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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Police renew search for missing college student

The Search For Colin Gillis Is On Again

With hunting season about to go full speed, New York State Police and officers from the Department of Environmental Conservation in the Tupper Lake region have renewed their efforts to locate the now-19-year-old Colin Gillis, calling on hunters to assist them in finding articles of the young man's clothing, or worse, even his body.
Missing since March of 2012, Gillis was home for spring break and had attended a party with his friends on the evening of March 10th. He is said to have left that event alone on foot in the early morning hours of March 11th and was last sighted by a passing motorist walking along Route 3 in the direction of his family’s nearby Piercefield home.
He never made it there.
The eyewitness, a local newsman driving his elderly mother to her residence in the town of Tupper Lake, had promptly driven to the nearest police station to report that he’d observed a young man (who would later match Gillis’ description) apparently in “distress” and “flailing his arms” to oncoming traffic. Police said they immediately went to the area in question but, by the time they got there, the youth, presumed now to be Gillis, had already vanished.
In the days and weeks following his mysterious disappearance, numerous law enforcement agencies and nearly a 1000 community members searched over 2000 acres of Adirondack woodland as well as all the nearby waterways, but there was no sign of Gillis. There was also no indication anywhere of someone having fallen through the ice and drowning either, by now an established pattern of death in these strange disappearances of college-age men in the I-90 and I-94 corridor, since 1997.
Oddly enough, the only item belonging to Collin Gillis which was recovered in the massive ground and air rescue attempt was his driver's license, clearly indicating that he’d been asked for identification by whomever it was that had stopped him that darkened morning. It’s obvious too that Gillis did in fact produce a picture ID 'on the spot' for the yet unknown subject or subjects involved, because his license was found at the side of the very highway he’d last been observed walking on before he went missing.
Gillis was a pre-med student in his sophomore year at Brockport University and is described as 6’1” tall, 170 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was clothed in a black and white striped shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers, and was carrying (or wearing) a reversible black and red L.L. Bean jacket together with an orange and black day pack.
Foul play is strongly suspected in the Gillis disappearance and therefore the official inquiry into it remains active and the search status labeled as “continuous”. This means, in addition to an ongoing but sporadic investigation, exercises and drills are also being routinely conducted in and around the location the victim was last known to have been at between March 10th and March 11th, 2012.
“In the past, we’ve had hunters come across things that have helped us locate people,” DEC spokesperson David Winchell explained last week.

The Gillis family is also offering a substantial financial reward for their loved one’s return or for information about what may have happened to him. Although heartbroken and worried, they remain optimistic. “We are still hopeful and we await Colin's arrival every day," his brother Lyndon recently stated. 
With late autumn baring the trees and a wider range of visibility as a result, it is hoped that savvy outdoorsman may more easily spy something of interest as they prowl the woods for game this season.
Anybody who does come across such items, or who has any information at all concerning the Collin Gillis case, is asked to contact Ray Brook State Police headquarters at 518-897-2000, or the DEC dispatch at 518-897-1300. 


  1. Gillis went missing the day after Hecht. They found Hecht near Pleasant street and a previous march 10 victim was hayduk ,that went to a Pleasant Street bar. The word origin of the name hecht is Fisher so we have Fisher and (Gill)is- BTW the location where they found Hayduk is in Adams Falcons name(coal)(dam) and it is not unusual for the details of one disappearance to mirror that of another like this.I think they knew Blatz was found by a fisherman so they killed Pike,Nate Fish Williams-(his nickname), Shaffer who was the ugly Tuna victim,Beasely who was the fish Lake victim and Hecht and Gillis. Blatz was missing an arm. just compare the Albany victim,Riddley and Middlebury victim to Blatz. Albany victim at a Pearl Street bar-Blatz at a Pearl Street bar. Riddley victim at Bootlegggers and Blatz at Sneaker's Bar. Middlebury victim at the bridge at the Lacrosse playing field,with a tooth knocked out and Blatz in LaCrosse ,Wisconsin. Take the first letters of the 3 cities and it spells arm.

    I think they killed Pike and then the victim at Fish lake named James Beasley. I think they also got Abel Bolanos in Ames,Iowa and Kaneaukua. In the name James Beasley is Ames and Abel -J(ames) (Bea)s(l)ey. I think they dumped Matt LaCrosse at the State Street Bridge and killed him the same day as Fleishmann because Fleishmann who worked at (Max)im Healthcare, mirrors that of the victim found at State Street named Max Walker.

    I think they removed the sneaker of blatz,that left sneakers bar, and attached him to the (BAR)ge. They put it at the indian statue and when they killed Jenkins who was dressed like an indian when he left the lone tree bar ,I think they put him in a pose like the indian and attached him to a tree. I think they killed (walk)er in Mil(walk)ee and attached hayduk to a barge in point (Mar)ion. I think they killed Blatz at a Pearl Street Bar and knew Shaffer had a Pearl Jam Tattoo. I think they knew Bruce Pearl was Homan's coach and knew he was a walk on for the team and that Homan played center in High School just before they killed Walker who was in town for a convention at the Bradley (Center).. I think they Killed Szostak on Pearl also

    I also have a strong suspicion where Shaffer,Williams and Fleischmann were left after they were killed. They still have not been found.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Tennessee. I think I've come across your calculations on Footprints...am I right? Definitely see the patterns you're pointing to in a number of these cases, but not all of them, although I do agree with you there is definite linkage.

    You yourself believe then that the drownings are genuine and premeditated serial killings ... but who are the killers in your opinion, why are *they* doing it, and, more importantly, how come they haven't gotten caught in over 15 years? (Your working theory, if you please. I set forth my own research, methodology and findings in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN.)

    Interested in reading your linkage in the Swalls' drowning this month too, as well as Maddula's, Dailey's, Garcia's, Gerken's and all the other 2012 ones. Post it here whenever you have a moment, if you like, and add more 2012 cases that I may have overlooked but which fit the Smiley Face motif. (I am always tracking these disappearances and deaths.)


    P.S. Now you have me really intrigued--where do you think Shaffer, Williams and Fleischmann were dumped?

  3. Garcia was on a Beacon Street bar. This mirrors what was playing at the theater where another young man went missing.- The Green Lantern Also there was someone that was joining the CIA and someone at the Lamplighter Pub.

    The patterns of victims mirroring each other match the alleged graffiti that was found,which I myself was skeptical of and I did not plan it that way.
    Noble was found at White Mill dam which used to be a sawmill. Saw Mill is in the name Williams. The name Nate is in the name Athens which is where Noble was. If this works in reverse then I would assume Williams is near a power station ,power lines,etc. I would also assume he is near Bone Lake. As you may know Nate's middle name is Edison. I learned in grade school that not just Edison experimented with electricity but so did Benjamin Franklin and he did it with a kite. Kite is in the name Keith. keith was a victim in Franklin County. Bone is in the name Noble. we already know Justin Bogart hayduk was found near the Humphrey mine so a power line would be a similar pattern.

    Bone lake would make sense if you killed Barker and the Dapper Dog victim also.

    The alleged grafitti was flow with the fishes-god grants pure wishes. electricity and water flows. God backwards is dog and a dogs wish is a bone

    Flow with the fishes may tell us about Shaffer. Fish swim in Schools.
    Shaffer was at a High Street Bar called the Ugly Tuna.
    The middle bury victim may even give us a more exact location-In the middle of a field where they play LaCrosse. Hecht being a victim may tell us also. Hecht is from Greenfield.

    There was also the curse on the men in Washington. Noble was in Franklin county and at a party on Washington.

    Fleishmann was probably dumped near Davidson- copies name of officer and near the kennel.

    Gillis may be near Piercefield Flow or a school-notice the name of the street where belongings were found- Setting POLE Dam Road-hardly seems like a random disappearance.

    I still notice thins about some older cases . For instance,not only was Albert Campbell a Clarkson student,he was found a mile down the river. That would put him at Riverside Drive.
    It was a Riverside Drive in another state where the Fort campbell soldier went missing in Clarksville. He was from Bellingham. So when dwight Clark went missing in Bellingham that was odd also. These things could be coincidence ,but the problem is there are way too many instances like this for that too be possible.

    Have you ever seen this story. Pretty weird.

  4. Oh don't think I mentioned-It was LT David Williams that made comments to the media on The Noble case.

  5. Gillis like Shaffer was a med student. For me the one disappearance that stands out for me around Pearl Harbor Day is Soumakis who was from Longmeadow. He disappears like some others in Illinois and like the others is staying at the Sheraton. Short and North are both inside the name Sheraton which is the other bar Shaffer who had the pearl jam tattoo went to.

    Illinois is in Gillis's name. I suspect if they killed the Dapper dog victim,Bryan Barker,ect,they will also repeat this with their dogs names or breeds,ect. Gillis goes to a party in Tupper Lake. Here we have a possible pet clue . We can rearrange it to make pearl-pet -Uk.
    Gillis's belongings are found on Setting Pole Dam road so I would guess this could be a reference to an irish Setter.

    Remember that Shaffer had the Pearl Jam tattoo. The death of Gillis could mainly be meant to mirror Shaffer's disappearance or even give a location.

    It may be no coincidence Hecht went to the Shamrock Shindig or that he was at the address of 1111. Victims were previously found at Pier 11 which is another reason Gillis may be near or in Piercefield Flow. Gillis went missing the 11th also ,which may be no coincidence.

    Personally I have to wonder if an Ohio victim,probably Olberding was a water skier because Falcon was on Hodskin(at the address of 11) and the Watertown victim was found at the water tower. To water ski ,you are towed.

    Soumakis went to lizzie McNeils, which may also not be coincidence as that is the Dapper dog's victims name. Lizzie may even be something that can be associated with that victim for all we know.
    If they got Barker,the Dappper Dog victim and maybe the Ratdog concert victim, maybe there was a Max Walker before the person with that name got killed .In other words ,someone with a dog named Max.

    Falcon gave us the location of Justin Bogart Hayduk. The actor Bogart was in the Maltese falcon. . maltese could be teal and ems. Williams from Morris Minnesota was driving a teal truck. It is important to remember that Archer is Bogart's partner in the Maltese Falcon and when someone by that name goes missing,they find him at the coal piles. Both Archer(the real victim) and Justin Bogart Hayduk are found where there is coal.

  6. Shindig could be arranged to make dig in HS

  7. It would take to long to cover all of them. There is more.

  8. Max Walker went to a Buckhead Saloon and so did Kyle. They tracked the scent of Kyle to the Davidson street area and people complained about the smell at the time. There is a kennel there. Dan Fisher reported Max was at the Buckhead Saloon and Kyle Fleishmann went to Dane Cook's comedy act the day he disappeared. I don't believe there even is a real Dan Fisher or some other so called witnesses for that matter,but that is another story.- A story that may explain the quote left from Lady Windermere's Fan

  9. Max Walker was on Old World Avenue at the Buckhead Saloon. This does repeat in an off handed way with Bryan Barker. Bryan worked for Atlas Cold storage. As you probably know,an atlas is maps of the world and we have old in the word cold. It does not end there. besides having bar in barker we can rearrange the letters in the name Bryan to make bar and NY. NY being where the Dapper Dog victim was. As I said before I thought Max could be a dog and the circumstances of Fleischmann mirrors that of Max Walker. All the signs point to him being near where there is dogs to any one that sees the bigger picture.There are a lot of things on their own that could be coincidence,but the bigger picture tells me something else.

    Consider also the nuances. Noble in the Hocking river. Just who would be considered noble? This is where the word nobility comes from. Here is the definition of noble as I think it was meant.-
    of high birth or exalted rank

    There was a victim in the arm pattern that went not just to Bootleggers but to the elbo room.

    As you may already know,that victim was in a Pearl Street Bar. The building bordered Pearl,Columbia and James. I already mentioned Shaffer in Columbus with the Pearl Jam Tattoo . This is a reason I think the arm pattern ,which applies not just to Blatz who was missing an arm, but Shaffer also and his location as locations do show up in details of other disappearances. Mike F had that on his site and I believe he was correct. Unfortunately he never seemed interested in a joint effort and there are only 2 of us that work together and she had 2 years of catching up to do to get where I was.
    My interest it this point is finding the bodies and not giving people a lot of information that never do the same in return. I may have to do my own book at some point ,rather than letting others profit from me and my work. If you want to mention where and any of the why i think the bodies may be, that is fine with me,but i am not going to tell you everything.

    I already notified LE where I think they are. With the shaffer case I did it years ago. Still have heard back from no one and it took 3 e mails just to get the Morris Minnesota police to acknowledge I sent them this info.

  10. Just for the record I made the connection to Blatz with the arm pattern. Mike did with Shaffer.

  11. Okay, I can understand holding a few cards close to the chest, but good that you did forward some of that data to LE. Their not answering you is bad, however, but no more than can be expected in these cases.

    Again, I see the math you're pointing to at times, but not for all the victims and locales. Plus, what is your exact theory regarding killer profile/s and motive? (Just curious.)

    Also, yes, I was following the so called serial murderer in B'klyn killing by the numbers. Technically with three kills and cooling off periods in between, yeah, this spree qualifies as such by FBI standards. BUT, I suspect it's not so complicated as all that. Looks like a guy who just plain snapped. About what, who knows? Maybe lost a loved one or a job or a bunch of money...or simply spent 21 days in a row playing Call of Duty. They've got him in custody now and that should be the end of it.

    Back to Drowning Men: I'm following David Gerken Jr.'s recent drowning death in New York. I just did a story on it with all the details at Crime Magazine so take a look via this link, if you're not fully familiar: http://www.crimemagazine.com/wrongful-death-or-bloody-murder

    Briefly, Gerken was booted from the Ralph Wilson Stadium on 11/15/12, went missing thereafter (of course, you know the motif by now) and was found in the back of the stadium the next day, face down in a creek, at the bottom of a steep ravine, without a mark on his body.

    Related documents, surveillance feed, all vanished too, apparently.

    Enjoying your posts. Talk soon --

  12. do not have internet at home and out of time before I could tell the rest. a lot more to tell before I even talk about other cases

  13. My reply from this morning was lost and it was a very long one. Computers at library are timed.

    You mention other victims when there is still more I could tell about the ones I already mentioned and besides I do not think there are many victims ,if any at all that do not mirror the ones I already mentioned in some way. It takes more than a few minutes just to convince anyone there is a bigger picture that is strange, with there being so many possible victims.

    I did not mention Brad Olsen,but he went missing the same day as Booth and was on Lincoln Street.This makes sense if you already killed Williams that was driving a Ford

    I mentioned fish ,but did not mention Bolanos worked at the Red Lobster.

    I did not mention Shawn Birditt, but he went missing same day as Adam Falcon

    I do not think I mentioned Matt LaCrosse who was at Carolina's bar that went missing the same day as Fleishmann in North Carolina

    I mentioned Blatz ,but not the others who went missing around the same time - Skifton and the brothers that were chased into the water. I did not mention Brothers Bar victims either. They got a call from someone claiming to be a truck driver for Stroh's and it was reported they found Skifton with his shorts down. It would make sense to kill the short North victim later. There was probably no Adam Smith either.
    Blatz beer was bought out by Stroh's

  14. As I said before the victim with the pearl Jam Tattoo went to the short North Tavern and Blatz was at a Pearl Street bar so the same sequence of letters repeat where you would expect them to. It also repeats with the victim last seen alive the day before Pearl harbor day.
    In Coleen Henry's story-6 disappearances coincidence or serial killer a suspect is mentioned that used the initials of victims,and I do not think it was just initials and in the e mails that she mentions,but actual reports made to LE

    I think they knew jenkins would be near horseshoe dam. I think they knew there was a big boot at Kickers,where the soldier was from Washington.I mentioned A curse on the men on Washington. In the grafitti in the phrase as you kill in Vietnam,Vietnam was crossed out and replaced with Iraq. The soldier just got back from there

    The scent of the Albany victim was tracked to the MLK monument. Soon after a victim disappears just before MLK Day

    I also did not mention the victim on Farm Road,a victim living on (Mar)ket street , Charles Avenue or the Charles river victim.

    Arm comes up another way and that could be through (Mar)k Hamil in Star wars.

    I did not mention Geesey and he went to Club Millenium before there ever was a Falcon that was a victim. Just look at the names. Luke Homan and Max Walker,that seem to be consecutive kills. Star is also a type of fish. The Lady Windermere's fan graffitti showed up about the time you had victims going missing like Myers ,who went to All Star Lanes the night he died. This leaves the possibility of a star wars fan being a victim and fan shows up in Adam Falcon's name. It is what is left when you already spelled coal and dam. Also falcon goes to the tick tock Inn-the sound a c(lock) makes. There was a lock where Hayduk was found
    It may also not be a coincidence Chris Olberding went missing in Cinncinatti and they found him at Anderson Ferry Just before Adam Falcon Goes missing,or Max Walker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for that matter.

    There is one thing that repeats in every star wars film and that is Harrison Ford talking about a vibe he has. Vibe is the name of the bar Homan was at on Jay Street. This is just before the Vibe DJ goes missing that went to the Sheraton which is the hotel young men check into ,but do not always check out of. alive. Look where they found Grendel that was missing the same day as Hayduk ,who I already mentioned. The Harrison Street bridge. Olberding worked on Harrison Street. Williams drove a Ford. Later you have booth at bootleggers and Olsen on Lincoln,probably because Booth shot Lincoln at Ford's theater. You have now tied several murders together with just one kill. A clever way to tell about their other victims. There were also a victim at a theater and a theater major.

    It would not even surprise me if LaCrosse was home for one of the killers because Matt LaCrosse worked at Home Depot

    It may make more sense to focus on the sloppy investigations. In Lacrosse an officer told the media I take extreme issue with anyone that tries to link these cases. That was ridiculous and unprofessional on his part. They know 2 brothers were chased into the water and made up their mind already if there was a serial killer ,it would not be more than one person and they would not chase people into the water.

    Fast forward to Craig Myers ,in Lacrosse who went to the All Star Lanes. They say there is a single set of footprints and there is. They already made up their mind no one would be chased into the water.

    The footprints however are not all there is. There are disturbances in the snow which looks like someone threw something and what looks like dog prints that intercept the person that made the footprints.
    The brothers in Lacrosse had rocks thrown at them

  15. I know alone ,making Pearl out of the details of Gillis may seem like a stretch.The bigger picture tells me something different.

    I named a lot of victims where there is zero degrees of separation with one or more details with just a couple of early victims.

    Many of the later victims also mirror each other in more than one or two ways.

    There are victims that mirror the early victims,mirror another victim in more than one or two ways,and lookto be part of consecutive kills when taken in whole spell something out like arm or camp.Campbell in Potsdam being the last victim in the camp pattern.

  16. I mentioned 3 ways Campbell in Potsdam mirrors that of the fort Campbell soldier that worked on Post so Campbell in (pots)dam may also not be coincidence. I do not think it unreasonable that LE should be finding out what brand of boots Campbell was wearing. As I said the soldier was at Kickers Bar that had a large boot on the building. I also mentioned the Sneakers Bar victim and the victim at Bootleggers,and the bar that bordered James Street. The soldiers name is Jameson. He connects to others in ways I have not mentioned yet. I also mentioned the Pearl Jam tattoo.

  17. I also mentioned Blatz and his arm and how Gillis and Hecht may be related kills. I also mentioned the Pearl harbor Day victim and the Pearl Jam tattoo on arm victim.

    We know Gillis and Shaffer with the pearl jam tattoo were both med students.Only one month has the word arm and that is March.This is another thing on its own that looks like it could be coincidence ,but the bigger picture tells me something else.

  18. Just to clarify a bit on the Lady Windermere graffiti. The quote mentions stars.
    I mentioned a possible water skier. Olberding and Williams went missing about the same time. It would not surprise me if two from Two harbors is supposed to represent tow. I would not bet money on it,but it would not surprise me.

    I mentioned the dapper Dog victim and Bryan barker. I mentioned names like Blatz,an Albany victim and a DeKalb victim.It would not surprise me if someone had a Lab. It would also not surprise me if a victim worked at a lab.Cranswick comes to mind who worked at Deep river.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I mentined arm shows up if you just rearrange the letters and Charles.I mentioned Craig Myers. He was the person at the (Mar)iott. Him and a victim at a Mariott in another state look to be consecutive kills that were only 4 days apart. I am speaking of Gene Losik.

    Send me the book if you want me to read it.I do not see much reason in telling you why they could get away with this or why they do it.I would only be telling you things you already know. You can not see what you are not looking for.

  21. Patrick McNeill is the "Dapper Dog" victim you're referencing. Foul play there, for certain, BUT...

    Our theories otherwise probably conflict, and while I won't say too much about my own findings published in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN (in the event somebody's reading it as we speak), I will reiterate that I simply can't agree that these deaths are premeditated.

    Murders, yes. Targeted victimology, yes.

    I also think there is some merit to the argument that certain case similarities are nothing more than 'illusory correlations', although everything else the Smiley Face debunkers claim is unsubstantiated rubbish.

    Nowhere is such a correlation more obvious (in my opinion) than in the victims' names, which definitely tend to sound alike in many instances, but only due to geographical and historical influences.

    If you objectively look at my book and examine the methodology in it, I believe it will persuade you that:

    1. these acts are being committed more or less spontaneously;

    2. these aren't actual drownings per se;

    3. the so called drownings constitute crimes after the fact.

    (Now, I've said too much already!)

  22. I can understand a reluctance to see them as premeditated . I was reluctant myself. It would not take planning in every instance for everything I mentioned and I already said things could be coincidence,but the bigger picture tells me someone is trying to tell a story with murders and not everything is coincidence.

    I also know how the whole Star Wars theory may look like a stretch,but the bigger picture tells me something different.

    I mentioned the victim on Jay Street,Olberding,Hayduk,Geesey,Falcon,Williams,
    and even Noble in At(hen)s.I mentioned Harrison ,Ford and Dan Fisher.I mentioned Millenium and Falcon. Olberding was in Hamilton County.

    from the very beginning victims mirrored each other when 2 ambulance drivers went missing in NY. There was also Charles Blatz who was described as physically fit and Anthony Sk(ift)on that was found in Sw(ift)Creek. I also believe Arvin Sharma may have been a victim of the same people. Of course I believe these individual things could be coincidence,but not when things like this repeat so often.,
    The sequence of bird names make me believe one of them may have been a Star Wars fan so Star Wars names repeat with bird names. I did not make this theory fit with the grafitti either. It just so happens the grafitti fits my theory .

    Harrison ford always had a really bad feeling in every movie and so do I.

    I have to wonder when son comes up if someone had a son that fits a pattern.Davidson,Jameson,ect.I have to wonder if LT David Williams or Keith Noble had a son named Kyle.

    Even if you do not believe it, if you are a seeker of truth,you would be interested in knowing yourself the answers to the same questions.

    I think there is a danger in trying to make a profile of a serial killer fit to closely to what is known about them. We only know about the ones they caught any way.

    I believe we have to consider how they may evolve,especially in this day and age.

    Anyone that would kill 15 years would want to leave a legacy of murder. When I was 15 I probably could have did what would be a world record running in 1920,but no one would even remember my name today.

    We live in the information age. People run off with other people they never met in person and only know from the internet. people are more connected.

  23. Just to clarify to anyone that may read this. I know sometimes people overlook what is obvious to me. I mentioned Charles and that is Charles Blatz's first name which repeats in later victims. As does 11 and another early victim was found at Pier 11. The early victim Charles Blatz was missing his arm and that repeats with later victims. McNeil was a Pier 11 victim and at the Dapper Dog and dog words repeat later in addition to McNeil. The later victims I mentioned have details mirrored by the early victims .

    I mentioned a possible skier and Hodskin Street ,which is where Adam Falcon was at a bar. this was right after a victim in Ohio. (Ho)d(ski)n

    There are more ways they mirror each other but I am more interested in the questions and where the bodies of those not found are right now.

    It has been said most criminals are found with dumb luck or the help of the public. With these cases LE keeps info from the public that helps make the case for a serial killer. To a degree this is understandable,but not to the point where they do not communicate at all and at times even mislead the public. In these cases LE or law enforcement are obstructionists to the search for the truth. If anyone thinks the majority of these cases are investigated like they would on the TV show CSI they are dilusional. Luke Homan's mother had it right when she spoke of a Mayberry mentality. I know how just having an authority figure say something can influence people and hat is the about the only thing the anti serial killer theorists have going for them. I believe if Chief Kondracki and his cohorts had to say the same things under oath in a court of law that they said to the public or media that they would be charged with perjury if someone was doing their job.

    I do not believe anyone told Law enforcement Jared Dions hat was found hanging on a lamp post as the media reported. That they instead were told they found it and placed it there. It would make a better story if you wanted to convince the public there was no sign of a struggle. Also I do not believe 4 drownings in LaCrosse in 7 months of men of a similar profile would be normal even for a place like LaCrosse which does have a lot of cheap beer and bars. This would have been a motivator to discourage anyone from linking the brothers chased into the water with the other drownings,which had no witnesses. Why don't they just get it over with and tell the people booze plus water equals accidental drowning so don't ask us any questions and let us present the statistics in a way that prove our point just because we hate to be wrong. Wisconsin is a great training ground for a serial killer. I think Dahmer would agree with me so it does not matter what the public or people in Law enforcement think about that.

  24. I always had a problem with the idea someone with a specific name would be chosen that fits previous victims. As for a certain bar or city not so much. If you were communicating with a lot of people on the internet it would allow you some choices when picking a victim. I still have some doubts,but that is mainly because I can not be sure who the victims were in the first place. They also need to be looked at on a case by case basis and the capabilities and reliability of the people that investigated needs to be looked at. I would not believe anything said by a member of the LaCrosse police force,but that is one police Department I know they left the Hayduk case open and I know the detectives talked to Falcon's parents about the evidence which they never discussed with the public. I know some people I mentioned are expert swimmers and some afraid of water. Were they all murdered and by the same people? I do not know. It would be easier if they just shot them in the head or stabbed them to know with greater certainty. It is not possible for me to have an issue with anyone that may disagree with me when I still have some uncertainty. I hope to get back reading your take soon. my partner in this ,I believe is going to read it and may report to me on it.

  25. You made the point of merit to some being illusory correlations. Some ,possibly,but not in the sense a case not can be made that cases mirror each other.Mike F had the arm pattern on his site . He thought it related to what was on Shaffer's arm. I already knew from reading a lot of cases, that a victim was missing an arm. I did not have to look at every single possible victim to find one person that mirrored that of his arm pattern. I zeroed in on just one.
    Drowning mystery had the North Carolina victim and the victim at Carolina's on its site and the footprints blog had the Lincoln connection with a question mark so I looked who was missing the same day. It was Booth at Bootleggers. Brad Olsen was on Lincoln and Bar One is in Brad's name. There seems to be just a little too much symmetry with many cases. I believe in a scientific approach. In other words can you do something similar with a control group. Personally I think many people are making up their mind too fast before analyzing the data well enough. I do not disagree that there is some merit. It depends on what you are referring to. Some would say there is a religious significance. Removal of crosses and religious names,ect. I suppose you could make a case for that but not a strong one.I think they are making the facts fit the opinion they already had and so are others and that is a much bigger problem than illusory correlations. It keeps people from working together because they all get stuck on one theory.

    You made 3 other points
    1-sponatious more or less-possibile,but I do not believe all the matching dates are coincidence. I focused a lot on questions I have and locations of victims. My major point is that I believe some mirror each other intentionally. I have not shown all the ways I believe they mirror each other and having a person who hates to type is not the ideal person to be making the case on the internet. Especially when you are playing a game of beat the clock. This is something that deserves careful consideration and a lot of knowing the details before someone should rush to judgement on if this intentional.

    Consider Anthony Skifton. I mentioned Charles Blatz who went missing that was described as fit. Could be coincidence.I also mentioned Adam Smith. Maybe there even was a real Adam Smith. (which is same initials). Adam Smith made report to police after Skifton went missing. He may not made a lot of money and someone gave him some cash to make the call. He is probably not going to admit his involvement later on and had no clue that he was even dealing with Skifton's killers in the first place. Would not be hard if someone decided they wanted to kill today ,and for it to fit a victim they already killed. What I am looking at is the bigger picture.

    There are people that want to have it both ways. They don't think there would be that much planning and they do not think they intentionally mirror each other because you would see a more consistent pattern. How can you have more consistent mirroring of victims if you believe they are more or less spontaneous? I am not directing that at you,but pointing out I do not understand their logic
    2-I agree and 3 seems possible.

  26. I see you came across these cases in early 2012. Not really a lot of time to give each individual case much thought.

    You do realize some would say linking any of these cases is nothing but illusory correlations?

  27. I'm aware that my findings in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN will probably not endear me to either believers or nonbelievers in a classic serial killer theory. Nor is anyone in law enforcement likely to be won over or too pleased by the book.

    But here's why I investigated the drowning men controversy and why I decided to publish the results of that analysis:

    One of the first cold weather drownings that really made me take notice was that of the son of former Green Bay Packers Coach Joe Philbin in January 2012. Philbin's boy Michael was 21 when he vanished and was found drowned only a few days later.

    It was just a mysterious little blurb about his death, mind you, and not all that informative either, but because of his father's notoriety it made it "above the fold" as they say in the news business. Otherwise, I might never had learned about the case.

    Naturally, young Philbin's odd "accident" struck me as very curious--someone drowning in winter is unheard of--so I regarded it as an isolated event and didn't even bookmark the story for my records.

    But, soon after that one occurred, another and yet another and yet another young man went missing in the northland. And, just like Philbin, these youths too were frantically searched for and then finally found drowned in a nearby body of water, days or even weeks later.

    What was additionally striking about this apparent epidemic of winter drownings in 2012 (I didn't know yet this had been going on for 15 unterrupted seasons!) was that all of the victims were disappearing and drowning under fairly identitical circumstances, and all of them were more or less matching a specific profile.

    To be honest, once I realized all that, I found this case kind of disturbing. And so were the results of my initial inquiry into this phenomena which led me to some online discussions concerning a much-argued theory of a "Smiley Face Gang" selecting college-age males for death by drowning in the I-90 and I-94 corridor of the United States.

    Creepy disappearances, creepy deaths, creepy killers...I set the matter aside every now and then, but the victims kept on piling.

    In fact, through researching, I was to learn that 2012 was a particularly busy one for the so called Smiley Face Killers, despite the highly publiciized debunking of the theory about them during the 4-5 preceding years.

    As to this routine, sort of desperate-sounding, debunking of a serial killer theory by authorities, which I do cover in the book by the way, it truly puzzled me and got me to thinking...

    Why are the experts constantly insisting that these serial-like drownings are "not consistent with the motif of any known serial killer" when there is such a clear victimology present in these deaths and so many signs of foul play involved in each of them?

    So that's where I decided to begin; with studying the science of these kills compared to the science of serial killing:

    1. What is the clinical definition of a serial killer?
    2. What are the forensics of a normal drowning?
    3. What are the statistics for nonrecreational water fatalities?
    4. What is the leading cause of death in this particular demographic?
    5. What is the difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer?
    6. What are the advantages of dumping a body in water?


    Needless to say, my humble offices here were filled to the rafters with data and documents by the time I finally answered every single one of the questions I had. I myself was drowning in statistics by the time I finally arrived at the answer as to what--or who--was killing these young men.

    So, I carefully organized everything into the "CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN: Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory" and released it. Not to step on anybody's toes, but simply to enlighten, because the work had served to enlighten me.

    And, of course, to publicize these cases in the hope that the *drownings* will come to an end.


  28. according to my work partner Charles Blatz's middle name is james.

  29. You did accomplish quite a bit for having come upon these cases fairly recently. I do not think you realize just how strong a case can be made that they intentionally mirror each other and I do not have all day to tell it all.Web sleuths has a timeline for river killers you should be able to find it by googling. Of course ther are also names on the Foot prints at the rivers edge blog. There are some I know of on neither site.