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KILLING KILLERS full-time SEO blogger Eponymous Rox writes about cops, curs and killers and has been featured on NBC and in Crime Magazine. The author is also a regular contributor to the GatherNews network, CrimeMagazine.com and Associated Content. Read and follow true crime special coverage of today's top trending crime stories, major trial and case updates, plus more on Killing Killers.

MISSION: "As a researcher and author of true crime, I focus my attention on the forensics of cases which have gone cold or remain inactive in police files, especially those that involve more than one homicide committed in more than one offense. That's because I don't only write about these atrocities, I try to solve them.
"Of necessity, my work also explores the complex machinations of a criminal justice system which far too often seems to allow certain perpetrators to literally get away with murder. Punishment of "evildoers" without exception is critical to the health and wellbeing of any civilized society, so the crimes of a dangerous perp who has somehow routinely eluded justice, or the full force of the law, are the ones I feel compelled to bring to the public's attention.
"Such is the case of career criminal Dr. Amy Bishop, who mass murdered her fellow biology professors at the University of Alabama in 2010. Download my true crime report THE BUTCHER OF BRAINTREE and find out why the Huntsville Massacre could have easily been avoided; how Bishop was aided in avoiding prosecution in 1986 for the coldblooded murder of her 18-year-old brother Seth; and the many other violent acts she went on to plot and execute in the decades that followed his brutal shooting. Available in digital editions @ Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
"In that same vein, my ‘Smiley Face Killers’ investigation takes an in-depth look at a controversy that’s been swelling in America’s northland ever since the first strange disappearance and drowning death of young Patrick McNeill in 1997. If you haven’t heard of the famous Smiley Face serial murders before, download THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, in plain text or fully illustrated, and familiarize yourself with the details of it now. Are these really all just accidental drownings, like the police adamantly claim? Or is there a sinister new kind of serial killer targeting college-age men in the area and collecting hundreds of victims in the Interstate 90 and Interstate 94 corridor throughout the past 15 years? I give you the startling answer to this mystery and reveal my methodology along the way. Preview the THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN now on this website and find all editions @ Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
"And now you can also follow the latest developments in the Smiley Face serial killer case in my newly launched periodical HUNTING SMILEY. Find survivor interviews, breaking news, case updates, and new evidence in this fully illustrated, 8"x10" paperback publication. This quarter's issue is out now for only $7.99 on Amazon.
"My investigative piece DUNGEONS, DRAGONS, MURDER is about a wily teenage mass murderer who opened the gates for many more of his ilk by coldly plotting and executing his entire family in the1980’s. Review the facts of the case and the bizarre crime spree that led up to a bloodbath so heartless and gruesome it was dubbed by upstate New Yorkers as “the crime of the century”. I piece together evidence, autopsies, police reports, his confessions, and more, to realistically reenact the massacre, and then I show you why I believe this psychopath has killed at least once before―and since. AVAILABLE NOW in both digital editions and a double feature discount paperback.
"Next up for my new Profiles In Crime series, I'll be introducing the reknowned ne'er-do-well and depraved 'Preppie Killer ' Robert Chambers. Follow me as I track his astonishing life of privilege and crime in a neverending spree that began in the 1980's when he strangled 18-year-old Jennifier Levin in Central Park New York, allegedly during an act of "rough sex". A liar, a thief, a drug addict and a psychotic murderer, Chambers was released in 2003...see why he's back in jail again, this time until at least 2023.
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  1. Here's a new (old) one for you from 2004. http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/l/lobdell_anthony.html

    Exchange student Anthony "Tony" Lobdell from INDIANA disappeared by drowning while studying in Argentina. Exact same MO as all the others.....

  2. http://www.wisn.com/news/police-search-for-missing-man-in-wisconsin-dells/30940056