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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

College Athlete Douglas Usseglio Found Drowned in NH

Massachusetts college athlete Douglas Usseglio (below) has been found drowned with a head injury in New Hampshire after attending a local gathering. But police "don't suspect foul play."


The 22-year-old student from Franklin Pierce University was studying accounting and finance and played for the school's ice hockey team, the Ravens.

He was last seen at a house party in Rindge, NH on Saturday night, and found dead the next day in a stream some distance away.

Although the circumstances of how Douglas Usseglio ended up in the water are yet unknown and an autopsy is still pending, investigators said his head wound was "consistent" with an "accidental fall."

They made no mention of the youth's arrest last September in Waltham Massachusetts on multiple counts of drug trafficking, or whether these facts might have a bearing on his death inquiry now.

Usseglio and his 21-year-old associate Nicholas Haczynski were both set up and snagged in 2015 by the Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force.

Undercover cops reportedly bought significant quantities of cocaine from the pair at least twice before finally arresting them on charges related to the third sale of over an ounce.

Task Force agents also seized an undisclosed amount of drug money from Usseglio during his apprehension and arraignment last fall.

In addition to conspiracy to violate drug laws, he also faced two counts of distributing cocaine, one count of possession with intent to sell, and one count of trafficking cocaine.

It's not clear how or if that matter had been settled at the time of Doug Usseglio's death, but his case and alleged drowning last weekend appears almost identical with that of Andrew Sadek two years prior.

Sadek, 20 and a student at the North Dakota State College of Science, had also gotten himself busted by a Task Force for dealing illegal substances while at university.

He was arrested in the winter of 2013, but those charges were discreetly dropped in exchange for his *cooperation* in apprehending other similarly-enterprising college students.

Drug informant Sadek went missing in May of 2014 while still on *assignment* with the Southeast Multi-County Agency Drug Task Force. About a month later his body was retrieved from the Red River with a bullet wound to the head.

Police said he somehow shot and drowned himself, and a coroner then closed the book on Sadek's untimely death, ruling it a suicide...


  1. So do you think Usseglio was murdered ?

  2. has nothing to do with any of his prior issues. how about you respect his family and friends at a time of extreme loss and suffering?

  3. This article is absolute garbage.

  4. I second both of the comments above me.

  5. The author of this article is a no good piece of shit. All you are doing is bad-mouthing a tremendous person in Dougie. You have absolutely zero personal connection to that fine young man, you are simply fishing for views. You are a pathetic human and a liar trying to take advantage of a tragic situation. No one was murdered, a family's loved one is dead and he deserves to rest in peace. How dare you

    1. "fine young man" as in, "soon to be convicted drug dealer?" I don't think so. Not with the drug problem in Massachusetts today. Fine young men don't profit off of other people's addictions.

  6. Fuck this author. Two completely irelivent things. If you're reading this, you will NEVER be a succsesful journalist. You make up bullshit stories for your sick crime porn website. A real piece of shit right here.

  7. What a malevolent piece of human excrement you are. You are a know-nothing hack-journalist-wannabe conjuring up imaginary conspiracies as click-bait. Despicable.

  8. i challenge you to investagate before you rewrite what you see in the other true news reporting agencys.someone just lost there child,i can only prey that YOU never feel the PAIN OF LOSING A CHILD!

  9. Is it not worth it to consider this? It's at least plausible and to ignore the connection would in fact be bad journalism

    1. What your doing here is trying to make connections with great irresponsibility. The fact here is that news is based on credibility and facts.....not plausibility. Fuck you, Fuck your blog, fuck your books, fuck your theories!

  10. Is it not worth it to consider this? It's at least plausible and to ignore the connection would in fact be bad journalism

  11. @Anonymous: We are re-posting the below response and news item verbatim. Apparently it vanished when you deleted your comment to which we (KK) were replying:

    [quote] We are truly sorry for your loss -- however [unnamed source] requested that we investigate and report on the alleged disappearance, assault and drowning in the state of New Hampshire of your loved one, Doug Usseglio, aged 22 from Waltham Massachusetts.

    Here is (in part) what was uncovered in our death inquiry:

    "Douglas Usseglio, 22, of 6 Hollace St., Waltham, was arrested shortly before 1:30 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 10, 2015, after he sold cocaine to members of the Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force, police said.

    "Waltham Police and the task force started an investigation on Usseglio in August, and purchased cocaine from Usseglio twice prior to Thursday’s transaction and arrest, police said.

    "According to police, the first purchase was for 7.3 grams, the second was for 11.5 grams, and the third, where Usseglio was arrested, was for 28 grams (one ounce).

    "Officials said Usseglio was arrested at the Burger King located at 822 Lexington St. He was charged with two counts of distributing cocaine, one count of cocaine trafficking, and one count of possession with intent to distribute. Police also seized an undisclosed amount of money from Usseglio.

    "Nicholas Haczynski, 21, of 586 Fuller St., Ludlow, was also arrested on Thursday afternoon in connection with the drug sale. He was charged with cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to violate the drug law..."

    Thank you for visiting this site and for taking the time to express your opinion and grief. Again, we extend our sincerest condolences, because it is our sole aim to end these bogus drowning deaths of these fine young men, regardless of who they are or their youthful transgressions.
    [end quote]

  12. I don't recall anyone reporting that he drowned...

  13. No matter what happened in this young mans life, the fact he's dead is disheartening. I give my respects to his friends and family who must be in deep grief at such a tremendous loss. This young man had a wonderful, meaningful life ahead. As far as the article about alleged drug trafficking, well i think its important because another young man died as a result of similar circumstances. WHAT IF Douglas was targeted from charges related to drugs and someone wanted to shut him up so further people couldn't be identified? I just think its important to consider all possibilities for Douglas and for justice (if called for) I dont care what mistakes Douglas might have made, he deserves all possible avenues investigated. May Douglas rest in eternal peace.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.