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Sunday, December 25, 2016

ALERT for Missing Airman Corrie McKeague

ALERT: British authorities are still looking for Corrie McKeague, an RAF airman missing for [months] after a night out with his mates. (This article was first published on 1 October 2016 - original unedited story below.)

Multiple UK agencies are "urgently" conducting land, water and air searches for the 23-year-old Scot, who appears to have vanished after "getting separated" from his group this past weekend.

ALERT: Fears for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague deepen after odd disappearance.

Authorities state they are especially interested in speaking to "anyone" who might have seen McKeague last Friday night or in the predawn hours of Saturday when he is believed to have left a Bury St Edmunds pub in Suffolk England.

They've also urged dog walkers in that neighborhood to keep an eye out for "anything unusual" and additionally requested that residents "with outbuildings" thoroughly check their properties, too.

According to the Free Bury Press, the missing young airman was spotted on foot and filmed by CCTV shortly after 3:00 a.m. last Saturday morning near Brentgovel Street, but it's not known where he went after that.

McKeague's mom told reporters that it isn't uncommon for her son to walk the 10-miles back to his Honington address sometimes when he's been to town late, but it's "abnormal" for him to not go home at all.

He also failed to show up for work, she said -- atypical conduct as well.

Investigators remain doubtful that McKeague's odd disappearance is related to an "attempted abduction" of another area RAF man about a month ago, but are "keeping an open mind" that the two cases might be connected.

Missing Scottish-born airman Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male "of medium build" with short-cropped light brown hair. When last sighted he was wearing a pale pink shirt and white slacks.

Anyone with information about the young man's current whereabouts, or his fate, is asked to immediately contact the Suffolk Police Department by dialing 101.

(This missing persons story is developing - please check the article's comment section for updates.)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

100 Faithless Electors to Dump Trump

Sources say up to 100 faithless electors are secretly planning to Dump Trump, in a plot dubbed the "December Surprise" that involves electors pledged to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Reportedly, this "last ditch effort to restore political stability and public confidence in American democracy" was prompted by growing concerns among several electoral college members over how the president-elect actually *won* the 2016 election.

Trump's covert communications with top level Russian officials -- and Russian hackers -- throughout his campaign, as well as his controversial appointments of white supremacists and disgraced generals to civilian posts, are just two issues that have Republicans, Democrats and Independents alarmed now.

Observers here and abroad also point to an endless list of "financial conflicts of interest" which the presumed next president "must" but "refuses" to properly address "before the billionaire businessman takes office" in January 2017.

Amid growing criticism and a 2016 recount headed by Green party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, a seemingly panicked Trump has walked back many of the extremists views and promises he issued on the campaign trail, including "building a [huge] wall" along the U.S. Mexico border and "jailing" his political opponent Hillary Clinton.

However, pundits and historians alike are warning that it's all "just a show" from the "most corrupt and dangerous showman" ever to walk onto the political stage since Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party was swept into office during Germany's 1932 presidential election.

And "in a host of other obvious ways" an embattled Trump has also been "steadily eroding confidence in his mental fitness" for the presidency of the world's largest and most heavily-armed democracy, his critics are claiming.

Meanwhile, Trump's continuance of late-night early-morning Twitter rants and rages "isn't doing him any favors" either, they add, as it further highlights a "complete lack of political savvy and personal restraint" that "could embolden America's enemies" to strike us on our shores again. As happened on September 11, 2001, only months after the Bush V Gore debacle.

According to those familiar with the current electoral college's plan to publicly declare Trump "unqualified" and his election "illegitimate" later this month, the estimated 100 faithless electors who have so far confided such an intent consulted "for free" with a "nationwide network" of law firms first.

There is no prohibition or penalty in the federal constitution against electors who decline to cast votes for a president-elect or who decide instead to vote for another legitimate candidate. Indeed, Constitutional Law experts agree that the founding fathers devised an electoral college as a built-in failsafe from the "evil" of "a demagogue" and his "cabal" seizing control of the U.S. government through "intrigue and corruption."

They note that, in reality, only a few dozen rogue electors are needed to block Donald Trump and his hardliners from assuming the presidency next month, but, "the more" who are willing to join in this patriotic cause, "the merrier."

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

America's Half-Assed Election

The elephant and donkey have long represented America's two major political parties, but as the Clinton / Trump contest continues to inspire disgusted Republicans and Democrats to cross party lines, a political beast never seen before has been birthed: A half-assed hybrid.

Trump versus Hillary: Why Republicans and Democrats are abandoning their parties like rats on a sinking ship.

The two "most unpopular" presidential candidates in U.S. history -- and their vicious knockdown dragouts -- have alienated so many people this election cycle that it's feared a good number of voters may not cast their ballots at all now, in a quiet protest some pundits blame on "election fatigue."

However, an even larger percent of the remaining *animated* electorate, as well as their elected representatives, have begun switching parties altogether, because, they say, they can't identify with and refuse to endorse their party's nominee.

This by far is the situation for Donald Trump, whose poll numbers continue to nosedive as the end of the 2016 campaign nears, despite his claims to the contrary or the FBI director's 'October Surprise' regarding a "possible" Clinton-aide link to ex congressman Anthony Weiner's x-rated emails.

Trump's own potty mouth and his hallmark bigotry appeals to an exceptionally loyal subsection of the American populace who observers describe as mainly "angry" and "uneducated" white men "feeling threatened" by this era's remarkable sociopolitical gains by women, gays and minorities.

But that same hate rhetoric is also a liability for The Donald, since it's steadily eroded support from embarrassed GOP faithfuls, including many prominent Republicans and businessmen, who believe Trump is mentally unsound and long ago abandoned his listing ship.

Trump's incoherent rants, taped sex-assault claims, dubious financial dealings, and apparent illicit alliance with America's longtime enemy, Russia, are just some of the thorny issues which have allowed his historically more-democratic opponent to take disgruntled Republicans into her fold and seize the moral high-ground too.

Yet Hillary Clinton has still failed to prove herself the "lesser of two evils" for certain important voting demographics, like Millennials and former Bernie Sanders supporters, who continue to harbor some doubt about her "truthfulness."

And, according to a recent poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, the hostilities generated by both of these controversial candidates in their bid for the highest office in the land has not only caused unprecedented tensions among traditional GOPers and Dems, but also increased strife in the workplace.

For large, midsized and small industries alike, this presidential election's overpowering negativism is now also negatively impacting employee relations and "business-as-usual," confirmed one weary HR consultant whose corporate clientele includes Cisco Systems and Microsoft.

Clinton versus Trump is "the biggest and best reality-show we’ve ever seen,” she cynically said.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

How Many Serial Rapists Attend UW-Madison?

Before UW-Madison senior Alec Cook (below) was arrested and rearrested this month for a string of brutal rapes, 25-percent of female students polled there admitted they had suffered campus sex assaults.

Cook himself is charged with perpetrating "dozens" of such attacks on young women he "stalked and groomed" at the midwestern university since, at least, 2015; in most cases leaving them physically battered and psychologically shamed into not reporting him.

Investigators revealed this week that the accused serial rapist also kept detailed "journals" in which he methodically tracked his "progress" with pre-targeted victims and even wrote the word "kill" beside some of their names.

The Phi Delta Theta frat member, rugby player and business major has so far been charged with nearly a dozen felonies for his alleged sex crimes -- which, prosecutors claim, include multiple rapes, false imprisonments and attempted strangulations -- as well as 15 related misdemeanors.

Alec Cook serial rape case: Madison police say “dozens of other females” now pressing charges against one of UW-Madison's worst sexual predators.

"Because, without Satan, God would have nothing to do."

Based on Alec Cook's troubling notebooks, police believe they may have apprehended one of UW-Madison's worst sex offenders before he was able to launch a full-blown 'mission' styled murder spree.

That's because, when they initially brought the suspect into custody and interrogated him for just a single charge of rape and choking in mid October, he further disclosed an unhealthy fascination with both "the Christian god" and "Satan."

Little else is known about this young man's history at the moment, though. But, through statistics, experts do now know that it's a small number of males like him who are responsible for the vast majority of all rapes committed within their jurisdictions.

And that, coupled with Cook's "systematic" documentation, the level of sadism his victims claim he subjected them to is consistent with the type of predator who advances into the realm of serial killing.

"Your complainant believes that the book could document other victims of criminal acts."

For Alec Cook, everything unraveled after allegedly luring, raping and almost strangling a University of Wisconsin coed at his apartment on the evening of October 12th, then asking her, "What's your schedule? When can I see you again?"

The unnamed woman reported the violent 3-hour sexual assault to a close relative that very same night, then pressed charges against her attacker four days later.

In the weeks since she filed her criminal complaint against Alec Cook, however, Madison detectives say they've received "dozens" of identical complaints about him from other females he assaulted, stalked and/or groped in the past year.

Yet Cook seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for colleges like UW-Madison, where one in four female students complain that they too have fallen prey to sexual assault and harassment on campus ... and to the surprisingly lackadaisical attitude of school administrators regarding their right to be safe.

Which makes you have to wonder: How many serial rapists does the University of Wisconsin at Madison really have?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Stop! Prevent your death. Go no farther."

The recreational drownings of two experienced cave divers on October 16th demonstrate that accidents do happen sometimes, even to water specialists.

Unlike the victims in The Case of the Drowning Men, 53-year-old Patrick Peacock and his 38-year-old dive partner Chris Rittenmeyer met a watery end on purpose when the pair scoffed at the Grim Reaper's posted warning below to "Stop! Prevent your death. Go no farther," and dove into Florida's perilous cave system, Eagle's Nest.

Several hours later, lost in a mile-long labyrinth of underwater passageways which extend more than 300 feet in depth, they ran out of air together and drowned.

"There's nothing in this cave worth dying for! Do not go beyond this point."

A third less-daring companion, whom Peacock and Rittenmeyer had stationed at the entrance of the cave to wait for them, reported the two men missing after they both failed to resurface as planned.

Would-be rescuers then arrived en masse at the infamous Weeki Wachee site where so many other adventurers have similarly perished and searched its deep-sea chasms and tunnels in vain until nightfall.

Another dive team finally located the lifeless bodies of Patrick Peacock and Chris Rittenmeyer on the following morning in a "very dangerous and complex area" of Eagle's Nest.

They had died "in close proximity to one another in about 260 feet of water," most likely after they each "whited out" from a pressure-induced condition known as Nitrogen Narcosis and their air tanks drained.

Eponymous Rox

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Teen Goes Down the Drain in NH Flashflood

PHOTO: The hunt is on for a Nashua NH teen believed to have gone down the drain during a flashflood this weekend.

At one point during Friday's relentless downpours, rain was falling on drought stricken New Hampshire at the rate of three inches per hour, activating a succession of dangerous surges and emergency alerts.

That much fast-flowing water also caused some cities' storm-drainage systems to become so overwhelmed so quickly that metal sewer covers started "popping off."

Today, a missing storm cap is what Nashua police think led to the sudden disappearance of Jacob Goulet as he was walking home late Friday night from a friend's place.

Nashua New Hampshire teen Jacob Goulet feared #downthedrain during flashfloodSeveral agencies are now actively searching Nashua's waterways for the 16-year-old, who was officially listed as missing on Saturday morning when he didn't make it home as expected.

Goulet was already thought to have gone down the drain the night before when someone called 911 to report that possibility just before 10 p.m. -- the same hour the youth was seen passing through the neighborhood on foot.

Though the caller hadn't actually witnessed him being sucked into the drainage hole, a number of personal items later found near the drain's opening were identified as belonging to the still-missing teenager.

New Hampshire's Public Radio station is reporting at this hour that teams are probing both the Nashua River and the Merrimack River for Jacob Goulet's body, while officials continue to monitor the city's flooded storm system as well.

Goulet stands 5-foot-8-inches tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. He has black hair shaven into a mohawk and was wearing a studded denim vest, gray shirt, dark shorts and black sneakers when he vanished.

Anyone who knows of his current whereabouts or who comes across his remains is asked to call the Nashua Police Department immediately at 603-594-3500.

Eponymous Rox