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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Burned Dismembered Man "Not" Missing RAF Pilot Corrie McKeague

The burned and dismembered body found stuffed inside a suitcase in Derbyshire "is not missing RAF pilot Corrie McKeague."

The charred remains of "a male under 50 years of age" were discovered last week by a pedestrian and have set off a "Europe-wide" homicide investigation to identify the victim and his killer/s.

According to the Manchester Evening News, despite the torched corpse being "without a head and without limbs," postmortem analyses has confirmed that it isn't Corrie McKeague.

Meanwhile, though, the whereabouts of this Scottish-born airman are still unaccounted for after the 23-year-old disappeared late in September; presumably after leaving a Suffolk pub on foot.

He literally seems to have vanished in thin air while walking the 10-mile trek back to his base in Honington.

“You have to assume there is some motive there to disguise the body."

UK investigators say the "badly burned" and mutilated body recovered from a Derbyshire green-way on October 10, 2016 was likely deposited the day before.

The nature strip is situated alongside the A628 between the Flounch/Tintwistle roundabout and is commonly frequented by dog-walkers and hikers.

Homicide detectives are therefore eager to speak with anyone who was there on Sunday October 9th, and are further urging the public to check on the status of loved ones, coworkers and neighbors and to immediately report those who've gone missing.

UK officials are also appealing to motorists filmed by traffic cams using the roundabout on that date to voluntarily "ring in with the make and model of their vehicle" as well as the approximate time they passed through the area.

Anybody with any info at all should contact the Derbyshire police via 101 and reference 'Incident 58' in their call, or, alternately, submit the tip directly to CrimeStoppers at 0800-555-111.

"There's absolutely nothing at the moment to suggest any criminality."

All investigative leads into the sudden disappearance of RAF pilot Corrie McKeague have been pursued and yet British authorities are no closer to solving his weird missing persons case than they were three weeks ago when he first fell off the radar.

Throughout that time, both professional and volunteer searchers have been scouring land and water for the missing airman, even utilizing cadaver dogs, dive specialists, and helicopters.

Theories abound, fears have been stoked, but police claim they don't believe McKeague was the victim of a crime nor do they suspect any "third party involvement."

Still, there was nothing unusual about the long and winding journey that this athletic youth embarked upon during the predawn hours of September 24, 2016, insist his anxious family and friends. 

The fact, however, that he never made it to his intended destination -- and hasn't been seen or heard from since -- is more than a little vexing.

Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male with short brown hair, and was wearing a pale-pink polo shirt and white slacks on the day he disappeared.

Dial 101 if you know what happened to him.

Eponymous Rox

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Who Let the Clowns Out?

Whether clowns are wearing three-piece suits and running for high office or multicolored jumpers with big hair and large shoes, they've always been sort of scary. But a number of recent clown sightings have gotten people downright terrified...

"Vote Hillary. Or else."

Who let the clowns out this year? Contrary to popular opinion, the first truly troubling appearance of a bona fide clown in 2016 wasn't when presidential hopeful Donald Trump staged 'a hostile takeover' of the GOP nomination.

It started this past summer when 'Gags the Clown' launched his silent and still-unexplained midnight forays through the darkened streets of Green Bay Wisconsin.

Since then, the creepy-clown phenomena has steadily spread eastward across America, and now, as winter begins to approach, it's heading south along the U.S. coast.

Confrontations with clowns are no laughing matter: Many of us bear deep, invisible scars from too many close encounters with abrasive clowns when we were kids; usually at birthday parties or when the circus came to town.

But how would you feel if one had come up to you at a public playground and then tried "to lure" you into the woods? Or if a group of them chased you and your friends while hurtling sticks and curse words? Or if an assortment of clownish entities were stalking and harassing you on Facebook?!

That's what allegedly happened to several youngsters this autumn in states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

In fact, one 12-year-old from Pottsville PA told reporters at WNEP TV that he'd just witnessed a child his own age fleeing a local park and screaming about having come across a group of clowns "eating something" in a wooded area nearby.

Lone clowns and clown clusters are NOT Halloween pranks: As stores stock up on clowning gear and Trump masks for the upcoming trick-or-treat season, law enforcement agencies are issuing warnings to parents of young children to be wary of clowns wherever and whenever they see them.

State and federal authorities haven't said yet if scary clowns do represent a genuine new threat to public safety, but they're also not dismissing the trend as merely due to mass hysteria or copycatting either.

Consequently, many officials are now heavily policing their districts, for fear that these weird, costumed individuals might be "sexual predators."

Just say NO to clowns: Whether they're wearing a painted smile or a sad-sack's frown (or an expensive suit and tie) there is absolutely nothing funny about being followed or fondled by a clown.

So, effective immediately, and until further notice, we at Killing Killers are advising you and yours to actively shun such types.

Especially if they're foul mouthed, ill tempered, and sporting a funky comb-over do.

Eponymous Rox

Saturday, October 1, 2016

ALERT for Missing Airman Corrie McKeague

ALERT: British authorities are still looking for Corrie McKeague (below), an RAF airman missing for over a week after a night out with his mates.

Multiple UK agencies are "urgently" conducting land, water and air searches for the 23-year-old Scot, who appears to have vanished after "getting separated" from his group this past weekend.

ALERT: Fears for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague deepen after odd disappearance.

Authorities state they are especially interested in speaking to "anyone" who might have seen McKeague last Friday night or in the predawn hours of Saturday when he is believed to have left a Bury St Edmunds pub in Suffolk England.

They've also urged dog walkers in that neighborhood to keep an eye out for "anything unusual" and additionally requested that residents "with outbuildings" thoroughly check their properties, too.

According to the Free Bury Press, the missing young airman was spotted on foot and filmed by CCTV shortly after 3:00 a.m. last Saturday morning near Brentgovel Street, but it's not known where he went after that.

McKeague's mom told reporters that it isn't uncommon for her son to walk the 10-miles back to his Honington address sometimes when he's been to town late, but it's "abnormal" for him to not go home at all.

He also failed to show up for work, she said -- atypical conduct as well.

Investigators remain doubtful that McKeague's odd disappearance is related to an "attempted abduction" of another area RAF man about a month ago, but are "keeping an open mind" that the two cases might be connected.

Missing Scottish-born airman Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male "of medium build" with short-cropped light brown hair. When last sighted he was wearing a pale pink shirt and white slacks.

Anyone with information about the young man's current whereabouts, or his fate, is asked to immediately contact the Suffolk Police Department by dialing 101.

(This missing persons story is developing - please check the article's comment section for updates.)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Korkki Sisters Double Death Solved, But Not the Mystery

A coroner announced today that the Korkki sisters died of symptoms related to high altitude sickness, solving part of their double death mystery, but not all of it.
Korkki sisters double death solved, but not the mystery

Autopsies revealed that affluent American tourists Annie Korkki, 37, and her sister Robin, 42, succumbed more than a week ago to “acute” pulmonary and cerebral edema while vacationing at an island luxury resort off the east African coast.

Their bodies were discovered prone on the same bed in their shared hotel suite on September 22, 2016, with “no visible signs of injury.”

The condition that appears to have simultaneously killed them involves the buildup of fluid in the heart, lungs and brain, producing dangerous swelling and even death if not immediately treated.

It commonly afflicts mountain climbers who rapidly ascend high peaks without first acclimating to the thinner atmosphere, but concussions, infectious diseases, tumors and strokes are also possible contributing factors.

Both of the Korkki siblings, however, were healthy and athletic, a family member informed reporters for CNN.

He said they had always been “inseparable” and that each worked in the financial industry; one in Chicago, the other in Denver.

How could the Korrki sisters die simultaneously of high-altitude sickness while vactioning on an island?

The “adventurous” twosome had extended their joint vacation in the Seychelles archipelago by a few days -- perhaps due to being sickened -- although no particular reason for a departure change was given in any of their social media updates.

According to WebMD and Emedicine.Medscape, the onset of symptoms of ‘mountain sickness’ can present in only a matter of hours after the initial neurologic insult.

These include dizziness, nausea, vision loss, impaired memory, seizure, stupor and unconsciousness. Any of which could explain why the sisters had to be physically “helped” by hotel staff to their room in the hours before they passed away together.

Still, their postmortem reports don't solve the Korkki case entirely, since how they could have fallen so gravely ill, side by side, with such a weird illness, still remains unknown today.

Warrants Issued for 'Missing' Boater Found Adrift After Fishy 'Mishap'

Warrants regarding formerly “missing” boater Nathan Carman have been issued, after he was found adrift last weekend in the Atlantic and the only other crew member -- his mom -- remains “lost at sea.”

It’s not the first time the young man has fallen under suspicion of the authorities. Carman, who lives in Vermont but was born in Connecticut, became “a suspect” in his wealthy grandfather’s shooting death three years ago.

No one has yet been charged for that murder, but, now that one of the dead man’s heirs has vanished and is presumed deceased too, police have renewed their interest in the unsolved homicide and in the one person who seems to link both cases: 22-year-old Nathan Carman.

The Hartford Courant examined all the related court documents this week and reported that young Carman had been suspected in the murder of 87-year-old widower John Chakalos on December 20, 2013. In part because he was the last person to see the victim alive.

Records show, in fact, that the then-teenaged and troubled youth was nearly taken into custody for his grandfather's brutal killing several months later, before a warrant for his arrest was vacated on unspecified grounds.

In a brief interview with the Associated Press this week, Nathan Carman denied responsibility for either his elderly relative’s slaying or his mother’s recent disappearance.

Linda Carman, 54, was one of four daughters to inherit the slain Chakalos’ vast estate, estimated at the time to have been worth in excess of $40-million.

The missing middle-aged heiress and her “autistic” grown son embarked together on one of their “routine” fishing trips from Rhode Island on September 17th. 

It’s unclear what happened to their boat, the Chicken Pox, or to Mrs. Carman, but sole survivor Nathan Carman was found “in a four-person life-raft” over the weekend and the Coast Guard questioned him in detail about the “accident” he claims sank the vessel.

The young man told CG investigators that, prior to the craft suddenly “falling out from under” him as it was rapidly taking on water, he’d heard the engine make “a funny sound.”

State and federal officials are indicating they think Carman’s story likewise sounds a bit “funny” and are continuing to probe the fishy incident.

Meanwhile, they'll continue to search for his missing mom as well; although, if Linda Carman wasn't murdered onboard, then, in all probability, she has drowned.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Drowning of Percy Bysshe Shelley

The drowning of Percy Bysshe Shelley off the Italian coast two-centuries ago is still the subject of skepticism and conspiracy theories today.

Sailing novice Shelley and his two experienced shipmates “accidentally” perished at sea on July 8, 1822, when their small vessel, The Ariel, was caught in a sudden “fierce” storm and “sunk.”

At the time of his premature death, the celebrated British poet and notorious atheist was just shy of his thirtieth birthday.

His corpse washed ashore soon after the “boating accident,” having been submerged long enough that “the face and hands, and parts of the body not protected by dress, were fleshless.”

Curiously, Percy Shelley died in the exact same manner as his first wife, Harriet Westbrook, the woman whom he’d scandalously abandoned for another while she was pregnant with his child.

"No more let Life divide what Death can join together"

https://www.amazon.com/author/eponymousOn December 10, 1816, the body of Mrs. Harriet Westbrook Shelley was fished out of a chilly London waterway near Hyde Park, in an “advanced” state of decomposition and pregnancy.

The drowning death of Shelley’s wife of five years was not ruled suspicious, however, since she allegedly had a history of melancholia and was particularly “despondent” in the months leading up to her “suicide.”

A few short weeks later, though, Harriet’s illustrious widower-husband married the paramour he had left her for -- the “brilliant” 16-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, future author of the gothic-horror bestseller Frankenstein.

But the newlyweds’ bliss would also be short lived…

Shelley shipwrecked, or slain?

Despite initial reports that the deceased poet’s “unseaworthy” craft had dramatically “capsized” in the summer of 1822, searchers eventually located the sunken shipwreck upright about ten miles offshore, in the area where it was believed to have gone down.

It’s at this point in time when people started openly speculating about “foul play” as opposed to foul weather, because the hull of the boat was said to be “damaged” in such a way as would suggest it had been intentionally “rammed” by a much bigger ship.

Pirates, or worse players, who could have mistaken Shelley’s recently renamed vessel as belonging to his wealthier colleague Byron, were pinned with the blame; and many years later a deathbed confession by an Italian sailor of ill repute helped to solidify the theory.

On the other hand, disinherited Shelley was frequently in debt, and, with his flagrantly atheistic and adulterer ways, not loved and admired by all of his god-fearing countrymen. Consequently, it doesn’t seem too farfetched even these days to suspect that a public figure steeped in so much controversy was either killed by a vengeful creditor or the victim of an elaborate assassination plot.

Indeed, several years prior to dying at sea, cotenant-in-arrears Percy Shelley had skipped out of town without paying his share of overdue rent. Shelley’s abrupt departure, by the way, reportedly coincided with a “surprise attack” at the estate which he and his deadbeat housemates were letting in 1813.

Shelley’s midnight assailant that year, and the man’s motive for wanting to harm the young poet, remains a mystery to this day, but many continue to believe that the unidentified intruder was a “secret” government operative.

Percy Shelley’s Heartless Demise

Regardless of popular theories about Percy Bysshe Shelley being cruelly slain in the prime of his life and his death made to *appear* an accidental drowning, there were other theorists adamantly asserting that the 29-year-old had somehow deliberately brought about his own doom.

Some claimed a haunted Shelley was always “depressed” and finally managed to kill himself while seafaring; implying that, by 1822, those suicidal impulses were so strong he had no regard for the fate of his unwitting crew.

Others, like Mary Shelley, dismissed suicide altogether, insisting instead that The Ariel rolled over in rough waters due to "inferior" construction, and/or that the three men aboard it lacked both the “skill” and “navigational expertise” to weather a terrible storm.

According to the Shelley post-death myth, it was Mary herself who, in taking possession of her husband’s ashes following a rushed seaside cremation, made off "with his heart" as well. Purportedly after the organ was secretly removed from the funeral pyre by a grief-stricken friend of the couple.

Of course, just as in modern times, it’s critics who really excel at murder and the art of killing somebody twice -- upon learning of Percy Shelley’s tragic death off the shores of Italy, the heartless publisher of the British newspaper The Courier blared this shocking announcement:

"Shelley, the writer of some infidel poetry, has been drowned. Now he knows whether there is God or not."

Eponymous Rox

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jacob Wetterling Cold Case: Confession But No Charges for Killer Pedo

The heartbroken parents of missing 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling have at last learned the sad fate of their abducted son: He was molested and murdered over two and half decades ago, then buried in a Minnesota cow pasture.

Jacob had been kidnapped at gunpoint by a masked man in October 1989 while biking home on a country road with his brother and a friend. The armed assailant ordered the two other terrified boys to run and “not look back” or he’d shoot them.

Jacob Wetterling Cold Case: Confession But No Charges for Killer Pedo
They both fled on foot together, and Jacob Wetterling was never seen again.

In September 2016, however, the Associated Press reported that a longtime “person of interest” who, 27 years ago lived fairly close to the Wetterling residence in St. Joseph MN, “led FBI investigators” to Jacob’s skeletal remains.

A spokesman for the Bureau, speaking on condition of anonymity, also tipped off reporters for the St. Cloud Times and KSTP TV that 53-year-old Daniel Heinrich would soon be appearing in Federal Court on charges loosely connected to Wetterling’s missing-persons case.

And it was during those subsequent legal proceedings when Heinrich confessed to cuffing and driving Wetterling to a wooded area some 30 miles from his abduction site. There, the defendant said, he raped the boy and shot him to death, after “panicking” when he overheard on a police scanner that a patrol car was in the vicinity.

The killer pedophile then hastily buried Wetterling’s body at the crime scene; reburying it a year later in another remote location nearby when a “visit” to the first gravesite revealed that Jacob’s jacket had partially emerged.

Heinrich, who is reportedly a victim of child molestation himself, was taken into custody over a year ago for possessing and distributing child pornography. He previously entered innocent pleas to more than two-dozen such criminal counts, but those pleadings have drastically changed now.

Heinrich had come to the immediate attention of authorities during the earliest days of the Jacob Wetterling investigation, albeit there was never any substantial evidence in 1989 or the ensuing years to charge him for anything.

At that time, deviant ‘Danny’ Heinrich lived in Paynesville Minnesota and matched the description of an unknown man who had been stalking and sexually assaulting neighborhood boys.

In fact, in the years just before and after young Wetterling’s horrific abduction, at least eight juvenile males are believed to have suffered similar attacks and survived.

‘Nuclear’ DNA tests conducted in 2015 on one of these victims’ clothing implicated Heinrich as the perpetrator, but prosecuting him for the decades-old crime spree is no longer possible because statutes of limitation have since expired.

Court papers in connection to Wetterling’s now-solved cold case showed police strongly casting suspicion on Daniel Heinrich a year before the slain boy’s shallow grave was actually unearthed, with the aid of his killer.

According to Fox News, the "volatile" child-exploiter begrudgingly "cooperated" with FBI agents in this manner in exchange for lighter sentencing on the bevy of kiddie porn charges he couldn't otherwise hope to defend.

Consequently, because of his extraordinary plea deal, Heinrich can't be charged now for kidnapping and murdering Jacob Wetterling in 1989, nor for abusing his corpse -- twice.

But his belated admission of guilt puts to rest one of the most disturbing disappearances on record, and was all that was needed to finally tie it to unsolved assaults on other boys who were likewise targeted by a dangerous sexual predator in the 80s and 90s, but lived to tell about it.

Eponymous Rox