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Thursday, August 25, 2016

NEXT: email threats from Steph Young (aka Tessy Rawlins & Stephen Young)

Coming up next on Killing Killers, an in-depth look at why self-publisher 'Steph Young' (alias 'Tessy Rawlins' and 'Stephen Young') has been emailing threats to Eponymous Rox, including the death threat shown in the screengrab image below. Hint: It has to do with The Case of the Drowning Men, Investigating the Smiley Face Murders. Amazon Kindle scammer alert -- stay tuned.

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Missing Adrian Lynch Found Drowned 9 Months Later

The body of long missing UK man Adrian Lynch has finally been found this month in a body of water previously scoured by divers using sonar.

The 20-year-old electrician disappeared from the island of Jersey in early December of 2015, after leaving a Christmas work party by taxi, shortly after midnight.

Lynch was later captured by surveillance cameras (and witnessed) heading on foot for his home located about a mile away from where the cab driver dropped him off.

An exhaustive months-long search for the missing youth officially ended in February 2016. It only produced his wallet and a coiled belt.

Then, this August, a passerby spotted semi-submerged human remains in a reservoir close to where Adrian Lynch was last seen alive and contacted authorities who retrieved the corpse.

Lynch's passport was reportedly found in a pocket of the victim's jacket.

The reservoir where he is thought to have drowned was well inside the "high priority" search area that police established during their multi-agency investigation of his missing-persons case.

His body wasn't there when those waters were searched last winter -- and, had it been, it would have surfaced by springtime when warming temperatures triggered decomposition and refloat.

A postmortem exam revealed that young Lynch suffered "no traumatic" injuries when he died such as might imply "third party" involvement or foul play.

Nevertheless, the coroner was unable to pinpoint his actual cause and manner of death.

The unexplained disappearance of Adrian Lynch is presented in the new and expanded edition of The Case of the Drowning Men, complete with photographs. Jersey officials have indicated their investigation into the matter is still active.

Eponymous Rox

Sunday, July 31, 2016

message from the admins

Updated from May 25, 2016: Admins are temporarily manning the Killing Killers crime site until your regular blogger returns. We lost contact with Eponymous Rox last week. Roxy is (still believed to be) in the Boston area investigating a series of river deaths for the next issue of Hunting Smiley. Articles submitted before last week will be published in the order received. (ty)

2016's Full-Color Expanded & Revised Edition of THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN: Investigating the Smiley Face Murders, by Eponymous Rox

Friday, May 27, 2016

Loved Ones of Missing Man Sean Mitchell Criticize Police Response

The family and friends of missing man Sean Mitchell (below) say Aussie police have been unhelpful in the search for the 38-year-old Perth businessman.

Mitchell vanished from a pub in Mosman Park about a week ago, but an official search for him wasn't launched until a diver found some of his belongings several days later at the bottom of Swan River.

Missing person alert for Aussie businessman Sean Mitchell, 38 of Perth
Because of a delayed police search, all that's presently known is that Sean Mitchell vanished shortly after attending a work-related party last Friday night at the Belgian Beer Cafe.

He had informed at least one friend by phone as he was leaving that evening that he intended to "sleep overnight on a yacht" belonging to one of his drinking mates.

Mitchell abruptly disappeared shortly thereafter, but, almost five days in, police still hadn't "seriously" responded to his missing persons report.

"I am obviously scared that he did not get on the yacht," a female colleague Mitchell spoke to by phone on the Friday he went missing told reporters this week. "It is really frustrating."

The lost Australian was electronically tagged using Perth's rail station around 9:00 p.m. last Friday, and his cell phone pinged one final time near Mosman Park's Freshwater Bay yacht club -- a little more than an hour after this last known sighting.

Missing man Sean Mitchell, who operates a mining-recruiter enterprise, is an adult Caucasian male with red hair, blue eyes, and a "medium build."

Anyone with information about his disappearance in Perth, or with knowledge of Mitchell's current whereabouts, should contact police at 131-444 immediately.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Investigating the Smiley Face Murders

NEW: The Case of the Drowning Men (expanded and revised graphic edition)

An expanded and revised paperback edition of The Case of the Drowning Men (above) has been issued this spring to address significant developments and breakthroughs in the ‘Smiley Face Murders’ and includes more photos, forensics and victim profiles. It now also provides survival tips on how to avoid becoming a Smiley statistic, as well as a guide for what to do if your own young man goes missing and is later “found drowned.” 

Much has been happening in the decades-long drowning spree since the author’s original investigation was first published, and this enhanced volume will bring both newcomers and longtime case followers up to date.

This expanded and revised print edition also contains additional images, such as autopsy and water recovery photos, which some sensitive readers may find gory and disturbing. These are included out of scientific necessity, not for shock value.

As with the first edition, you’ll still find the only in-depth overview and analysis available of an unsolved serial case that has confounded waterfront communities, coroners and cops ever since 1997, and which in recent years has spread from the original killing fields of North America internationally.

With hundreds of victims documented in the United States, Canada and abroad now, no other serial murderers in the history of serial murdering have come anywhere near the body count of the ‘Smiley Face Killers.’ And that death toll continues to climb.

Learn everything there is to know about this elusive criminal gang, their widening victimology, and what progress is being made in the ongoing effort to capture them in The Case of the Drowning Men, by true crime writer Eponymous Rox.

The Creepy Murder of Missy Bevers Gets Creepier by the Week

The April 18th murder of Missy Bevers in Midlothian Texas by a SWAT-cop imposter was already weird enough, but recent developments are sending the case deeper into the creep zone.

Police have been focusing a lot of attention on the Bevers' unhappy union, and in that aspect of their investigation discovered significant "marital problems" as well as "money issues" by tapping into the couple's cell phones.

One search warrant even states that "a portion of these messages (as well as deleted messages) recovered indicate and confirm statements and tips provided to officers of an ongoing financial and marital struggle, as well as intimate/personal relationship(s) external to the marriage with identified target numbers."

So far eleven such “target” cell phone numbers have been pinpointed, and allegedly the slain fitness instructor was herself having some "intimate" online relations, too, via her LinkedIn profile.

Sadly, it may be that ignoring a certain romantic Web solicitation, a "creepy" sounding message sent to her in mid April, cost the 45-year-old her life days later; but all of the Bevers' communiqués are being analyzed by high-tech security specialists of New York City's police department.

The NYPD has probably the most sophisticated -- and controversial -- means of tracking unwitting suspects and POIs in the world, such as its 'Stingray' simulator technology which mimics a cell-tower to eavesdrop on all calls made or received in a specific area.

Why would that invasive tool be vital in the Missy Bevers murder investigation at this late stage? Because Texas officials think her slayer brought a cell phone with them the morning of the attack to take a few victim pics, and may even be continuing "to visit" the crime scene with it.

Despite that individual still being at large and unidentified, speculation remains firm that this cop impersonator, shown stalking the halls of Creekside Church about a half-hour before Bevers arrival for a scheduled class, "is female."

According to recently released court docs, police have decided that the hammer-swinging killer is most likely not a male, by the suspect's "feminine sway or walk," although they haven't yet landed on a motive for the premeditated assault.

They also believe that *her* distinctive gait, captured on a number of surveillance videos inside the building on the 18th of April, could be "indicative of some type of injury which affects the right leg/foot."

Creepy murder of Missy Bevers Gets Creepier by the Week

As disclosed in earlier coverage of the Bevers slaying, several exterior cams at the church were "malfunctioning" or possibly deliberately disabled that morning, so no actual footage of the murderer arriving and departing -- if they left the scene at all -- exists.

Police did recently identify a “vehicle of interest” from area CCTV taken hours before Bevers was bludgeoned to death with a hammer, but have not located either the “light-colored 2010 to 2012 Nissan Altima” or its owner.

Regarding last month's revelations that Missy Bevers' father-in-law brought a woman's "bloody shirt" to the local dry-cleaners just days after her killing, this has also been verified and the item seized as evidence. However, it's still not known whether his claim that the incriminating stains were from "a dogfight" is true or false because tests on the substance haven’t been returned from the crime lab yet.

Last week authorities publicly cleared all of the victim’s relatives, friends and students as potential suspects, noting that doing so didn’t completely “eradicate” anyone from future suspicion should more evidence surface.

Whomever the devious and demented person was that viciously slew exercise coach Terri 'Missy' Bevers in the predawn hours of April 18, 2016, the reward for information leading to their arrest and prosecution stands at $10,000.

Tipsters should phone the Midlothian Police Department’s tip line at (972) 775-7624.