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Sunday, October 30, 2016

How Many Serial Rapists Attend UW-Madison?

Before UW-Madison senior Alec Cook (below) was arrested and rearrested this month for a string of brutal rapes, 25-percent of female students polled there admitted they had suffered campus sex assaults.

Cook himself is charged with perpetrating "dozens" of such attacks on young women he "stalked and groomed" at the midwestern university since, at least, 2015; in most cases leaving them physically battered and psychologically shamed into not reporting him.

Investigators revealed this week that the accused serial rapist also kept detailed "journals" in which he methodically tracked his "progress" with pre-targeted victims and even wrote the word "kill" beside some of their names.

The Phi Delta Theta frat member, rugby player and business major has so far been charged with nearly a dozen felonies for his alleged sex crimes -- which, prosecutors claim, include multiple rapes, false imprisonments and attempted strangulations -- as well as 15 related misdemeanors.

Alec Cook serial rape case: Madison police say “dozens of other females” now pressing charges against one of UW-Madison's worst sexual predators.

"Because, without Satan, God would have nothing to do."

Based on Alec Cook's troubling notebooks, police believe they may have apprehended one of UW-Madison's worst sex offenders before he was able to launch a full-blown 'mission' styled murder spree.

That's because, when they initially brought the suspect into custody and interrogated him for just a single charge of rape and choking in mid October, he further disclosed an unhealthy fascination with both "the Christian god" and "Satan."

Little else is known about this young man's history at the moment, though. But, through statistics, experts do now know that it's a small number of males like him who are responsible for the vast majority of all rapes committed within their jurisdictions.

And that, coupled with Cook's "systematic" documentation, the level of sadism his victims claim he subjected them to is consistent with the type of predator who advances into the realm of serial killing.

"Your complainant believes that the book could document other victims of criminal acts."

For Alec Cook, everything unraveled after allegedly luring, raping and almost strangling a University of Wisconsin coed at his apartment on the evening of October 12th, then asking her, "What's your schedule? When can I see you again?"

The unnamed woman reported the violent 3-hour sexual assault to a close relative that very same night, then pressed charges against her attacker four days later.

In the weeks since she filed her criminal complaint against Alec Cook, however, Madison detectives say they've received "dozens" of identical complaints about him from other females he assaulted, stalked and/or groped in the past year.

Yet Cook seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for colleges like UW-Madison, where one in four female students complain that they too have fallen prey to sexual assault and harassment on campus ... and to the surprisingly lackadaisical attitude of school administrators regarding their right to be safe.

Which makes you have to wonder: How many serial rapists does the University of Wisconsin at Madison really have?


  1. I have wondered that myself. My daughter goes to school there and had a class with this guy. He tried to get close to her but fortunately her angels and her good intuition kept her from connecting. The university really needs to step up and support their students. It seems to be a problem at many universities. My daughter has told me some pretty shocking things she has seen there.
    The drinking is out of control. Two weeks ago, a young man with whom she was acquainted they think, was slipped something in his drink, and ended up in the hospital, it had many characteristics of the Sfk, only he ended up safe.
    Thankful for your thoughts always.

  2. @Profiler - Glad to hear your young woman had good instincts and escaped harm. This suspect had a history which the university "knew or should have known" about, so that's a looming legal problem for administrators now. When schools are held fully accountable for failing to provide equal protections then campus assaults, stalking and sexual harassment will stop.

    Thank you for visiting this site and for commenting as well.