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Friday, November 30, 2012

Smiley Face Interviews

Posting advance notice to readers that the parents of Matthew Ward and of Joshua Swalls will each be giving Killing Killers in depth interviews in early December concerning their sons' disappearances and drownings in Indiana this past October and November.
This will hopefully shed additional light on these suspicious deaths, as well as to call more public attention to the young mens' cases so police will feel compelled to continue to investigate them.
The first interview, regarding Matt, is scheduled to go live here in the opening days of December, followed shortly thereafter by Joshua's. Photos will accompany.

All interviews will be permanently featured on the Voices For the Dead page.
The Ward Drowning - Overview
On October 24, 2012, the body of Walton "Matt" Ward was recovered from the White River near 64th Street and Westfield Boulevard in Indianapolis. The 23-year-old man had gone missing on Oct. 12th.

Ward was visiting from California and planned to hook up with a girl he'd met on Cupid.com. His mother said she dropped him off outside Peppers Bar where the two had arranged to meet, but then never saw her son again.
The owner of the pub confirmed that Ward was there alone and stayed for about an hour or so before departing alone as well. The girl never showed.

At around 10:30 that same night Ward checked in with his mother by cell phone to say he was okay, but at approximately 1:30 a.m. on October 13th he placed a 911 call from his cell which only lasted for one second before terminating. Shortly thereafter Ward disappeared.

Detectives traced the call back to a cell phone tower in Broad Ripple near where his drowned corpse was ultimately found almost two weeks later.
The Swalls Drowning - Overview
Joshua Swalls, 22, vanished without a trace from a friend's apartment in Indianapolis where he was staying this November, leaving behind his cell phone, keys, and car. Allegedly, he was last seen in the early morning hours of November 4th, 2012.
A few days after he went missing, police say they found a shoe in the vicinity of the residential complex which they believe may have belonged to Swalls and so a tactical dive team then fruitlessly searched for his body in the nearby retention pond for approximately an hour.
Extensive searches by Swalls' family and friends were also conducted throughout the neighborhood in the days and weeks that followed, and similarly produced no results.
On November 23, Swalls' body was discovered floating in the same retention pond that had been already searched. He was subsequently identified by the family the day after. 
Autopsy & Toxicology Reports
In both cases the young men's deaths were immediately ruled accidental drownings. As of this writing, BAC and other toxicology tests are still pending.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WANTED (dead or alive)

CASE OVERVIEW: In April 1991, a jury acquitted Indiana State University professor Robert David Little of charges he assisted and even supervised serial killer Larry Eyler in the 1982 sadistic bondage slaying of Steven Agan, 23. 
Little, who had a previous teaching stint at the University of Wisconsin at Madison before being hired by ISU, was secretly Eyler's sugardaddy for nearly a decade. 
During that time the duo shared an apartment and a townhouse together, and Professor Little even paid Eyler's legal expenses when he was on trial for the brutal murder of another young man, although acting as the star witness against him.
Eyler in turn testified for the prosecution in Little's subsequent murder trial, stating that, when he stabbed Agan to death, the professor of library sciences was present and ordered him to do it so he could take photographs for his private 'snuff' collection.
Eyler also said that Little had actively participated in stabbing the victim, who was gagged and bound with rope to a beam in a deserted farm shed. And that Little took part in other similar ritualistic assaults and killings of young men throughout the midwest, events which he additionally photographed.
In all there were 21 such murders that Larry Eyler finally confessed to as he lay dying of AIDS in prison. Four of which he insisted the portly 50-year-old professor had acted as his accomplice in perpetrating.
Eyler took polygraph exams in support of these contentions and passed every one of them.
Moreover, prior to the Highway Murderer's apprehension, FBI had released a profile of the suspected serial killer to local police departments who were collectively hunting for the mystery man.
In it, they advised investigators that their main suspect was a muscular younger male violently conflicted about his homosexuality, but who was at times being joined by a second killer: A mature, educated, well respected male from the community who was using the killer's youth to ensnare victims for perverse sexual gratification.
Expert profilers had described both Eyler and Robert David Little to the letter, with the only exception being that the professor had never married. 
Vermilion County prosecutor Mark Greenwell portrayed the professor's role in the killing spree in more specific and graphic detail: "For more than 20 years," Greenwell informed the jury, "Little solicited teenagers and young men and used his power, money and influence to get what satisfied him sexually."
Little had planned to take the witness stand in his own defense but at the last minute he declined, forcing his elderly and infirmed mother to swear that he was with her on the day of the murder.
However, other evidence clearly indicated Little had never left town at all, and that he had carefully orchestrated his movements after the fact, in an effort to establish an alibi the moment he learned that Eyler had been arrested...
I am seeking Robert David Little's arrest photo and any other mugshots of him that may be floating out there in the ether.  Any other updated info would be swell to have, too.
These all appear to have been expunged from the web over the years, but, nevertheless, somebody may have stored a few choice photographs and data someplace. I would greatly appreciate the public's assistance in this aspect of my project.
Please use the comment box below to ping me if you have any info--

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MISSING PERSON ALERT: Cole Rupard, 28, from Indiana

The loved ones of Cole Rupard report that "Cole has been found and is safe with his family at the moment." There are no other details available at this time. Rupard vanished in late November 2012. However, apart from posters, his missing persons case was kept low profile by those searching for him at the request of law enforcement. This gives the impression that there may have been mitigating factors involved with his disappearance. 
Cole Rupard, 28, was last seen on November 20th, 2012 in the vicinity of Indianapolis. He is six-foot-four with red hair and hazle eyes, and drives a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu with the license plate 922NIL.
According to reports his roommate was the last known person to see Rupard before he disappeared. Since then, there has been no cellphone or bank account activities.
Rupard is from Noblesville, Indiana. If you see him or his vehicle please call Detective Saddler of the Noblesville Police Department at 317-776-6342. (Click the poster to enlarge.)

Austin Sigg to Appear in Court Today

Teen psycho-killer Austin Reed Sigg is expected in court again today. What's going to happen there once he shows up is anybody's guess, however, because gag orders are keeping both sides mum about the case.
Likely, though, Sigg's defense team will file a last minute motion for a transfer to the juvenile courts where he'll have maximum privacy and receive a much more lenient sentence if (and when) he's convicted of the brutal slaying and dismemberment of schoolgirl Jessica Ridgeway. They've not opted to do so in the month or so that's lapsed since his previous court appearance, but it's still not impossible.

It won't work, even so -- the crimes Sigg voluntarily confessed to and for which his DNA has already been traced are far too perverse and severe to be considered those of a demented child.

So maybe he'll slap down a plea bargain instead? Cough up a few more victims to sweeten the deal...?


[Afternoon update: Sigg's defense team did not motion for juvenile transfer in court today -- defendant will therefore be tried as an adult. You can read the complete case update and analysis I posted earlier on Crime Magazine HERE.]

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stop Smiley

2 0 1 2

Joshua Swalls, David Gerken, Jonathan Dailey, Matthew Ward, Colin Gillis, Tom Hecht, Nathan Bihlmaier, Franco Garcia, Harsha Maddula, Michael Philbin, Eric Duffey, Philipp Patnaude, Tyler Blalock...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Josh Swalls: Breaking News

Sources say body found in Indiana retention pond today is likely that of missing-persons Joshua Swalls, age 22. The same pond had already been searched by a tactical dive team earlier in the month when Swalls first went missing. No explanation has been offered as to why it wasn't discovered until now.
The deceased male was transported immediately to the Marion County Coroner’s Office where the body is expected to be positively identified shortly.
Police are treating this matter as a suspicious death and are asking anyone with information about it to call IMPD Homicide Detectives at 317-327-3475, or to leave an anonymous  tip with Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477). Callers may also text “INDYCS” plus tip information to 274627.
Swalls is the second young man to go missing in that area of Indianapolis in as many months. On October 24, 2012, the body of Walton "Matt" Ward was recovered from the White River near 64th Street and Westfield Boulevard. The 23-year-old man had gone missing on Oct. 12th.

Ward was visiting from California and planned to hook up with a girl he'd met on Cupid.com. His mother said she dropped him off outside Peppers Bar where the two had arranged to meet, but then never saw her son again. The owner of the pub confirmed that Ward was there alone and stayed for about an hour or so before departing alone as well. The girl never showed.
At around 10:30 that same night Ward checked in with his mother to say he was okay, but at approximately 1:30 a.m. on October 13th he placed a 911 call from his cell phone which only lasted for one second before terminating. Shortly thereafter Ward disappeared.

Detectives traced the call back to a cell phone tower in Broad Ripple near where his drowned corpse was ultimately found almost two weeks later.
Updates to this report will be provided as they come in:

Update #1 from Swalls' family: Body of a male in his twenties is not that of Joshua Swalls because there are no *tatto0s on the wrists. Coroner is working tonight to identify the victim. (*Note: Skin begins to shed from a body that has been submerged for a length of time. The process is called "degloving" and is especially pronounced in the feet and hands.)

Update #2 from 11/24/12:  County coroner and Swalls family concede that body found yesterday in Indiana retention pond is in fact Joshua's. (Their confusion during the preliminary ID is perfectly understandable, however -- see description of "degloving" in Anatomy Of a Drowning. This section also provides complete forensic analysis regarding bodies found in water and best practices for ruling out foul play.)

My condolences to Mr. Swalls' loved ones. It is not the outcome they deserved.

Somebody's Son Has Vanished

Joshua Swalls Is Still Missing


It's sad but true that if a young man does enough evil in this world today--as Austin Sigg did in brutally murdering schoolgirl Jessica Ridgeway last October--then all the world will give him the attention he craves for being so hopelessly craven.
But if a young man simply goes missing, or becomes the victim of an act of foul play, the media shows very little interest in his case. 
And, often, neither do the police.
Joshua Swalls, 22, vanished without a trace from Indianapolis, Indiana between November 3rd and 4th, 2012. He is somebody's son, brother and friend, and, whether the youth is alive or dead now, his people are still desperately searching for him.
If you have stumbled onto this weblog while holiday shopping this season, please take a good look at Josh's photograph above to see if you have ever met or glimpsed this young man before, and also consider sharing this post online as well. His missing persons case deserves more coverage than it is currently receiving.
Somebody, somewhere, somehow will recognize Joshua Swalls, or, alternately, knows what happened to prevent him from enjoying Thanksgiving with his family this year. (There is also a previous post about this case below, with additional information and photographs.)
Thanks for dropping by today--happy holidays to you and yours, from Eponymous Rox and KILLING KILLERS.

Monday, November 19, 2012

MISSING: Joshua Swalls, 22

Joshua Swalls, 22, vanished without a trace from a friend's apartment in Indianapolis where he was staying this month. He was last seen in the early morning hours of November 4th, 2012. Police say they recently found a shoe in the vicinity of the residential complex which they believe may belong to the missing young man. Divers then fruitlessly searched for Swalls' body in the nearby retention pond for approximately an hour.
How did they know to do that?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 tips for eluding the Smiley Face killers

The unexplained disappearance and *drowning* of 26-year-old David Gerken, after he was mysteriously evicted from the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park New York en route to the bathroom, is the classic 'Smiley Face Killer' motif.

Because there have now been hundreds of similar deaths, beginning with young Patrick McNeill's in 1997, and since there doesn't seem to be any end in sight to the carnage, it's time for those who match the standard victim profile in these cases to learn how to avoid falling prey. Study the following fact sheet and tips carefully, and be safe.

SMILEY VICTIMOLOGY: Are you a popular, clean-cut, slim and athletic, college-age male, between 17 and 30, planning an evening out with your friends? Then pay close attention to the details of Gerken's disappearance and drowning, because your description--like his--is identical with approximately 95% of the Smiley Face victims:

David Gerken, 26, was just named 'Employee of the Month' at his workplace where he had risen to the rank of foreman. Responsible and well-liked, he was attending a Bills' game with his brother and a friend last Thursday. They report he drank only two beers while there, and hadn't been in any altercations with anyone, prior to being intercepted on his way to the men's room and ordered to leave the stadium.

Additionally, Gerken expected to go to work the very next day and under those circumstances he customarily wouldn't have engaged in heavy *drinking. This is important to note since, in nearly all of these cases, alcohol is ruled a major factor leading to "accidental drowning" whether or not any had been consumed. (*Toxicology tests will always show the presence of alcohol in dead bodies because it is a byproduct of decay, and is often accelerated in corpses that have been submersed for a period of time.)

Once Gerken had gone outdoors, he immediately called his brother to inform him he'd been forced to leave the premises and said he didn't know why. He then calmly arranged for the three to meet up again at the nearby Tailgaters bar after the game had ended.

That was the last anybody heard from him. The final GPS tracking signal on his cell phone was for a location two miles from the sports arena, and his body was ultimately discovered by family searchers floating face down in Smokes Creek--the opposite direction of Tailgaters and a destination that required scaling numerous obstacles to get at, as well as a tall fence. Police have tentatively ruled Gerken's death an accident.

SMLEY'S MODUS OPERANDI: A young man is separated from his friends somehow--usually asked to leave an establishment by management personnel, although he is not outwardly intoxicated. Once he's gone outside, typically he will cell-phone one or more from his party to explain the odd incident to them and to arrange for a meeting place. He then goes missing instead and is found drowned in a nearby river, lake, pond or stream, some days, weeks or months later. On occasion, as with 18-year-old pre-med student Colin Gillis from Tupper Lake NY last March, he is never seen or heard from again.

Police almost always determine NSOFP (no signs of foul play), sometimes well in advance of finding a body. In a few extreme cases, say when  a corpse was actually recovered weighted down with a chain and cinder block (e.g. Jonathan Dailey/October 2012), or showed other indications that the deceased didn't "fall" into the water naturally, then investigators will pursue a theory of suicide. It is also not uncommon for parents to be told by the authorities that their sons died as a result of auto-assassination (reckless behavior symptomatic of a death wish). 

KILLING SEASON: Annually, from the months of September to April. Once in awhile it may extend without interruption into late spring.

KILL ZONE: Maine to the Dakotas and all parts in between; now also reaching across the border into Canada as well as a few more southerly districts of the United States. Some metropolitan hotspots in the US kill zone include but are not limited to Boston, New York, Lacrosse, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, but essentially any town or city in a state traversed by the east/west interstate highways of 90 and 94 is in the high risk area.

RUIN SMILEY'S DAY: Follow these tips to minimize the danger of vanishing into thin air one night and ending up another unsolved "drowned" statistic:

1. Buddy up at all times. Safety in numbers is the name of the game, before, during and after a night out on the town.

2. Scrap the hoodie attire. Too many people think it makes young men look like...well...hoods, quite frankly. And, considering the percentage of Smiley Face victims who were wearing this particular piece of apparel when they went missing, a hooded sweatshirt should be regarded as a significant liability. (Ditto for flip-flops, and any other type of shoe not suitable for running in.)

3. Watch what you're drinking--never drink from someone else's bottle or glass, especially if you don't know them. This includes any liquid whatsoever (or substance) being offered by a female you might've just met.

4. If you are asked to leave an establishment ... get all 10 TIPS IN ALL, PLUS SMILEY CASE SPOTLIGHTS, UPDATES & MORE HERE OR HERE & find a full forensic analysis of the famous 'Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory' in:THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, illustrated or plain text eBook editions.

Download all 10 Tips for Eluding the Smiley Face Killers

Because you really can't see what you're not looking for.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mother of Columbine killer prayed her son would commit suicide

Sue Klebold's son is now infamous for his participation in the Columbine Massacre of 1999, and she and her husband have remained tightlipped about that event ever since it happened. For thirteen years, keeping their heartaches and their opinions under lock and key.
But anybody who's raised children themselves, or who has even an ounce of empathy, can probably imagine the Klebolds' lasting pain, puzzlement, and ambivalence, without them having to go to the effort of expressing it.

Remember, too, that at this point in time the idea of children arming themselves with automatic weapons and showing up at school to slaughter their fellow students was a totally new and unthinkable misdeed. No one, not even law enforcement officials, expected or could have predicted such a bloodbath occurring in their district, let alone picturing their own young sons taking part in it.
Undoubtedly, Dylan Klebold's otherwise normal teenage insecurities and angst left him wide open to be so evilly swayed by his cohort Eric Harris--a raging psychopath, diagnosed as such well before the mass shooting took place. Still, for the damages both teens inflicted on that day, neither Klebold nor Harris will ever be excused or forgiven.

Their aim was too good, and they left so many victims and scars in their wake.
It was a shocking and unprecedented display of violence by young people back then, but, since that day, there have been endless copycat kids following suit. Some younger than Klebold and Harris were, and with no grievances whatsoever but an arsenal of weapons and ammo they'd secretly collected, coupled with a burning desire to outdo their teen predecessors in a sick quest to become equally reknown.

We are, perhaps, somewhat numbed by all of these tragedies by now, even if, god forbid, our own children are the perpetrators, but that was not the case in spring of 1999.

On that April afternoon, when Mrs. Klebold received the shocking news that her son was one of the Columbine shooters, she says she instantly had a vision of him, and, "While every other mother in Littleton was praying that her child was safe, I had to pray that mine would die before he hurt anyone else."
That may sound hard-hearted, but it wasn't.
"I thought that if this was really happening and he survived, he would go into the criminal justice system and be executed," Klebold's mother explained. "And I really couldn't bear to lose him twice. I gave the hardest prayer I ever made, that he would kill himself, because then at least I would know he wanted to die and wouldn't be left with all the questions I'd have if he got caught by a police bullet. Maybe I was right, but I've spent so many hours regretting that prayer: I wished for my son to kill himself, and he did."
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris both decided to put a bullet in their heads once they realized they were surrounded by police and SWAT teams, thus ending the bloody seige of their high school in a double suicide.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deadly Dingbat Attempts Jail Cell Suicide

It's a dilemma, isn't it? Whether to save lethal loonies like the Colorado Theatre Shooter from doing themselves in, or give his victims and their families swift closure by allowing him to succeed?
Prison officials report that Colorado Theatre Shooter, James Holmes, the young man responsible for the largest civilian-on-civilian massacre in the history of the United States, "attempted suicide yesterday" by repeatedly bashing his head into the wall of his jail cell. He survived the incident.
That's going to leave a mark, obviously, but in the meantime the misguided effort to off himself also resulted in his inability to come to court this afternoon.
(He's guilty as sin anyway, so what difference does it make.)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

AMY BISHOP UPDATE: She's changed her mind, she's innocent.

Female murderers are a rarity. That's probably why society tends to focus so much attention on them and their crimes. Maybe it's even the reason why they're treated so harshly when it comes to sentencing or coverage by the press. Homicide isn't supposed to be in a woman's domain, after all. Killing isn't ladylike.
Nevertheless, if ever there was a killer out there who justifies the existence, and necessity, of the death penalty, it would be the Butcher of Braintree Dr. Amy Bishop.
With a long history dating back to when she was only 21 of murder and attempted murder and other assorted mayhem--for which she was never punished--she's in prison now only for one of those offenses: the 2010 Huntsville Massacre, in which she shot to death three of her fellow biology professors and seriously maimed three more for life.
As with Bishop's prior (covered up) crimes, her bloody campus rampage was a premeditated act too, allegedly committed because she felt she'd been "robbed" of tenure at the Alabama university where she taught neuroscience to undergraduates.
It was an open and shut case against her, of course, but in the state of Alabama she faced being put to death if she was found guilty of mass murder, and her attorneys realized that a bogus insanity defense, not supported by medical experts or any evidence, wasn't going to save her.
This was why, at the eleventh hour, Amy Bishop copped a plea and admitted she was guilty for the slayings of her colleagues. In the process, tacitly agreeing it would be better to sit for the rest of her life in a jail cell without the possibility of parole or appeal, than to sit strapped for only a few short minutes in the electric chair.
Proof the woman doesn't mind taking other peoples' lives, but the thought of losing her own as a consequence was obviously unpleasant.
Her guilty plea legally approved by the trial court, Bishop was then quickly transferred to Tutwiler Prison this past September, and, after spending the first month there separated from the general population, faced having to be fully integrated with fellow inmates by early November.
All in all then, this career criminal spent perhaps 40 or so days of her life sentence at this historic institution for females before deciding the experience was beneath her and reneging on her plea deal.
And it goes without saying, if the defendant had gotten the sentence she truly deserved right from the start, this latest travesty of justice she's engineered could never have happened, and Alabama taxpayers wouldn't be charged with yet another huge bill for her defense expenses.
Below is a copy of Bishop's notice of appeal, filed with the Madison County Circuit Court of Alabama on November 5th, 2012. Although the document doesn't state on what flimsy grounds she plans to rescind her guilty plea, rumor has it she intends to argue that her lawyers were incompetent. Although she agreed not to appeal in exchange for a life sentence, those same attorneys are required by law to sign and file an appeal for her if she demands one. They have fulfilled this obligation to their client, but have removed themselves from representing her any further.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Police renew search for missing college student

The Search For Colin Gillis Is On Again

With hunting season about to go full speed, New York State Police and officers from the Department of Environmental Conservation in the Tupper Lake region have renewed their efforts to locate the now-19-year-old Colin Gillis, calling on hunters to assist them in finding articles of the young man's clothing, or worse, even his body.
Missing since March of 2012, Gillis was home for spring break and had attended a party with his friends on the evening of March 10th. He is said to have left that event alone on foot in the early morning hours of March 11th and was last sighted by a passing motorist walking along Route 3 in the direction of his family’s nearby Piercefield home.
He never made it there.
The eyewitness, a local newsman driving his elderly mother to her residence in the town of Tupper Lake, had promptly driven to the nearest police station to report that he’d observed a young man (who would later match Gillis’ description) apparently in “distress” and “flailing his arms” to oncoming traffic. Police said they immediately went to the area in question but, by the time they got there, the youth, presumed now to be Gillis, had already vanished.
In the days and weeks following his mysterious disappearance, numerous law enforcement agencies and nearly a 1000 community members searched over 2000 acres of Adirondack woodland as well as all the nearby waterways, but there was no sign of Gillis. There was also no indication anywhere of someone having fallen through the ice and drowning either, by now an established pattern of death in these strange disappearances of college-age men in the I-90 and I-94 corridor, since 1997.
Oddly enough, the only item belonging to Collin Gillis which was recovered in the massive ground and air rescue attempt was his driver's license, clearly indicating that he’d been asked for identification by whomever it was that had stopped him that darkened morning. It’s obvious too that Gillis did in fact produce a picture ID 'on the spot' for the yet unknown subject or subjects involved, because his license was found at the side of the very highway he’d last been observed walking on before he went missing.
Gillis was a pre-med student in his sophomore year at Brockport University and is described as 6’1” tall, 170 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was clothed in a black and white striped shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers, and was carrying (or wearing) a reversible black and red L.L. Bean jacket together with an orange and black day pack.
Foul play is strongly suspected in the Gillis disappearance and therefore the official inquiry into it remains active and the search status labeled as “continuous”. This means, in addition to an ongoing but sporadic investigation, exercises and drills are also being routinely conducted in and around the location the victim was last known to have been at between March 10th and March 11th, 2012.
“In the past, we’ve had hunters come across things that have helped us locate people,” DEC spokesperson David Winchell explained last week.

The Gillis family is also offering a substantial financial reward for their loved one’s return or for information about what may have happened to him. Although heartbroken and worried, they remain optimistic. “We are still hopeful and we await Colin's arrival every day," his brother Lyndon recently stated. 
With late autumn baring the trees and a wider range of visibility as a result, it is hoped that savvy outdoorsman may more easily spy something of interest as they prowl the woods for game this season.
Anybody who does come across such items, or who has any information at all concerning the Collin Gillis case, is asked to contact Ray Brook State Police headquarters at 518-897-2000, or the DEC dispatch at 518-897-1300. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Pitching a fit"

One month anniversary for The Butcher of Braintree

It's been just a little over a month now since Dr. Amy Bishop (aka Amy Bishop-Anderson) pled guilty to massacring her fellow biology professors at the University of Alabama at Huntsville in 2010, and, in so pleading, spared herself from the electric chair.
Since that time, she's been assigned brand new digs at famed Tutwiler Prison, where she was promptly whisked away this past September, without ceremony and with little or no time for her to start "pitching a fit."

That's the term her former guards and jail warden had become accustumed to using in describing Bishop's  fairly predictable and routine outbursts under their watch.
Pitching a fit, getting into fisticuffs, and basically wreaking havoc on whatever community she's a member of, is standard misconduct for this violent career felon. And even corrections officials, now fully acquainted with the Butcher of Braintree  and her overall negative attitude  toward her fellow human beings, automatically know to duck her moods and swings, having learned for themselves what a difficult inmate (and person) she can be.
It probably also doesn't surprise them much, having gotten to know the professor so well these past two years, that Bishop can turn murderous at the drop of a hat.
For the 30+ days Bishop's been housed at Tutwiler, the place where she'll ultimately be spending the rest of her life without the remotest possibility of parole even if she could summon up good behavior, she's been isolated from the other prisoners. But that situation is going to change any day now. Which means, if you know anything about this haughty mass murderer, she'll be on the bloody warpath soon for some perceived wrong or minor slight.
That's right, I predict, once she's fully released into the general population, that all hell's gonna break loose in Tutwiler Prison, and that, what's more, it won't take very long for that to happen.
(I'll keep you updated on this, rest assured.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

PEOPLE VERSUS SIGG: a quick guide to understanding the 17 charges brought against teen killer Austin Reed Sigg

Colorado throws the book at Jessica Ridgeway's killer

(Can't read this court document? Click the image to enlarge it.)
"Austin Reed Sigg unlawfully and feloniously, acting alone, committed sexual assault, and in the course of or in furtherance of that crime caused the death of Jessica Ridgeway...There's DNA evidence, and the evidence is overwhelming."
COUNT  1: Murder in the First Degree per intentional and premeditated homicide
COUNT  2: Murder in the First degree during the commission of kidnapping

COUNT  3: Murder in the First Degree during the commission of robbery

COUNT  4: Murder in the First Degree during the commission of sexual assault

COUNT  5: Second Degree Kidnapping - aggravated by sexual offense
COUNT  6: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer for first degree offenses)

COUNT  7: Second Degree Kidnapping - aggravated by robbery

COUNT  8: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer for second degree offenses)

COUNT  9: Sexual Assault On a Child - aggravated by age variables
COUNT 10: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer for sexual assault on a child)

COUNT 11: Robbery as a result of force, intimidation, or threats

COUNT 12: Criminal Attempted Murder in the First Degree of female jogger May 2012

COUNT 13: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer for attempted first degree murder)

COUNT 14: Criminal Attempted Sexual Assault of female jogger May 2012

COUNT 15: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer for attempted sexual assault)

COUNT 16: Criminal Attempted Second Degree Kidnapping of female jogger May 2012

COUNT 17: Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer, attempted second degree kidnapping)