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Monday, March 20, 2017

Should We Impeach Trump Now, or Later?


  1. I really get a laugh and smile out of Donald Trump words.You're Fired,and I also think of those words being said to me, and how I would feel than, would be for me to move on,because it is his business.I feel we the people should just see what Donald is working with and give him a chance at his skills and see the out come, because I do believe God got us all and USA stand strong,but the Virgin Mary cry tears, because of the third secert and Russia can not be trusted, just like Hitler, being evil,and the use of poison gas on the children of Jews,Poles,Gypsies,and their parents,and also the Gay people,the disable and POW, and to me now, it looks like almost Genocide in Syria.

  2. I know lf a person is being missing for a long period of time ,you will have to call on God and his angels and saints,because if their time being taken is over a few days,most likely the victim wii be killed after his captures are finish with him.I will call on the spirit world to see if Corrie is still alive,and if he has been killed,I will ask God could I have Corrie soul show my insight what happen to him,because I feel death around his picture and one of his so called friends I smell a rat and see a snake.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I feel that it has been to dam long for Marine Corrie to have been missing and the search from the start was fxxked up and now why the hell is he not founded yet.I had a insight on Corrie at Bury St Edmunds and the area of the Horse Shoe Inn and Corrie was to meet someone which set him up as they ambush him on this area,which he never left, as they kept him in a deep dark underground basement prison of hell,with only a little life left in him before he died.I see with my insight narrow winding brick steps Corrie was taken down to behind a dark strange door to be hidden away from his family and the police as his abductors decide on how to get rid of his body now with a arm dismembered as my insight see a image holding it up to me, as I feel some kind of powers surrounding them as I also saw a few weeks ago of burnt body parts like arms, hands and legs as the others flash to my insight as I turn on my phone, and I know they deal in the Super Natural also of the Darkside .

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  5. Trump, Putin, treason -- rigging of Election 2016 is the crime of the century -- let's keep our eyes on the ball not the bombs.