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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Al-Shabaab Drag Queens Targeted Women and Girls in Nairobi Mall Attack

In a disgrace to the Islamic faith, cowardly al-Shabaab gunmen entered the Nairobi Mall dressed in drag and then began targeting real females to kill, torture and maim.

Thus, as the death toll from their cowardly attack continues to mount today, it should come as no surprise to learn that the victims of these unmanliest of men were mostly unarmed women and girls. 

Those casualties now also include a Parisian fashion model and her 54-year-old mother, both French nationals shot to death as they were merely parking their vehicle.

Onlooker Abdul Haji, who heroically rescued a British mum and her three toddlers as well as other trapped females confirms that when he arrived at the Westgate shopping center within only moments of the assault, he "never saw anything like" the horrific scene he encountered there.

Scores of the slain who he'd found lying in a bloodbath inside and outside of the facility were "young girls" and "ladies," he said.

Adding to the deep-felt offense that all peaceful, law-abiding Muslims worldwide are now experiencing as a result of this shockingly spineless act committed in their name, is the fact that al-Shabaab goons had even concocted a 2o-question religious quiz for their victims. 

This the al-Qaeda wannabes had prepared in advance, reportedly so they could distinguish Muslim shoppers from "infidels" and spare the former their lives.

They also massacred defenseless women who were surrendering on promises that if they came out of their hiding places they'd be allowed to leave the mall alive.

The shameless al-Shabaab female-impersonators have been trying for years to ingratiate themselves with Osama Bin Laden, his followers and his international death squads, but until recently were denied fellowship, mainly because they were viewed as too eager to spill the blood of innocent civilians. 

To the embarrassment and longstanding disapproval of even Bin Laden himself, the trigger-happy Somali butchers are infamous for indiscriminately murdering Muslims and "Westerners" alike in their hastily planned out rampages.

With reports coming in now that they also brutally raped, tortured and beheaded hostages during the four-day Nairobi siege, it's not clear yet whether al-Qaeda will openly embrace the most controversial terrorist act since 9/11 and the dishonorable miscreants who perversely wore women's clothes while executing it

Or whether the organization will properly condemn the mall invaders -- as would be expected -- and denounce their heinous crime as a gross violation of Islamic principles and law.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Corpses of Castaic Lake: Is Bryce Laspisa One of Them?

Possible serial killer link to Bryce Laspisa case:
“I believe the autopsy was performed,” an inspector in the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office now says. But adds she's not permitted to release the medical examiner's findings or the burned man's identity.
California police operating on an unusual ‘security hold’ are quietly exploring the possible connection of a body dumped in Gorman last week with Wednesday's burning man incident at nearby Castaic Lake and an AWOL college student.

The shroud of secrecy plus a purported "backlog" at the coroner's office is allegedly what's delaying a full autopsy on those charred remains as well as official confirmation as to who they actually belong to.

Many fear the dead man -- burned beyond recognition -- is missing 19-year-old Bryce Laspisa who, days earlier, strangely vanished after wrecking his vehicle only a few miles from the crime scene. Divers and rescue teams have been futilely searching for him in and around Castaic Lake ever since.

Just two days before Laspisa's troubling disappearance, homicide detectives had been called to neighboring Fraser Mountain Park Road off Interstate-5 in Gorman after a work crew there stumbled upon a dead body wrapped in plastic

The victim in that incident was an adult African American male. He too is at the morgue now.
Over the years, there have been a number of other corpses found in this area so it's likely their cases will also have to be revisited soon. Many that were ruled accidents or suicides could in fact be the work of a serial killer cruising the interstate and remote rest areas for easy prey.

If the Castaic Killer does indeed exist, perhaps this then was the message he hoped to send police by torching his last victim so close to a busy thoroughfare -- it wouldn't be the first time a serial murderer felt he wasn't getting enough attention for his handiwork.

And he wouldn't be the only nomadic one, either.

Ted Bundy gives the evil eye to a court photographerAs a matter of fact, the FBI has begun urging the public to exercise extreme caution when traveling the nation's highways. Particularly at rest stops and scenic pullovers where, the Bureau warns, roaming serial killers like Israel Keyes are now routinely lurking.

According to the FBI, they've seen an alarming uptick in the number of cadavers strewn along major U.S. roadways this past decade, many of which were dismembered and badly decomposed and therefore remain unidentified.

With a formal ID of the burning man still pending today, the parents of Bryce Laspisa have yet to learn if this was the same fate of their young son who, just prior to disappearing, had detoured from Interstate-5 to catch some sleep at Castaic Lake before resuming his journey home. 

Story by Eponymous Rox for Killing Killers
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Castaic Lake Burning Man Bryce Laspisa?

Firefighters responding to a brush fire in Castaic Lake CA yesterday found a burning man instead. But whether it's Bryce Laspisa, missing in that same area since last week, is still unknown because the body was torched  beyond recognition.

The 19-year-old college student last spoke with his mother via a cellphone call that was made in the vicinity of Castaic Lake. He told her he was tired of driving and intended to pull over someplace to sleep before resuming his journey homeward.

And that was the last time anybody heard from him.

Police have been searching the region ever since a Castaic parks visitor discovered the SUV Bryce Laspisa was driving that night overturned in a ravine close to the lakefront. 

Laspisa's wallet, phone and other belongings were untouched inside, investigators said, but there was a busted out window and blood throughout the vehicle, presumably his.

Yesterday this mystery deepened considerably with the finding of a burning man only a few miles from the missing teen's last known location. His parents are anxiously awaiting for a formal ID of that victim now, but say the coroner should already know whether or not it's their son because he always wears a retainer on his bottom teeth.

In the interim police have vowed to continue the quest to find Bryce Laspisa, although the trail has long grown cold, they claim.

Adding yet another twist to an already twisted case is their admission that patrol officers, at the behest of his mother, encountered and questioned Laspisa just a few short hours before he vanished...

Bryce Laspisa is a Caucasian male about 5-feet 10-inches tall and 160 pounds. He has blue eyes and short-cropped red hair and was reportedly dressed in summer clothing when he disappeared.

Anyone with any information about this missing persons case or that of the burning man's is asked to call homicide investigators at 323-890-5500.

Eponymous Rox
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

German Mummy Poses Specter of Multiple Homicide

Remains under wrap in German mummy mystery:

A 10-year-old German boy's recent discovery of an Egyptian-like sarcophagus with an actual mummy inside it has sparked the interest of some of Germany's best detectives and forensic investigators.

The child was poking around in his grandmother's attic one August day when he came upon the ghoulish find stashed in a darkened corner.

So far authorities have determined through x-rays that there is in fact a well preserved human body entombed within the curious crypt, but they say the mummy's wrappings, which haven't been removed yet for fear of causing damage, are machine made. 

German mummyThat lowers the odds it's a legitimate ancient mummy from Egypt, pathologists caution. And, moreover, they also think the body is made of mismatched parts ... presenting the possibility of multiple homicides.

In fact, Dr. Andreas Nerlich of Bogenhausen Hospital claims that, while all the remains of the mummy are indeed genuine, "it's a fake, made from several human bodies."

The boy's dad says his own father, now deceased, had traveled to North Africa in the 1950s and is hoping that the grisly artifact is "just a souvenir" the man brought back with him.

Police aren't so sure about this theory though, and unless everything beneath all those 20th century bandages does prove hundreds or thousands of years old, they plan to pursue the matter as a case of foul play.

Doctors gingerly performed a CT scan on the mummified skull which revealed an arrowhead that appears to have mortally pierced the victim in or near the eye socket. But, else wise, all they know for certain is that the rest of the skeleton is intact and coated with or wrapped in some kind of metal.

The German mummy is now at a Hamburg hospital undergoing further tests.

Reported by Eponymous Rox

Investigation Underway in Ariel Castro Hanging

Brutal rapist and dungeon master Ariel Castro, who abducted three young women and imprisoned them for a decade as his sex slaves, was found hanged last night in his jail cell.

Ohio officials surmise Castro probably committed suicide rather than face life in prison plus 1000 years, but they are investigating his death regardless since there was such a small window of opportunity for him to pull it off.

Ariel Castro (skull and bones)Following his sentencing and incarceration in early August 2013, Ariel Castro has been housed in protective custody, which means he was to be checked on by jail guards every 30 minutes.

Castro however was not considered suicidal and was most likely being confined under those conditions for his own safety. 

Nevertheless, guards making the evening rounds at approximately 9:30 PM on September third found him hanging in his solitary cell, just barely alive.

Efforts at resuscitating the 53-year-old prisoner failed and an unresponsive Castro was then rushed to the nearest hospital, but pronounced dead there sometime before midnight. 

"A thorough review of this incident is underway and more information can be provided as it becomes available pending the status of the investigation," an Ohio Corrections representative speedily announced.

Ariel Castro is the second inmate from the state of Ohio to hang himself in as many months -- on August 4th Billy Slagle, 44, was found swinging in his jail cell too

The convicted murderer was on death row and set to be executed in only a matter of days for the vicious stabbing death of his neighbor Mari Pope in 1987. But he sought to deprive authorities of that right.

Either which way though, be it by suicide or homicide, it's doubtful that monsters like Billy Slagle and Ariel Castro will be truly missed.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

YES WE CAN'T: Obama Backs Down On Syria

Amid worldwide protest, skepticism and scorn, Obama won't be bombing Syria today.

The sneakiest president since Tricky Dick Nixon has finally conceded what was more than obvious to anybody else with an ounce of integrity and a brain: That he needs congressional approval to declare war, even a "limited" one.

Impeach Barack
For the past few decades, however, many administrations similarly confronted with a souring domestic situation and charges of illegal doings have sidestepped the democratic process; successfully distracting the public by rushing into high profile and costly disputes with "enemies."

Obama himself, guilty of gross violations of the Constitution in implementing wide sweeping spy programs against citizens, allies and journalists, was hoping to take advantage of Congress being on recess for the summer to launch his "surgical" but "narrow" attack in the middle east.

He and other top ranking officials with a military industrial complex say they "have evidence" that Syrian forces led by president Bashar al-Assad maimed or killed over 1400 unarmed civilians last month using chemical weapons.

But thus far that claim and Obama's supposed outrage have been regarded both here and abroad with suspicion, and even the UK has refused to take part in a retaliatory strike, brief or otherwise.

Presently, UN inspectors are on the ground in Syria trying to ascertain if such outlawed weaponry was used or not. But they say it can take a few more weeks to definitively rule on the matter, a declaration that only seemed to make president Obama and his advisers more antsy.

America itself manufactures chemical weapons and has more than once used them on defenseless peoples as well as supported regimes which have done the same. Not to mention being the only nation ever to drop nuclear bombs and napalm on nonmilitary sites and cities.

The U.S. was also a key player in the extensive firebombing of Dresden during World War II.  Again, a city full of tens of thousands of noncombatants, most of whom were scorched to death or slowly suffocated from lack of oxygen.