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Thursday, December 8, 2016

100 Faithless Electors to Dump Trump

Sources say up to 100 faithless electors are secretly planning to Dump Trump, in a plot dubbed the "December Surprise" that involves electors pledged to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Reportedly, this "last ditch effort to restore political stability and public confidence in American democracy" was prompted by growing concerns among several electoral college members over how the president-elect actually *won* the 2016 election.

Trump's covert communications with top level Russian officials -- and Russian hackers -- throughout his campaign, as well as his controversial appointments of white supremacists and disgraced generals to civilian posts, are just two issues that have Republicans, Democrats and Independents alarmed now.

Observers here and abroad also point to an endless list of "financial conflicts of interest" which the presumed next president "must" but "refuses" to properly address "before the billionaire businessman takes office" in January 2017.

Amid growing criticism and a 2016 recount headed by Green party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, a seemingly panicked Trump has walked back many of the extremists views and promises he issued on the campaign trail, including "building a [huge] wall" along the U.S. Mexico border and "jailing" his political opponent Hillary Clinton.

However, pundits and historians alike are warning that it's all "just a show" from the "most corrupt and dangerous showman" ever to walk onto the political stage since Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party was swept into office during Germany's 1932 presidential election.

And "in a host of other obvious ways" an embattled Trump has also been "steadily eroding confidence in his mental fitness" for the presidency of the world's largest and most heavily-armed democracy, his critics are claiming.

Meanwhile, Trump's continuance of late-night early-morning Twitter rants and rages "isn't doing him any favors" either, they add, as it further highlights a "complete lack of political savvy and personal restraint" that "could embolden America's enemies" to strike us on our shores again. As happened on September 11, 2001, only months after the Bush V Gore debacle.

According to those familiar with the current electoral college's plan to publicly declare Trump "unqualified" and his election "illegitimate" later this month, the estimated 100 faithless electors who have so far confided such an intent consulted "for free" with a "nationwide network" of law firms first.

There is no prohibition or penalty in the federal constitution against electors who decline to cast votes for a president-elect or who decide instead to vote for another legitimate candidate. Indeed, Constitutional Law experts agree that the founding fathers devised an electoral college as a built-in failsafe from the "evil" of "a demagogue" and his "cabal" seizing control of the U.S. government through "intrigue and corruption."

They note that, in reality, only a few dozen rogue electors are needed to block Donald Trump and his hardliners from assuming the presidency next month, but, "the more" who are willing to join in this patriotic cause, "the merrier."


  1. Hilarious what you leftist traitors will conjure up. All ark and no bite. Guess what? Hitlery lost more electors than Trump. Another ironic backfire.

  2. @Anon 12/28 -- Scared you, didn't we? Good. FYI: Poor senile lardass #Trump is #PutinsBitch -- #LockHimUp

    Regarding traitors to the United States (like your cowardly "anonymous" self): Trump and his looney cabal conspiring with longtime enemy Russia to rig the U.S. election and undermine the will and government of the American people is treason.


  3. And Hillary sold out US interests to foreign powers (Uranium One), but I don't see your angst about that. Nevertheless, congrats on falling for fake news in classic wag-the-dog fashion:


    There has never been a more deceptively con of a president than Barry.

    Given your penchant for conspiracy theories, maybe it's time to look into these PizzaGate rumblings:


    Did you know that per capita, Virginia (right in DC's backyard) has the highest per capita missing child cases? Things that should make you go hmm.

  4. I implore you to read this account of a shell company attempting to push the Assange is a pedo/Russia infiltration narrative: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article110904727.html

    The domestic enemy isn't who you think it is.