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Sunday, December 25, 2016

ALERT for Missing Airman Corrie McKeague

ALERT: British authorities are still looking for Corrie McKeague, an RAF airman missing for [months] after a night out with his mates. (This article was first published on 1 October 2016 - original unedited story below.)

Multiple UK agencies are "urgently" conducting land, water and air searches for the 23-year-old Scot, who appears to have vanished after "getting separated" from his group this past weekend.

ALERT: Fears for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague deepen after odd disappearance.

Authorities state they are especially interested in speaking to "anyone" who might have seen McKeague last Friday night or in the predawn hours of Saturday when he is believed to have left a Bury St Edmunds pub in Suffolk England.

They've also urged dog walkers in that neighborhood to keep an eye out for "anything unusual" and additionally requested that residents "with outbuildings" thoroughly check their properties, too.

According to the Free Bury Press, the missing young airman was spotted on foot and filmed by CCTV shortly after 3:00 a.m. last Saturday morning near Brentgovel Street, but it's not known where he went after that.

McKeague's mom told reporters that it isn't uncommon for her son to walk the 10-miles back to his Honington address sometimes when he's been to town late, but it's "abnormal" for him to not go home at all.

He also failed to show up for work, she said -- atypical conduct as well.

Investigators remain doubtful that McKeague's odd disappearance is related to an "attempted abduction" of another area RAF man about a month ago, but are "keeping an open mind" that the two cases might be connected.

Missing Scottish-born airman Corrie McKeague is a 5-foot-10 Caucasian male "of medium build" with short-cropped light brown hair. When last sighted he was wearing a pale pink shirt and white slacks.

Anyone with information about the young man's current whereabouts, or his fate, is asked to immediately contact the Suffolk Police Department by dialing 101.

(This missing persons story is developing - please check the article's comment section for updates.)


  1. Corrie McKeague search updates for 9 October 2016:

    UK authorities have intensified their searches for a missing 23-year-old Royal Air Force pilot who vanished without a trace two weeks ago.

    All week long police have been meticulously probing the 10-mile walk -- and adjacent waterways -- that Corrie McKeague is believed to have navigated back to his RAF base in Honington late last month.

    So far, however, no clues as to what interrupted his journey have surfaced, and other similar lines of inquiry have likewise led nowhere.

    For example, the earlier seizure of a garbage truck to determine if McKeague's cell phone was among its contents proved fruitless.

    Authorities initially suspected that the driver might have picked up the young man's "discarded" device sometime during the predawn hours when he first disappeared.

    Additionally, an urgent public appeal that three unidentified teenagers "come forward" and furnish whatever information they might possess has failed to produce the trio.

    The "two boys and one girl" were filmed on surveillance cams in the same Bury St Edmunds district that gunner McKeague was last sighted in, and at around the same hour.

    In the meantime, security at his airbase as well as others in the area has been beefed up considerably now.

    Military officials are also cautioning soldiers leaving their facilities for entertainment purposes to "conceal" their ID tags and cards.

    McKeague's puzzling missing-persons case follows a thwarted daylight kidnapping of another airman by multiple suspects "of Arab descent" as he was jogging this summer.

    Nevertheless, British authorities still insist that Corrie McKeague himself "was not a victim of a crime" and do not yet suspect "any third party involvement."

    The missing pilot's mother told reporters over the weekend that she fervently believes her son is "alive" somewhere, although she doesn't think that he has gone "AWOL" voluntarily; especially because he was "so devoted" to his new puppy.

    The dog is being cared for in McKeague's absence by his RAF mates. Anyone who knows what happened to the young pup's master on the morning of September 24th is urged to immediately call the Suffolk police at 01473-782019.


  2. Must be fun talking to yourself after scaring everyone off with your leftist diatribes.

    1. Humanist, not leftist -- not seeing anyone scared off, btw -- you talkin' to me, or yerself...?

  3. You...the participation in the comment section has fallen way off. My guess is that most don't come for the politicking.

  4. Don't think there is any good out come to this.. the area the cams something had to be seen..far to many cover ups with it also a mean takes the police 13 week's to even do a door to door things don't add up and police to slow even for there own. .definitely a cover up..poor corrie..I so wish I'm wrong x

  5. Do enlighten us as to the nature and purpose of the "cover ups" you refer to, and the role of the police in doing so, as its not at all clear to me. The RAF are being pointedly quiet on this matter. Why is that do you think??

  6. I heard there was a D Notice on this...has this been verified at all?

  7. I looked at Corrie picture and my insight felt the wind with my mind,as I also see it to and touch it with my gift that God has given me.I see a large Black Square and my insight show me that Corrie was place in this dark black square, from the Last building that the camera's caught picture's of him,and I would say as when a person like catch a Airplane to travel and drag or pull their luggage,well some killers have dead luggage and they are very smart, but the spirit world knows where Corrie is Hidden,even before his second last stop.

  8. THE last insight I had from Marine Corrie was the few words he spoke to my mind real soft that THEY HAVE ME, and as I am thinking in my mind who is tbey, because only the spirit world talk to me in my mind,as my thoughts are so many, I just keep up my hopes, that Marine Corrie is alive, because my insight before this one ,I felt coldness and saw clear plastic and a white square deep in a underground area where the last stop of Marine Corrie was seen on camera in the area of Bury St, Edmunds ,where he was and still is until his second stop, of being dump when the killers path is CLEAR as they know all this evil Jealous SHIT was plan and now they wait for their Master plan,like not to get caught, and evil walk beside his mom Nicola.

  9. The police should of had me their to help Marine Corrie, because dam to me they do up big time, and they need to TAKE ALL THE DAM EREA UP AND DOWN IN THE UNDERGROUND HIDDEN AREA PRISON WHICH HOLDS MARINE CORRIE BODY.PROBABLY ON ICE IN A WHITE BOX.

  10. I am now really getting angry,about the stupid ass search crew mess up search, for Marine Corrie, because seven long dam months, and before you know it,we will be into a new year,and the freak evil ass lies, being told at Bury St.Edmunds need to be dug up, because their LIES now have played OUT and they need to give up Marine Corrie to his PARENTS NOW !!!

  11. I am really sad as thoughts of death goes through my mind, of young white men and also Andre Gray body being found when Paul R.kochu body was found, and the Marine Corrie remains could be made into ashes, because of all the wasted time the workcrew spent playing in the dam stupid garbage dirt,I must now say what next,as the abductors have out smarted them, as they hold strong in a area which was Marine Corrie last stop at Bury St Edmunds where he was ambush as he stepped on the long black square door mat,and next enter the door and dam they jump Marine Corrie as he fought back the cowards gave Corrie a blunt blow with a hard object, to the top of his left side of his head , which was a fatal blow, as my insight see this, and Marine Corrie went down, as my mind see him on his back and right side, with sweat and blood spots covered on his face with wounds, and as I sit real still and look with my mind, as my insight show me this,I could see Corrie pretty light brown hair with blood wet on it, as it drip and now I am thinking what is this as my left top of my head start hurting,and as I touch it with my right hand,dam my skull feel like it is badly crack, but I keep thinking this can not really be real, but I hear a soft voice say THEY HAVE ME, as I look at the handsome Marine Corrie picture and think about how he look like his beautiful mum Nicola .