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BREAKING NEWS by Eponymous Rox

BREAKING NEWS by Eponymous Rox
WANTED - dead or alive

GILGO: Long Island Serial Killer


Is it just one killer? A pair? Or a ring?

It's a queer place, Gilgo Beach on Long Island. With its overgrowth and swamps, this strip of godforsaken wasteland--only a hop, skip and jump from Manhattan via Ocean Parkway--is becoming the ideal place to dump dead bodies in. In fact, one can almost picture poor old Jimmy Hoffa comfortably resting out here.
Sometimes the killer dismembers their corpse and scatters the parts around Gilgo just like fertilizer. Sometimes they feel lazy or in a rush, so they simply stuff the body into a cheap suitcase and toss it from the side of the highway. Sometimes they drag the dead far out into the bogs and sink them way down into the bracken swampwater so the evidence will quickly wash away. Sometimes they wrap the body in burlap bags and even bury them, almost like a landscaper....
GILGO: The Long Island Serial Killer
Solving the case that nobody else wanted to.
The murdered remains of prostitutes have recently begun resurfacing at Gilgo Beach in Long Island, a remote and swampy place along Ocean Parkway where they were all pitilessly tossed after they were beaten, tortured and strangled.
The discovery of the dumping ground at Gilgo and at a number of other neighboring beachfronts in 2010 has many citizens, plus the FBI, fearing a serial killer may be active in the Long Island district--a thrill-killing psychopath who’s targeting workers of the sex trade as easy prey since they are so rarely missed by anybody, and because, unfortunately, their disappearances are generally a low priority to law enforcement.
The Federal Bureau of Investigations, while not yet formally involved with the Gilgo investigation, is expert at hunting and apprehending such offenders, with extensive databases and virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. Here is the profile that trained criminologists have compiled for the, thus far unknown, Long Island Serial Killer:   
  • white male in his mid twenties to mid forties 
  • well-spoken and college educated  
  • financially secure, has a job and a vehicle  
  • knowledge of police procedures and forensics  
  • charming and/or in a position of trust  
  • methodical sadist, sexually deviant 
  • careful - classified as ‘organized’ serial killer  
  • lives in the NYC area, familiar with Gilgo region
What exactly is a "FROST'D manager" and who in the world is "Gates, Wyley Mr." of Brooklyn NY, a borough in New York City that's but a hop, skip, and jump from Gilgo Beach and Ocean Parkway?
An acronym for Foundation for the Research of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the FROST’D organization provides confidential outreach services and programs exclusively to individuals within the NYC metropolitan region who work in the sex trade, as well as to prostitutes who identify themselves as transgendered and those who are also habitual substance abusers.
From the FROST’D corporation's online mission statement: While the agency got its start in serving prostitutes, our experience in reaching out to and serving female, male and transgender minority street-based sex workers results in much more than a renowned and respected reputation as ‘that agency that works with prostitutes.’ Our work with a severely traumatized, vulnerable, mistrusting and fragile population taught FROST'D the very principles of harm reduction years before this term.” 
So, does the Long Island Serial Killer work in a managerial position providing confidential services to New York City prostitutes...? Could the killer be a former convicted felon and a self-confessed mass murderer...?


  1. It's this post that helped me find your site. I grew up on Long Island and have followed this case since the bodies were found. There are many websites following this case that for some reason gave up and stopped following the case. Please don't let it fall off. The victims and their families deserve justice. Regardless of whether the victims were prostitutes or not, they were human beings that didn't deserve to die.

    I often wonder if it is a single killer or a pair. I'm convinced it's not a ring of killers.

    Please keep up the great work you do! I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Thanks, friend, and welcome to Killing Killers!

      I think the main problem (now) is that the crime scene on Long Island was decimated by Hurricane Sandy, as I'm sure few believe there weren't more victims' bodies to be found at Gilgo.

      But you're right as well that if serial slayings involve sex workers (and they commonly do) then police aren't as interested in solving them.

      Keep in mind too that the number one suspect so far (no names mentioned) is a former police forensics surgeon who has fled the area since having been found guilty of lying about contacting Shannan Gilbert's mother BEFORE that murdered call girl was even listed among the missing.

      He also was caught issuing false and misleading statements throughout LE's inquiry into Gilbert's dramatic disappearance...

      Again, without consequence.


      P.S. The article on this page provides clues as to the potential identity of the Long Island Serial Killer sans any accomplices after the fact. He has mass killed before (his own family including a toddler cousin) and was only convicted and released after 17 years to the NYC area for conspiracy to kill them due to a technicality concerning his voluntary confession. This individual is dangerous, has/had direct contact with NYC prostitutes as a service provider, and should therefore be looked into pronto. (See my book 'Dungeons, Dragons, Murder' for more details.)

  2. Thanks E.R.! I bought your book 'D, D, M' this morning. I look forward to reading it.

    Serial killers often pick homeless people or prostitutes because they are transient and often missing a long time before it's reported. Look how long Gary Ridgeway and Robert Pickton got away with killing. It seems LE almost considers them disposable until the body count rises.

    The Doc is definitely suspect. His call to Mary Gilbert could be 'alibi building'. His lies, while consequence free, are very telling. I would like to see the FBI invited in to offer their considerable expertise. Suffolk County stubbornly refuses their assistance. WHY???

    Too many questions and not enough answers.

    1. Gratitude, Advocate. I think you'll find that book very informative.

      The FBI has at least once or twice asked Suffolk County authorities to invite them into the serial killer hunt. But all offers thus far have been declined, which casts even greater suspicion on their former police surgeon ... as it should.

      Personally, I think this serial murderer's crossed state lines to kill and/or dump, so am a bit puzzled why the FBI requires an invitation at this point.

      It is a mysterious matter. More so than it has to be, unfortunately.

      Thanks for dropping in again -- much appreciated!


  3. http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/pdf/48_hours_gilbert.pdf

    These are not the words of an innocent man.....

  4. “We hope that she is still alive. But it has also brought up this whole investigation which I think, in my opinion, has been happening for years now, and might not have been ever looked into,” Karen Gambino said. This is the Doc's next door neighbor!!!!

  5. Why would Steve Bellone want them to solve this case? what is his newly appointed SCPD Commish doing to bring the killer to justice? There are several Oak beach residents that know exactly what happened to SG...why wont the media pressure residents to diclose what they know... Justin Canning claims to have seen SG's footprints in the sand! where and when was this? Tom Canning knows the exact spot SG ran into the wetlands! Did he see her run in? Why didnt he send officers in SG's direction that morning?

  6. Gilbert was last seen in May by Long Island doctor Peter Hackett, who said he saw Gilbert running at night near Oak Beach, looking both sick and distressed.

    Why would the Doc say he saw her running looking both sick and distressed and this good samaritian did nothing about??? didnt think to help or protect her?? where was this taking place? Visibility of the street is very limited in the vicinity of CPH's house....for the doc to make a comment like this SG would have to be practically in his driveway

  7. What about the content of the conversation that Doc had with MG? Where is this shelter for runaway girls? Why does the Doc have a website describing an office at the beach. Why was SG's hynoid bone not found?

  8. I believe it's a women ordering this murders. A business women in manhattan

  9. I still believe a women order these murders

  10. This movie should never be made. Making money off women & child being murdered is crime in it self. I am no fan of the lost boys who did this horrible deed. Bikers. Disgusting

  11. Any new information out there on this case? Interest has really dwindled, sadly. Getting harder to dig anything up, literally and I'm sure physically as well if anyone is still trying to...

  12. What about Jb & His friend peter p

  13. the case goes as far back as 1996 when legs were found. They matched it with the torso found at gilgo.

  14. the killer is in his 40s-50s with a nice car very organized and has a family.

  15. the killer is not a psychopath but a sociopath that gets off on killing. He first started dismembering the body's in the first few killings, but something changed and he wasn't satisfied with this method of killing. He also didn't throw the body's out he took them and placed them it only took 30sec for him to do this. if everyone remembers they found a male body and a baby's body. The male was an Asian male that dressed like a female the baby's DNA matched remains of another body that was found witch is in dead the baby's mother. it is common for women to bring there baby's to do the job

  16. I still think there are more people involved in this. A gang of people, also I think a women order these murders.

  17. They need to start making arrest, an the police department needs to man up. Stop taking orders from the manhattan women nut job. An lock them all up. We don' t need the rifkin coverup again.

  18. There in big trouble. Dumb asses. The public isn't that stupid. There days are numbered. Morons

  19. Why is it that they ruled it out as a "murder" yet they found parts of her neck bone missing? How was it even missing? There had to have been slashes around her neck that would clearly indicate it wasn't a drug induced death.

  20. Definitely a republican, there women haters

  21. I think it's a waterman or a pair of watermen. Very familiar with the area, wouldn't arouse suspicion being in the area at just about anytime of day or night. And they know all the spots areound the bay and the beach