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Friday, March 29, 2013

Body Found in Milwaukee River Likely That of Nick Wilcox

NEWEST UPDATE: 4/1/13:  Wilcox funeral to be held April 6th. - 3/30/13: Medical examiner  rubberstamped "accidental drowning" as the cause of Nick Wilcox's suspicious disappearance and death. His corpse was retrieved from the Milwaukee River decomposed beyond recognition, yet the coroner claims there "is no sign of trauma or injury to the body." Toxicology reports are still pending; little doubt they will claim a "high BAC" reading, too.
3/29/13: Body found in river is Nick Wilcox
[read original report below]

The body of "a man in his twenties" was retrieved from the Milwaukee River last night, not far from the disreputable bar that 24-year-old Nick Wilcox was dragged from by bouncers on New Year's day 2013.
Wilcox vanished after the troubling event which was witnessed by many including his friends but not fully captured on any surveillance videos. The bar has since lost its operating license.
An autopsy will be performed on the "badly decomposed" corpse now in order to positively ID the victim, although the Wilcox family has already been notified by police that it's probably their missing young man.
If it is Wilcox, that's additionally suspicious because the inordinate length of time between his sudden disappearance and refloat suggests that the body was recently dumped or else had been anchored. Otherwise it would have surfaced much sooner than three months and, with the strength of spring currents, most likely would not have been found in the exact same area where the victim purportedly entered the water and went under.
Milwaukee is infamous now for missing/drowned young male patrons, like Wilcox, and, not incidentally, for police brutality too. As a result, Milwaukee's concerned citizens have introduced sweeping new reforms this year striving to take the hiring, firing, and disciplining of cops out of police hands permanently.
Unfortunately, since many bouncers are off-duty officers and work in conjunction with their uniformed colleagues, citizen activists will need to focus their efforts on these rogue enforcers next.
Nobody, not even a cop, has the right to just take the life of another human being, even if the victim was indeed intoxicated.
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  1. It is very unlikely that the body was just recently dumped, the decomposition of the body identifies that it has been in the river for quite a bit of time...

  2. I am wondering if it got caught under the dock? Who knows anymore!

  3. I had a bad feeling it was Nick Wilcox when I heard it on the news. The weather finally got a bit warmer, and if the body was submerged it would've surfaced about now. I'm sure the Milwaukee Police Department won't investigate. Nothing to see here, move along.

  4. The river has been frozen over until a few days ago when sunlight and a bit warmer temperatures melted the ice. Therefore, the body could not float because it was under the ICE covering the river. You cant fake the decomposition of a body that has been submerged in water for almost 3 months. Nor could a person move the body without destroying body tissues with the slightest touch, due to said decomposition.

  5. I completely agree with the post above mine. I go to college in Milwaukee and live about three blocks from where these bodies have been pulled. I certainly do think all this is suspicious, but the reason Nick's body wasn't found sooner was because of ice. I cross the river using a bridge that is two or three blocks up river from where the body was found at least once or twice a week and its been covered solid in ice. It has just been within the last week that its been warm enough for the ice to start melting. As I said, I do think this all seems suspicious. I've been living in Milwaukee for two years, and this is at least the fourth body that has been pulled within just a few blocks of where I live and go to school. Certainly gives a person an eerie feeling.

  6. I work a block up the river from where the body was found. The ice melted yesterday. Since bodies are always found here, I have had occasion to ask why they are always in the same place, rather than Lake Michigan. The fireman I spoke with said there is a spot between three bridges where nothing ever moves from because of the current. This body was found in this 3 block span. All the bodies are found under one of these bridges. Watching the garbage float around amid melting ice yesterday, the garbage in which this young man was found, the fireman's assessment appeared to be correct. There is kind of a dead zone in there, where items just float back and forth.

  7. Hey, everybody, thanks for the feedbck.

    To analyze this as an isolated event is not going to provide an accurate interpretation though. This is a part of a chain of events, each which serve to qualify each other. The salient facts then are as such:

    1. Between December 31st and New Year's Day, Nick Wilcox was physically removed by bouncers from the Irish Rec Room. It was very cold at that time and the river was frozen.

    2. Bouncers lied to Wilcox's girlfriend when she finally got outside to ask after her boyfriend's whereabouts, telling her that "he left with a guy wearing a red shirt." Just as they expected, she believed them and, thinking it was a similarly clad member of their party, didn't worry;

    3. When it was finally determined days later that neither a red-shirted friend nor a red-shirted fiend left with Nick Wilcox that night, the bouncers then told those searching for the missing man that they saw him "walking down the alley on the bar's surveillance camera" the night they ejected him. Wilcox's sister examined said tapes and declared that in fact it wasn't her brother at all - cops parked right outside the pub on New Year's eve continued to claim they "saw nothing";

    4. While inspecting the waterfront days after Wilcox disappeared, someone discovered a spot in the Milaukee where the ice appeared to be broken. Tactical divers then entered those waters but after a thorough search announced that Wilcox wasn't in there;

    5. Around this same timeframe a man in his 50's drowned in the very same dowtown location, allegedly on purpose as he was said to have been depressed for some time. His body refloated within the expected range...Nick's did not;

    6. A warm(ish) spell descended on the district in subsequent weeks, bringing rains, icy rains, some snow now and then, etc., yet still no Nick Wilcox appeared in the river, with searchers wisely scouring all the waterways now, aware that water is where sissy-assed cowardly sociopaths with anger management issues who gang up on and slay young male patrons typically dump their victims.

    And still no sign of Nick Wilcox...until yesterday.

    1. ERox..
      I've been following your site and opinions for awhile now. Like many others - I too, am a concerned citizen who doesn't think these drownings are accidental. Furthermore, I know two of the families that have lost a son in these so-called drunken accidents.
      I appreciate your site because at the very least, you're bringing some awareness to a serious situation that's been swept under the rug for way too long.
      However, adding your conjecture and speaking in absolutes isn't going to help the situation. You're throwing grenades where the victims were last seen, and taking out whoever was there - bar owners, bouncers, police etc.
      I've run bars/restaurants in DT Milwaukee for 15 years, and I know 75% of the owners/GM's on Brady, Water, & Old World 3rd.. None of them - not one, has an off-duty police officer working for them. In addition, there is a ton of pedestrian traffic in these areas.. If someone was being beaten w/in an inch of their life - it would be nearly impossible to do it without several people seeing what's going on.
      Sure, some bouncers suck. And yes, some cops do as well. But, the majority of both groups are at least decent people trying to do the right thing. Another thing to remember; just because someone is asked to leave a bar (licked out) it doesn't mean they were removed with force.

      The biggest thing is - starting your own thread is one thing, but if you're really trying to do some good.. Do that.

    2. Make yourself useful, Anonymous Bar Owner. If you really do run bars in downtown Milwaukee and "know 75% of [other] owners" why don't you go nose around for the names of the bouncers who, in fact, did remove Nick Wilcox "with force" and then dumped his body in the river?

      I mean, you're so connected and "concerned" that should have already been done by now...right?

      And while you're at it, why not get the names of the officers stationed in cruisers outtside the Irish WRECK Room dive that New Year's eve too? Let's have their badge numbers and see if they just happen to be a part of MPD's Excessive Force that the city of Milwaukee's currently under fire for employing.

      I have looked at countless cases where bouncer/cops have gotten fatally aggressive with young male patrons, and I have never seen a worse one than the murder and cover up of Nick Wilcox: Here you have the owners and managers of this disreputable bar going beyond culpable homicide, putting on a charade for the victim's grieving loved ones in offering them the use of their pub as a meeting place to organize the hunt for him...

      So those creeps witnessed these people's anguish on a regular basis BUT NEVER ONCE came clean to them that the young man was actually dead, how he died, who killed him, and where his body was.

      What an unbelievable disgrace!!! Such lack of humanity and incurable criminality cannot be excused or justified. None of it is acceptable, IMHO, and therefore I will continue spotlighting these *sensitive* matters until all the sadistic perps are in jail, properly paired up with their future Bubbas, and these beatings and killings are stopped.


      Now don't come back until you have the info I've requested. That should be easy for you to obtain if indeed you really are a Milwaukee bar owner or ex-bar owner, as you are claiming.


    3. E.R. There you go again..blasting away at someone respectfully submitting their thoughts. Yeah..people can sure post on your site..as long as they don't hit a nerve of yours. Amazing. Gaining a lot of support there. You've lost my respect.

    4. Yep. Everybody's free to argue their theories here except Smiley--where's that info I requested?

  8. Great analysis. So who do you think killed Nick?

  9. Perhaps the body was placed later, perhaps not. Perhaps this killer is smart enough to know how to change things up, have several different methods of luring victims. Choosing to keep some for awhile and dispose of later in the water, some who may never be found, and for some immediate disposal in the water. Perhaps sometimes GHB is used, perhaps other times more dangerous drugs such as Scopolamine (http://digitaljournal.com/article/324779),
    and perhaps sometimes it is just a basic abduction.

    The real issue is complete lack of proper investigation! The families as well as these young men deserve at least that! If even a small possibility exists that this case, or SO MANY OTHERS could be the act of a killer, it should be investigated. I feel shame that LE is always so ready to push these deaths as accidental! Accidents do happen, and then there are other times when you would have to be a fool to think it's still an accident. Worse yet, how many more "accidents" are going to keep happening, before enough people are willing to realize these are not all accidents!!!

    1. ?!

      These deaths are most certainly accidental--manslaughters. They are the result of excessive force by bouncer/cops attempting to throw young men out of bars where they are no longer wanted.

      Once thrown out, if not already beaten till an inch of their lives, these young men often try to reenter the establishmments they've been ejected from. Usually because their coats, friends and possessions are still inside. These efforts only serve to enrage bouncer/cops more (who are hired for their aggression and brutality, remember) and thereby escalate the confrontations exponentially and fatally.

      Furious bouncer/cops then pitilessly pummel and most likely taser the young men to death and then deepen the crime they've committed by conspiring to hide it. Namely by dumping the victims into the nearest bodies of water, telling their crony coroners to rubberstamp them all as accidental drownings, intimidating witnesses, tampering with surveillance feeds, going through the costly charade of searching for the victims for a couple days or so, and basically stonewalling the victims' families in any way they can in hopes they'll become so discouraged they'll just walk away.

      Voila--drunken youths are tragically drowning all over duh place. Cops can't solve this terrible dilemma even with fences and patrols installed at the waterfront locations. It's a total mystery; gotta be a serial killer then.

      Decades ago your average cop/bouncer on the beat didn't have as much forensic training at the academy like they do now. In fact, forensics is a fairly recent aspect to police work. Thus, the youths they beat to death way back in the good 'ol days were just left in an alley or parking lot or even buried.

      But today they know better: water makes for the ideal foil BECAUSE IT WASHES AWAY MOST IF NOT ALL OF THE EVIDENCE, including minor lacerations, contusions, abrasions, punctures and telltale taser wounds.

      Indeed, if a body remains in water long enough, say a couple of months (Like Wilcox's was), they know its skin will slip off altogether!

      Now ain't that convenient?

    2. Just not buying the bouncer theory. I can see that being the case perhaps in one or two cases or even five, but highly unlikely the case with many of these young men. For one thing, when we are reacting in anger and adrenaline(like beating the bloody hell out of some skinny college kid as you describe) we aren't very clever about hiding our tracks, especially in these areas where there are plenty of people milling about. I I would also guess there would be more broken skulls/bones and those don't disappear in the water.

      I can however entertain a cop theory. I live in Madison, WI which has it's fair share of police brutality even though we have very little crime, especially violent crime. In fact I have watched several innocent people get gunned down by cops over the years, including a young man just recently. However the cops in many of these towns don't need to try to dump bodies and hide their brutality, they can simply hide behind their badge and chief and claim to be the victim. So I'm not so sure I buy random police/bouncer brutality with the ability to commit acts(violence) against these young men and then secretly disposing them in the water later without anyone seeing a thing.... every time.

      You indeed seem adamant on this theory, and you are obviously well studied in the material, so I respect your opinion on the subject. Curious to how much shady bar/bouncer evidence there is in these cases, which I am sure there is a lot. I have worked as a bartendar and have known many bouncers. Crazy things happen in bars, and bar owners and bouncers tend to not always be so forthcoming (stories change after owner tells bouncer what to say) and sometimes just downright shady because they are always potentially facing huge fines, losing their liqour license,the possiblity of being shut down anytime another disturbance, fight, murder happens involving their establishment. So it does not surprise me that the bar stories change, they tamper with video surveillance to make themselves less involved.

      I am very interested in exactly what you are suggesting. Are you saying these are all random acts of police or bouncer brutality cleverly hidden by water disposal, the act of a group of police or bouncers, or the act of one police or bouncer? I would love a bit more detail into your theory considering your expertise in the subject matter.

    3. Yes, as with 85+ percent of all murders committed every year, these are spontaneous crimes too, typically done by deranged bouncers who are in reality off-duty cops.

      Sometimes, however, it's actually their pals in uniform (say in cases where they're stationed outside a pub in their cruisers to guard the place and make arrests when signaled to). Not infrequently, bouncers act together with the Blue Line to do the dirty deed and then cover it up as well. Remember, cops everywhere are accustomed to "plausibly denying" their own illegal actions, and have been doing so in all types of "police misconduct" for eons.

      Cops killing as bouncers can't claim they did so in "the line of duty" of course, so they've got a wrongful death to the oomph-power when they kill in that capacity. No question, they'll do time and therefore lose their badges in the process, so they and their mates "have no choice" but to endeavor to hide the crime.

      A national gang of rogue cops, though? Nope. Not one of these felonious fellas went to their part time job guarding the local pub or club one evening with a plan to murder some rowdy partron/s there. They are simply excessively violent individuals that shouldn't be on the streets, let alone policemen.

      As for what to do when you or a friend are singled out for ejection like this, I've said before get your friends to come outside with you and get those cameras rolling pronto too, because these guys are out of control sociopaths and can't stop themselves no how.

      Below is a good example of such an attack being thwarted; the cops were forced to make an arrest this time because of witnesses and since the vicious assault itself had been filmed by one of the crazed bouncer's victims:

      "Boston Bouncer Arrested for Assault and Battery Outside Canal Street" @

      "March 25,2013 BPD - At about 1:28 AM on Sunday March 24, 2013 officers from District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a call for a fight at 67 Canal St, Boston (Grand Canal).

      "On arrival officers observed approximately 10 individuals in the street across from the Grand Canal engaged in a verbal and physical altercation. Witnesses on scene reported to officers they observed the group in the club socializing earlier in the night, before an argument ensued. As the party of about ten males and females were removed outside, several patrons reported they were physically assaulted by the bouncer. Four of the victims in the group stated they received injuries after being kicked, punched and choked by the bouncer, who attempted to remove them from the Grand Canal. The victims further explained that they were taking a photo in the bar when they accidently bumped an unknown female. At which time an argument ensued between the two groups. A male identified as a bouncer for the club approached the large group, in an attempt to remove them from the club. Officers observed at least four victims in their twenties with visual injuries to their faces and heads. Two male victims and two female victims, all in their twenties, were transported to Mass General Hospital for treatment of their injuries. After viewing a video of the alleged incident taken with a cell phone officers arrested, Sidney Phillips, 31, of Avon, for Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon. He will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court."

      Pertaining to Milwaukee: take a look at Derek Williams in-custody murder and see how much leeway is given cops who slay. It's not a sophisticated conspiracy we're talking about here. It's just easy cuz they hold all the strings and cards!

      Thanks for commenting--very much appreciated.


    4. Two things are for certain

      1. Young men need to stop "accidentally" showing up in the water with such frequency.

      2. Police excessive use of force and brutality is a very serious and deadly issue.

      Whether or not the two are related in the majority of these cases is not so certain. However, I am grateful to the fact that you have, and are continuing, to bring awareness and information about both of these areas!

    5. Another voice of reason--thank you for dropping by and for your feedback. Excessive force and brutality has ALWAYS been a plaguing issue; we have advanced as a people so it is time now to eradicate the barbaric policy and address this grievous human rights violation once and for all.


  10. My friend was drugged in downtown Milwaukee about 5 years ago. He ended up being found outside in the alleyway searching around the ground since his vision went really bad and he started throwing up. I keep thinking that he was supposed to be a victim that night.

    1. I also had a friend get drugged about 5-6 years ago in Madison. Young, handsome, athletic college student, even looked eerily similar to many other young men who ended up in the water. He had barely been at the bar an hour after just getting done with his work shift before he all of a sudden started acting really funny like he was drugged. Luckily his friends were looking out for him and got him home before he completely blacked out. Always watch out for your friends and be on the lookout for people who may need help, because sometimes it's the matter of life and death!!

    2. FACT: Neither "drugged" young man above was dragged away by serial killers and drowned.

      FACT: An un-drugged Nick Wilcox was dragged away by bar bouncers and drowned.

  11. It is such an easy transition and not uncommon for deputies to work as bouncers,security ,or even cab drivers part time in cities they are already familiar with better than most people ,because they spent so much time patrolling various neighborhoods. maybe they don't set out to kill anyone. They just want to teach the victim a lesson but he ends up dead. They better than anyone know the best way to make the death not look suspicious is to throw the victim in a body of water.

    1. A voice of reason. Thanks for your input, Tennessee.

  12. I disagree with the bouncer/cop theory as well. These "accidental drownings" are not only happening here in Wisconsin but all over the United States. I believe there is a methodical killer out there who travels, maybe a truck driver? Definitely think these bouncers/cops who kick people out of their establishment should be held partly accountable for the deaths, a person getting kicked out who should be allowed to meet with their friends/grab their belongings and explain what is happening. I just hope no other young men have to die and be found this way for the police to realize these are not accidents.

    1. FACT: Nick Wilcox was last seen alive being manhandled by bouncers, not a truck driver.

      Just saying.

    2. Rox,in a lot of the portland,oregon cases....the bartender's stated some of the drowning men,ruled no foul play(which is such an insult to my intelligence)came in alone,befriended a certain group of men,left,and were naturally,found in the Willamette...We have also thought possibly Eric(justice4eric.com) may have been a case of police mass murdering. But,we go back and forth in our theories. One thing is for certain,and that is that he was murdered,the lay L.E. and the medical examiner handled it was so surreal?????? baffling????? infuriatinG!!!!!!!! Julie

    3. FACT: The body of Robert Silverman, 51, was found in the Milwaukee river on Jan. 6, 2013 near Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

      FACT: The body of John Moebs, 33, was pulled out of Lake Michigan May 21, 2014.

      Moebs was in a bar before he went missing.

      So not only young guys drown. Apparently all ages drown after drinking too much. The serial killer's name? Alcohol.

  13. Wouldn't the cold water temperatures delay decomposition? I also believe that these are not accidental drownings, but the work of a group of individuals. The fact that there are very few clues once a person leaves an establishment, leads me to believe that the abduction happens in a way that appears as "normal" to any passerby. Possibly by a few people who appear to be "peers". During the winter months, no one likes to stand out in the cold very long, and if approached by someone who states that they too were kicked out of the bar, and suggests that the victim join him in walking to another bar to escape the cold, is very conceivable. As they are walking, a car drives up with a 2nd person offering a ride to the bar, and the person is then taken, drugged, and put in the river either then or at some point in the future.

    1. If the facts of a case don't match a theory you cannot throw out the facts; you have to chuck the theory:

      1. As with most of these cases, there is ample proof beyond a doubt that Wilcox was last seen alive in a confrontation with bouncers, during which cops in cruisers were stationed nearby;

      2. There is no evidence whatsoever that Wilcox walked away from that confrontation, or was able to.

      3. The coroner says there were no traumatic injuries to Wilcox's corpse. Therefore there is no evidence whatsoever that a serial killer opportunistically showed up just as the young man was being tasered and/or beaten to death by bouncers and, when said bouncers weren't looking, abducted Wilcox, tortured him, sexually assaulted him, murdered him, dismembered him, and threw his dead body into the river.

      That's what REAL serial killers do, by the way. They abduct, torture, rape, murder, and mutilate. Without exception.

      But never in gangs, LOL.

    2. HA! If you really believe that the rest of the world continues to change yet the nature of serial killers does not than you have about as much sense as the FBI :)
      Wouldn't life be so simple if everyone could just be placed so neatly in their labeled box, without exception. Oh wait, this is the real world.

      People are more desensitized to violence and killing then ever before. Would not surprise me one bit that there are people who kill simply for the pure fun, without the need to torture, rape, and mutilate. Maybe they just like to drug people up and watch them walk into the water themselves. In fact mind control drugs used in robbery and date rape such as the devils breath give you the ability to do just that and make drugs like GHB look like a cake walk.

      Seems to me most REAL bouncers are not going to leave their post (since often they are the only bouncer working) to go beat the shit out of some guy somewhere where NOONE ever sees a thing and then dumps the body in the river and goes back to their post, while their buddy cops sit in their cars, smile and nod congrats.

    3. Pardon my lack of knowledge concerning all the specifics and details of the numerous mystery drowning cases. I am merely looking at news articles on the web. I imagine that your resources are much better than mine.

      From what I have read, many of these young men have left bars and parties and have walked off alone. Has that not been the case in many of these disappearances/drownings? Regardless of being kicked out by a Bouncer?

      I am also quite surprised that you strongly insist that serial killings can only be the work of one individual. I understand you have your theory, but I also feel it is important to not discount other possibilities and keep an open mind.

      I have read your research and appreciate the work you have put forth. I have shared your "tips" with my two sons so that they take extra precautions when they are out with their friends.

    4. @ Anonymous March 30th:

      Normal people have grown more violent, but serial killers have become less violent?


      Seriously, you do see that this is illogical...right?

      Also, can you calculate for us in terms of probability and statistics the odds of such a nonviolent serial killing gang showing up just as Wilcox is being roughed up by bouncers and then seizing him, "drugging" him, and drowning him?!

      I'd say prolly a gazillion to one, but that's just off the top of my head.

    5. @ Anonymous March 31st: "I also feel it is important to not discount other possibilities and keep an open mind."

      Indeed, you are quite right--for nearly two decades now people have been deliberately gazing past the scene of bouncers violently ejecting young male patrons from bars, and instead peering into the darkness beyond were they insist a gang of serial killers "has to be" lurking to finish these victims off.

      Now, tell me, how reasonable is that thought process?

      I only want the killings to stop; I only want to help these murdered souls rest in peace; I only want to assist their families in getting justice for them and closure for themselves.

      Yeah, I fully comprehend now that if people truly understood a "serial killing gang" is not abducting and drowning these youths then they'd have zero interest in the case of the drowning men, but, regardless, I don't chase after boogiemen. To me, these killings aren't entertainment, they are an absolute outrage.

      And might I add, it is not serial killing we are talking about here. At this rate of death and considering who the real perps are, it is called mass murder.

      Trust me, there is a significant difference between the two classifications.

  14. I believe there is video evidence of Nick Wilcox AFTER he left the bar. He was headed down an alley.

    Check the case info on WISN-TV. Saw it on one of their broadcasts.

    Also....goggle "Frank Jude police beating". Jude wasnt the greatest guy.....but c'mon.

    1. Hello. Thanks for dropping by and I'll look at the case you're referencing. As to your query, I will just copy and paste the answer from one of my earlier comments above which directly addressed this false claim made by Irish Rec's bouncers:

      "2. Bouncers lied to Wilcox's girlfriend when she finally got outside to ask after her boyfriend's whereabouts, telling her that 'he left with a guy wearing a red shirt.' Just as they expected, she believed them and, thinking it was a similarly clad member of their party, didn't worry;

      "3. When it was finally determined days later that neither a red-shirted friend nor a red-shirted fiend left with Nick Wilcox that night, the bouncers then told those searching for the missing man that they saw him 'walking down the alley on the bar's surveillance camera' the night they ejected him. Wilcox's sister examined said tapes and declared that in fact it wasn't her brother at all - cops parked right outside the pub on New Year's eve continued to claim they 'saw nothing';"

      (This is just an extract. If you scroll up, you'll find all the case points regarding the Wilcox disappearance enumerated there.)

  15. It is a mistake to try to assume there is but one person or group is responsible for every single victim. There are about 200 similar cases the last 15 years and they may have died at the hand of various people that had nothing to do with other cases. They may have also died various ways without anyone killing them. Only one thing is certain and that is some of them were murdered and their cases were not treated like a murder case. zsmiley may have been responsible for a few deaths for all we know. One young man was last seen by a security guard. He does not show up on any security videos after that. Not even the 7-11 that he was going to that night.

  16. I have a hard time grasping that 200 ex-cop bouncers are collaborating with 200 sociopathic police officers, along with numerous LE officials in primarily a midwest "Kill Zone" and independent of another, are murdering young college-aged men.
    As a concerned citizen, I will not disregard any theory as a possibility, even the "bouncer/cop" theory. To state that I would have "zero interest" if not entertaining a "serial killer" scenario, is insulting. The main goal is the stopping of these drownings and awareness thereof.

    1. "200 ex-cop bouncers"

      Not sure where you're coming up with this figure--there are more than 200 cops in the Milwaukee Police Department alone. More than 200 in Chicago, New York, Paris, London, etc.

      Collaborating in the 'midwest kill zone'? Erm, no. This is happening to youths everywhere, and the policies of profiling and using excessive force are quite legend, whether by off-duty cops or on, bouncers or security guards. In short, like LAPD's violent Rampart CRASH unit thugs and the high-level cover ups that were concocted to protect them, it's just business as usual everywhere in the world.

      Anyone who seriously believes this social blight doesn't exist is naïve.


    2. Assuming roughly 200 drowning cases, as stated in the previous post by Tennessee111, and assuming that the majority of these young men were murdered at the hands of ex-cop bouncers and police officers. That's a lot of people covering up...Just hard for me to believe.

      BTW...I have read quite a few of your responses to comments posted throughout your blog and I have to say that I am a little confused as to your replies in the last few days. A couple of individuals shared experiences of friends that were possibly drugged and woke up in alley's in the Milwaukee area, not knowing how they got there, etc.. You basically blasted them in your reply:

      FACT: Neither "drugged" young man above was dragged away by serial killers and drowned.

      FACT: An un-drugged Nick Wilcox was dragged away by bar bouncers and drowned.

      I was like "Wow!" Seemed out of character for you. Just sayin'...

    3. Don't troll us, Smiley. We're not yer confessor but if you want to confess to everybody then, what the heck, just do it.

      I relentlessly covered this case, repeating the facts of Wilcox's disappearance OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, because lame-stream media wouldn't. And I knew if someone didn't then you guys would never cough up the body because the waterfront was constantly being patrolled by savvy citizens who sadly knew to search for Wilcox there.

      Who "found" his corpse floating in the river, by the way--speaks for itself, doesn't it?

    4. Who found the body? I didn't catch that on the news.

  17. I also believe it would be a mistake to think one person(s) is responsible for every single victim. Statistically that would be a ridiculous assumption, as it often also is grasping at possibilities of a serial killer(s). Of course some of the cases were suicide, some were accidents, some covered up unintentional murders, maybe some were bouncer related and some were probably just sheer dumb luck, wrong place wrong time.
    However after accounting for the large percentage of cases that were no doubt caused by the above listings, you still have too many cases left over with too much coincidence attached to be ignored. I truely feel that if even a few of the cases are related it's a problem whatever the cause.

    Unfortunately I don't think the FBI really cares if there might be a serial killer picking off young college men, and statistically they are very rare. They are much more concerned whether you are a terrorist, bomber, or someone who is trying to take out a lot of people at once. So if they do decide to investigate the midwest murders again, they certainly won't be giving it much of a budget, and most likely as a result will yield few answers. I think it's really up to the community to be alert and watching, and when you see something weird going on get your phone out and start recording, and alert the police as well as the media. The media is important because it often allows the information to become public immediately instead of the information released being controlled by law enforcement who aren't also very giving with details. I believe that if people are aware enough, perhaps we can get it figured out and finally put an end to these seemingly endless tragedies.

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful psot. I agree that a normal percent of these deaths are indeed other perps and other causes.

      I also agree that the FBI will likely not devote the amount of resources this matter deserves. Still, if we continue to pay attention to the issue, debate it, and cast a spotlight on the carnage, then, whether we all see eye-to-eye about every single aspect being analyzed and discussed, no matter, at least that conversation will reach the Bureau's ears.


  18. I hate to say it but at times local law enforcement not devoting resources makes sense ,after all with no witness and the chances of being able to gather enough evidence are going to look pretty slim. It makes sense to put your time and money where the odds of a successful outcome seem likely. on the other hand the federal government should be looking at any commonalities and not just do a review of local law enforcements work.

    1. True, plus the feds know at a glance in many of these cases that the evidence has long ago been destroyed, most importantly the bar's surveillance feed. This, coupled with the problem of Milwaukee police claiming a "dash-cam failure" rate of 80+ percent, will hinder investigations held months or years after the fact.

      Under those circumstances, the Bureau knows they'll spend a disproportionate amount of time just trying to ascertain exactly who all the perps and witnesses were. They also know these individuals will be uncooperative during questioning and, as with those MPD cops pleading the Fifth this year till they could get immunity for their testimonies in the Derek Williams in-custody slaying, they'll be extremely hostile when dragged into a courtroom.

      But that doesn't mean the FBI shouldn't take up the matter, only that they've got a really big case on their hands. (And isn't that exactly the reason the public pays them so handsomely anyway, to solve the big cases?)

    2. Than they shouldn't be FBI. They should be scrapping the gum off my shoe,paying my bills for the year of lost wages d/t grief,loss,mourning,going over a theory in my head everyday since eric was found in the willamette......How they sleep at night is beyond me..and I mean that...call me naive,but I do not understand how the med xaminer's,L.E.,FBI can sleep? Can go home to their family's and sit down for dinner without guilt? Money doesn't buy happiness? I don't know what these decoy's are paid,but as far as I am concerned,they are accessory's to a crime,they are soci0path's,and god bless the day one of their family member's show up in a river and they get the whole "no foul play" Those 3 words have come to make me sick to my stomach. Julie

    3. It can be quite disheartening. Agreed. But you must keep your wits about you and proceed undaunted.

  19. I agree that a lot of the cases do point to law enforcement/bouncers/cab drivers/stadium security etc. What do you make of cases like Jacob Samusenko where he disappeared after taking the trash out? Outlier?

    1. Initially, when L.E. opened the case they theorized Samusenko was a runaway, pointing to a "strict" household as his incentive for clandestinely leaving.

      I'm curious to know more about what "strict" methods were routinely employed in the Samusenko home to achieve a teenage boy's compliance. Those answers could come from carefully questioning his siblings now.

      Gleaning media reports as his perplexing case progressed, and the mother's somewhat limited command of English, I understood her to be an immigrant. But there is a dearth of info from or about the father.

  20. Nothing...NOTHING about this makes ANY sense. And he was found in a spot that was looked in NUMEROUS TIMES. If its true that the area is a "dead area where things just float back and forth" then why wasnt he found previously? On any of the many occasions that the river was searched? He was found literally right by the bar. The very sad part is that because Chief Flynn is a dick...Nicks case, as well as too many before it as well as after, will be labeled accidental. When will they wake up realize whats really going on?
    Yes there is closure and some peace for those close to him....but still wayyyy too many unanswered questions.....questions that will haunt us until answers are found.

  21. when young (and older) men stop getting wasted, and needing to pee in the river, then the bodies will stop. no big mystery. just sad that men can't get over their need to pee in a body of water when they're smashed, and can't keep their balance.

  22. A couple points in this article about Milwaukee's police that grabbed my attention.
    1. It describes a "train of squad cars" being present with someone getting pulled over for something very minor such as tinted windows or not using a seat belt.
    2. The police ganging up on one man during a sexual assault.

    It's bad enough that one cop is doing this. It's frightening that multiple cops are aware & become involved. The citizen is completely powerless then. Also what is with planting drugs on citizens? Corruption


  23. 04/25/13 @ 10pm on WTMJ 4 in Milwaukee, they are soing a news story on the disappearnces&drownings

  24. http://www.cbs58.com/news/local-news/Man-missing-after-night-on-Water-Street-258029431.html