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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Arrest Coming in Trump Russia Collusion Probe

Numerous media outlets report this weekend that arrest #1 in the Trump Russia collusion probe is set for early Monday.

They also believe the leak of that top-secret info came from Team Trump itself, and that the subject of the "sealed indictment" may be Trump's former top advisor, Paul Manafort.

However, as with the actual identity of the suspect or suspects, the leakers' names are also unconfirmed at this time.

Following a no-knock search of Manafort's estate this past summer, Manafort revealed the possibility of a future arrest; allegedly for aiding a foreign enemy in meddling with America's 2016 election results to favor his ex boss over projected-winner Hillary Clinton.

Agents were said to have seized computers, hard drives, and other incriminating evidence during their surprise raid, some of which implicated Vladimir Putin himself.

Coincidentally, that was the same month when federal investigators also disclosed the true extent of Moscow's efforts to make Donald Trump president, including Putin's hackers breaching the security systems of electronic-voting machines in at least 21 U.S. states.

Election officials from several of those impacted districts had noticed and even reported voting "irregularities" and other suspicious "glitches" on election day, but until June 2017 this most onerous aspect of the Trump Russia collusion plot has barely been discussed.

Special-prosecutor Robert Mueller was given broad authority to pursue any and all criminal acts he uncovered as a result of the Trump Russia probe.

That means the charges set forth in this very first arrest warrant could just as well involve tax dodging, perjury, racketeering, and any other federal crime exclusive of -- or including -- treason.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ALERT: Serial Killer Sought in Tampa

ALERT: Tampa officials fear a serial killer is on the loose, after the unidentified individual (below) separately approached and shot three pedestrians during the past two weeks.

Police believe the victims had no connection to each other and may have been targeted at random.

One, in fact, was on the street where the killer gunned him down solely because he got off a metro bus "at the wrong stop."

The slain include, so far, a woman in her early thirties and two men in their early twenties -- all about the same age demographic as the unknown serial killer, judging by surveillance footage.

Can you ID Tampa's bold serial killer from this CCTV clip?

The tactical shooting deaths occurred within a ten-block area of Seminole Heights and have residents in that neighborhood terrified, a police spokesperson conceded; especially since Halloween is fast approaching and the hooded suspect is still at large.

So long as Florida's newest serial killer does remain on the loose though, he swore, officials intend to maintain a heavy police presence throughout the city.

They are urging citizens of all ages, even schoolchildren, to exercise maximum caution whenever going out, ideally doing so "only in pairs" or "in groups," if possible.

For added measure famed vigilantes, the Guardian Angels, will also be patrolling Tampa's streets now.

Authorities are offering a reward of $25,000 for any information leading to the apprehension of the mystery gunman. They've noted, however, that they have "no leads as yet" and "no motive" either for this apparent killing spree.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lost Lovers Last Embrace Murder Suicide

California cops say a murder suicide explains the last embrace of lost lovers found dead in Joshua Tree national park.

Relatives had been hoping against hope to find 22-year-old Joseph Orbeso and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Rachel Nguyen, alive, but the mysteriously missing couple's bodies have finally been located.

Orbeso and Nguyen vanished in July of 2017 after the two failed to return to their AirBnB rental following a hike into Joshua Tree's wilderness, where daytime temperatures often exceed 100-degrees Fahrenheit and water is in scarce supply.

Despite a massive rescue effort that spanned several weeks, neither was ever seen nor heard from again. 

Then, on October 15th, a search party -- which included Orbeso's father -- came across the pair's remains in a remote canyon area of the park.

Their corpses were allegedly "locked in an embrace."

The team also told reporters at the time that it appeared the young couple died together from either heat exhaustion or prolonged exposure to the elements.

However, autopsies performed this week revealed one of the victims had been shot to death and the other committed suicide.

Investigators have further disclosed that unspecified "evidence" was additionally recovered "at the scene," leading them to fairly conclude that Joseph Orbeso killed Rachel Nguyen before taking his own life.

The case is still under investigation, and a motive for the murder suicide is not known yet.

update by Eponymous Rox

Friday, October 20, 2017

Bush v Trump (you know things are bad when)

If the Bush v Trump takedown yesterday proves anything, it's that America, and democracy itself, is in big trouble now:

Yes, the patriotic-sounding speech that former president George W. Bush delivered at the "Spirit of Liberty" conference in New York on October 19th was an elegantly-written rallying cry against fascists and Russian meddling. But it's also a fine piece of historical revisionism too, as far as "free and fair" elections go.

Bush, you may recall, was the first presidential hopeful ever to sue for and win the presidency, defeating bona fide president-elect Al Gore in 2000 merely by begging a loaded U.S. Supreme Court to "stop Florida's recount." 

At that point in Florida's automatic hand tally, Bush's tenuous claim of victory there had shrunk from about a 1350-vote lead to only 300-plus, with tens of thousands of cast ballots yet to be examined. So, even with the bogus "hanging chad" clamor he created as a distraction, the GOP candidate saw he wasn't going to win.

Exit polls on election day had already made it clear to the notoriously-litigious Bush family that their illiterate, draft-dodging and politically-incompetent progeny "George W" had been rejected by Florida voters in favor of ex-Vice President Gore, handing Gore the presidency. 

And exit polls don't lie because that's actually the only time people do tell pollsters the truth.

Florida, however, with all its electoral college members and W's own sibling the sitting governor, was his last chance to seize the oval office -- and anybody who's studied law knew this 'fix' was in the works the minute the supreme court justices agreed to hear Bush v. Gore.

How a state manages any of its elections, even federal ones, is firmly a 'states rights' issue, so the U.S. Supreme Court had no jurisdiction over the subject matter of Bush's desperate appeal, nor any right to thwart Florida's attempts to "count all the votes" properly.

The federal government via its judiciary selecting our American president in election-year 2000 made the United States look like an unstable banana republic, vulnerable to attack by both foreign and domestic enemies. And on September 11, 2001, just a few short months after George W. Bush dubiously assumed office, that's precisely what took place in lower Manhattan.

The rest, to use an overused phrase, is history. But it's because we the people entertained and tolerated the un-American antics of Bush, his powerful dynasty, and his fellow Republicans 17 years ago that we're now facing the worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War:  Floridian *billionaire* Donald Trump.

The Bush family owes us for boldly meddling in our 2000 election and thereby emboldening Russia-loving Trump and his likeminded band of traitors to do the same in 2016. Belated lip service, though, is not enough, and, well worded as it might sound, Bush's much lauded speech yesterday reads more like a eulogy than a call to arms.

editorial by Eponymous Rox

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hazing Homicide Charges in LSU Frat Death of Max Gruver

Ten youths involved in the hazing homicide of LSU frat pledge Maxwell Gruver, who died mid September from alcohol poisoning after a binge ritual, were served arrest warrants this week.

Phi Delta Theta suspects, Matthew Naquin, Zachary Castillo, Patrick Forde, Elliott Eaton, Sean Gott, Hudson Kirkpatrick, Ryan Isto, Sean Pennison, Nicholas Taulli and Zachary Hall, have reportedly turned themselves in to authorities.

All of them now face criminal hazing charges and possible jail time if convicted. Accused ringleader, Naquin, however, has been additionally charged with negligent homicide for orchestrating the fatal drinking "game" that killed LSU freshman Maxwell Gruver of Roswell Georgia.

Prosecutors say the 10 defendants abandoned the 18-year-old after he passed out from drinking excessively in their fraternity house, and that, by the time they did take their "unresponsive" victim to an emergency room in Baton Rouge on September 14th, he was already near death.

Gruver never regained consciousness and died in hospital later that same day. According to his autopsy report, he had a BAC of .495 percent -- a lethal level of alcohol six times the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle.

Hazing fatalities continue to plague American universities despite the controversial ceremonies having been all but banned from 'Greek Life' in recent years. Last winter, for example, one of the worst cases so far occurred on the campus of Penn State University, with the protracted "manslaughter" of Timothy Piazza.

A dangerously-intoxicated Piazza died a slow and painful death from life-threatening injuries the teen athlete sustained after repeatedly plummeting down a stairwell in the Beta Theta Pi frat house, and even being manhandled and assaulted there while comatose.

As with the current case, the entire sad and sordid event was captured on the frat's security cameras, making it fairly easy to identify all 18 of the perpetrators.

They likewise were seen on tape discussing how to escape responsibility and texting each other with *legal* advice and a concocted story, whilst actively refusing to get their dying pledge the lifesaving medical treatment he clearly required.

story by Eponymous Rox

Sunday, October 8, 2017

KENNEKA JENKINS: No Foul Play or Date Drug in Freezer Death of Teen

Officials rule "no foul play" in the bizarre disappearance and freezer death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins (shown below) at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, Illinois last month.

According to autopsy and toxicology tests, Jenkins succumbed to "hypothermia" after mistakenly wandering into an unused walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza hotel -- while in a drunken stupor -- on the morning of September 9, 2017.

Medical examiners contend that the teen's inebriated condition, and the speed with which she froze to death once locked inside the cold unit, was "exacerbated" by her recreational use of a drug typically prescribed for seizures and migraines.

https://www.killingkillers.blogspot.comAlthough Kenneka Jenkins had no prescription for 'Topiramate' herself, investigators believe she voluntarily consumed it with alcohol while partying with her companions at Crowne Plaza sometime during the day she died there.

They say the two substances are "synergistic" and combined to create a toxic mix that "disoriented" young Jenkins, fatally leading to her "confusion and impaired" decision to pry open the massive doors of a 34-degree freezer compartment herself and then close them behind her.

Searchers eventually found her trapped inside the frigid chamber, face down and long dead of overexposure, some 24 hours later.

A number of lesions detected postmortem in Jenkins' stomach are consistent with someone who's frozen to death, medical examiners have noted in the report they released on Friday. However, the victim's brain was also "swollen," and bruises and abrasions on at least one of her legs haven't been satisfactorily explained either.

Allegedly, every misstep of Kenneka Jenkins' fateful journey to an unguarded kitchen area where the deadly walk-in freezer was situated had been filmed on hotel surveillance cameras, except for the moment she entered the icebox.

Curiously, though, some of the hotel's CCTV footage that day has yet to be turned over for inspection; most importantly, video from a cam positioned “near the upstairs abandoned kitchen" where Ms. Jenkins met her icy end.

Relatives are therefore challenging the recent findings of "accidental death" as well as the initial reluctance of hotel management and police to search for Kenneka between September 9th and 10th, when her family and friends had repeatedly reported the girl inexplicably missing.

“I want to see it all," Jenkin's mother angrily responded this week to reporters questioning the 'no foul play' ruling in her daughter's sudden disappearance and unusual demise. "I want to see her actually walking into this freezer and closing herself within this freezer and freezing to death.”

case update by EPONYMOUS ROX

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Divers find Missing Severed Head Limbs of Kim Wall

Divers have recovered the severed head and limbs of Kim Wall, the award-winning Swedish journalist who 'mysteriously' died aboard millionaire Peter Madsen's homemade submarine this summer.

Wall, 30, was doing a feature story on the eccentric Danish inventor in Copenhagen on August 10, 2017, when she vanished at sea without a trace. Her headless, legless torso later washed ashore and investigators have been trying to piece together the truth -- and her corpse -- ever since.

Originally, Madsen told them he'd deposited Ms. Wall safe and sound at port on the same day she supposedly interviewed him and well before he "deliberately sank" his sub, the UC3 Nautilus, in shallow waters shy of its dock on August 11th.

But that story failed to hold water once a beachcomber came across Wall's stabbed and weighted remains, sans her head and limbs, on August 21st.

Suspected serial killer and snuff-filmmaker, Peter Madsen, then offered officials a starkly different account, claiming that he himself lost his head and, in a "suicidal" panic, mutilated the journalist and "buried her at sea" only after she had "accidentally" perished on his vessel.

Allegedly, in Madsen's new version of events, a heavy hatch fell on Kim Wall as she was either boarding or exiting his submarine, crushing her skull and killing her instantly.

However, a preliminary autopsy has revealed no blunt force trauma to Wall's decapitated head or any fractures on it at all, so her ultimate cause of death and what led up to it is still unknown.

A police spokesman told reporters today that another bag containing a knife and some of Kim Wall's personal effects was also found in the water this weekend, close to where the rest of her dismembered remains were finally located.

This bag too had been weighted.

case update by EPONYMOUS ROX