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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ex Speaker Hastert Hushed About Hush Money Pedo Scandal

Ex House Speaker Dennis Hastert faces sentencing today on charges related to a hush-money pedophile scandal he himself exposed.

Shady banking maneuvers got defendant Hastert flagged by the Feds in 2014, but he only deepened their investigation into his illegal "structured withdrawals" by then claiming he was being "extorted" on "false accusations" of child molestation.

The alleged sex offenses have since been confirmed and date back decades to when the longest standing Republican House Speaker in American history was just a little known but highly-respected wrestling coach in Yorkville Illinois.

Pedophile house-speaker Dennis Hastert hushed about hush money scandal

At Dennis Hastert's behest, FBI agents secretly listened in on phone conversations with one of his now-grown victims and quickly concluded it was the GOP's "squeaky clean" former Speaker who in fact had lied about his own wrongdoing.

Hastert's hush money cover-up is ultimately what got him nabbed last year -- not the child sexual abuse charges which involved at least four youths and took place so long ago the statute of limitations had fully expired.

Those historic sex crimes, however, were intricately linked to the multimillion-dollar banking scheme that the disgraced congressional leader pleaded guilty to devising in order to quietly payoff one abuse survivor dubbed victim "A."

The still unidentified man has recently sued Hastert as well, since the ex House Speaker never actually paid the entire amount he offered as redress for A's "pain, harm and suffering."

During the federal probe of Hastert's financial finagling, it was also revealed that, in addition to luring and fondling under-aged males, beloved Coach Hastert placed a lounge chair "in direct view of the shower stalls in the locker room where he sat while the boys showered."

Now in his 70s, Dennis Hastert could be jailed for up to five years in prison for the bank fraud he knowingly perpetrated, or, more likely, receive a short sentence that amounts to just a slap on his wrist.

Either way, though, this infamous "family values" politician and lobbyist continues to remain hushed about the pedophile scandal that brought him down last year, and will keep on receiving both state and federal pension checks in spite of it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Missing 21yo David Breunig Found Drowned in Maine River

PHOTO: The body of missing maritime student David Breunig was pulled from the Penobscot River in Orono Maine over the weekend and formally identified yesterday.

The tall and athletic 21-year-old vanished late in February 2016, reportedly after leaving a house party on foot and crossing elevated train tracks leading downtown.

While no one actually witnessed Breunig "fall" that evening, police immediately began searching the Stillwater, which the railroad trestel spans, as well as the Penobscot where the two rivers converge.

Long missing college student David Breunig has been found drowned in Maine
Nothing was found in any of those search efforts, except "objects of interest."

On Friday April 22nd, however, the body of a young Caucasian male closely matching the description of David Breunig was discovered in the waters near Sea Dog brewery and Interstate 395.

The Bangor Fire Department was called to that location to retrieve the victim, who evidently had a wallet and other personal items belonging to the missing Maine Maritime Academy junior.

Although official confirmation could not be made at the time, the family was given notice over the weekend that their young man had likely been found dead.

According to the obituary the Breunigs subsequently published this week, a coroner has told them Breunig  accidentally drowned on February 26th, after slipping from the railway and falling into the Stillwater River.

He “passed away after an accidental drowning” their statement partly read.

A public memorial mass for David Breunig will be held on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Saint Hyacinth Church in Westbrook Maine.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Body of Nathan Kermensky Found in MA Dam

The body of missing 26yo Nathan Kermensky (below) was found snagged in the gates of a Connecticut River dam on Thursday morning.

"This was at the Holyoke Gas and Electric Dam on Gatehouse Road," a spokesman for the Massachusetts police explained over the weekend.

He stated that one of the workers from "a Gas and Electric crew was flushing down by the fish lift and the body came through."

MA police confirm missing 26yo Nathan Kermensky has been found drownedKermensky's is the second corpse pulled from those waters in as many days -- missing teen Brianna Cuoco was also recovered from the Connecticut last week.

In another apparent coincidence, the 18-year-old woman had also disappeared in late January and, like Kermensky, lived in Hadley Mass.

A missing persons report for the 26-year-old college maths tutor was first filed by his family on January 29, 2016 after they lost contact with him earlier in the week.

His vehicle was later found parked at the Norwottuck Rail Trail near Northampton with the keys still in it and a multi-agency probe was launched, albeit "foul play wasn't suspected" at that time.

Today Massachusetts authorities continue to investigate the disappearance and drowning of Nathan Kermensky, whilst hinting he may have "committed suicide."

Anyone with information about this young man's death (and that of Brianna Cuoco) should call 911 or the Hadley Police Department at (413) 584-0883.

Were Ohio Family Executions Drug Related?

The "sophisticated" Ohio family executions that left eight relatives dead last week were likely linked to a pot growing operation.

Marijuana plants were discovered at "several" of the crime scenes, according to the newest case updates.

Police don't yet want to say whether drugs are the reason the victims were all shot to death "execution style" in their homes on April 22nd -- many as they slept -- but a "major" dope ring with "ties to a Mexican cartel" had recently been busted in the area.

Possible drug link probed in Ohio family mass murders
The well-orchestrated bloodbath in Pikes County targeted adult family members as well as young adults and teens. At least three toddlers were also found, unharmed but close by, at separate locations.

The slain have been confirmed as 44yo Kenneth Rhoden; 40yo Christopher Rhoden Sr.; 38yo Gary Rhoden; 37yo Dana Rhoden; 20yo Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden; 20yo Hannah Gilley; 19yo Hanna Rhoden; and 16yo Christopher Rhoden Jr.

Investigators are still trying to patch together the events that preceded the Ohio family mass murder and may have identified some persons of interest, but still have no suspects and haven't charged anyone.

They say they're anticipating a "lengthy investigation" before arrests can finally be made because the killers "did everything they could to hinder prosecution," though what precisely that entailed hasn't been disclosed yet.

A law enforcement spokesman did inform reporters yesterday that over four dozen people have already been questioned and “18 pieces of evidence are now at the state crime lab" for analysis by the BCI. 

Naturally, the murdered family's pot crop was also impounded.

At this point in their homicide probe police don't believe the gunman (or gunmen) was among the dead, since they're convinced the slayings were not the result of a domestic squabble that descended into deadly violence.

They're urging anyone with information to contact 911 or the state attorney's office.

A wealthy Ohioan is additionally offering a $25,000 reward for tips which will lead to the murderer/s swift apprehension and prosecution.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Abduction and Murder of Joey LaBute 'Not a Hate Crime'

Weeks after the abduction and murder of Joey LaBute -- and his staged river drowning -- Ohio police are still processing "a huge amount of information," but haven't IDd a single suspect.

And they're still convinced that 26-year-old Joseph 'Joey' Labute, rumored now to have been homosexual, wasn't the victim of a hate crime.

As the trail to his killer steadily grows cold, investigators announced this week they've "come across" new video from inside the restaurant where LaBute was last seen alive by family and friends before abruptly disappearing.

follow the Joey LaBute abduction & murder probe with Killing KillersThe footage shows him "on the dance floor" of the Union Cafe in Columbus center around midnight of March 5, 2016, and then, just "seven minutes" prior to vanishing from the establishment forever, exiting one of the restrooms.

It's not clear where that vital evidence has been all this time or how police finally obtained it. However, it doesn't seem to provide any clues as to why, and with whom, Joey LaBute went outdoors and subsequently died.

A coroner found no evidence whatsoever he had truly drowned and, in fact, ruled there was "a high probability" LaBute was "already dead" when he went into the Scioto River sometime last month.

A group of lawmen checking the riverbank for his body on March 31st coincidentally spotted it semi-submerged in a shallow section not far offshore.

Divers retrieved the corpse in "pretty good condition," suggesting that, whoever slew LaBute, and whatever their motive in doing so, they didn't dump him until well after an active search had all but ended.

Investigators hope the latest images from LaBute's last known location, once enlarged and forensically analyzed, will shed more light on who he was interacting with when he suddenly vanished without a trace.

Obviously the still unknown perpetrator/s themselves likewise had to be captured on security cameras that night, since America is by now a a full-fledged police state and the city of Columbus is no exception to such widespread privacy invasions.

Yet, despite all its traffic cams, license-plate readers, aerial drones, and numerous other clandestine methods of tracking the minute-to-minute movements of innocent citizens without probable cause or court-issued warrants, no images of LaBute's kidnapper and killer have ever surfaced...

Those following these so called Smiley Face Murders of course know that Joey Labute isn't the only young male to suspiciously go missing from a public place and later be found dead in a river, lake, pond, stream or reservoir. And he probably won't be the last. 

But his bogus cold-water death this season stands out as one of only a few in the decades-long Case of the Drowning Men which wasn't whitewashed by officials as a drunken "accident."

Anybody who can help solve the LaBute abduction, homicide and attempted cover-up during March of 2016 is urged to contact the Columbus Police Department at (614) 645-4545.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Clues in Fitness Coach Missy Bevers' Slaying

Many new clues in the murder of fitness coach Missy Bevers have emerged since she was found bludgeoned to death in Midlothian Texas on Monday morning. But no arrest yet.

Yesterday police released additional info and a revised timeline (below) regarding the movements of the SWAT-attired suspect filmed creeping through Creekside Church hallways just prior to Bevers own fateful arrival.

That still unidentified individual -- widely believed to be a woman -- left a trail of destruction and a town perplexed as to why a popular exercise instructor would seemingly have "been targeted" for death.

Two participants of the 'boot camp' class Missy Bevers was preparing for in the predawn hours of April 18, 2016, allegedly discovered her lifeless body amid shards of broken glass, and phoned emergency dispatchers twice to report the "unresponsive female."

There is no way yet to rule out that one of those 911 callers wasn't in fact the killer herself, since no footage exists of the murderer arriving or departing, due to numerous "inoperative" exterior cams that day.

Most homicide victims aren't chosen at random by strangers, which is why Bevers' husband of two decades, "vacationing out of state" at the time, was also repeatedly questioned by detectives and "Brandon Bevers alibi" thoroughly probed.

His 45-year-old wife's murder inquiry has rapidly expanded now, with local, state and federal authorities, including the ATF, working in unison to figure out the crime motive and apprehend the cop-impersonating perpetrator.

Judging from surveillance video this person appears somewhat heavyset and, according to new evaluations, stands "about 5-foot-8" or slightly taller.

The subject also walks with a very "distinguishable gait" and has other unique "mannerisms" which investigators feel certain "someone should be able to recognize."

Hand tools, such as a pry bar and hammer, have additionally been identified as the possible murder weapon/s, and similar items are believed to have been used to extensively vandalize the building too.

Cameras inside the Creekside Church are reportedly activated by motion sensors, and thus generated a set of images which were initially out of sync with the actual series of events leading to the deadly assault on Missy Bevers.

These have all been analyzed and re-sequenced to establish a more accurate timetable:

3:50 a.m. - Suspect first appears at Creekside Church of Christ.
4:16 a.m. - Missy Bevers’  is shown arriving in her pickup truck.
4:20 a.m. - Bevers parks and enters the church building.
4:35 a.m. - A participant in her weekly 'Camp Gladiator' workout class arrives.
5:00 a.m. - Emergency dispatchers receive first of two 911 calls.
5:03 a.m. - Patrol officers and EMS are dispatched.
5:10 a.m. - Police arrive at the crime scene.

Law enforcement agencies continue to pore over the victim's social media interactions for hints to her killer's identity and grievance.

Bevers maintained a large and active online presence, particularly with respect to her Camp Gladiator fitness classes, and is said to have divulged more information about herself on the Web than is recommended.

Friends and relatives also think she was acting "more reserved" lately, suggesting she might have been having problems with someone, although, if so, she didn't reveal any details.

Despite all the stepped up investigative efforts, however, nearly a week after her brutal murder authorities still have no idea who wanted the exercise guru dead.

But "we will vigorously pursue the person or persons responsible and bring them to justice,” vowed Midlothian's chief of police.

Can You ID Drowned John Doe By His Tattoo?

A John Doe victim was found drowned in the Kanawha River on April 19th with the below tattoo on his left arm.

West Virginia police have released the image, noting it's not the actual one but practically identical in hopes someone may recognize this and ID the dead man.

They say the large Virgin Mary tat is specifically 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' and done with black ink. It extends from John Doe's shoulder to his elbow.

A crucifix was also found in one of his pants pockets.

This sacred tattoo and a crucifix are all WV police have to ID their John Doe drown victim

No other form of identification was found on the body of a "6-foot tall" unknown male of indeterminate age pulled from the water on Thursday.

His remains were retrieved in the vicinity of River Avenue and McDonald Street in South Charleston.

Anyone who thinks they can identify the John Doe found drowned this week by his distinctive tattoo is asked to call the South Charleston Police Department at (304) 744-5951.

Updates to this case will be posted in the comment section.