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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Twisted Tweets and Demons: Teleka Patrick Tortured, Still Missing

"I can't take much more of this," Dr. Teleka Patrick tweeted on December fourth, just one day before she deleted her Twitter accounts and mysteriously vanished from Kalamazoo Michigan without a trace:

"There are normal ways to contact people you know," she added in her highly public reproach of a thus-far unidentified recipient, "but you reach me through a demonic power. That gives demons power over me and dilutes my spiritual authority."

Dozens of not-so-sweet nothings like that one were posted online in the days, weeks and months before Patrick disappeared. A fact which even her family seemed unaware of until now and which has led investigators to at last conclude that the missing woman vanished on purpose for "emotional reasons."

Whatever turns out to be the explanation for her puzzling absence, one thing has become crystal clear: Teleka Patrick was a tormented soul. And that was manifested in a tortuous and allegedly unrequited obsession with a Grammy-winning gospel singer who Patrick likely began to perceive was actually a devil.

"Because you are using a demon to contact me, when I turn my heart towards you, it passes through a demonic power. When I say I love you, I am also saying I love you to a demon because that is how you made me fall for you," she plaintively posted via @PatientMunchkin.

Patrick's apparent descent into madness seems to have happened quite suddenly, since only last spring the otherwise outwardly contented 30-year-old had graduated with a medical degree and a doctorate in biochemistry.

Today, however, people close to her and afar are speculating that she took those accolades all the way from California to Western Michigan University School of Medicine solely to be near to the object of her desire, Reverend Marvin Sapp, and against his express wishes.

By September 2013 that unwavering fixation had developed into outright stalking and thus earned the new and religiously devout doctor a restraining order from Sapp, at which point her tweets show her coming unhinged.

"I basically got papers in the mail which were a whole bunch of lies," she cryptically acknowledged on Twitter. "I chose not to fight anything. If I was really guilty, I would have just started spreading lies about you. Or the truth. That's just as bad. But I'm not that type of person. I answer to God. That is why I protect you."

The brilliant but addled Dr. Patrick then disappeared after completing shift-work at Borgess Hospital on December 5th 2013, and has not been seen or heard from again. 

All her online profiles and bank accounts have similarly gone inactive.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kansas Killer Strikes Again? Michael Packard Found Dead

This weekend popular DJ Michael Packard unwittingly joined a growing list of missing young males found dead in the Lawrence Kansas area:

The 26-year-old vanished New Year's eve while "working the door" at the Granada Theater. 

He was officially reported missing by friends when he subsequently failed to show for a regular disc jockey gig at the Bottleneck bar on Thursday evening. 

Following a fruitless search for him, Packard's corpse was just discovered Friday on the grounds of Clinton State Park. 

Why he would have gone there at all still remains a mystery, but, as with other young men who've met up with a similar fate in this district recently, police are already claiming there was "no foul play" involved in either his disappearance or premature demise.

However, a cause of death for Michael Packard has yet to be determined.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

$10,000 QUESTION: Where is Dr. Teleka Patrick?

Baffling case of missing doctor Teleka Patrick gets even weirder with new revelations she "was hearing voices" and stalking Marvin Sapp -- a Grammy-winning gospel singer and popular Michigan pastor -- for over a year. Read up-to-date coverage of this developing story now, and read Killing Killer's original missing-person alert dated 12/19/13 below:

Dr. Patrick disappeared from Kalamazoo Michigan on December 5th 2013 and has not been seen or heard from since.

The 30-year-old new doctor-in-residence at Borgess Medical Center vanished under very peculiar circumstances and now authorities from two states and her loved ones are left to work with odd pieces of a puzzle in hopes of finding her again:

Dr. Teleka PatrickWho mysteriously cell-phoned Patrick the day before she vanished causing her such visible distress?

Why did she attempt to get a hotel room near to the hospital where she worked when she had her own apartment?

Why was her car observed driven "erratically" a few hours later on Interstate 94 in Indiana, only to be found shortly thereafter abandoned at the side of that highway with a flat tire?

Where did she then go on foot, presuming she was the driver?

And where is this brilliant woman now?

Teleka Patrick is an African-American female about 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She went missing from the same medical facility -- and in the same manner -- as 30-year old out patient Shay Lynn Eisenhardt in 2003.

Eisenhardt's remains where discovered three years later scattered in a wooded area across from the hospital grounds.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information which leads to Dr. Patrick's return. Anyone who knows what may have happened to her and/or her current whereabouts is asked to call 911 or Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.

The young doctor has been gone without a trace for more than two weeks ... time is of the essence.

NOTE: Found drowned -- "no foul play suspected".

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cause of Minneapolis Explosion Still Unknown

Fire and incendiary experts investigating the Minneapolis explosion early this morning are still stumped as to its cause:

The massive blast quickly resulted in a three-alarm blaze which then all but totaled a three-storey apartment building close to the university. 

Putting that fire out was additionally hampered by the intensity of 20-foot flames and sub-zero temperatures.

Over a dozen victims of the Minneapolis explosion have now been hospitalized, police say, with nearly half of those people being treated for critical injuries.

Firetrucks and cop cruisers arrived shortly after the initial explosion to find a number of frantic residents jumping from the engulfed building's upper windows.

No fatalities have been reported yet, but a spokesperson for fire-and-rescue warned that not all the occupants of the commercial building have been accounted for yet.

At the time this story went to press, the suspicious Minnesota conflagration has been brought under control. However, inspectors say the top floors collapsed and the entire site is too unstable to conduct a search for remains.

City records indicate there were ten rental units in the heavily damaged structure. All but one had tenants in them.

This story is developing; bookmark for updates.

2014: Happy New Year from Eponymous Rox

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014, everyone!  Be safe, be good, prosper.   -- E.R.

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