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An in depth look at the drowning death of actress Natalie Wood in November 1981: The "accidental" ruling in Wood's death has finally been overturned due to the recent determination by LA's county coroner that extensive bruising on the front and back of the victim's body is totally inconsistent with injuries derived in an ordinary ocean drowning. Wood's cold case is in the very early stages of a homicide investigation now, with her husband at the time, actor Robert Wagner, the prime suspect. Christopher Walken was also present the night that Natalie Wood--in the midst of a heated altercation with her soused spouse--disappeared from Wagner's yacht The Splendour. Wagner waited almost two hours after his wife went overboard before calling rescuers, during which time Wood perished. Of the two famous leading men on the luxury vessel that night, only Christopher Walken is cooperating with investigators; Wagner has gone into hiding at his mansion. In my examination of this famous drowning incident, I'll be comparing the Wood "accident" and her autopsy with the "accidental drowning" and autopsy findings of 22-year-old Joshua Swalls. Swalls' body was pulled out of a shallow retention pond in downtown Indianapolis this past November, a full three weeks after he mysteriously vanished. That pond had already been thoroughly searched by tactical divers within only days of his initial disappearance and his body is estimated to have only been in it for about a week...yet police have closed their investigation. How are these two suspicious water fatalities related? (Read on for the answer.)

The Kennebunk Zumba Prostitution Scandal

Citing rough seas, bad weather and a lack of clues, police and rescue divers from the wintery state of Maine officially called off a search for two university students who vanished into thin air on the 20th of December 2012...only a week after they went missing.

Yet that doesn't put an end to the mystery that still shrouds this baffling disappearance.

Wells, 21 and a native of Vermont, and Wright, 23 from Massachusetts, were both graduate students at the Landing School for boat design in Arundel, Maine. They were last seen drinking beer together right around the witching hour during a small house-party hosted at Wells' home in Kennebunkport.

Where the pair of experienced boatmen went after that is anybody's guess now, but when one of Wells' roommates woke at 4AM to go downstairs and turn off a blaring stereo, he says nobody was there.

Kennebunkport is not only home to the accredited post-secondary yachting school that Wells and Wright attended, but has also been a favorite vacationing destination of the Bush family who own a sizable piece of property in that small coastal community.

Referred to generally as "the compound" the Bush's Kennebunkport mansion is situated on Walker's Point and has been in the family for over a century. The historic and stately residence is only about three miles from Wells' and Wright's last known location and is primarily used during the summer months, but heavily guarded year-round by Secret Service agents.

Even the air space over the Bush compound has been formally declared 'prohibited' by the U.S. government.

Although both Wright and Wells were quickly declared deceased by their families and funeral services held for each, Landing School administrators, friends and family all asserted that neither missing young man had any history of unexplained absences or wandering off even for a day without telling anyone.  A fact that only deepens the riddle of their premature "deaths" as far as locals are concerned.

Moreover, each victim left behind a cell phone and a wallet, and were anticipating traveling soon to their respective states in order to spend the Christmas holidays with family.

Only one of them owned a vehicle--that too remained parked in Wells' Kennebunkport driveway.

Rumors of foul play abound, not only due to the oddness of this case and the unusual reaction of the victims' loved ones, but also because Prescott Wright shared the same surname as controversial "zumba" dance instructor, private eye, and alleged prostitute Alexis Wright, also in her twenties.

Interestingly enough, both Wrights maintained addresses in neighboring Kennebunk, and within the exact same timeframe. However, numerous inquiries as to whether these two might have been somehow related were never answered.

Currently awaiting trial for over a hundred charges of secretly entertaining and filming her johns at her once-popular but now-notorious dance studio, Alexis Wright boasted a *clientele* list that included scores of prominent men throughout the region. Among these gents, politicians, police officers, mayors, and even one john identified only as "a cattle rancher".

When warrants were issued for their arrest, many of these wealthy and powerful individuals secretly turned themselves in to another jurisidiction to avoid publicity, and, even though the suspects' identities were to be released anyway, as is required by law in all 50 states, to the date hereof only a few dozen have been named.

The fact that Alexis Wright was a private investigator with no previous criminal record, and her partner in prostitution also licensed as such, gives the appearance of a major political sting operation, so the sudden disappearance and presumed-death of Prescott Wright, if indeed a relative of the defendant, seems additionally suspicious.

However, investigators said there was no evidence of any type of disturbance at Wells' Kennebunkport home where the missing students were last seen alive, and the intensive weeklong search for the pair conducted in water and on land only produced their clothes and two life vests, but "no signs of foul play."

Those articles were allegedly discovered strewn on a small, nearby island which is accessible from shore by foot during low tides, but otherwise cut off except by watercraft.

Police theorize the two youths may have kayaked out there and gotten stranded, but all boating vehicles in the immediate area, including Wright's,  were accounted for, and none were reported stolen after the fact.

Officials also said that while utilizing sophisticated sonar to scan the sea bottom in the vicinity of where Wells and Wright were thought to have last been, they received two distinct radar blips. But when divers specifically checked in those locations they reportedly found nothing of interest.

So...what happened then?

1. Did Wells and Wright muck out onto temporarily exposed sandbars in a drunken stupor, then accidentally fall in when wading back and drown trying to save each other?

2. Had the hapless twosome inadvertently trespassed onto forbidden land in their early morning meanderings and met up with some dire consequences? 

3. Were they abducted for a soon-to-be-announced ransom and their clothing placed on the desolate island as a distraction by the perpetrators?

4. Did one friend slay the other in an inebriated fit of anger and then go into hiding in hopes the matter blows over someday?

5. Have these clever guys elaborately staged a dual disappearance and death so to run away together and start a brand new life?

6. Or did the 'Smiley Face' killers deviate from their usual motif of only one victim per locale per night, in search of more challenging prey?

Still hunting for the answers and carefully watching the legal proceedings regarding the Zumba Queen's upcoming trial. In the meantime, anyone with any information whatsoever about this very strange missing/drowned case should contact the Kennebunkport Police Department at 207-967-2454.

Zachary Wells was described as black-haired with hazel eyes, five-foot-eight and 150 pounds. Prescott Wright was brown-haired and blue-eyed, six-foot-four and 200 pounds.

Both men were evidently naked just before they died.


The Long Island Serial Killer
read DUNGEONS, DRAGONS, MURDER by Eponymous Rox, and see.

It broke in 2010 with the story of a missing New Jersey woman who made a desperate 911 call from a home in the exclusive Oak Beach community of Long Island, New York.

Shannan Gilbert had told the 911 operator that night they were going to kill her, and, sure enough, when the cops didn't come, the young woman died.

So, why didn't the authorities show up right away? And why didn't they look for her until almost a year after she went missing?

Because, like many of the other victims the police discovered when they finally did start searching those godforsaken swamps along Ocean Parkway, Shannan Gilbert was a Craigslist callgirl, just having "a problem" with her John.

Eleven bodies and counting so far, and the Oak Beach residents are keeping mum...

Is one of them a serial killer?

The status of this case is active but remains unsolved. The Suffolk County Police Department is still in charge of the investigation, declining the FBI's offer to provide assistance. SCPD officials say they continue to process clues from the crime scene and tips from the public. They are currently operating on a theory that more than one killer is responsible.

The Parkway Predator

The Colonial Parkway in Virginia is a 23-mile stretch of highway that runs through one of the most historic regions in America. A national scenic byway known for its pristine vistas and panaromic pullovers, the Parkway is off limits to all commercial development and traffic and is one of only 27 such routes in the whole of the United States.

With its unspoiled, toll-free journey through the former colonies of Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg, the Colonial Parkway provides travelers with an authentic and tranquil excursion into our pre-revolutionary past, and has become a major tourist destination since its implementation in the 1930's.

But beneath the Parkway's peaceful and breathtaking beauty lies an ugliness that can't be seen with the naked eye or captured in a postcard: There's a serial murderer preying along its roadsides.

The status of this case is active but unsolved and Killing Killers' investigation into it is currently ongoing. If you have any information to contribute to this in-depth analysis, and/or evidence you would like to be considered for inclusion in the pending publication, please feel free to contact us.

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