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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Austin Sigg charged with 17 counts today

Teenage psychokiller Austin Reed Sigg made a formal court appearance today in Jefferson County Colorado where he finally learned the extent of the charges he will have to face for the kidnapping, sexual assault, murder, and dismemberment of schoolgirl Jessica Ridgeway earlier this month.

Some of the 17 counts brought against Sigg pertain as well to the attempted abduction and murder this past spring of an adult female in the park across from where Sigg lives and close to where his 10-year-old victim also resided. He unsuccessfully tried to use a chemical-soaked rag to overcome that particular victim. The woman managed to escape and reported the incident to police.

But the majority of the charges against Austin Sigg--some 11 in all--relate solely to the Ridgeway girl's slaying. These include four counts of murder in the first degree, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault on a child.
For the record, one of those murder counts has been additionally described as 'after deliberation'. The kidnapping and sexual assault charges are also each accompanied by a 'crime of violence' sentence enhancer, indicating the eagerness of prosecutors to put this dangerous predator away for as long as legally possible.

Sigg, who will be tried now as an adult and will therefore no longer have the same measure of case secrecy as he's thus far enjoyed, sat shackled and grimfaced at the hearing. However, despite having the book thrown at him (so to speak) some of the privileges of being a juvenile will still linger to his advantage: Even a youth who is tried, convicted and sentenced as an adult cannot be put to death or jailed for life without parole, because, according to the US Supreme Court, both kinds of sentences when applied to a minor are "cruel and unusual" punishments.

The maximum amount of time Sigg will serve for his heinous crime spree then is 40 years.

Looting After Superstorm Sandy

*Rethinking Disaster Preparedness*
If the lawless aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is any indication, and if electric, internet and other important utilities are not swiftly restored to New York, Long Island and New Jersey, then the "major disasters" declared in those heavily populated areas, caused by Hurricane Sandy's unprecedented destruction, will be exponentially compounded soon.
Perhaps as early as this evening, when darkness descends and people begin to forage for food and water, or for other desirable commodities that may be temptingly unguarded and therefore ripe for the taking.
Although the death toll from this montrous superstorm so far is surprisingly marginal, millions of people still remain in these devastated districts, without utilities nor the means to leave if they want to or must. Below the flooded streets of Manhattan the subways are flowing with a toxic effluence formed by the fifthy waters of the East River and a sudden salty deluge from the Atlantic Ocean. And along the Atlantic's ravaged coastline southward the waters are only gradually beginning to recede, revealing a similarly bleak scenario.
Gone, but hardly forgotten, the damaging waves responsible for such mayhem may yet return at high tide, for days to come.
The famed NY metropolitan area with its internationally vital financial district is all but at a standstill at the moment, authorities and emergency crews barely able to crawl about in order to properly assess the damages and the scope of their citizens' needs, let alone to address them.
This is the real disaster unfolding--residents in afflicted zones having to resort to their own devices to survive while their leaders scramble to get a grip on the situation. All because city planners and heads of government had hid their heads in the sand for years and, as a result of this collective denial, were not prepared for the type and scale of disasters that accompany global warming.
Though surely, whether they wished to see or not, they had fair warning of what the future held in store well before Sandy struck such a deadly blow. What with Hurricane Irene grimly foreshadowing such events only 14 months prior.
In the wake of Sandy's widespread and costly destruction, the governor of New York state has just issued a statement calling, belatedly, for natural disaster preparedness to be seriously rethought now, emphasizing that the dramatic shifts in climate must finally be acknowledged and fully planned for.
Great idea, Mr. Cuomo. But in the meantime, the hours pass without relief, and soon night on a crippled region will fall.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Police seek secondary crime scene in Ridgeway girl's slaying

A search of self-confessed murderer Austin Reed Sigg's Westminster Colorado residence produced the missing parts of Jessica Ridgeway's body, stashed by the killer in a crawlspace beneath his home, but no evidence that her corpse had actually been dismembered in that location.
Investigators have therefore extended their search now to the suspect's father's nearby mansion, hoping to pinpoint the secondary crime scene they know must exist and, possibly, to find more clues and evidence that may link this budding young serial killer to other attempted abductions and/or homicides in the area.
Sigg's father, Robert Sigg, a career criminal himself, has a rap sheet about a mile long which dates back to the early 80's and includes drug dealing, battery, and fraud. It's not known at this time the true source of his revenue which would facilitate owning and maintaining such a tony address and acreage (shown above), but he recently undertook to remove all of his online business profiles from the web following the news of his son's arrest and confession in the Ridgeway murder. 
Robert Sigg (pictured in the above police booking) is allegedly out of the country, but issued  condolences to the Ridgeway family this week in a carefully and eloquently worded statement.
He is divorced from Austin's biological mother Mindy, but took both on an impromptu luxury vacation in the Virgin Islands shortly after the unsuccessful attempted abduction of a female jogger in the park across the street from the Sigg's Westminster home in May 2012. Austin Sigg has confessed to that assault as well and his DNA was matched to the Ridgeway girl's slaying from evidence taken at that time. 
When informed of these developments, authorities in the Virgin Islands expressed grave concerns about the case and are currently in the process of reviewing their missing person reports during the timeframe that Austin Sigg, and convicted felon Robert Sigg and his ex-wife, were *vacationing* in their country.
Of the threesome, only Mindy Sigg has no police record of any kind, as it has just been learned that Austin Sigg had at least one mark on his record prior to being apprehended this month for abduction and murder. Because he is a minor, that matter was brought in the juvenile justice system and, at the date of this writing, remains sealed and a mystery.
Austin Siggs was also reprimanded and treated for a pornography addiction. He was only 15-years-old at the time of this offense. A family member with knowledge of these charges made the following remarks, on condition of anonymity:
“We heard that he was in counseling over issues related to the family breaking up--you know, Rob was in and out of prison sort of thing--but while Mindy kept telling everyone she was told this kind of phase of wearing black,  being holed up in his room playing video games, and charging porn movies on her accounts was normal for a teenage boy,  we had discussed someone taking the lead and mentioning we thought Austin did not seem “normal” for as long as I could remember.  But then he had a girlfriend for a while and he seemed to sort of snap out of it. 
"The last thing I remember was that they had gone to some formal and the next thing we knew Austin was pulled out of school and in intensive therapy for a pornographic addiction, so I don’t know if that is what broke the kids up, or what.   Mindy had it rough with the two boys on her own. She put herself through that school in Denver on her own dime while Rob got locked up at about the same time.  I think the kids were probably very much on their own and by the time Austin started having really big issues, it may have been too late obviously.
"We still don’t know how he [Rob Sigg] comes out of prison and paid off over $140K in fines while Mindy was forced to file bankruptcy this summer. I tried to look up Rob’s stuff on the internet, but a bunch of the files from his criminal case are still sealed.”
Austin Sigg was studying mortuary science and crime scene investigation at Arapahoe Community College at the time of his arrest. His father, Robert Sigg, is not as yet a suspected accomplice in the Jessica Ridgeway killing, but sources indicate that his activities are necessarily being scrutinized now too, considering his own criminal background and the serious nature of the crimes his son has planned and orchestrated.

Full coverage of the Sigg serial abductions and slayings will be posted here soon
as part of the  upcoming Kids Killing Kids special true crime report - visit again.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching a budding serial killer: Austin Reed Sigg profile at a glance

name: Austin Reed Sigg
reported by: mother
residence: Westminster, Colorado
sex: male
age: 17
education: high school dropout - GED
employment: student at Arapahoe Community College
studying: forensic and mortuary sciences
crime: kidnapping and murder; unlawful disposal of a corpse
condition of victim's body: not intact
hoarding body parts: yes
confession: yes - voluntary
arrested and arraigned: yes
relationship to victim: none / neighbor
stalked victim: yes
prior offenses: assault and attempted kidnapping; pornography
aliases: "Dohastvath" (MySpace.com) "DNA" (YouTube.com)
hobbies: online gaming, pornography, video games, forensics
currently incarcerated at: Mount View Youth Services Center
bond: none

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Officials: "Jessica's Killer Apprehended"

Is this the face of Jessica's killer?

COLORADO - BREAKING NEWS: Authorities investigating the abduction, slaying, and dismemberment of ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway have arrested a local college student and charged him with her brutal death.
Austin Reed Sigg, 17, was arrested late Tuesday night, and, today, in the early morning hours, Jessica's parents were at last informed by police that the killer was in custody.
"We hope and pray this arrest gives them some measure of closure in dealing with their horrible loss and tragedy," said Westminster Police Chief Lee Birk, who also just apprised reporters of these latest developments.
Sigg, a student at nearby Arapahoe Community College, whose studies apparently also  include criminal justice, is additionally connected to a botched attempt in May to abduct a female jogger in the park near where Jessica lived.  The woman also reported that he tried to place a rag over her mouth which smelled of chemicals.
Jessica Ridgeway was walking to school on October 5th 2012 when she vanished without a trace. About a week later some of her mutilated parts were found dumped in an open area less than seven miles from her residence. Local and state police, as well as FBI investigators, have all along believed her murderer lived somewhere in her community and that he knew the girl's route and routine prior to snatching her.
Authorities have relentlessly been working day and night for a major break in this shocking case, and now they finally have it, they say.
If so, then R.I.P., young Jessica Ridgeway. And peace be with you now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Find a Fiend

ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway
was abducted on her way to school,
killed, dismembered, and dumped
Mental health experts estimate that approximately one per hundred individuals worldwide are psychopathic. One percent doesn’t seem that big a deal in the scheme of things, of course, but it’s still not a number to scoff at since these individuals manage to perpetrate a whopping 30% of all violent crimes committed annually and constitute more than 25% of the prison population.
Predominately male, psychopaths come from every walk of life--every ethnic, every race, every nationality--and their inherited tendencies toward remorselessness and a lack of empathy makes them toxic people to know, whether or not they ever engage in acts of violence.
Thankfully, statistics show that most psychopaths are not usually dangerous individuals. These more benign types exist day to day in a “sub-criminal” state of mind, infecting and disaffecting all they meet with their unabashed selfishness, their compulsive lying and boasting, and their guiltless pursuit of pleasure and gain at other people’s expense. In short, though this aberrant majority may stop shy of actually plotting and executing criminal offenses, they still live at all times on the very edge of civility.
When a psychopath does fall over that precipice, however, when his motives and impulses become uncontrollable and reach far beyond the bounds of civilization, he becomes a serious threat to society.
The demented psycho who, for a thrill kill, abducted and murdered 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway this October, and then dumped parts of her mutilated body in garbage bags a few miles from her Colorado home, is still at large in the area and, undoubtedly, has killed before and will kill again.
In fact, investigators have just confirmed that DNA lifted from the victim’s remains and from various items uncovered at the crime scene directly link this madman to at least two prior foiled abductions of young women who were jogging in the park right across from Jessica’s house.
And, to make matters worse for the terrified community this vivacious schoolgirl once lived in, profilers suggest that it’s very likely the murderer is not a complete stranger, but rather someone who resides and/or works in the neighborhood.
That assertion would be consistent then with national homicide stats which reveal that, in over 85% of all murders, the victims are somehow acquainted with or even related to their killers.
The only good news in this tragic and frightening affair, is that dozens of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are on the Ridgeway case, relentlessly striving to identify Jessica’s sadistic killer before he can strike again. Police know by the magnitude of this slaying that he’s on a spree, so time is of the essence in apprehending him.
With that aim, they are actively seeking assistance from the public in deciphering clues recently collected. Of specific interest to them at this time is a small wooden cross that may have been a pendant to a necklace, and which was recovered in the open field near where Jessica’s body parts were found. Some telltale grocer receipts were discovered near that site too, evidence which has additionally helped to narrow the focus of the search for a perpetrator.
As well, officials are also asking neighbors to maintain a state of vigilance now and to report any suspicious behavior of colleagues, coworkers, family members, or friends, particularly on the morning of Jessica’s abduction and during the days immediately following it. They say conduct that ought to send up red flags would be any or all of the following:
1. A person suddenly missing work or appointments, with or without a plausible excuse;
2. Making dramatic changes in their personal appearance;
3. Making alterations to their vehicle;
4. Escalating the use of alcohol or other substances;
5. Packing up and leaving town without notice;
6. Having an obsessive interest in media coverage of the case, possibly coupled with an extreme unwillingness to discuss the murder whenever the subject is raised.
Additional details concerning a potential suspect profile have also been furnished in the past few days. Investigators believe that the individual in question is a short Caucasian male between 18 and 40 years of age, and so profoundly disturbed that his psychological issues would be hard to disguise, in general, and well known to those who see him on a regular basis. There is also a good chance that the man is unattractive and unkempt, expert profilers say, two physical characteristics allegedly quite common to this class of serial offender.
Police affirmed just yesterday that Jessica’s schoolbag, located in an adjacent city almost a week after the child’s disappearance, contained her clothes, and was planted there by the killer both as a taunt and as a decoy intended to lead them away from his trail. This further underscores their working theory that the perp is a resident of Jessica Ridgeway’s hometown and may even live within walking distance from her home.
With Halloween looming at month’s end, and the prospect of children en masse trick-or-treating in a municipality where a vicious and opportunistic murderer is on the loose searching for easy prey, there is a growing sense of urgency by law enforcement personnel to solve the Ridgeway abduction and slaying as quickly as possible. They have been following through on literally thousands of leads in the case and are asking for more public help of this nature.
Jessica’s killer originally tried to abduct grown females for his victims, but, when those attempts proved unsuccessful, he switched to younger targets. This is a grim reminder that, as adults become increasingly more prudent and cautious in order to avoid becoming victims of crime, children are made all the more vulnerable to those whose deviance knows no limits and whose bloodlust can never be quenched.
But, despite Hollywood’s penchant for portraying these ruthless predators as omnipotent, they are not brilliant and invincible. The murderer of young Jessica Ridgeway may delude himself into thinking he’s as evil a genius as the fictitious Hannible “the cannibal” Lecter, but he is terribly mistaken in that belief, and has made some serious mistakes along the way, too. Yes, apparently his DNA does not match any currently on file in the nation’s sex-offender databases, but that’s not a real obstacle to catching him. Rest assured, this sick creep can and will be brought to justice soon.
Tips to the authorities can be phoned in at 303-658-4336, or, alternately, emailed to PDamberalert@cityofwestminster.us.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who do you believe the Long Island Serial Killer is?

When a high-profile series of murders go suddenly cold, public speculation and finger pointing can start to run rampant.
Such is the case with the Long Island serial killings, uncovered at Gilgo Beach in 2010 after a bizarre 911 call from a Craigslist call-girl named Shannon Gilbert led to her subsequent disappearance, a fumbled search, and her weird drowning.
The discovery of Gilbert's body and, with it, a dozen other similar victims, was a pretty hot story then, but it's one that has since begun to languish in the media as the Suffolk County Police Department remains either tight-lipped about the matter or utterly disinterested in apprehending a perp (or perps), for fear it's somebody they might know.
Nevertheless, the $25,000 reward SCPD is offering for information leading to the arrest of the "unsub" (Unknown Suspect) still stands...
No takers as yet, but, really, who is murdering prostitutes in the New York City district and then dumping their bodies in the remote, swampy regions of Long Island?
Is it, as rumored in the press, a local police surgeon with unsavory connections and questionable predilections? Or, perhaps, a rabidly misogynistic out-of-towner vacationing on Gilgo in the summer months? Or even a pair of former NYPD detectives with a hater agenda and really bad attitudes about women?
Or is it someone else completely?
Well, whoever this fiendish slayer is, they've got a pretty good knowledge of police forensics, apparently, and a rather pronounced and passionate dislike for workers in the sex trade, evidently.
Who do you think the Long Island Serial Killer is?

Friday, October 19, 2012

More Drowning Men Cases

Barely a week has passed since the drowned corpse of missing grad student Jonathan Dailey was found in Boston's chilly Charles River, tethered to a chain and a cinderblock. Yet his roommate and longtime pal, Miles Smith, has already crossed off his deceased friend's name from the mailbox they both shared, and is packing up his own things, he said, with the aim of leaving town.
And the suspicious death itself still remains shrouded in mystery; the police as mum as ever about the latest fatality in this 15-year string of weird and chronic drownings.
Was young Dailey's demise a homicide? A suicide? Or a bungled 'Smiley Face' killing?
INTERESTING TIDBIT: The late Jon Dailey and his (ex)roommate Miles Smith met years ago as undergraduates at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Why is that information so intriguing? Because ASU was recently the scene of a strange drowning event too, and only a few days before Dailey first went missing.
Police and university officals in North Carolina confirm that 19-year-old Tyler Blalock was discovered drowned in a campus creek September 29th 2012, with apparent head injuries. His death has nevertheless been ruled 'accidental'. 
However, Blalock was an expert swimmer and a lifeguard, so his family is not entirely convinced he isn't the victim of foul play, and they also question why someone so savvy about water safety would have been at the creek at all, especially by himself.
“I know he wasn’t there alone,” his mother insisted. “I know he wouldn't have been there alone.”
Mrs. Blalock is asking the public to assist in finding the answers to what could have happened to her son the night he allegedly drowned.
“Anybody that knows anything [or] somebody that was with him last night...just come forward and talk to the police,” she pleaded through tears. “Just so I can know what happened to my baby. That's all I ask … I beg for that.”

Anyone with information regarding this tragic incident is encouraged to call the ASU Police Department at 828-262-2150.
At the time of his death, Tyler Blalock was a sophmore at Appalachian State University, Dailey's and Smith's alma mater. 
Weird coincidence, eh?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amazon 'Hot New Release'

Subject: True Crime > Mass Murder
Top 50 Category: Criminology
Edition: Kindle eBook - $2.99
(synopsis below)

Killing is just child’s play. A game. In fact, it’s so easy, you can plan it out on a computer, if you’re smart enough. And he is smart. A real genius, they all say: honor student, salutatorian, class vice president. So…what is that magic number then? How many times can he get away with murder?
On the outside, the quiet and withdrawn 17-year-old seemed just a harmless high school nerd, preoccupied with technology, money, computer games, and college. But on the inside he was a seething psychopath, conspiring with classmates to massacre his family so he could have a six-digit inheritance all to himself.
Meet the wily Wyley Gates, twisted mastermind of an assassin-style program called Infierno, which he used in 1986 to execute a bloodbath so heartless and gruesome it was dubbed “the crime of the century” in upstate New York.
DUNGEONS DRAGONS MURDER methodically pieces together physical evidence, autopsy findings, police accounts, trial testimonies, and even the confessions of the killer and his accomplices, to reconstruct the Gates family shootings and the other carefully orchestrated criminal acts designed to lead up to it.
Third in the 'Killing Killers' true crime series by Eponymous Rox, this special report reveals a chilling portrait of a remorseless and deeply disturbed mass-murderer set free on a technicality to slay again. And shows why it’s possible that he has killed at least once before the massacre—and since.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Killing season upon us...once again

Summer is officially over, and yet that's when the dubious drownings start up again--all young men, all mysteriously disappearing, all matching a strikingly similar description--as has been the case now since 1997.

Add the Boston Architectural grad student Jonathon Dailey, 23, to the growing list of 2012's victims. He disappeared on October 2d and was found in the Charles River by a Boston University rowing coach on October 9th 2012.
Will the police insist his drowning too is "accidental" which has become the norm for them in regard to these peculiar deaths? Well, that might be kind of difficult this time since Dailey's body was discovered with a chain wrapped around it and anchored to a cinder block. But...

"It is far too early to make a determination as to manner of death, and reports indicating that the individual was the victim of a homicide are premature," said Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney.

Just a couple weeks before Jonathon Dailey went missing in Massachusetts, 18-year-old pre med student, Harsha Maddula, likewise disappeared after becoming separated from his friends sometime around midnight. An undergrad at Chicago's illustrious Northwestern University, Madulla's corpse was found by a local fisherman on September 27th, floating near a harbor in Wilmette, Illinois.

The cause of his death is still being determined and toxicology tests may take weeks to process as well. However, Wilmette police investigators have expressed their opinion anyway, despite not being in possession of all the facts yet. "There were no signs of foul play on the body," they said.

Also consistent with a troubling pattern in the drowning men phenomena, rescue divers had already thoroughly searched the area Maddula was ultimately found in. So perhaps it's time law enforcement officials just admit that DISAPPEARING AND DROWNING OFF SEASON is unto itself a sign of foul play, and then truly begin to give this perplexing matter their undivided attention.

Or else call in the FBI...again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dungeons, Dragons, Murder...

Killing is just child’s play. A game. In fact, it’s so easy, you can plan it out on a computer, if you’re smart enough. And he is smart. A real genius, they all say: honor student, salutatorian, class vice president. So…what is that magic number then? How many times can he get away with murder?
On the outside, the quiet and withdrawn 17-year-old seemed just a harmless high school nerd, preoccupied with technology, money, computer games, and college. But on the inside he was a seething psychopath, conspiring with classmates to massacre his family so he could have a six-digit inheritance all to himself.
Meet the wily Wyley Gates, twisted mastermind of an assassin-style program called Infierno, which he used in 1986 to execute a bloodbath so heartless and gruesome it was dubbed “the crime of the century” in upstate New York.
DUNGEONS DRAGONS MURDER methodically pieces together physical evidence, autopsy findings, police accounts, trial testimonies, and even the confessions of the killer and his accomplices, to reconstruct the Gates family shootings and the other carefully orchestrated criminal acts designed to lead up to it.
Third in the Killing Killers true crime series by Eponymous Rox, this special report reveals a chilling portrait of a remorseless and deeply disturbed mass-murderer set free on a technicality to slay again. And shows why it’s possible that he has killed at least once before the massacre—and since.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No justice for Seth Bishop

Once again the Butcher of Braintree, Amy Bishop, has gotten away with murder, even though now a lifer in an Alabama prison after she pled guilty last month to the 2010 Huntsville campus massacre and avoided execution. 
Following her sentencing of life without parole in Huntsville, officials in Braintree Massachusetts announced this week they will not seek to prosecute her for intentionally killing her 18-year-old brother, Seth, in December of 1986.
Bishop, then 20, had as well fled the murder scene with the still loaded shotgun in her possession and attempted to carjack a local business with it. Thereafter, she actively resisted arrest and was being booked by officers on suspicion of murder when her well-connected mother intervened to stop it.
All records of the Braintree incident then mysteriously "disappeared" and it was not until Bishop went on a rampage in 2010, gunning down three of her fellow biology professors and injuring three others, that the shooting death of her brother was revisited. She was then indicted in Massachusetts for homicide and expected to stand trial there once the trial in Alabama had ended.
But, “we will not move to have her returned to Massachusetts,’’ Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey has decided. “The penalty we would seek for a first-degree murder conviction is already in place."
Oh, yes, it's a can of worms all right, Mr. Morrissey--exposing the high level cover up of Seth Bishop's murder--but so what? The young man still requires and deserves justice after all these years. And those who aided and abetted his killer on that day, who helped set Amy Bishop free to kill again without so much as a spot on her record, should be tried and sentenced now as well. 
Justice can never be served in some secondhand, roundabout way.