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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Missing NYC Librarian Javier Horta Found Drowned in Bronx River

Police say the body of missing NYC librarian Javier Horta (below) was pulled from the Bronx River yesterday near East 177th Street.

The 34-year-old single dad disappeared three weeks ago under questionable circumstances which are now being investigated.

After an all-out community search was launched for Horta, it was a passerby who spotted his corpse floating in the water around 1:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday -- less than half a mile from where he vanished.

Cops at the scene stated there was "no trauma" on the dead man and "no signs of foul play" either, indicating that NYC's latest cold-weather *drowning* will be ruled yet another "accident."

Missing and beloved Bronx librarian Javier Horta was found drowned in a NYC riverHowever, an autopsy will be conducted this week to determine Horta's actual cause and manner of death.

Javier Horta was last seen alive by two friends he had spent an evening with on March 25, 2016.

Allegedly around midnight he was preparing to take a taxi back to his own residence with one of those men.

Instead Horta told him to go on without him because he'd forgotten his "wallet and phone upstairs."

He then apparently “went back to get his things," confirmed the missing man's brother Hector. "That’s the last anyone saw him.”

Nobody knows what happened to Javier Horta after that, but the popular NYC librarian was never seen or heard from again. Until yesterday.

According to relatives, the NYPD demonstrated some reluctance in pursuing Horta's missing persons case, insisting they "really can't do much" since he had "no history of mental illness" and was "over twenty-one."

“A detective told me April 2nd the case is still open," Hector Horta told reporters earlier this month. "But he also said ‘I hope you find your brother.'"


  1. Sadness continues in America as these men are abducted and murdered.They deserve Justice.
    Victims in New Jersey/New York area since December:
    Javier Horta
    Matt Labounty
    Anthony Urena
    Michael Ortega
    Matt Genovese
    And missing John Fernandez

    A complete failure of our Government and Media

    1. Thank you, Anon, for reading and commenting today. Yes, there have been an astounding number of missing young men found *drowned* this season -- in North America and overseas.

      Clearly there are now way too many drowning men for all their deaths to be just tragic "accidents."


    2. Ty for this ... I knew jav personally.. (Javier Horta) and this was indeed a blow to the Gut. His death has rocked our community and all of his friends and family are in deep mourning..

    3. I do agree with your statements. If ou check in other countries, it happens too. There is something dark going on and the authorities may be overwhelmed or... policy. When my brother disappeared in France in 2013, the police said the same to my mother. He was found executed in a forest in the north of Paris. Guess what? a military policeman was found and ruled suicide in the same place a few weeks after, the following month a woman who had to cross a square to go home disappeared and was found murdered in that forest, then another... just to say, I wonder why they don't put a surveillance in this forest where people are held hostage and killed regularly! I had to contact the military police and the minister of Justice in France with strength to get them to move and find him dead! We, the people need to keep an eye open, be vigilant with ourselves and others, and push our administrations to take care of us. I know, they are a lot go gang and other criminal activities...but we need to make sure, all the people men, women, children are taken care of. In France dozens of thousand of kids disappear every year, same in Belgium, same in England... most are not found and we don't talk about them too much... WHY???

  2. I can't believe they think no faul play occurred bc it doesn't make sense.

  3. Thanks for all your info on these men. What a tragedy, they had their whole life before them. How do the officials continue to get away with just channeling them all into an accidental drowning. Isn't there anyone in an official capacity who sees a pattern here. There are far too many of these unexplained deaths of young men. Thanks for all you do to bring attention to this; I hope someone who can get something done about it takes note. Rex - What is your current theory on what is happening here? Again, thank you. KittKatt

  4. There is foul play written ALL over this. I've known this man since before I hit puberty and he was an amazing individual. People just do go missing and come up in rivers unless something went down. He was a good friend and I hope they find exactly who and what happened to him so that they may be brought to justice and his family may have a peace of mind. RIP Javi, you're going to be missed deeply.

  5. Was he from soundview and watson? From across the street from the park

  6. Not sure where he lived, but he worked in the library on Jerome in Kingsbridge

  7. They should probably look if he met someone online, or a jealous boyfriend from someone he met, I mean it looks like he was set up probably

  8. Exactly. He apparently left his phone and wallet upstairs but he was never reported to have gone and gotten his belongings. Ends up missing then found dead in the river? That's not something he'd do

  9. The medical examiner will bring all to light, in regards to his body..but why he left his belongings,why his friend didn't wait for him? All just sounds to strange, I hope they have enough footage from the time he dissapear since the police didn't want to look for him. I don't comprehend these laws that if a person becomes missing, they take so long to listen to family..

  10. Are there any updates on the autopsy? These crimes are connected. I've been examining these missing cases before my friend jav wentry missing. I saw the pattern. I want justice. There has to be an update.

    People, be careful out there.

    1. agreed, wen I heard his story the first days, I am a library fixture (I mean patron and friend). I asked who was the last to see him. One two of those know something or have something to do with it. One says he left and forgot his wallet and phone with number one, number one says the went back to get his wallet and phone...nobody saw him. This sounds like they did him together and threw him in the river, or one did it, the other one don't want to talk. I apologize to anyone if they are innocent but these two need to talk... it sounds a lot like a set up or an accident they got rid of. I smell woman, jealousy, money situation here. May justice be made for him and all the other ones.

    2. it couldn't been his friends. the police would have validated their story. I think these crimes are connected.

  11. I dont think so. I think his so called friends did something. I. Saw pics of javi with a chick and supposedly she had just broken up wit some dude.& javi was starting to chill with her. It may be a ex bf situation. but I also believe those two punks either know or did something themselves. Bcuz the neighbors underneath that apartment where they were chilling at. They said they heard a scuffle.&loud bangs as if ppl were "wrestling". I dont understand why there is reluctance from the police to do their damn job. Like wtf is going on ?why are they covering shyt up? So many guys. &Spanish guys at that are popping up in the river dead. & u just wanna say accident? Its bs. The cops know something & they are covering it up. Surveillance footage has been edited.. theyve slacked on their interviews & alibis with people. Either they are super lazy & dropping the ball or covering something up. A common sense person can smell there is foul play going on here.& ur a police oofficer TRAINED& have done many cases of this, & u wanna say its a drowning ? Nah. Somwthing is going on. Smh sadly we wont kow bcuz cops especially ny cops r fukin lazy and corrupt and crooked, does anyone have word on the autopsy?

  12. Maybe look into Jacob Rabinowitz. He had at one time been friends with Javier, and he had recently gotten out of prison for beating a man into a coma, and he had told me he was living in the Bronx. This Jacob guy was harassing me and I remember Javier telling me that Jake had thrown a Rock at my mother's apt. Window after he got out of prison still angry that I broke up with him. I had known Javier since I was a teenager and it wouldn't surprise me if Jake had something to do with it