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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amy Bishop murder trial (countdown)

Barring anymore legal wrangling by Amy Bishop's defense team, there is (finally) less than a month remaining until her trial for the Huntsville Massacre is slated to begin. The matter has been calendared for September 24th 2012.

Team Bishop has succeeded in putting off judgment day for well over a year now. However, with their most recent motion and appeal denied, there can be little else left for them to do but to proceed as directed--and to do so without expert testimony, if they must.

Expert medical testimony in support of her insanity plea is at the crux of Dr. Bishop's defense woes: She's lost her livelihood as a result of gunning her colleagues down at the University of Alabama, and, as an indigent in the court system, her lawyers contend she needs the fees for expert opinions paid up front.

The court has said no way, and the appeal of that decision was upheld last month.
Declaring yourself "not guilty of murder be reason of insanity" is a difficult defense to prove at best, let alone without doctors supporting the contention, so, rest assured, if Bishop gets sentenced to death in Alabama for lack of this required testimony, there will be mountains of appeals filed in hopes of having that verdict vacated.
So stay tuned. This should be an interesting contest, possibly paving the way for Bishop's separate trial in Massachusetts for the 1986 murder of her brother Seth. The date of which, like her fate, is still uncertain. 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

New Release - True Crime

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Launching new feature at Killing Killers

To keep visitors and readers apprised of Killing Killers ongoing true crime investigations and to allow those who may have tips and/or evidence to submit material for consideration in the related future publications, we've added a new feature to this website: You can now click the CASE QUEUE tab on the menu bar above for sneak peeks and a contact link to get actively involved in crime solving.

Loaded into the queue on 8/14/12 are the unsolved homicides of The Parkway Predator.

Check it out!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Amy Bishop murder trial

delayed again

Having been fired from her teaching post at the University of Alabama within hours of executing her colleagues in room 369 on the Huntsville campus, Amy Bishop lost not only her freedom on February 12th 2010, but her livelihood as well.
Bishop was the sole breadwinner of her household up until that time, and, faced then with defending herself in an Alabama courtroom against capital murder charges, she had no choice but to proceed as an indigent. Or, to put it in plain English, by filing for the benefits of poor person status.
Naturally, her defense team is not claiming Bishop’s innocence in the Huntsville Massacre. It is, after all, not exactly a whodunit—she was caught red handed—but rather a why and what for case. Was it an isolated act of revenge from having been denied tenure a few months prior, or is the defendant just a crazed killer who doesn’t know right from wrong?
With evidence subsequently having bubbled to the surface concerning other criminal deeds deeply hidden in Bishop’s past, including the murder of her own brother in 1986, her lawyers are contending it’s the latter, and are pleading the insanity defense on their client’s behalf. That means, even though the woman’s guilty as sin, a jury verdict of “not guilty by reason of insanity” will spare Amy Bishop from a death sentence.
Insanity is not a medical term, of course, but a legal one, so it does require expert testimony to support such a pleading. And that’s not going to be cheap…
Although legal analysts have doubted  from the start that this matter will ever actually go to trial, the costs of obtaining expert medical testimony is the crux of the issue presently at debate. And because, so far, the defense team has yet to find a reputable and affordable psychiatrist willing to uphold their own inexpert evaluation that Bishop is “a wacko” it’s the very reason why they’re deliberately procrastinating.
Bishop’s trial for mass murder was initially scheduled to begin on March 19th 2012, but then, on a motion filed by her attorneys, it was pushed way back to September 10th., presumably to allow more time for psychological testing, if it can be had for nothing.
As of the last week in July 2012, Team Bishop has once more succeeded in having the case postponed. This time it’s not quite the lengthy extension begged for and expected, but, still, those eager for the Bishop trial to get underway—such as her victims—will now have to wait until nearly the end of September for this, while her wily attorneys and the court itself can wrangle over who will pay the legal costs of her insanity defense, and when.
John Carroll, a former federal judge and current dean of the Cumberland School of Law warns, if the matter concerning Bishop’s alleged “entitlement” to a cost-free expert witness is not resolved in her favor and she’s actually sentenced to death, it’ll pave a clear path for mountains of appeals.
Justice delayed, justice denied.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

MASS MURDER & MAYHEM: Coming in August

Is this affluent mass-murderer and career felon really insane as her lawyers now are claiming, or is she just 'crazy like a fox' and hoping to dodge a death sentence? Meet The Butcher Of Braintree in a new and in-depth analysis of the life, times and covered up crimes of homicidal professor Dr. Amy Bishop.

Find this special true crime report by Eponymous Rox in digital editions this August, just in advance of Bishop's September 2012 trial date for the Huntsville Massacre, which she carefully planned and executed at the University of Alabama in 2010.