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  1. I saw this book mentioned as "coming soon" a couple of years ago. Has it been shelved, so to speak? Has it been completed or was it in the making but never happened? Are you the "author" of this book, Gilgo, The Long Island Serial Killer?

    1. Thanks for inquiring and for your interest. This site just had its one year anniversary in late May 2013 so, admittedly, some project release-dates have passed, but not by years. Any publishing delays are due to funding constraints, to be totally honest.

      Also, Gilgo's crime scene was completely destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, despite authorities there happily announcing that "no more bodies were unearthed" during the epic storm and surge. (Obviously that would only have been because they all washed out to sea of course!)


  2. http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=9161475
    I don't know this guy but I have been following the cases and saw this one.

  3. You have some great suggestions that are on the right track and some that "go way off the deep end". And sometimes these suggestions come from the same person. You have to know what's going on in "the rest of the world" to know what's going on here. Think outside of the box.
    Focus on what you've already been given to find out what you need to know.

    1. Wasn't this message left behind... You can't find what you're "not" looking for.
    2. A picture of "who's behind this" was also left behind, so use it. Unfortunately, the problem with some people... if they don't accept there's a devil, they don't have to accept there's a God, but...
    2. If you leave God out of the question, you leave God out of the answer. A serious mistake as...
    3. Unlike human excuses, in the spiritual world, there is "no such thing" as a coincidence, only an explanation waiting to happen.

    How long we humans wait for the answer depends on how long those investigating this tragedy rehash "the same things" over and over with every murder. All the while, more young men are being targeted.

    Before you focus on "who's grabbing the men", first focus on "who's targeting them", and "why". Connect this to the other abnormal situations that are going on. If you can't work beyond what you've been doing so far, people need to know to send their "brilliant" boys to a trade school. Maybe they won't be as happy, but in the end... they'll be alive. Just like money, great careers are of no use to dead people.

    For those who need it, a definition of satanic...
    1."Relating" to Satan, or "the worship of Satan"
    2. Extremely evil or cruel.

    Now, with that in mind, we already know there "is" such a thing as devil worship. This is done for power. And the resulting power is obvious here to "some" people, whereas "extremely evil and cruel" has been recognized by "everyone" from the beginning. What more do you need to be convinced of who you're dealing with? So now... you really need to extend your research beyond the human realm, otherwise, if you ignore him, the one behind this will "always" have the upper hand.

  4. I forgot to address... "Smiley never sleeps" because he's not human!

    1. Oh he is human or should I say their human don't think that because public views on serial killers usually involves a single white male middle-aged and at least at appearance looks normal that every single one is going to fit that description that's usually why it takes so long for law enforcement to even begin to catch up to them if they even ever do because their looking for the normal run of the mill serial killer and if any killings don't fit their ideas of a normal killer to them then they dismiss it as another accident or Robbery gone wrong or some other delusional excuse not out of experience but out of fear because well humans fear the unknown they want to label everything even when its so far from the human norm and if that label gets broken well then you have chaos and well we can't have that now can we just remember boys and girls nothing about killing or a killer is normal no matter how much they want you to believe that so don't let anyone tell you any different I think honestly law enforcement is losing there edge and they would rather say something was an accident then even entertain the possibility that killers do what killers do best evolve and kill their are no pattern no explanation no reason that any normal person would understand its all about the hunt honestly sometimes you need a killer to catch a killer

  5. I have met the devil and he is we.

    (And all the things good people think he could never be.)

  6. http://6abc.com/414826/

  7. looks like another one: John Dwyer missing since Saturday night. from LaCrosse, WI went missing after being out bar hopping with friends to celebrate his birthday in the Wisconsin Dells. last seen walking along River Road.

  8. "Body found in Lake Ontario identified as Max Maisel, son of ESPN writer... The body found Friday in Lake Ontario is that of Rochester Institute of Technology student Max Maisel, 21, who had been missing since Feb. 22 [2015] and was last seen around the Charlotte Pier." (from April 20, 2015) Saw this and thought of you after reading through your site a while ago. It's on the MSN home page.

  9. Another young man went missing after socializing with friend at a bar after a wedding near the Mississippi River in Otsego, MN early Sat. a.m. (Friday p.m.). His body was found in the river Thursday, 30' from shore near the party site. http://www.kare11.com/story/news/2015/10/08/body-discovered-in-search-for-missing-man/73595932/ I am currently reading your book. I am convinced these are not accidental drownings. I am from Michigan, live north of the Twin Cities, know of this family through my kids. My parents, my kids, and I have attended just about every big 10 school in the Midwest, collectively, most on rivers. I have a law degree and have long been interested in this case. I pray that you and others will continue to look at these cases and can convince Law Enforcement to scrutinize them more thoroughly.

    1. @Anon October 11th: Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It's clear the victim was drinking, but do you know if Joe Brunn was otherwise depressed? (Apologies for asking, but I recall hearing that his parents are both dead ... that's an unusual loss for 20-somethings to suffer these days.)

  10. I'd love it if you diversified a little bit and looked into murder with arson to cover their tracks.

  11. Where is the Gannon/Gilbertson interview? I couldn't find it. Thanks

  12. The behavior of some PDs points to bureaucratic apathy at best and complicity at worst. I would be reluctant, however, to consider all of the river killings police-related given (1) some disappearances are happening on the same day in different parts of the country, (2) two victims were tracked via K9 to an abbey, and (3) often a huge gap between time of disappearance and time of discovery/time in water. If an explanation is proferred that doesn't explain all of the important aspects of these crimes, then it is either an incorrect explanation or an incomplete one.

    Regarding your statement that gangs don't kill in a serial manner, two examples come immediately to mind: Son of Sam/Process and Santa Muerte. Perhaps I misunderstood your statement, as I think you're probably aware of these things.

  13. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/body-american-student-beau-solomon-found-rome-italy-n603331

  14. Are you ever going to update the site? The last update was 5 months ago today and it was about Donald F'in Trump! This was my go to site for updates on the SFK/mysterious drowning issue and now there is never any info. What gives???