

    1. I think that a lot of the mystery surrounding the disappearances (in many of the cases, but not all) can be better understood if we take as a premise the idea that many of the male victims were actively trying to evade detection by friends and family, as would be the case if they were using the Grindr app for a gay hookup. Thus, they would lie about where they were going; they would take unlikely routes to and from places, or in and out of bars and nightclubs; and they would visit odd locales, such as abandoned construction sites, maintenance corridors, back alleys, etc.

      This consideration runs counter to what appears to me to be the often accepted premise that the victims would have no reason to lie. Obviously, that would not be the case if they were going on a gay rendezvous arranged through an app like Grindr.

      I read a few months ago, on this site, about a young man from a small town in the Midwest who had recently moved to California. When he went back to home to visit his family, his mother drove him to a street with a concentration of bars and restaurants and dropped him off there. This man went missing the next day and, when the mother realized that the local police had other priorities, she decided to investigate the bars for herself. She ended up very frustrated, because she felt that the bouncers and owners of the bars weren't 100% forthcoming and honest. So she concluded that they must have been covering up for one or more persons with sinister intentions.

      To me, however, the story read like the bouncers and bar owners were hesitant to clue her in on the fact that they had seen her son associating with people who were known to be gay and/or drug users (the two groups often overlap). To the mother, however, the staff at the bars were holding back names to protect the perpetrators behind her son's disappearance.

      So in this particular case, I can envision the young man having a few drinks with other gay people, tapping away at his phone while talking to the killer on Grindr. At a certain point, he got a message asking him to step outside to meet his romantic interest, quite possibly for some quick sex. The people he was with would probably have no idea what was going on, as the whole thing would have been arranged through texting.

      This dynamic would allow the killer to arrange hookups that could start in some of the very bizarre places that are mentioned in the case studies on this site - places that would normally be off-limits to the public. However, precisely because they are places where no one ever goes, they present the perfect setting for quick gay sex. But the consensus on this site seems to be, "Oh, X could never have gone there, because that would be too strange".

      Well, precisely. That is exactly why X did something weird - he was trying to hide what he was doing. In that light, doing improbable things makes all the sense in the world.

      I'm gay myself and I have seen my friends do some downright crazy stuff to have sex. OK, I did, too. We often throw caution to the wind, especially when texting with a guy who looks hot on an app like Grindr.

      I believe understanding this mindset is the key to beginning to understand much of the baffling behavior involved in these tragic murders.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Source:


    18 Percent Of Grindr Users Are Still In The Closet, Six Percent Will Never Come Out

    Grindr has become a legendary meeting spot for the headless torsos of the world in the five short years since its launch in 2009, but did you know that almost a quarter of those headless torsos are still hiding in the closet? Of that 18 percent, six percent say they never plan to come out at all.

    The shocking (or not shocking at all?) statistics were released by Grindr this week. In the spirit of Pride season, the company polled a sample of its 1.4 million daily users to find out how many were out of the closet, why those who are out decided to come out, and who were the first people they shared the big news with.

    Among some of the most noticeable trends in the report, millennials are coming out in their younger teen years, most initial “coming outs” happen among friends versus family, a large majority of workers are still hesitant about coming out in the workplace, and those folks in the closet refuse to come out mostly because they fear discrimination. Most disturbingly, 53 percent of respondents have had sex with females in their lives.