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Start here. New guests, are you investigating a loved one's suspicious disappearance and drowning? Begin with a look at the forensics of a true drowning and the complete Smiley Face Serial Killer case background. Then read in-depth interviews with families of other 'Smiley' victims, by author Eponymous Rox.

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Ongoing coverage of the Smiley Face Murders

What's Natalie Wood got to do with it?

Continuous coverage of the “Smiley Face Killers” investigation;
with breaking news, updates, photos, and brand new evidence. 

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DEAD IN THE WATER FEATURE ARTICLE – examining new proofs and a new ruling in the Natalie Wood “accidental drowning” investigation - autopsy analysis and comparison with the November 2012 disappearance and drowning death of 22-year-old Joshua Swalls from Indianapolis, Indiana  /  page 47
Wrongful Death, or Bloody Murder? – investigating the David Gerken disappearance and drowning behind the Buffalo Bills’ stadium in upstate New York mid November 2012  /  page 1
Drowning In Neglect – why it’s always “an accident” ‒ crime exposé on the cozy relationship between the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Marion County Coroner’s Office  /  page 7
Voices For the Dead (Interview #1): in depth Q&A with the family of Indianapolis drown victim Walton Matthew Ward, 23, who vanished in October 2012 during an altercation with a bar bouncer and was found dead 11 days later in the White River  /  page 13
BLOOD ALCOHOL: Smiley Strikes Again – close up examination of postmortem toxicology findings for Matt Ward – drowning while intoxicated…when hardly even drunk  /  page 25
Voices For the Dead (Interview #2): in depth Q&A with the family of Indianapolis drown victim Joshua Swalls, who mysteriously disappeared and drowned in November 2012…while sober  /  Page 33
SMILEY INTERNATIONAL: Seeping and Creeping ‒ new faces, new cases, new places  /  page 57
Is Keyes Key To the Gillis Disappearance? a missing youth, and his link to a dead serial killer  /  page 60
10 Tips For Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killers ‒ complete survival guide + sample profiles  /  page 65
Odd Drownings & Drowning Odds:  calculating the statistical chances of dying in freshwater  /  page 71 



Killing is just child’s play. A game. In fact, it’s so easy, you can plan it out on a computer, if you’re smart enough. And he is smart. A real genius, they all say: honor student, salutatorian, class vice president. So…what is that magic number then? How many times can he get away with murder?

On the outside, the quiet and withdrawn 17-year-old seemed just a harmless high school nerd, preoccupied with technology, money, computer games, and college. But on the inside he was a seething psychopath, conspiring with classmates to massacre his family so he could have a six-digit inheritance all to himself.

Meet the wily Wyley Gates, twisted mastermind of an assassin-style program called Infierno, which he used in 1986 to execute a bloodbath so heartless and gruesome it was dubbed “the crime of the century” in upstate New York.

DUNGEONS DRAGONS MURDER methodically pieces together physical evidence, autopsy findings, police accounts, trial testimonies, and even the confessions of the killer and his accomplices, to reconstruct the Gates family shootings and the other carefully orchestrated criminal acts designed to lead up to it.

Third in the Killing Killers true crime series by Eponymous Rox, this special report reveals a chilling portrait of a remorseless and deeply disturbed mass-murderer set free on a technicality to slay again. And shows why it’s possible that he has killed at least once before the massacre—and since.

Totally insane, or just ‘crazy like a fox’?

Contrary to popular Hollywood depictions, women rarely kill. Statistics show, of all the homicides that occur worldwide, the vast majority are committed by men.
But then women don’t usually send their colleagues pipe bombs, either. Or deliberately contaminate their workplace environment with contagions. Or assault innocent strangers who suddenly vex them. Or gun down their own family members in cold blood. Or calmly plan and execute mass murder.
Of course, if you ever actually met the deviously brilliant Dr. Bishop yourself, she’d be the first to inform you that she’s no ordinary woman…
Meet homicidal professor Amy Bishop, the bloody butcher of Braintree Massachusetts and the perpetrator of the Huntsville Massacre at the University of Alabama in 2010, where for years she taught anatomy and neuroscience before being denied tenure and going on the warpath.
She’s copped an insanity defense for that deadly campus rampage, but is this Harvard-educated and coddled career felon really as deranged as her lawyers would have us now believe? Or is she once again just cleverly evading justice?
THE BUTCHER OF BRAINTREE: An in-depth analysis of the life, times, and covered up crimes of mass murderer Amy Bishop. Another true crime special report by Eponymous Rox, author of THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN.

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The police are calling them accidents. They say young men are simply drinking too much and meeting a tragic end in icy lakes and rivers. But, with sinister graffiti frequently found near where the victims died,  the public thinks something else has been going on in America's northland since 1997. They're calling the sudden disappearances of hundreds of college-age men mysterious. They're calling the drownings murder.

THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN: A special true crime investigative report into the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory.

“When I looked at these cases, the first thing that jumped out at me was the victimological profile. It's not a normal distribution…the standard deviation is only 0.4 on their weight and height.” -- Dr. Lee Gilbertson, gang specialist and associate professor, Department of Criminal Justice Studies at St. Cloud University

“The statistics are so stacked against this number of men, young men, Caucasian males, found in bodies of water in that cluster of states, within that period of time.” -- Dr. Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist

"The probability is virtually zero that five intoxicated students just happened to walk similar or even different routes and end up on the riverbank." -- Dr. Maurice Godwin, criminal investigative psychologist, commenting on the La Crosse Wisconsin drowning cluster

"They could have been murdered but the person was just so good at doing it that they didn't leave any physical evidence…[they] could sedate and drown him in a tub or something like that and then throw him in the river." -- John Kelly, psychotherapist and profiler


The future ain't what it used to be...

BOT: Syfy police procedural, by true crime writer and journalist Eponymous Roxm  

It's the year 2062. Most of the world's under sand, water or snow, and nobody wants to go outside anymore ... but the Reaper.