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Friday, January 25, 2013

Drowned UK student Souvik Pal "was murdered" says father

The father of a 19-year-old university student in Manchester England, who's corpse was just pulled out of a shallow canal already searched by divers weeks ago when he first went missing, has demanded authorities launch a murder investigation:
Souvik Pal, 19, was ejected by bouncers from the Warehouse Project nightclub in the city of Manchester on New Year's eve, apparently over a misunderstanding concerning the location of the bathrooms.
He was then observed on surveillance feed returning to the club only a few minutes later, hopeful of rejoining his friends who were still inside. However, security prevented him from reentering and after that the young man mysteriously vanished.
Police have begrudgingly obliged Mr. Pal's request for further inquiry into this troubling drowning, saying they will indeed go back to the Warehouse to interview revelers this weekend. Although clearly they are loathe to interrogate the overzealous bouncers themselves, the last people to actually see Souvik Pal alive and to interact with him. 
Here or abroad, that reluctance is typical of most police departments confronted with such cases because it's common practice for off-duty cops to moonlight as security for busy nightspots like the Warehouse Project. Thus, to thoroughly investigate a young male patron's sudden disappearance and inexplicable drowning would mean having to detain and possibly arrest one of their own in the process. 
That's the same reason why it's also become standard practice in these bogus "drowning" events for authorities to declare they found "no signs of foul play" involved. Even when the plot surrounding a young man's disappearance is thick enough to cut with a knife, and the perp in charge of guarding the pub door the night in question was seen returning from a quick trip to the river with bruised knuckles and damp trousers.
Initially, the Manchester police did try to convince Mr. Pal that there was no foul play involved in his own son's disappearance and drowning, but the distraught father showed he wasn't buying into the absurd theory. He insists his son was an excellent swimmer and, moreover, was hardly even drinking the night he went missing.
That assertion appears to have been officially confirmed by autopsy, the results of which compelled the medical examiner to list the cause and manner of Souvik Pal's premature death as "inconclusive." More detailed toxicology tests for drugs will have to be performed now, but these usually take weeks to be returned from the lab.
Likely those too will come back negative.


  1. Keith Doxtater found behind bar last Wednesday. They assumed he went to bar Tuesday, fell down and knocked himself out ,and then froze to death. Yet no one seemed to have saw him Tuesday. This would mean if he died at the bar after falling down ,he remained there a day or 2 without no one seeing him. This is not probable as from the street you can see the area in back of the bar. The media would be more apt to pay attention to give more attention to the story because he was last years local stock car racing champion. Murders in this area are rare and almost always committed by outsiders. prime suspects would be military,construction works and railroad workers which there have been a lot of in the area the last few weeks.

  2. you can see how close bar is to rail road from map. A lot of their trucks and heavy equipment have been in the area.


  3. Interesting. And here are three more recent missing/frozen young men cases as well, which you may or may not have read about. All university students:

    JUAN BRANT, 27, UTAH: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/55701572-78/brant-ogden-weber-lowther.html.csp (trekking the snowy wilderness in casual clothing and loafers, allegedly)

    JOSEPH WIEDERRICK, 18, IDAHO: http://www.ktvb.com/home/Moscow-Police-searching-for-missing-University-of-Idaho-student-187739771.html (returning to his dorm from a party 1/2 mile away, found instead injured and deceased near a remote stream some five miles in the opposite direction)

    JOEY FRASE, 20, ILLINOIS: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-01-23/news/ct-met-grayslake-missing-person-20130123_1_campbell-airport-round-lake-park-extensive-search (heading home from a party but never made it -- instead was found dead in some far off desolate area near an airport, hiding behind a barn, no coat)

  4. You may be able to add Coltin(sp?) Dallman to the list. A body was found a few days ago in a field and C. Dallman's car was parked nearby. And if this turns out to be him then you wouldnt believe how incredibly bright this man seemed! I stumbled onto this case at websleuths. Check out his website!!! Very bright,handsome young man. This is his website: www.judgmentsday.com ...and that is the correct spelling he uses..he explains that early on. Highly interesting website. Then check out his resume on reddit. He had a big online presence it seems. This is why I think some of these young men are sought out. Maybe even kept for a period of time and then who knows what happens. So many of these men fit a specific type almost like there is a sexual element to it. Im telling you Ive been reading as much as I can about these cases...many days obsessively. Then I stumbled onto this website relating to Josh Guimmond..... http://www.behindthepinecurtain.com/wordpress/2003-profile-of-guimond-abductor-resembles-father-bruce-wollmering/

    There was actually a PROFILE made of the man who would have took Joshua..it was made by a very distinguished profiler who you will read about on the website but the PD went there and told them if they released the profile it could cause the perp to go into hiding or something. It was finally released a year later. It points right at a specific person and it is a monk that lives at the abbey at St. Johns with the initials BW...he is named over at the above website. The profile is detailed too. Could the PD there possibly be paid off by the abbey?! Josh G's family gave his computer to the local Fox tv station and they had it analyzed by experts..it turns out Josh was doing a searchs for the coverup conspiracy there at St.Johns and there were a lot of files erased after he went missing. You'll have to check out more of the specific details here at the message boards on thoe findJosh website... http://www.findjoshua.com/find-joshua-message-board/?mingleforumaction=viewforum&f=1.1

    And,get this,that monk had similar charges coming out on him,I believe. He mysteriously died in the basement at St.Johns in 2009. They said he must have hit his head then fell over and died....the scene was described as being very bloody w trauma to his head. With everything I just read..and I read all day at those 2 sites...it makes me wonder if he wasnt trying to molest the wrong person and they defended themselves or idk. Crazy stuff that is in some of the young men's descriptions of abuse by some of those at the abbey. Read that profile. Scary. And Josh's disappearance is so much like the others...no alcohol involved though. He was walking home from a card game on his campus to his dorm room,I believe. Apparently(you'll have to look this up yourself) Chris Jenkins and Josh G's scent was tracked by bloodhounds to the basement at the abbey. Creepy. Those monks should not have been able to live on campus like that.

  5. http://www.judgmentsday.com/

    This is just the welcome on Colter
    Dallman's website (the book is fantastic):

    Welcome This website was built as a basic platform to release several new works freely to the world for the New Age in accordance with the December 21 , 2012 predictions. On the site, you have two versions of the book titled Judgement’s Day, a book of poetry titled Judgement’s Poetry, and a new theory explaining quantum gravity and its relation to other current paradoxes in theoretical physics (which only minimally relates to the main material on the site beyond shared authorship). As can be noted from the tabs of this website, two versions of Judgement’s Day have been made available: Judgement’s Day AV is an abridged version and Judgement’s Day FTV is the full text version. Between them is Judgement’s Poetry, which one may like to read first or intermittently, as the poems are lighter reading containing many of the same concepts held throughout the book. The abridged version of the book has been shortened for expedited reading and to avoid some of the more complicated information while still retaining the most important concepts. The full text version of the book includes more details for a more fully comprehensive understanding which one may wish to read after the abridged version or to begin with if they have plenty of time. The title of Judgement’s Day has been chosen as a rendition of the apocalyptic eschatology of the “Judgment Day” that some have interpreted to be the end of the world. As those well informed of the Mayan Long Count calendar have already understood, the date of December 21 , 2012 was never meant to signify the end of the world, but rather a transition to the next era for the planet. So, as opposed to identifying this date with the eschatological “Judgment Day”, the title of Judgement’s Day is a more reasonable rendition which signifies the transition to a time of better judgment. The ‘e’ has been included in the original English spelling of judgement to indicate that it includes enlightenment, as compared to those interpretations of Judgment Day which have not been inclusive of such teachings. Covering the Book The audience for the book Judgement’s Day is anyone who has asked life’s

  6. Did not see any grafitti at bar but hard to get very close with police there to get a good look. Heard a rumor about military but seems to be just conjecture that became a story about victim fighting with military because they had military in there before fighting with locals .

  7. Wish the media would ask some questions instead of just repeating everything police say.

  8. Oh wow. Now on the fb page for Colter they are saying he left a note so it is sounding like suicide. They are saying this had to do with a mental illness he had. He certainly was smart though..degrees in sociology and engineering....and other things.

  9. Emotional scenes were witnessed at the Pals’ residence at Hebbal in the city’s northern suburb when the coffin was brought from the airport. His mother broke down after having a glimpse of the body before the last rites.
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  10. Killing Killers, can I request that you look into the bodies being found in canals/rivers in and around the Manchester, England area. Thank you.

  11. Yes, it's definitely being tracked, my friend. Do you have any info on the status of the police investigation concerning Souvik's suspicious death in the canal?

    Surely there must be some new evidence.