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Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Pitching a fit"

One month anniversary for The Butcher of Braintree

It's been just a little over a month now since Dr. Amy Bishop (aka Amy Bishop-Anderson) pled guilty to massacring her fellow biology professors at the University of Alabama at Huntsville in 2010, and, in so pleading, spared herself from the electric chair.
Since that time, she's been assigned brand new digs at famed Tutwiler Prison, where she was promptly whisked away this past September, without ceremony and with little or no time for her to start "pitching a fit."

That's the term her former guards and jail warden had become accustumed to using in describing Bishop's  fairly predictable and routine outbursts under their watch.
Pitching a fit, getting into fisticuffs, and basically wreaking havoc on whatever community she's a member of, is standard misconduct for this violent career felon. And even corrections officials, now fully acquainted with the Butcher of Braintree  and her overall negative attitude  toward her fellow human beings, automatically know to duck her moods and swings, having learned for themselves what a difficult inmate (and person) she can be.
It probably also doesn't surprise them much, having gotten to know the professor so well these past two years, that Bishop can turn murderous at the drop of a hat.
For the 30+ days Bishop's been housed at Tutwiler, the place where she'll ultimately be spending the rest of her life without the remotest possibility of parole even if she could summon up good behavior, she's been isolated from the other prisoners. But that situation is going to change any day now. Which means, if you know anything about this haughty mass murderer, she'll be on the bloody warpath soon for some perceived wrong or minor slight.
That's right, I predict, once she's fully released into the general population, that all hell's gonna break loose in Tutwiler Prison, and that, what's more, it won't take very long for that to happen.
(I'll keep you updated on this, rest assured.)

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