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Sunday, October 30, 2016

How Many Serial Rapists Attend UW-Madison?

Before UW-Madison senior Alec Cook (below) was arrested and rearrested this month for a string of brutal rapes, 25-percent of female students polled there admitted they had suffered campus sex assaults.

Cook himself is charged with perpetrating "dozens" of such attacks on young women he "stalked and groomed" at the midwestern university since, at least, 2015; in most cases leaving them physically battered and psychologically shamed into not reporting him.

Investigators revealed this week that the accused serial rapist also kept detailed "journals" in which he methodically tracked his "progress" with pre-targeted victims and even wrote the word "kill" beside some of their names.

The Phi Delta Theta frat member, rugby player and business major has so far been charged with nearly a dozen felonies for his alleged sex crimes -- which, prosecutors claim, include multiple rapes, false imprisonments and attempted strangulations -- as well as 15 related misdemeanors.

Alec Cook serial rape case: Madison police say “dozens of other females” now pressing charges against one of UW-Madison's worst sexual predators.

"Because, without Satan, God would have nothing to do."

Based on Alec Cook's troubling notebooks, police believe they may have apprehended one of UW-Madison's worst sex offenders before he was able to launch a full-blown 'mission' styled murder spree.

That's because, when they initially brought the suspect into custody and interrogated him for just a single charge of rape and choking in mid October, he further disclosed an unhealthy fascination with both "the Christian god" and "Satan."

Little else is known about this young man's history at the moment, though. But, through statistics, experts do now know that it's a small number of males like him who are responsible for the vast majority of all rapes committed within their jurisdictions.

And that, coupled with Cook's "systematic" documentation, the level of sadism his victims claim he subjected them to is consistent with the type of predator who advances into the realm of serial killing.

"Your complainant believes that the book could document other victims of criminal acts."

For Alec Cook, everything unraveled after allegedly luring, raping and almost strangling a University of Wisconsin coed at his apartment on the evening of October 12th, then asking her, "What's your schedule? When can I see you again?"

The unnamed woman reported the violent 3-hour sexual assault to a close relative that very same night, then pressed charges against her attacker four days later.

In the weeks since she filed her criminal complaint against Alec Cook, however, Madison detectives say they've received "dozens" of identical complaints about him from other females he assaulted, stalked and/or groped in the past year.

Yet Cook seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for colleges like UW-Madison, where one in four female students complain that they too have fallen prey to sexual assault and harassment on campus ... and to the surprisingly lackadaisical attitude of school administrators regarding their right to be safe.

Which makes you have to wonder: How many serial rapists does the University of Wisconsin at Madison really have?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Stop! Prevent your death. Go no farther."

The recreational drownings of two experienced cave divers on October 16th demonstrate that accidents do happen sometimes, even to water specialists.

Unlike the victims in The Case of the Drowning Men, 53-year-old Patrick Peacock and his 38-year-old dive partner Chris Rittenmeyer met a watery end on purpose when the pair scoffed at the Grim Reaper's posted warning below to "Stop! Prevent your death. Go no farther," and dove into Florida's perilous cave system, Eagle's Nest.

Several hours later, lost in a mile-long labyrinth of underwater passageways which extend more than 300 feet in depth, they ran out of air together and drowned.

"There's nothing in this cave worth dying for! Do not go beyond this point."

A third less-daring companion, whom Peacock and Rittenmeyer had stationed at the entrance of the cave to wait for them, reported the two men missing after they both failed to resurface as planned.

Would-be rescuers then arrived en masse at the infamous Weeki Wachee site where so many other adventurers have similarly perished and searched its deep-sea chasms and tunnels in vain until nightfall.

Another dive team finally located the lifeless bodies of Patrick Peacock and Chris Rittenmeyer on the following morning in a "very dangerous and complex area" of Eagle's Nest.

They had died "in close proximity to one another in about 260 feet of water," most likely after they each "whited out" from a pressure-induced condition known as Nitrogen Narcosis and their air tanks drained.

Eponymous Rox

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Teen Goes Down the Drain in NH Flashflood

PHOTO: The hunt is on for a Nashua NH teen believed to have gone down the drain during a flashflood this weekend.

At one point during Friday's relentless downpours, rain was falling on drought stricken New Hampshire at the rate of three inches per hour, activating a succession of dangerous surges and emergency alerts.

That much fast-flowing water also caused some cities' storm-drainage systems to become so overwhelmed so quickly that metal sewer covers started "popping off."

Today, a missing storm cap is what Nashua police think led to the sudden disappearance of Jacob Goulet as he was walking home late Friday night from a friend's place.

Nashua New Hampshire teen Jacob Goulet feared #downthedrain during flashfloodSeveral agencies are now actively searching Nashua's waterways for the 16-year-old, who was officially listed as missing on Saturday morning when he didn't make it home as expected.

Goulet was already thought to have gone down the drain the night before when someone called 911 to report that possibility just before 10 p.m. -- the same hour the youth was seen passing through the neighborhood on foot.

Though the caller hadn't actually witnessed him being sucked into the drainage hole, a number of personal items later found near the drain's opening were identified as belonging to the still-missing teenager.

New Hampshire's Public Radio station is reporting at this hour that teams are probing both the Nashua River and the Merrimack River for Jacob Goulet's body, while officials continue to monitor the city's flooded storm system as well.

Goulet stands 5-foot-8-inches tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. He has black hair shaven into a mohawk and was wearing a studded denim vest, gray shirt, dark shorts and black sneakers when he vanished.

Anyone who knows of his current whereabouts or who comes across his remains is asked to call the Nashua Police Department immediately at 603-594-3500.

Eponymous Rox

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Burned Dismembered Man "Not" Missing RAF Pilot Corrie McKeague

The burned and dismembered body found stuffed inside a suitcase in Derbyshire "is not missing RAF pilot Corrie McKeague."

The charred remains of "a male under 50 years of age" were discovered last week by a pedestrian and have set off a "Europe-wide" homicide investigation to identify the victim and his killer/s.

According to the Manchester Evening News, despite the torched corpse being "without a head and without limbs," postmortem analyses has confirmed that it isn't Corrie McKeague.

Meanwhile, though, the whereabouts of this Scottish-born airman are still unaccounted for after the 23-year-old disappeared late in September; presumably after leaving a Suffolk pub on foot.

He literally seems to have vanished in thin air while walking the 10-mile trek back to his base in Honington.

“You have to assume there is some motive there to disguise the body."

UK investigators say the "badly burned" and mutilated body recovered from a Derbyshire green-way on October 10, 2016 was likely deposited the day before.

The nature strip is situated alongside the A628 between the Flounch/Tintwistle roundabout and is commonly frequented by dog-walkers and hikers.

Homicide detectives are therefore eager to speak with anyone who was there on Sunday October 9th, and are further urging the public to check on the status of loved ones, coworkers and neighbors and to immediately report those who've gone missing.

UK officials are also appealing to motorists filmed by traffic cams using the roundabout on that date to voluntarily "ring in with the make and model of their vehicle" as well as the approximate time they passed through the area.

Anybody with any info at all should contact the Derbyshire police via 101 and reference 'Incident 58' in their call, or, alternately, submit the tip directly to CrimeStoppers at 0800-555-111.

"There's absolutely nothing at the moment to suggest any criminality."

All investigative leads into the sudden disappearance of RAF pilot Corrie McKeague have been pursued and yet British authorities are no closer to solving his weird missing persons case than they were three weeks ago when he first fell off the radar.

Throughout that time, both professional and volunteer searchers have been scouring land and water for the missing airman, even utilizing cadaver dogs, dive specialists, and helicopters.

Theories abound, fears have been stoked, but police claim they don't believe McKeague was the victim of a crime nor do they suspect any "third party involvement."

Still, there was nothing unusual about the long and winding journey that this athletic youth embarked upon during the predawn hours of September 24, 2016, insist his anxious family and friends. 

The fact, however, that he never made it to his intended destination -- and hasn't been seen or heard from since -- is more than a little vexing.

Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male with short brown hair, and was wearing a pale-pink polo shirt and white slacks on the day he disappeared.

Dial 101 if you know what happened to him.

Eponymous Rox

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Who Let the Clowns Out?

Whether clowns are wearing three-piece suits and running for high office or multicolored jumpers with big hair and large shoes, they've always been sort of scary. But a number of recent clown sightings have gotten people downright terrified...

"Vote Hillary. Or else."

Who let the clowns out this year? Contrary to popular opinion, the first truly troubling appearance of a bona fide clown in 2016 wasn't when presidential hopeful Donald Trump staged 'a hostile takeover' of the GOP nomination.

It started this past summer when 'Gags the Clown' launched his silent and still-unexplained midnight forays through the darkened streets of Green Bay Wisconsin.

Since then, the creepy-clown phenomena has steadily spread eastward across America, and now, as winter begins to approach, it's heading south along the U.S. coast.

Confrontations with clowns are no laughing matter: Many of us bear deep, invisible scars from too many close encounters with abrasive clowns when we were kids; usually at birthday parties or when the circus came to town.

But how would you feel if one had come up to you at a public playground and then tried "to lure" you into the woods? Or if a group of them chased you and your friends while hurtling sticks and curse words? Or if an assortment of clownish entities were stalking and harassing you on Facebook?!

That's what allegedly happened to several youngsters this autumn in states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

In fact, one 12-year-old from Pottsville PA told reporters at WNEP TV that he'd just witnessed a child his own age fleeing a local park and screaming about having come across a group of clowns "eating something" in a wooded area nearby.

Lone clowns and clown clusters are NOT Halloween pranks: As stores stock up on clowning gear and Trump masks for the upcoming trick-or-treat season, law enforcement agencies are issuing warnings to parents of young children to be wary of clowns wherever and whenever they see them.

State and federal authorities haven't said yet if scary clowns do represent a genuine new threat to public safety, but they're also not dismissing the trend as merely due to mass hysteria or copycatting either.

Consequently, many officials are now heavily policing their districts, for fear that these weird, costumed individuals might be "sexual predators."

Just say NO to clowns: Whether they're wearing a painted smile or a sad-sack's frown (or an expensive suit and tie) there is absolutely nothing funny about being followed or fondled by a clown.

So, effective immediately, and until further notice, we at Killing Killers are advising you and yours to actively shun such types.

Especially if they're foul mouthed, ill tempered, and sporting a funky comb-over do.

Eponymous Rox