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Thursday, January 3, 2013

MISSING PERSON ALERT: Nick Wilcox, 24, from Milwaukee

Another bar, another bouncer, another missing man:

UPDATE January 28, 2013: A fund has been created by family and friends of Nick Wilcox so they might continue their search efforts. Wilcox has been missing now for nearly a month without a trace, but his loved ones haven't given up the hunt for him.

THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MENA nonstop search is not only costly to conduct but can interfer with work schedules as well, quickly draining valuable resources. Yet, whether someone being sought is dead or alive, bringing them home is still vital for finding closure in all missing person cases.

Those who would like to contribute to the Nick Wilcox search fund may do so at any Associated Bank, or by mailing a donation to the Associate Bank branch located at 1456 Summit Avenue Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066.  

UPDATE January 23, 2013: Irish Rec Room's license revoked: It's rare and never an arbitrary or capricious move for a licensing authority to suspend a bar's right to operate. But that's what happens to those establishments who repeatedly fail to live up to reasonable expectations and who, instead, accumulate too many complaints and violations. 

Revocation doesn't come as any big surprise to Irish Rec's owner and management however, because well before their unfortunate patron, Nick Wilcox, disappeared within just minutes of being manhandled by Irish Rec's overzealous bouncers, its operators fully anticipated being ordered to shutter the establishment this month. They were merely limping along until that inevitable day, hoping to scrounge up a few extra bucks over the holiday season. It's too bad though that Wilcox and his friends didn't know about all this in advance of paying upwards of 60 bucks a piece to celebrate New Year's eve at the troubled nightspot...Nick Wilcox still remains missing. 

UPDATE January 10, 2013: Body retrieved from Milwaukee River "is NOT Nick Wilcox" police say: In a declaration reminiscent of the Marion County coroner's recent gaff in misidentifying drown victim Joshua Swalls this past November, Milwaukee police just announced that the body they pulled from the river today "is not that of Nick Wilcox." The corpse, which they say appears to be "that of a fifty-year-old man," was spied early this morning in the vicinity of the area Wilcox had disappeared from ten days ago. The original story is below. 

Nick Wilcox, 24, was celebrating this New Year's eve with his girlfriend Kelly McGonagil and about a dozen other friends at the Irish Rec Room in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Sometime between one and two in the morning of January 1, 2013 the young man ran afoul of the river pub's security team, was physically ejected by them, and then vanished without a trace. 

"I watched him get carried out by the bouncers," McGonagil said. "That was the last I saw of him. I tried calling him shortly after and his phone was dead." 

Nick Vetta, a close friend of Wilcox who also had the opportunity to witness the event, substantiates McGonagil's version: “Nick was kicked out of the bar by the bouncers,” Vetta confirmed. “I’m not sure why. And we haven’t seen him since then.”

Security personnel for Irish Rec insist that, once he was outdoors, Nick Wilcox wandered off accompanied by "a man wearing a red shirt," and, as this individual resembled someone from Wilcox's group, it was initially presumed he was with that person and safe.

However, when the 'red-shirted' man in question was interviewed, he said he didn't remember being outside the pub with Wilcox even once during the entire evening.

Bouncers further claim that an image showing Wilcox alive and well and walking away from Irish Rec was captured on the bar's surveillance video.

But the missing man's sister, Andrea Wilcox, says that isn't so either--a closer inspection of the videofeed did indeed reveal a male patron heading down a nearby alleyway at that approximate hour, but it wasn't her brother.

“It was New Year's Eve. Everybody was drinking having a good time,” Andrea said in dismay, “and things went south.”

Other revelers at the Irish Rec Room report that, in addition to a security presence inside of the bar-and-grill, a few uniformed police officers had also been stationed outside throughout the New Year festivities. Nevertheless, the Milwaukee police are now asking for the public's help in locating the missing man.

In the meantime, police also searched in the vicinity of the Milwaukee River. They know to do this now because several other young men matching Wilcox's description have disappeared from this same district over the past few years, only to be found days or weeks later drowned in the river.

Last March 26-year-old Tom Hecht vanished without a trace. He and his friends had been celebrating Saint Patrick Day events in the downtown Milwaukee area near the waterfront neighborhood where Hecht both worked and lived.

Hecht's friends said one moment he was standing there with them and the next "he was gone." They eventually found his corpse floating in the river in a locale that had already been searched before.

Investigators then closed his case, ruling the young man "was drunk and accidentally drowned."

Nick Wilcox is six-foot-two, weighs between 180 and 200 pounds, has blond hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a grey shirt, dark pants and black shoes. He majored in political science at Waukesha County Technical College and, after graduating from there, was attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison in order to pursue a teaching degree.

Wilcox was last seen on tape standing just outside the Irish Rec Room near State and Old World Third streets between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on the first of January. Anyone with information concerning that night and his current whereabouts is asked to call the Milwaukee police at 414-933-4444, or their Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7403.


  1. I knew Tom Hecht and I pray for Nick Wilcox but it feels like Deja Vu. I feel like there's more to it.


    @ Anonymous, January 3: My condolences for the loss of your friend. As with all these cases, the handling of Hecht's so called drowning-by-drunkeness was a disgrace. An insult not only to the public's intelligence, but to his memory. After all, this was a 26-year-old professional who lived and worked in the area and who had a girlfriend. Not some disconnected kid who hadn't learned to hold his liquor yet, or some wayward drifter with a history of problems.

    For this reason, people should stay focused and not be so reliant on authorities for truthseeking in The Case Of the Drowning Men. In the early hours of an ivestigation, before surveillance tapes are lost or partially erased, before stories and alibis and evidentiary facts are woven and fabricated, the truth is not hidden; it is right there on its face.

    It is also not diabolical--remember there are various degrees of murder. It does not have to be premeditated. It does not necessarily imply a serial killer either.

    As to the kneejerk conclusion by most observers that these victims did actually perish in water simply because that's where they're always found, those bodies should be considered waterlogged, not drowned. (A big difference between the two, from a medical perspective.)

    The FBI needs to revisit the issue of these so called 'Smiley Face' disappearances and deaths, and do so ASAP. This time, however, because the body count is so high now and the crimes patterned yet clearly spontaneous, the threshhold inquiry should be about mass murder via excessive force and coverups, not serial slayings.

    MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR FAMILIES OF THE YOUNG MEN WHOSE BODIES ARE BEING DUMPED IN WATER: Who did the majority of these victim/s last have contact with? These bouncers are the P.O.I.'s (Persons of Interest) in these cases, but they are never named as such. Why not? How can that be? Who are these individuals with so much immunity from prosecution? What are their daytime jobs? Who are they connected to...?

    These are savvy offenders, too--yes, forensically speaking, they're absolutely correct: Drunks might indeed fall in water every now and then, and that's convenient because water can quickly destroy most physical evidence.

    But, still, it cannot erode commonsense.


    1. Walton Matthew Ward, (1988-2012) was last seen ALIVE by the 'BOUNCER' at Landsharks Bar on Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, IN. When his body was found floating in the White River a few blocks away by contruction workers. the "BOUNCER" and anyone else who either murdered him or left town never to be seen or heard from again. Walton Matthew Ward (Murdered by 'UNKKNOWN bouncer' from Landsharks Bar on October 12th, 2012. IMPD ruled it as an "ACCIDENTAL DROWNING" and "NO FOUL PLAY" despite a second body being found 3 weeks later and pulled from a rentention pond less than 1/4 of a mile from where Walton Matthew Ward's body was discovered on 10/22/2012. STILL, both deaths are ruled "ACCIDENTAL" and "NO FOUL PLAY",...even an idiot would point at the IMPD for the CAUSE or NEGLECT in INVESTIGATION for the murders of two, innocent young men. No one will help. Not even IMPD or the FBI. WTF?!?!?!? Rest in Peace to all these unfortunate young men and their mourning families.

  3. To add some insight into the role of the local medical examiners in ruling on these alleged drowning deaths, I recommend the rather scathing exposé on Crime Magazine titled "Drowning In Neglect" which concerns the Indianapolis metro-police department and Marion County Coroner--theirs is a standard relationship throughout the US, by the way:

    @ http://www.crimemagazine.com/drowning-neglect

    (Cut and paste the above URL into your browser, or just click on my name on this particular comment for a live link to that page)

  4. I agree with you in the fact that I feel that Tommy was portrayed in a very false way and it was presented to the community as some drunken college kid fell in the river. Very wrong in my opinion, for someone who knew the victim to know in my heart that there was no accidentally falling in a river. I think because the way the media spun things that maybe that's why there isn't as large of an outreach and effort from the community in Nick's case as well as the case of Robert Steinbrecker who went missing in Cedarburg a week before this Nick went missing. People are even ignoring it on facebook. Nobody wants to share the information to try and help the family of these missing men. I bought your book on the Drowning men and currently I am on Chapter 14. You make a lot of valid points and in my heart of hearts I can't believe that these are all coincidences and feel I need to get to the truth for Tom! I feel it needs to be exposed to put him and others at rest. Now I don't have autopsy reports so I have no idea if things were overlooked like in the other cases but I don't believe that others are taking "accidental drowning" for the proper cause of death but I thin maybe they don't know how to go about getting things looked at again.

    1. The media actually made Nick look the same way after the tox screen came back.

      There was actually a very large outpouring of support and effort from the community as well as people on facebook, to help find Nick....from coast to coast.

      Nick was very loved by many many people and will be greatly missed by all.

    2. Yes, and Walton Matthew Ward's Toxicology screen was CLEAN. But yet, he still, as a semi-pro Muy Thai fighter could not stop his own murder,...even after calling 911 for a 1-second interval that registered to a Cell phone tower in Broad Ripple, IN that fateful night he must have died FIGHTING. That's my boy!!!! he may have lost that fight,...but those who murdered him will rot in HELL.

  5. We need to band together and start a nationwide group called:

    S.O.B. (Save Our Boys) [or something similar]

    Responsible volunteers who stay 100% sober and stand outside of each individual bar/establishment and when these guys are getting thrown out by the bouncers - or wandering out alone - then WE will take care of them and stand by their sides until they are reunited with their friends AND their jackets.

    NO establishment or law enforcement agency should have a problem with this in light of all that is happening. In theory at least.

    I guarantee that bars that had "S.O.B" volunteers watching over wouldn't be having incidents of bouncers randomly separating young men from their friends and throwing them out without their jackets.

    I'm also confident that 'hotspots' such as La Crosse would stop having these "mysterious" disappearance/drownings if there were a bunch of volunteers/witnesses standing there watching over things.

    Some people and law enforcement want to say there's no such thing as a gang of mass murders abducting and drowning these boys... every last one of them is from "Accidental Drowning"? Ok. Fine. Then they should be happy people are volunteering their time to prevent this from happening. Right?


    Wouldn't it be interesting to see if areas that had volunteers had a sudden stop in abductions/drownings aka "Accidental Drownings due to alcohol" and other areas that didn't have volunteers saw a sudden spike in such activity? THAT'S how we could say with certainty what's going on here.

  6. @ Anonymous January 8 / regarding Tom Hecht:

    It's bad enough to lose a loved one in this horrific way, but then to have him characterized by officials and the media as a falling down drunk not only adds insult to injury but, to my way of thinking, is also downright slanderous.

    @ Anonymous January 10: This is a very sharp idea you're proposing. I think we could also use citizen panels for reviewing complaints about the police. Presently cops review themselves whenever people file abuse charges against them. That's a joke and one of the main reasons why there's such widespread corruption in our nation's police departments.

    Thanks for these excellent comments, everybody--

  7. They haven't identified the man they found in the Milwaukee River today but we do know he is not one of the four missing people right now that had all gone missing within a one week period here. This seems extremely out of control. I do think that there is power in numbers and at least we should have some kind of banding together at least for family and friends of all these loved ones (victims) who were accused of being inebriated and falling/walking into the river by their own doing. If we can stick together and fight then we may be able to have an impact.

  8. In regard to the 'older' man's body being pulled from the Milwaukee River today... I believe it is not all that uncommon for an older man's body to be found in a river where a college student is being searched for. Then there's speculation and a (sad) hope that it is the young man's body -- but it isn't. Off the top of my head, this same scenario just happened in the Jonathan Dailey case. That body was found in the river on 10/8/12, there was speculation in the media it was Dailey's, but then it was an older man. The very next day Dailey's body was found in that same area.

    What I thought was interesting (symbolic?) is that it has been reported that Nick Wilcox was last seen outside with a man they had just met that night who was wearing a red shirt. The older man they pulled from the river today was wearing... a Red Shirt. Obviously, it is not the same man but I found it rather interesting. Symbolic, perhaps. Based on other scenarios I've read about, I wouldn't be surprised if they found Wilcox tomorrow or the next few days in that same area.

  9. Oh. Sorry for double posting, but I didn't write about the REAL reason I wanted to post.

    Get this... A VERY BIZARRE AND EVIL LOOKING 7 FOOT STATUE 'MYSTERIOUSLY' HAS APPEARED WHERE NICK WILCOX WENT MISSING. It is really, really creepy looking and has a hammer imprint on it's chest.

    Here's a link (otherwise google 'mystery statue Milwaukee'):

    Now, the Irish Rec Room is a little off the river and this thing is Right ON the river, less than a 5 minute walk from the bar.

    Google how close these are to each other. Google says "1 Minute"

    Irish Rec Room
    1023 N Old World 3rd Street, Milwaukee

    The statue is located by "the Fonz"
    100 E. Wells, Milwaukee

    If Wilcox turns up in the river, I wouldn't be surprised if that's where they put him in. I also wouldn't be surprised if in hindsight, this creepy sculpture holds some sort of 'clue' to the next victim.

    I wonder if any other cities had similar weird things happen and no one ever put them together.

    It's just odd. Nick Wilcox "mysteriously Vanishes" and this 7 foot statue "mysteriously Appears" where he went missing? AND NOBODY SAW A THING??? IN BUSY, DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE? How does that happen?

    How in the world does someone drag in and erect a 7 FOOT sculpture in an area that is inundated with searchers looking for Nick Wilcox... and NOBODY SEES A THING?

    In my opinion... Whoever's doing this is getting pretty brazen and is 'showing off' how stealth they are and can do whatever they want and people are 'too dumb' to notice a thing. (I'm not saying 'people are dumb' -- merely giving a possible criminal mindset). People "mysteriously vanish into thin air" with 100's of people around and "nobody sees a thing". A gigantic 7 foot statue "mysteriously appears out of nowhere" with 100's of people around and "nobody sees a thing."

  10. @ Anonymous January 11:

    Haha--that's all right--so long as it's not spam or the same message 100 times, post as often here as you like.

    By the way, I too wondered about the connection between the sudden appearance of that very strange piece of sculpture and its close proximity to the scene of many a missing young man's drowning. Definitely an eerie coincidence.

    Also: red shirt, noted, and the similarity with Jon Dailey's drowning in Boston this past October. Watching closely now to see if your hunch is right.

    Thanks for your posts today--

  11. @ Anonymous January 10 "If we can stick together and fight then we may be able to have an impact."

    You're right. This is what I and a number of other individuals with active websites (like Footprints At The River's Edge and Emmy award-winning journalist Kristy Piehl's site Smiley Face Killers) are trying to accomplish -- bring greater public awareness to these dubious drowning deaths and thereby put an end to them as well.

    I think too that any part of crime prevention should include flagging certain establishments that, for a host of reasons, are simply not as safe as they may seem.

    For instance, the Irish Rec Room where Nick Wilcox was manhandled by bouncers and thereafter vanished was already subject to having their liquor license revoked soon due to a variety of neighborhood complaints and questionable business practices. In fact, Irish Rec was just denied that renewal this week and is open at the moment only pending the disposition of their appeal.

    That's also a very good reason for the Wilcox family to be wary now of any assistance that controversial place is currently providing them, as I believe this is most likely being offered for appearances sake only.


  12. E.R., I am not sure if you are familiar with the Milwaukee area or not. The Irish Rec Room lost its license because it deviated from the original business plan that secured the license--dropped their food service. Although they had a lot of police calls, their business practices were not necessarily "questionable". Most of the bars in that three-block radius have similar volume of complaints. (their biggest infraction might be that they haven't paid off the alders or common council folks, who control their licensing. I do not know for sure. But it's a commom practice. Mader's a reknowed restaurant closes early on the weekends. The neighborhood is getting a bit dicey. The Irish Rec room is no more controversial than its surrounding like businesses--these days. In fact, an annual festival in that area shut down for the same reason.

    Still, I have stood outside that same bar to have a smoke--the neighborhood isn't that bad. For someone to just go poof, again, is eyebrow raising. Especially on New Year's Eve... I was down there: the place was crawling with partiers. Be wary of the police assistance, or lack of. (Google Milwaukee Police Department + FBI + false reports) The property owners are more than likely geniune in their help.

    Tom Hecht. Rosie's on Water and he lived on Commerce. The bridge he would have crossed and where they found him was N Water St & E. Pleasant Street. Google Map the street view... One does not fall in that river even if they are drunk and taking a leak. And the banks are fenced.

    Milwaukee has a riverwalk... with tons of drunks walking up and down-- all year round. Milwaukee should have more overboards, and women too. But they don't because the rails were preventively designed to be high enough.

    Whitewater, WI Quarry deaths... It takes a whole lot of effort for someone to swagger (drunk, or not!) from the Main Street area to a BFE unlit country road and walk down a long wooded road into a fenced qaurry. Especially since these two men lived within walking blocks from their homes--near Main Street.

    I have been following all of these river drowning cases for several years. I have an Excel spreadhseet that unfortunatley is becoming too large and requiring a lot of updates. My spouse used to think I was nuts... a grand conspiracy.... Until we happened to be up in La Crosse this past summer and walked the areas from the last known Bars to the river. Again, like Milwaukee, its just not that easy to amble into the river. Especially since the fense was installed.

    Yes, some might be a result of drunken stupidty, but largely those of us in the North know enough to stay away from the water. We are taught that very young. Strong swimmers, as some of the victims have been, know this moreso.

    There's something happinin here. What it is aint exactly clear. . . Everybody look what's goin down.

    1. IT is MURDER. RIP, Walton Matthew Ward MURDERED and COVERED UP BY IMPD on October 12th, 2012 in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, IN. Walton tried to dial 911 before they killed him and dumped in the River nearby. Someone help us hunt down that BOUNCER from Landsharks Bar in Indianapolis, IN (BROAD RIPPLE). 3 Weeks later, the body of Joshua Swalls of Avon, IN was found in a retention pond in the same exact area. The IMPD had already searched and dove in that pond to look for Joshua Swalls body,..as his 1 shoe was found nearby. They DIDN'T FIND HIS body. Joshua's body was found in that same pond they already searched in November 2012. FBI PLEASE SHOW A LITTLE INTEREST IN OVER 200+ MURDERs. How many more are to be murdered this upcoming winter?

  13. Update on the sculpture--- The artist came forward admitting he put up his self-portrait to counter the Fonz. A lot of local artists are appalled by the Fonz--- too commercial.

  14. You know the saying-"Starving artist": Perhaps an individual paid the artist to drop off the statue. A pawn in the whole gang stalking (BoT) theory. Plausible.
    Or the artist thought he'd capitalize on all the hype. Plausible too.

  15. @ Tuned In:

    Cities that straddle water have very similar blueprints and history, as well as a number of bars that routinely fail to act like "good citizens". An online list of all such establishments that would provide details of complaints filed against them as well as actions taken by their governing authorities would be helpful for potential patrons, I believe.

    You seem to be a knowledgeable Milwaukee resident yourself--what can you tell us about the Irish Rec Room bouncer/s who threw Wilcox out on New Year's day?

    FYI: a high percentage of such personnel are actually cops moonlighting as security for nightclubs in their area. A little known fact which, similar to the Steubenville Rape Scandal now unfolding, is rife for conflicts of interest, and which casts doubt on the impartiality of police departments when ruling on these kind of disappearances and drownings.

    Everyone remains tightlipped at the moment citing an ongoing investigation...can you find out if it was the case that those bouncers were police officers, ex-cops, or individuals with strong ties to the same? (Name, rank, and badge numbers would be a bonus, obviously.)

    Also, if you're in that neighborhood this weekend scout around for new graffiti and if you find any telltale markings let us know about it(!)

    @ Anonymous & Tuned In (regarding sculpture piece) Yes, you're correct: fifteen minutes of fame down the drain. I read an article yesterday about the artist and I guess he was exploiting an opportunity for some free press. I thought the work itself, albeit VERY creepy, was rather compelling, and the hands and face had an interesting and attractive execution, too. Didn't care much for how the sculptor handled the clothing, however. Piece is gone now, so it no longer matters anyway.

    Thanks for posting, everyone--

  16. Dang. I just read a comment on one of Nick Wilcox's articles and commented on it, but for some reason it didn't save to my favorites and now I can't find it.

    There is a man that is rather perturbed as he says ANOTHER MAN HAS ALSO GONE MISSING FROM THE SAME AREA AT THIS SAME TIME -- a the media is not reporting on it. Not a word. He says the man works with his wife.

    I commented on it and asked the missing man's name which was via facebook so hopefully someone comments and it will pop up in my notifications. If any other info on this missing man comes up I will share it with you. I wonder why the media isn't reporting on this man???

    I also want to say that I live right outside of Milwaukee on a lake that a river runs through. There are NUMEROUS bars on the water and countless drunk kids out at them on any given night. Unfortunately, there are also some drug/narcotic troubles as well.

    But NEVER... Not Ever... have we ever had anyone "fall" into the water, muchless drown -- and some of these guys have been pretty annihilated and drugged/pilled up. You'd think if it was such a 'common occurance' to have these so-called "accidents" happen, they'd be happening at the same rate in other high risk(water) areas as well.

  17. I found it. This is what the guy wrote:

    Mike Reilly · Top Commenter


    I'll let you know if I get anymore info.

  18. @ Anonymous January 12th: I couldn't find that poster or comment.

    Here's what (thus far) I've tracked this month for the Milwaukee area: Robbie Steinbrecker, 24, found drowned in Cedar Creek; Evon Young, 22, still missing; Nick Wilcox, 24, still missing.

    I'll keep looking for the case you're referencing, but let me know what you come up with too.

    And thanks for the tip!


  19. The area service industry has a tight network, mostly because they all have worked at the same establishmens or with each other, or hang out together at the end of their shifts. I have spoken with a couple of long time neighborhood bartender friends from that area and the word on the street is that Nick was kicked out, was seen breaking up a fight outside, then walked south--based on video footage. Once his girlfriend found out what was going on left the bar to catch up with him, by then he was gone, and his cell was dead. (The bar is large with two floors and was very, very crowded that night.)

    The other word is that IF police were moonlighting as security, the bar would not be facing the revocation of their license, which is partially because of excessive police calls. Knowing the area politics, this makes perfect sense.

    I'll check the area for new graffiti.

    It is very suspicious that a lot of the missing have been ejected from the bar. My theory is that someone is targeting (perhaps also drugging) their victim (s), and then makes a complaint to the bar staff that results in the target being ejected from the bar. It wouldn't surprise me if this person has a fake police badge that threatens the bar maangement. For example, it is well known that it is against the law in most states, particularly WI, to overserve alcohol.

    My theory goes like this: An affable person makes "friends" with his target, buys a drink or two.. one laced. Then when the drug starts kicking in.. the predatore makes a false claim of sorts which prompts the bar staff to eject the target. Meanwhile the predator disappears outside inwait. Once the target is outside at some point once again runs into the predator, but feels safe because of their recently developed "friendship".

    My theory is still developing.

    1. There is new graffiti on the brick wall that Nick was shoved into by police next to the front door at the Irish Rec Room.

  20. I agree Tuned_In. Some of us won't go to downtown bars anymore due to 2 instances of being drugged back in 1998 and again in 2000.

    2000 in particular, my friend and I went to meet friends downtown. I can't remember the name of the bar, but this group of 3 men "befriended" us. They said they were from out of town, were staying at a hotel and asked about things to do/places to go in Milwaukee. They were clean cut and seemed friendly and 'cool'.

    They walked away then came back with drinks they had bought for all of us. The guys we were with were off dancing or whatever. I grabbed one of the drinks, started drinking it and walked over by the friend I came with and said: "Hey, those guys bought us all drinks." I shared the drink I had in my hand with her and we both ended up drugged on what we think was HGB. The effects started happening shortly after that one (our first) drink.

    Nobody else drank those remaining drinks.

    What I remember happening is Security approaching me because someone had "told on" me for 'acting crazy'. I told the Bouncer that there were 3 men in the bar and they drugged me. The guy didn't want to hear it and told me I had to leave. As I got to the door, one of the men that drugged me was standing at the door. I said to the Bouncer: "THAT'S THE GUY THAT DRUGGED ME! GET HIM!"

    The Bouncer ignored me, I bolted away from him and attacked the guy that drugged me. I had my "big" platform shoes on, kicked him in the crotch and then went nuts on him. I remember screaming over and over: "9-1-1! Someone call 9-1-1! This guy drugged me!"

    The Bouncer was yelling at me to "Shut Up!" and tried to grab me to throw me out, so I kicked him in the crotch as well as the shins. Another guy put me in a bear hug and lifted me off the ground and I started kicking the guy that drugged me in the face. I think I gave him a bloody nose. All the while I was screaming "9-1-1! Call 9-1-1!"

    All the commotion got my friends' attention. They look over and see that it's me. We all left together. I vaguely recall we were all standing outside and they were calming me down and suddenly I was back at my house. I don't know how we got there, but it was just my friend I went with and myself sitting on the couch. I remember how bizarre it was because it wasn't even midnight yet and we didn't go out until 10p. She was talking about us being drugged and all of a sudden she just fell off the couch. I remember feeling terrified that she died and said: "Oh my God!" then everything went black. We both woke up the next day, laying on the floor.

    We tried to file a Police Report so they could find the guys and plus, in case this happened to someone else, but the police wouldn't let us file a report. I wasn't taking "No" for an answer and really pushed filing a report. That is my Right. Then they said they wouldn't take a report as they had contacted the bar and were told "there was no such incident" and what I was saying "never happened."

    I don't know if these donkeys were targeting my friend and I -- or the guys -- but it happened and we were drugged. Here's the Bouncers denying any of this happened and the police refusing to listen. I was a Private Investigator at that time and felt I should have 100% Credibility, but was stonewalled.

    I didn't know about any of these repeated "coincidences" until about 2 weeks ago, but it REALLY hits home for me. I don't know if these guys were part of the same group or if they had the same intentions, but they had something in mind when they drugged our drink(s). It's FRIGHTENING, especially seeing this was going on as far back as 2000. That's why I've taken such a personal interest now that I've learned all of this. Maybe that drink was meant for one of my guys. We could've very well been in this same situation with a 'Vanishing Friend.'

    1. you were very lucky. they murdered my little brother. And Joshua Swalls, and 200+ more young men with the same exact physical conditions, demographics, childhood,...ALL MURDERED by 'bouncers'....RIP little brother.

  21. And, ER, I have the link with the man saying his wife's co-worker has also gone missing from the same area. If you have an email, that would be great as I'd like to stay as anonymous as possible and my comment asking who this missing man is links to my facebook.

  22. I've been out partying Milwaukee many a time. Unfortunately many of the bars are very close to if not right ON the river.

  23. Turbo, you are correct and by all accounts one would think that statistically there would be more Milwaukee River "drowning accidents."

    What is interesting is that the area where the incidents have taken place, are not on the river. But the bars across the street or behind them are, and have had no incidents. The bar districts around St. Paul have a lot more foot traffic and bars on the river, yet no incidents.

    7/6/2006 Max Walker(26) last seen outside Buckhead Saloon 1044 N Old World Third St. 7/3/2009 Bryan Barker(21)last seen at Sullivan's 1227 N Water St. 3/10/2012 Tom Hecht(28) last seen leaving Rosie's On Water 1111 N Water St. 01/01/2013 Nick Wilcox (24)last seen walking south after leaving The Irish Rec Room 1023 N Old World Third St. All of these bars are within a block of each other. In a town with hundreds of bars on or near the river, it seems unlikely that these "gone missing drowning accidents" would be concentrated in a two block radius. Sumemrfest, the biggest 11-day drunk fest in Milwaukee, on the lake with 10's of thousands sitting or walking on the rocks and no inciidents.

    whatt is interesting, if "only coincidental" , is thet close proximity of Brother's Bar & Grill, and Buckhead Saloon. Both these bars are last known places of other "accidental drowning victims" around the state and country.

  24. @ Tuned_In. I just looked up Bryan Barker and he was found extremely close to where Tom Hecht was found they were both found between the Pleasant Street Bridge and Cherry Street Bridge. Bryan closer to Cherry and Tom closer to Pleasant, but wierd that they were so close. When Tom went missing someone commented on the MPD facebook site that there was a smiley face graffiti at the bridge by the Lakefront Brewery. I have not followed up on it myself but the fact that someone posted it bothers me to this day. I was a friend of Tom's that commented earlier on this chain of posts and am unsettled by the "accidental drowning" ruling by the authorities. I am curious if anyone has taken time to check out graffiti in those areas especially with Wilcox still missing. I also wonder who this 51 yr old man Robert John Silverman, that was pulled out of the river the other day is. The media never sheds any light on the background of this one.

  25. I am very sorry to hear about your friend Tom. I hope one day you get answers.

    Jim Stingl wrote an article about Robert John Silverman. He was the only person from the media to inquire. The media never said who he was... just who he wasn't. Very sad.

  26. A girl I know on FB showed me a pic of a smiley face she found while at a search party for Nick.

  27. Welcome back, Peony--I tried to post about that graffiti yesterday but Blogger voided the comment box on me!

    If it's the same marking then, yes, sources say the small smiley face was "washed out" but seemed fairly new, perhaps drawn with chalk.

    The Case of the Drowning Men is so famous, though, that I hesitate to give any credence to the appearance of a smiley face near a potential dumping, as anyone--perps or pranksters alike--can be responsible. Let alone that the iconography is so commonplace.

    @ Anonymous January 13th: For speed of inquiry, you or anyone else who has a missing persons tip that matches the Smiley Face killer scenario can leave it on this site. Alternately, you can use the contact link on the side bar menu, BUT please just put the man's name, age, and city in the subject heading of your e-mail so I don't have to open each communique!

    @ Tuned_In: I did notice the frequency of a Brothers Bar near to the sites of quite a few victims. You're right about these deaths defying statistical probabilities as well. Too many by now, too many in clusters, too many matching a certain victimology.

    (BTW: the 51-year-old's drowning referenced by a couple of posters above appears intentional; the family says Silverman struggled with severe depression since his early twenties. His doesn't fit Smiley's M.O., but RIP nonetheless, because the guy was still much too young to die.)

    Thanks for posting, everybody, and for sharing your valuable info and data with me and my readers here.


  28. Something just isn't right. I go over these deaths and over these deaths and I get this nagging feeling in my brain that I am missing something and it is right in front of my eyes. Maybe its that "the brain recognizes pattersn thing" I don't know. But I am working on a timeline and a powerpoint on these victims. What about time zones on these international deaths? I haven't looked into that as of yet. There possibly could be the occasional guy on these lists of victims who just had an accident, it could happen, but so many of these boys can't all be accidents. The cops need to recognize this and look into these. I do think people are coming around to realize something is up with all these deaths, just not always admitting it. I admit when I have said things about these cases to people I have gotten the occasional your a nut look, oh well if so there is a bunch of people who agree with me so oh well. Sorry I haven't been around much, just been recuperating from holidays and family being off work and out of school. This blog, your books have rejuvenated my love for mysteries I guess you would call them and I changed my degree major to Criminal Justice with specialization in Forensics so I plan to look into some more of these cases as I go along. I have a coroners report for you if you have an email it is possibly on a smiley face victim it fits the mo.My email is peonydoe@gmail.com if you want to send it to my email. I think there is a few interesting factors on this report.

  29. @Tuned_In, thanks for the reply. I just thought I'd point out the proximity of the river to much of Milwaukee's nightlife. That said, I agree with you. It's odd that these occurrences follow such similar patterns, and all within a few blocks of each other. Cases such as Tom Hecht's *really* bother me. He was old enough to know how to handle a few drinks, and lived in the immediate area. HOW and WHY he ended up where he did make NO sense whatsoever.

  30. I am looking forward to the killers judgement day....murdering innocent white children of Israel without self defense reasons and without a cause other than genocide of white people. Genocidal freakazoid devil lovers.

    1. It does seem to be that they are targetting Nordic, Gemanic intelligent, attractive and promising men. Notice they are not targetting Jewish looking men or people of color..... I would suspect a group of hateful, jealous circumsized scum.

  31. http://www.channel3000.com/news/Kaukauna-man-reported-missing-in-Madison/-/1648/18164700/-/10ikq5oz/-/index.html


  32. @ Anonymous January 18th: Thanks for the tip - yes, the weird disappearance of Charles Geurts, 26, from Madison this week sounds like it fits the profile and scenario in these Smiley killings.

    I'll keep an eye on it.

    But I'll give you a tip too which hopefully you'll investigate and report back on: Madison has a pronounced pattern of these off-season drownings over the past 15 years...and they also have a very serious sociopath on the police force named Stephen Heimsness.

    A 15-year veteran cop for Madison, Heimsmess has countless times used excessive force on young men he perceived to be drinking, tasering them, beating them, even shooting some to death.

    He's back on the force again having ONCE MORE been absolved by his superiors of any wrongdoing for killing unarmed Paul Heenen, 30, this past November 2012.

    I suspect Heimsness (and his ilk) a critical link in that area's missing/drowned young males. So please check and see if he was patrolling the area where Geurts went missing that night.


  33. Milwaukee needs the Guardian Angels.

    1. It is eerie how similar Charles Geurts and Nick Wilcox are in facial traits and body type.

    2. Every single one of these boys/men have similar features. Clean cut but nothing obvious about them - the kind of guys you would pass on the street not knowing them, and think nothing of them, just very "standard." VERY SAD that this has to keep happening, however I am glad I am not the only one who is sickened over this - please keep your friends close and remind them and everyone else that this will keep happening if we aren't safe and keep our eyes open.

  34. What makes no sense is the fact that it took Madison Police 2 days to piece together a 911 call made 1/2 hr after Charlie went missing. Dogs had his scent for 5 blocks in that residential area and then it just Poof, disappeared. The police were apparently busy with a homicide so didn't get to the resident that called saying someone was pounding on her back door for quite some time, and by then, there was no one there. Does Madison only have 1 squad? Also, Madison had their dogs and horse mounts along the water wednesday and thursday - why all of a sudden on saturday, did the dogs hit on his scent by the water?

  35. A psychic recently contact Nick's sister telling her that she didn't think Nick was in water, that he had been beat on and I won't go into detail out of respect. But she says he was attack by a some guys in a truck with large tires. I'm always skeptical of psychics, but I know this girl, have since I was about 10 years old. I have heard her say a lot of things that seemed odd but was true. So idk, but I just thought it was worth while to bring to everyone's attention.

  36. http://m.postcrescent.com/mainnews/article?a=2013301230237&f=595 Really????? Good detective work!!

  37. @ Anonymous January 22nd, and Anonymous January 23rd: Remember, as concerns such dubious statements and accounts, everything before and after "but" is a lie.

    @ Peonydoe: Thanks for that tidbit. I recently stumbled on a psychic's website myself, where there was a preliminary Tarot reading guessing at Wilcox's fate and whereabouts. Lots of other cases on it, too.

    Interesting stuff. I'm pretty sure Wilcox is in the water, though. In his high-profile 'Smiley" case, possibly anchored inside some kind of container so his body never refloats.

    For that matter, if he was taken to or over the great lake and tossed into it, that water's so cold year round and so deep he wouldn't need to be anchored to stay hidden forever at the bottom of it.


    1. E.R.--How do you know that Nick Wilcox is in the water in January? Did you put him there?

    2. You're posting in the wrong place, aren't you, Chuckles?

      In any event, I can tell you want me to unequivocally state whether or not I believe your victim was in the river canal the entire time they'd been missing, but I'm not going to just yet.

      As to yer being so pissed off of late (with this crime site and the other ones you guiltily troll) man up already and stop crying like a wittle tiny baby all the time.

      You had to realize that somebody was eventually going to come along and look at the matter objectively then analyze these suspicious cases in terms of statistical probability.

      And the statistical probability of non-recreational drownings is zip, zero, nada.

      Deal with it; saying a person "accidentally slipped and fell into the water" after they were beaten is just stupid.

  38. Another theory crossed my mind as it relates to a network of killers. The Amanda Todd story revealed a a group of internet users that would lure people into doing really stupid sexting, and then use that same information to blackmail their victims. This was a *game* among the users and awards were givien out to the person who best ruined someone's life.

    Taking that one step further... could there be an online network of anonymous users playing out some sort of game? In this crazy world, nothing would surprise me.

    1. Anti-racist-action and racetraitor.com promote killing off the white race. VNN is another website that PRETENDS to be racist and anti-semitic, then uses the web to track and set up the stronger, more sensible posters, in essence, committing hate crimes against gentile-whites thru many different means.

  39. @ Tuned_In: First, thank you for the timely tip you made the other day on another post concerning the discovery of Souvik Pal's body in Manchester, UK. Very helpful and much appreciated.

    As to the theory you mention in your comment above: this has been conjectured before and I think some are pursuing it to see where the evidence leads, if at all. In the age of the internet, and where occasionally criminals exploit popular websites like Craigslist in order to set up victims either for robbery or, worse, for killing, it's not extreme to think along these lines.

    It's also one of many angles I analyze in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN.

    As to the disappearance of Nick Wilcox in general: I am concerned that this case is fast growing cold. I've noticed before that sometimes the more broad and expansive a search for a potential Smiley victim is, the greater the odds he'll never be found again.

    Like pre-med student Collin Gillis from Tupper Lake, New York last March. At one point approximately 1000 volunteers, law enforcement agents, and even military personnel were looking for him...

    But to the date hereof, nada.

  40. I am glad to hear mention of Craigs list, It could explain why some off these men discreetly slip off / leave a place alone (maybe to hook up) and are never seen again. The theory of course would not fit in cases where men are tossed from bars, however, cases where a young man intentionally leaves alone and is never seen again..there could be a connection.

  41. You are welcome, E.R. I hope Pal's father can force some answers.

    Interesting thought about the extensive seaching not yeilding a recovery.

    I would like to read your book. Do I just download the reader for a PC and then purchase the Kindle version?

  42. @ Tuned_In: Your interest is greatly valued--paid downloads help fund investigations, otherwise my published work, like all of this content on Killing Killers, would also be free.

    Yes, if you'd rather have an eBook than a paperback edition, you can just click and install Amazon's 'Kindle for PC' app for nothing, and then purchase THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN (illustrated or plain) to read on your computer screen.

    (Just click on my name in this particular comment and it'll take you to there.)


  43. Bars should be held accountable in some way.. they serve these men to the point of intoxication, toss them and without a care. Many counties have a safe ride program or at the very least, said bouncers should stay with an ejected person until they can inform their friends or family where they are, or until a cab or safe ride can come for them. In these times, to just toss them into the elements, drunk and alone, is just as irresponsible as over serving them and watching them drive away drunk.

  44. This, and other such cases, makes me so profoundly sad. I can only hope and pray that his loved ones eventually find Peace.

    I feel this is definitely a "Smiley Face" scenario.

    Evon Young also went missing at the same time in the same area, but Evon Young was also a female (Ebony Young) trans-gendering as a male that had gang ties/associations and was murdered for his/her actions in burglary/theft. As tragic as his/her death may be, when a person is running with vicious gangs and thievin' from them... that is NOT an 'innocent' Smiley Face target.

    What happened with Nick Wilcox and similar others is just terrible. I can't find the link to privately message you, E.R., but are you aware of the meaning of 'Sinsinawa' in a certain culture as well as their cultural belief that "bodies that are wet or put in water will never 'cross over'"? To put a body in water is a sign of complete disrespect.

    This particular group has a sub-culture of very violent and scary, beyond negative people within it. They started becoming vocal with their 'discontent' in the 1990's when the Smiley Face killings started happening. They have intensely negative videos on youtube which start out featuring a Smiley Face. It's really weird... And lately they've been "on the war path" as several of their members have been indicted.

    There is also an interesting 'catch' as to where most of the Smiley Face murders happen and where the 'hotspots' are, but to me this is about people - humans - and their personal agendas as opposed to an entire culture or group of people - so I don't know how to say it correctly without offending someone.

  45. @ Anonymous January 30th / regarding Evon Young:

    Initially I did add this case as a potential Smiley Face disappearance, but it quickly became clear that 1. the roommate was lying, 2. it was a gang related incident, and 3. the transgender status of the victim (not disclosed for weeks, btw) was what fueled the ferocity of the violence.

    Even now police accounts of this abduction and murder remain quite thin. However, there is an informative interview with Young's brother and friend that lends insight to the horrific crime that befell him:


    REGARDING "SINSINIWA" GRAFFITI and its connection to two or three Smiley deaths: I do cover that in 'The Case Of the Drowning Men' as well, however it turns out this Native American word is a very common street name throughout the region.

    Dumping a body in water is thought by most cultures to be disrespectful. Water destroys a corpse rather quickly--although not as fast as if dumped on land--and it does so in a disturbing kind of way (essentially liquifying the remains).

    It is that fact which I believe is at the core of all civilized people's disgust at such a barbaric method of disposal. For decent people, the dead are still much loved and most cultures vary between two distinct ways of showing reverence to them: quickly cremating loved ones so they don't continue to putrefy, or mummification of the corpses (embalming), in the hopes of preventing decay altogether.

    This ingrained sensibility is also why whenever a young person's body is found fully clothed in a river, lake, pond, stream, etc, particularly in non-water-recreational months of the year, citizens and their public servants (police) immediately suspect foul play.

    Or they normally do. Unless it's a young male, for some odd reason that we're still waiting for cops to explain...

    Thank you for your great comment--

    1. the cops are probably behind this all. they are leaving no other options for the grieving families to believe anything other than the police and coroners are intimately involved. I've seen better mysteries get solved on TV than my own brother's murder on October 12, 2012 that police ruled "accidental drowning" and 'no foul' play,...even though a 1-second 911 call was placed by my brother before someone took his cell phone away and murdered him minutes later. Then left his young, dead body to float in the White River for 10 days. God help us all if the POLICE won't.

  46. It doesn't matter the 'common street name' for the word Sinsinawa. The actual Native American meaning for it is: "Grave" or 'final resting place'. Research it. And the fact that putting a body in water so it does not "cross over" ties right into that.

    There have been a lot of 'issues' in Eau Claire and (kind of) La Crosse because Native American SACRED GROUND is being trampled upon and Disrespected by what is seen as the 'White Man'... even though people of all nationalities and 'mixed' nationalities are doing this without knowledge they are trampling Sacred Ground.

    The only thing I could imagine to equal this would be if the United States were to be taken over by another country/culture and our "Most Sacred Grounds" -- Arlington Memorial Cemetary -- was trampled on as people with no regard to American ways, traditions and keepsakes smoked, drank, partied, tossed cig butts, cans and trash as well as rode snowmobiles and such with Utter Disrespect on our "Most Sacred Grounds." Believe me... the Americans that were left would find a way to 'take revenge' against whatever Society so Desecrated and Demeaned them.

    That is kind of what this seems to be all about. Research how the 'hot spots' seem to be "SACRED Native American grounds" -- and isn't it in La Crosse that the "Smiley Face Victims" are first taken to the statue of Hiawatha before being put in the water? And how many 'white men' were decorated up for Halloween -- and as Indians? Don't just take the 'high profile' cases into consideration.

    Our country is so 'blended' and mixed nowadays that by looking, you can't tell a Mexican from a Puerto Rican from a Native American and some African Americans (when mixed). NOBODY stands out visually anymore, but they all stand by their ethnicity. Start looking into the ethnic background of the particular Bouncers involved with tossing white boys out of bars in the dead of winter without their jackets or knowledge of their friends.

    It wouldn't surprise me if certain people were taking on certain jobs with certain intent in mind - and working with off-duty LE would be a 'plus' - which would make sense why only 'certain' bars in a string of many back-to-back drinking establishments would have repeated casualities and they all seem to fit the "Smiley Face" M.O.

    Do your research. It is not as complicated as it seems. "You Can't See What You're Not Looking For..."

    It is right in your face.

  47. Check out the Native American "Prophecies" and what they have to say and are instructing as well as what some of the Native American 'rap' videos are portraying -- along with their Smiley Face logo.

    And don't forget to toss in the poet, Gary Snyder, whose poetry has been found posted at several upper Mid-West 'drownings'. Here is the words of one that was found in Duluth:
    "So surely I hunt the white man down...I won't let him live. The 'American' I'll destroy. The 'Christian' has long been dead...their own naked bodies, swimming...As I kill the white man the 'American' in me...To trample your throat in your dreams. This magic I work, this loving I give That my children may flourish And yours won't live."

    I'm not positive, but I believe this was posted near a Smiley Face graffiti where Ken Jason Christiansen was murdered in Duluth, MN.

    From my understanding, similar Gary Snyder "Anti-White" poetry/musings have been found near what could be considered other "Smiley Face" victims. The media and LE has 'discounted' it and not made a big deal of it, but the info is out there if you look.

    You can't read too much into the poetry and try to find 'clues'... take it at face value.

    There is a wide-spread group of young 'Discontents' within the Native American culture -- and their heinous acts rivals the Hell's Angels and other such groups. They murder their own with no second thought... and they are seeking 'retribution' against the 'White Man'. They are Evil, Bad Asses and even their own people try to report them as they want Peace. Do your research.

    In addition to the 'ties' the Mid-West "disappearances" have to Sacred Native American on-goings... check out the 'tie' all the way out East. Was there historically ONE 'tribe' that all Native Americans were tied to?

  48. @ Anonymous February 6th:

    LOL, you do realize that poet Gary Snyder is a "White Man" right? Not incidentally, so are the cop/bouncers who you're acknowledging are key to these disappearances and deaths. (None of whom are "Indian Sympathizers" though, please rest assured!)

    Keep in mind too that it's not only absurd to imagine a "gang" of vengeful braves quoting a "White Man" in their graffiti, they also wouldn't be leaving such taunting messages in English, either.

    I did, however, feel compelled to mention this rascist theory in my complete forensic analysis of THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, because, even if only on the fringe, some do still fear Native Americans apparently, and, therefore are actively blaming them for these killings of mostly-white young men.

    (A testimony to the effectiveness of the US Government's instigation of racial tensions in the 19th century, part of the Indian Genocide pogrom the gov't devised solely to facilitate a very violent land-grab of valuable Indian-held real estate.)

    Anyway, I do highly recommend you read THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN now because, using Occam's Razor, I've carefully dissected every inch of the Smiley Face controversy and reveal my methodology along the way. Forensically, it covers everything, including:

    1. What is a genuine drowning?
    2. What is a serial killer?
    3. What is the victimology of Drowning Men?
    4. What is the standard event resulting in a missing/drowned man?
    5. Are police officers part of a secret, fraternal order?
    6. etc............

    Thanks for visiting KILLING KILLERS. If we get rid of some extra baggage now and really start using our heads on this one, we can see what we haven't wanted to see in the past, primarily because we're much too enamored of serial killers overall and the truth is much less fascinating to us.

    This has allowed the perps to hide in plain sight...and reoffend and cover up without consequence.

  49. I am native american. The native's that truly fear white mean still live on the rez...and I can tell you this......Native's do not come off the rez...while crime is high on alot of reservations,it is d/t loss of their culture,disemination,etc...and,they are in between 2 worlds..stuck on the rez cuz afraid of white man....since stuck on the rex psychologically and socio-economically...they kill each other,on the rez...Native americans are not doing this...and for the record,natives are still treated less than human...the same way these drowning mens family's and the cases are treated.

    1. Agree with every point you've made in your post, friend. The evidence clearly shows that Native Americans and/or tribal gangs are definitely NOT responsible for these disppearances and deaths.

      Thank you for dropping in and for your valuable input. I really appreciate it--

    2. I fear the White Man too,...and I am a White Girl. Look at the cruelty as seen by these murders. CORRUPTION and COPS COVERING UP MURDERS of over 200+ YOUNG MEN!!!!!!! Including my brother. God rest his soul.

      Search Google for "Walton Matthew Ward and The Smiley Face Killers"

  50. Right in front of your,mine,and the rest of our eyes. Sometimes we all just read way two much. So anyone like to go bird hunting or just bird watching will do.

  51. Nick Wilcox - Found 3.28.13 Right where his friends left him.

    1. Ah, going to pin it on the victim's friends this time...doubting the strategy will work.

  52. Nick Wilcox was thrown out of the bar without his jacket, in zero-degree weather. He had a background in criminal justice, training in crowd control. He helped break up a fight outside of the bar, actually held one of the two fighting men from behind until the police arrived. The police did not arrest these men, but left the scene, leaving Nick outside, with the men. Seems to me that they would have been pretty angry at this total stranger holding one of them until the police came. Angry enough to kill Nick? It should at least be investigated. And there must be security cameras on the river, where he was found. There are very expensive tour boats docked there.

    1. Thanks for the info, Shaia.

      It's obvious then, what with his girl, his friends and his jacket still inside the warm Irish Wreck Room pub, and his being stuck outside in the freezing cold with two drunken belligerents intent on beating each other up, that Wilcox decided to reenter the bar so to rejoin the festivities for which he'd paid at least 60+ bucks in advance to participate in...

      And that otherwise totally reasonable and prudent decision pissed the bouncers off even more, things then dangerously escalated, and Wilcox thereafter went "missing."

    2. My brother died under the same circumstances by a 'bouncer' at Landsharks Bar and Grill in Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, IN on October 12, 2012. Walton Matthew Ward, November 23, 1988-October 12, 2012. the 'bouncer' skipped town and is nowhere to be found. he was the last human to see my little brother alive. And the police aren't looking for that KILLER/BOUNCER. They also found JOSHUA SWALLS body under 1/4 mile from my brothers' drowned body on what would have been my brother's birthday, November 23, 2012. Still, IMPD rules both cases as "ACCIDENTAL DROWNINGS" and "NO FOUL PLAY". God help us all. :(

  53. Have you guys read the Christopher Jenkins story???? From Minnesota?? Check out his story below!


    Also this site is incredible... has great info and stories of missing young men! So sad! :(

  54. http://justiceforwaltonmatthewward.com/

  55. My little brother, Walton Matthew Ward, was last seen alive by a 'bouncer' at Landsharks Bar & Grill in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, Indiana on October 12th, 2012,...he went missing after the bouncer got a hold of him. he turned up drowned and dead in the White River 1/4 mile from where Joshua Swalls was also found 3 weeks later. The SMILEY FACE KILLERS are on the loose in America and killing our sons, brothers and best friends. The IMPD has closed Walton Matthew Ward's case and Joshua Swalls' murders and ruled them "ACCIDENTAL DROWNINGS" with "NO FOUL PLAY". They looked my mourning father in the face and said they were closing the case a few months ago. THE KILLERS ARE ON THE LOOSE!!!!! HOW MANY MORE BODIES will be found just like my brother's????? And Josh's???? And Nick Wilcox??? and the other 200+ young men finding their fates in the freezing canals, rivers and retention ponds after going missing from a night of fun? Someone help us. PLEASE. RIP Walton Matthew Ward, November 23, 1988-October 12, 2012.

  56. I have a friend who is a family member of an MPD detective. He has admitted to family that they believe there is a serial killer preying on young men in downtown Milwaukee, who tosses them n the river. He sited identical marks on the bodies of these young men. The resemblance of the young men to each other, and the coincidental timelines un these murders. they have won't ever confirm their suspicion publicly. But they are concerned about another killing with the upcoming St. Patty ' s Day celebrations.

  57. Bouncers, law enforcement, secret surveillance groups (watch groups, INFRAGUARD, contractors) will commit any crime and rationalize it: THIS SEEMS LIKE ENVY meets RAGE meets coverup by a secret cop protected group of vigilantes.