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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Burned Dismembered Man "Not" Missing RAF Pilot Corrie McKeague

The burned and dismembered body found stuffed inside a suitcase in Derbyshire "is not missing RAF pilot Corrie McKeague."

The charred remains of "a male under 50 years of age" were discovered last week by a pedestrian and have set off a "Europe-wide" homicide investigation to identify the victim and his killer/s.

According to the Manchester Evening News, despite the torched corpse being "without a head and without limbs," postmortem analyses has confirmed that it isn't Corrie McKeague.

Meanwhile, though, the whereabouts of this Scottish-born airman are still unaccounted for after the 23-year-old disappeared late in September; presumably after leaving a Suffolk pub on foot.

He literally seems to have vanished in thin air while walking the 10-mile trek back to his base in Honington.

“You have to assume there is some motive there to disguise the body."

UK investigators say the "badly burned" and mutilated body recovered from a Derbyshire green-way on October 10, 2016 was likely deposited the day before.

The nature strip is situated alongside the A628 between the Flounch/Tintwistle roundabout and is commonly frequented by dog-walkers and hikers.

Homicide detectives are therefore eager to speak with anyone who was there on Sunday October 9th, and are further urging the public to check on the status of loved ones, coworkers and neighbors and to immediately report those who've gone missing.

UK officials are also appealing to motorists filmed by traffic cams using the roundabout on that date to voluntarily "ring in with the make and model of their vehicle" as well as the approximate time they passed through the area.

Anybody with any info at all should contact the Derbyshire police via 101 and reference 'Incident 58' in their call, or, alternately, submit the tip directly to CrimeStoppers at 0800-555-111.

"There's absolutely nothing at the moment to suggest any criminality."

All investigative leads into the sudden disappearance of RAF pilot Corrie McKeague have been pursued and yet British authorities are no closer to solving his weird missing persons case than they were three weeks ago when he first fell off the radar.

Throughout that time, both professional and volunteer searchers have been scouring land and water for the missing airman, even utilizing cadaver dogs, dive specialists, and helicopters.

Theories abound, fears have been stoked, but police claim they don't believe McKeague was the victim of a crime nor do they suspect any "third party involvement."

Still, there was nothing unusual about the long and winding journey that this athletic youth embarked upon during the predawn hours of September 24, 2016, insist his anxious family and friends. 

The fact, however, that he never made it to his intended destination -- and hasn't been seen or heard from since -- is more than a little vexing.

Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male with short brown hair, and was wearing a pale-pink polo shirt and white slacks on the day he disappeared.

Dial 101 if you know what happened to him.

Eponymous Rox

1 comment:

  1. #CorrieMcKeague UPDATE - 21 October 2016: An abandoned cargo van is the latest possible clue in the still-unsolved disappearance of Corrie McKeague last month.

    The white vehicle was found in Methwold UK and is believed to have been left in the area around the same time as McKeague's unexplained disappearance from Bury St Edmunds.

    The discovery was made and reported by the missing airman's family on their 'Help Find Missing Corrie McKeague' facebook page.

    Police agencies handling McKeague's missing persons case have confirmed that they're investigating the van now, although they did express doubts about its relevance.

    Yesterday, the missing young pilot's mother took to the airways herself -- via talk shows -- to discuss her son's troubling disappearance four weeks ago.

    Nicola Urquhart from Fife Scotland appeared on both Good Morning Britain and the BBC’s popular Victoria Derbyshire Show.

    Identifying herself in these interviews "as a police officer," she restated her position that Corrie McKeague's vanishing was "unplanned" and suspicious.

    A CCTV image of RAF gunner McKeague walking through the streets of Bury on his way back to his airbase 10 miles away is one of the last known sightings of him.

    However, Ms. Urquhart further revealed that, before her son vanished without a trace on the morning of September 24th, he was also filmed entering a loading facility near the bakery and drugstore.

    After this, according to Urquhart, the 23-year-old wasn't filmed by any other surveillance cameras again.

    "Somebody else must be involved,” she said, "because he’s not seen leaving on foot at all." Corrie "just vanished, and, as a police officer, I know that doesn’t happen."