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Friday, May 31, 2013

OBAMA SIN LADEN: Traitor, or True Blue Sociopath?

Hard to believe but Obamacare starts soon, whether or not we like it, which opinion polls show the vast majority of us don’t...
Making matters worse, the Internal Revenue Service, one of the shadiest bureaucracies ever created in the history of man and government, is somehow involved in the medical business these days, too. Charged as it were with administering the Obama beast now infamously known as Affordable Care.
That means, in just a few short months, millions of us are probably going to be slapped with IRS penalties and even jail time when we fail to participate in the ruse.
It is a terrible situation looming on the horizon, absolutely laden with sin and betrayal. And of course a far cry from the “free national healthcare” that Obama originally promised in exchange for valuable votes.
But then what can you expect from an obvious sociopath?
Profile of a sociopath
Lying, manipulation, treachery, deceit, violence, charm, charisma, lack of remorse, lack of empathy, lack of inhibitions or pain, emotional detachment, deviousness, fearlessness, criminality … these are the hallmark traits of a sociopath slash psychopath.
It's believed that only one per 100 individuals are born with this incurable mental defect and these are usually males. But, to accurately gauge what kind of societal damage this tiny fraction can do, almost 80 percent of the current prison population qualifies as sociopathic.
Crime is in fact the occupation most of these deviant individuals are drawn to, but, according to mental health experts, politics, law, business and finance are very close seconds.
In fact, worldwide, they estimate approximately 15 to 20 percent of political leaders, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and the like display similarly antisocial characteristics, albeit typically channeled into more acceptable and successful pursuits.
Worse, the more we procreate the more psychopaths we’ll have, these experts warn, with a few of such selfish fiends -- the Hitler, the Stalin, the McCarthy, the Nixon varieties -- invariably coming to rule us from time to time.
Psychopathology and heredity
Although the circumstances of President Obama’s birth and his childhood still remain somewhat cloaked in mystery, we do know by his family’s own admissions, that the “driven and emotionally remote” youngster, known in those days as Barry Obama, was essentially fatherless.
Being abandoned by a parent or being born and raised by one with a checkered past are two main predictors for the development of sociopathic behavior in both male and female offspring alike.
Genetics and upbringing are therefore important factors.
The bitter Birther controversy aside then, no matter what country Obama actually hails from, his formative influences do matter in the scheme of things. These alone could help to explain a lifetime of unbridled ambition, as well as an overall lack of accountability or compassion in achieving his objectives.
Audacity and hope
Whether it’s Barry Obama who’s ultimately responsible for the president’s pronounced pattern of lies and deceptions, or his paranoid political alter-ego, Barack, it really doesn’t matter anymore. He is still the guilty party, the one acting without a moral compass, the one devoid of shame and empathy:
A psychologically well man, for instance, doesn’t stand up in front of tens of millions of voters and swear he’ll end an unjust, costly war but then, once elected, escalate it. 
So too, he doesn’t promise he’ll abolish the unpatriotic Patriot Act and, instead, extend and enhance its infringements, subjecting more citizens and even members of the press to illegal spying and, now, drones. 
Additionally, he doesn’t make sweeping assurances he’ll clean up the environment and crackdown on polluters, yet defund global warming research projects and climb into bed with the very same dirty industries that’ve been treating the planet like a dump...
He also would never vow to give the people free national healthcare, and, when he’s hooked and crooked himself into office on that platform, callously flash a trademark grin and say “oops” no he won’t.
“Free National Healthcare”
Yes, the American people had the audacity to hope that when presidential wannabe Barack Obama promised free national healthcare in exchange for the Oval Office, he’d be good for his word once he got there.
After all, healthcare costs had finally reached do-or-die levels this century, unconscionably driven ever upward by greedy medical professionals in cahoots with the insurance industry itself, two of Washington DC’s biggest lobbyists not incidentally.
Besides, the United States is touted as the richest nation in the world. So why should it continue to be the only one in its class that refuses to provide free health and dentistry for its overtaxed citizens?
Free always means FREE, of course. As in the free healthcare coverage Obama and his cohorts presently enjoy at great expense to taxpayers, NOT some intrusive, so called “affordable” mandate which orders citizens to purchase health insurance or else
That is a dishonest, uncaring, and extremely antisocial solution. Indeed, the whole Obamacare matter smacks of a bait-and-switch scheme, which we all know to be illegal.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


UPDATE MAY 29, 2013 - Curtis Aukshunas found drowned: The badly decomposed body found on May 26th floating in the Hudson River just 20 blocks south of the George Washington bridge is in fact that of the missing 25-year-old man. 

Aukshunas, a NYC financial analyst, mysteriously went missing from work in midtown Manhattan on May 8th around noontime. He was dressed in a dark gray suit (no tie) and was believed to have taken a taxi at nearby 51st street and Seventh Avenue.

Allegedly he was last sighted in the vicinity of the George Washington Bridge, although it is not clear yet if he committed suicide by jumping, slipped over the rail as he was jogging, or met up with foul play somehow. Autopsy results are still pending.
Aukshunas resided in New Jersey with his wife and a host of rescue pets. Per his missing persons poster, he was 6' 3" tall and about 165 pounds, with brown hair and eyeglasses.
Anybody who may recognize this individual or who might know what happened which ultimately led to his drowning death is asked to call 911 or the Englewood, NJ police at (201) 568-4875.

Matthew Royer FOUND SAFE in another state. (At the request of the family no other details are available at this time:) MISSING FROM PENNSYLVANIA on 5/16/13: , 21 and a student at Rhode Island University, drove from campus at around 6PM on May 16th to his parent's home in Pennsylvania. He made a couple of service station stops along the way, but within only 35 miles of his destination his cell hone went dead and the young man then vanished without a trace.

Royer is a Caucasian male approximately 6'1" tall and 160 pounds. He has light brown hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a green golf shirt, off-white shorts, flip-flops, and a Biltmore Adventures cap. He is/was driving a silver 2008 Chevy Cobalt with Pennsylvania license plate number GZR-9059. Anyone with any info about what happened to him is urged to contact the Pennsylvania State Police in Skippack at 610-584-1250.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Operation Swill - a Smiley Face Killers link?

100 Proof:
Operation Swill, Smiley Face Killers, dirty booze, bad bars
In January 2013, acting on a handful of tips and customer complaints, New Jersey's attorney general and the division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) secretly launched Operation Swill, a statewide sweep of its licensed bars with the aim of determining exactly what they're serving unsuspecting patrons.
The findings, disclosed just yesterday, are nothing short of shocking: From substituting inferior brands of liquor for top shelf ones, to actually serving rubbing alcohol dyed with food coloring so the lethal mix would appear to be scotch, bars as well known as TGI Friday's got caught in the sting.
And so did a few small pubs like Bells Tavern in Lambertville NJ, a quaint establishment located on the same Delaware River canal system that a popular bartender named Sarah Majoras is said to have slipped into and drowned in January ... not too far from her own residence. 
Smiley Face Killers Connection?
In February 2013, Killing Killers conducted a poll to see how many readers believed Majoras' death was actually a violent crime and cover-up.
The circumstances of her allegedly drunken tumble into frozen waters while walking home after an evening of entertainment closely resembled that of many young men who've met up with similar fates during a night out with their friends.
It perfectly fit the pattern of suspicious cold-weather drownings that had begun in 1997 with Patrick McNeill's in Manhattan; some of which were said to accompany ominous-looking smiley face graffiti.
Nearly 90 percent of those who voted in the KK crime poll responded unequivocally that Sarah Majoras had been murdered and her body then dumped in the canal near her home to make it seem like a "tragic accident."
How far does the conspiracy go?
The act of pouring cheap booze into fancy bottles so to illicitly increase one's profits is pretty darn crooked, for sure. But switching liquor with dyed rubbing alcohol, a sterilizing liquid not intended to be ingested, is dangerously criminal -- this toxin can cause not only severe poisoning but sudden death.
How long these illegal activities have been going on and whether anyone's been injured and/or died as a result has yet to be determined. However, considering the number and prominence of the suspects rounded up this month, it's doubtful such deceptive practices are limited to only New Jersey.
Consumer fraud and wrongful death, both types of offenses carry stiff penalities, as well as the potential for lasting damage to a bar or restaurant chain's reputation...
So the question now begs: How far would the guilty go to prevent discovery?

Jodi Arias Poll Question: Life or Death?

Deadlock for Jodi Arias jury;
mistrial declared on penalty phase: 

Even given a second chance to determine Arias' fate a Phoenix jury still couldn't unanimously decide whether she should be put to death for killing Travis Alexander or given a life sentence instead. 

In Arizona, such indecision automatically results in a mistrial, which can either be resolved by the prosecution abandoning pursuit of the death penalty, or, alternately, by seating a brand new sentencing jury.

A new jury entails months more of deliberations as they necessarily review all the previous testimony and evidence -- a daunting task in a trial that has dragged on for months and months without end.

Millions of dollars have already been spent to prosecute the defendant, in a highly televised trial of circus proportions that even saw witnesses for the defense intimidated from testifying and defense lawyers motioning at least twice to be recused citing irreconcilable differences with their client.

Although these now-dismissed jurors are the very same ones who previously proclaimed Jodi Arias guilty of "especially cruel" premeditated homicide, her subsequent mitigating testimony and post-trial television interview from jail has clearly created some confusion in their minds.

Yet another reason cameras should have been barred from the entire courtroom spectacle and jurors sequestered at all times.  

Also perplexing, no doubt, is the fact that Arias had no prior criminal history before the gruesome slaying of Alexander, and still firmly clings to the contention that she was a victim of domestic violence and his murder committed in self defense.

Certainly, from sexually graphic descriptions of her relationship with the victim, plus reams upon reams of the couple's less than loving communiqués, there undeniably existed an inherently abusive and unhealthy bond between them.

Whatever happens now, though, there are more than ample grounds for future appeals, so whether Arias ultimately lives or dies is still a destiny that's as far off as ever.

SCROLL TO THE POLL AND YOU DECIDE THEN: Should the defendant be executed by lethal injection for 'cruelly' killing Travis Alexander, or given a life sentence instead? 
She claims she ought to be spared and "given a second chance" because she can "contribute to society" in a variety of useful ways, including encouraging literacy among fellow inmates, donating her long hair to cancer patients (again), and advocating for domestic abuse victims.
But Team Alexander says NOPE, Arias is just a heartless, conniving, fork-tongued sociopath who should be put to death without a second thought or a moment's hesitation.

To cast your vote, simply post a reply of "Life sentence" or "Death sentence" in the comment section below (no essays please) and I'll tally the results as they come in.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boogeyman in Leila Fowler Stabbing Death is Her Brother

Fowler stabbing: "Brother's blood & fingerprints on crime scene"
 Isaiah Fowler to be tried as a minor for non-premeditated murder
More counts may be pending for "depravity" and elaborate hoax
Allegations of animal torture and killing now being investigated:

If police are correct in their gruesome new theory, then the alleged boogeyman who viciously stabbed to death little Leila Fowler in April 2013 is none other than her 12-year-old brother, Isaiah.
The boy, who was finally arrested this week, had been seen attending public prayer vigils wearing pink and purple ribbons and carrying balloons to honor his slain sister's memory.
It's not clear yet if he has confessed to the unusually brutal crime, but he first told investigators that a "muscular man with gray hair" had entered their California home when the two youngsters were alone together. He then discovered his sibling's butchered body soon after the assailant fled on foot.
The 8-year-old girl had been stabbed at least 21 times, police reported, and her stepbrother's bogus boogeyman tale set off neighbors' nerves, a community-wide lockdown, and a massive manhunt for the alleged perpetrator.
Leila Fowler has at last been laid to rest this month, and her shaken community, although in double shock today, is at peace now as well.

Additional allegations against Isaiah Fowler have recently surfaced concerning bullying and animal mutilations prior to the murder of his sister. These are being investigated to determine if the suspect might have been escalating into a violent sociopath.
His father, however, insists his son is innocent of his daughter's slaying, despite that the youth had been suspended earlier in the year for bringing a knife to his middle school...
Viciously killing one's family members ... does anybody remember "Wyley Gates"?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

FORSAKEN: Michelle Knight needs our support

Please welcome back MICHELLE KNIGHT and lend her your support

Prayers and Support for Michelle KnightIt takes character and courage to endure the severe abuses that the Cleveland Captives were subjected to each and every day without interruption for a decade.
Of those three women, Ms. Knight suffered the longest and received the harshest treatment during her brutal confinement in the heart of Cleveland Ohio, where she wasn't even acknowledged by authorities to be missing.

The Cleveland house of horrors is a sensational story of sadism and survival, but what we know about this disturbing matter at the moment, only days since the victims' liberation, will prove to be just the tip of the iceberg. It is not just a juicy headliner; it is a case of unprecedented perversion and cruelty.

This we must consider too: Knight was not the first young woman the now-52-year-old pedophile and rapist Ariel Castro snatched -- she says there was already at least one other female imprisoned when she arrived at his dungeon at the age of 20, and who shortly thereafter "disappeared" without a word.
Investigators say they also found a woman's name written on one of the walls in the captor's basement, together with "Rest in peace."  Considering this phrase's common usage, and what the basement itself was used for, it's pretty easy to guess the meaning. 
And at Castro's hands, Michelle was not merely held against her will in bondage and repeatedly raped, either. She was starved and viciously beaten, sometimes punched in the stomach in order to abort a developing fetus.
In all, she believes she was impregnated by this demented psychopath five times, and five times she was compelled to abort a baby through this shockingly violent and life-threatening technique of his. Whilst at the same time being required to successfully midwife another captive's pregnancy, on threats of death should that infant have died during childbirth. 
Michelle Knight's tormentor additionally and routinely pummeled her head and face, and because of that she is now said to be hearing impaired and possibly even disfigured from the ordeal.
But, prior to the nightmare that unfolded once Michelle was abducted and placed in chains, she was also mistreated by police, social workers, her school system, and the courts, in a journey to hell that began at her high school with a rape that the Cleveland police refused to prosecute.
Not arresting her rapist, seizing custody of the baby once it was born, failing to investigate her disappearance, not discussing her miraculous reappearance this month, quietly trying to force her out onto the street...
The city of Cleveland is mum about Michelle Knight now because they know they owe this forsaken woman, that someday soon they'll be forced to pay up for all the neglect and disdain they've treated her with.

Contempt which was unmatched, by the way, until she had the misfortune of accepting a ride with a *friendly* neighbor in August 2002.
So, before you leave this site today, please take a moment to deliver Ms. Knight some much needed words of encouragement, either below as a comment or on the Facebook page which a kindly stranger has set up for that purpose.
This heroic but injured woman has no support system such as her younger co-prisoners obviously do, which is no doubt the reason why she promptly returned to the hospital upon being released. She therefore requires our care and compassion, or else she might perish, and in the process allow a sadistic predator a victory he doesn't deserve.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Jessica Heeringa Kidnapping - Updates

UPDATED May 8th: Amid grandstanding and blame-gaming in the Jessica Heeringa kidnapping investigation, the window of opportunity for Michigan authorities to find the 25-year-old mother of one alive is swiftly and sadly closing. 

Statistically speaking, those odds grow bleaker once 72 hours have passed.

Nearly two weeks has in fact lapsed since she vanished from her job at an ExxonMobil mart, and still there's no clue as to the petite young woman's whereabouts, nor the identity of the person or persons who allegedly abducted her just as she was closing the gas station for the night.

This, despite the fact that police where *on the case* within minutes of her kidnapping...
In the meantime, the many hundreds of tips they say they've been fielding and following are also proving useless, as all the prime suspects -- many already registered sex offenders -- are interviewed and then ultimately released, having established airtight alibis for the night of April 26th when Heeringa vanished without a trace.

Choppers also scanned the nearby wooded park this week accompanied by search-and-rescue teams on the ground. They were prompted to do so by belated reports of gunfire in the hours immediately after Heeringa's abduction. But police announced by day two of this effort that there was nothing whatsoever to be found there.
Apparently a pair of glasses had further set that frantic search into motion as well, although the glasses too proved to be a red herring.

The biggest problem is that the Exxon station Jessica Heeringa worked at had no surveillance system in place. A surprising security deficit, considering their popularity these days, and one which continues to hinder the investigation considerably. 
However, those residents in the neighbourhood not actively boycotting the owner of that franchise location, are claiming cameras have recently been installed throughout the premises.

This follows a wave of retaliatory gasoline thefts during the week, presumably done in protest of the owner's insistence on only hiring "pretty, young females," his refusal to assign a second person to assist with late shifts and store closings, and his deliberate decison not to install any kind of security devices that would have served to safeguard vulnerable workers like Heeringa.

The place wasn't robbed of anything, of course, but a prized and underpaid employee.
As to the investigation into her puzzling disappearance, a substance found in the parking lot of the mini-mart has been identified by DNA labs as Heeringa's blood. Teams of K-9s, however, have found no scent leading from the property, which further confirms she was whisked away by somebody. Purportedly a muscular, 6-foot tall, 30-ish man in a silver minivan captured minutes later by cameras at various businesses along the way.

Who that party actually is, despite a police sketch circulating all over the country AND the internet is becoming murkier and murkier day by day, as eyewitness testimony also becomes more and more suspect.
Whether their tales are true, false, or gravely embellished, who knows for certain. Some people will invent stories in such high profile cases as the Heeringa case though, driven by a need to insert themselves and seem important.
It's also not uncommon at all for the actual perpetrator to do the same, solely to throw a wrench in the operation and investigators off his trail...
BOOKMARK:  Validated updates will be added here and/or the comment section.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

ALERT - ABDUCTION: Jessica Heeringa

UPDATE for June 18, 2013 - comment section
Jessica Heeringa still missing / endangered
Police release sketch of kidnapper and new video;
Persons of interest detained for questioning;
Gunshots and nearby park investigated;
"Substance in parking lot" is Heeringa's blood;
Eyewitness testimony may be inaccurate:

UPDATE May 15th 2013: Police are urging eager citizens to refrain from conducting any searches for Ms. Heeringa. Oddly enough, as of today, three weeks since she went missing, no official ground search has in fact been launched, and even the victim's family is limiting their own involvement to stationing themselves all day in a parking lot near the gas station where the young woman was last seen. Organizing broad search-and-rescue efforts is standard operating procedure in missing persons cases, including for abductions ... there is no explanation for why one has not been performed yet for Heeringa.

UPDATE: 7:49 AM, May 2, 2013: Michigan authorities continue to round up and question persons of interest in the Heeringa abduction. Last night a man matching the police sketch below and driving a van similar to eyewitness descriptions was pulled over, brought into custody, and then, after several hours of interrogation at various locations, released again. The individual is reportedly a registered sex offender.

Police have also released the second surveillance footage they found which shows a clearer image of the vehicle believed to have been driven by Heeringa's kidnapper, although still no shot of the occupants or license plates. Use the numbers provided at the bottom of this post if you recognize this van or happen to see it. A substantial reward is being offered for the perpetrator's apprehension -- ExxonMobile and its brand distributors in Michigan have added $15,000 to the fund this week. 

View the new video plus hear the original 911 call now, and scroll down to read all other vital updates on this case, including in the comment section.

UPDATE @ 8:40 AM May 1, 2013: Police are reporting they have obtained additional surveillance feed from a second location which is less grainy than the first video released earlier in the week. Like that footage, this one also shows a gray or silver van driving away from the area Heeringa was last seen in, at around the moment that she vanished. Investigators intend to make this video clip public too, once it has been fully analyzed.

So far video images have produced very few positive results, though, as days after the bold crime there are still no solid leads in the gas station abduction of the 25-year-old mother of one on April 26th.

And time, as police well know, is of the essence now, as it nears a week since the young woman went missing.

Sketch.jpgThe good news, however, is that a police composite sketch of the suspect has at last been released. Authorities are looking for a muscular, six-foot tall, white male, between 30 to 40 years of age, with brown wavy hair. Click on the thug's mug above, print and distribute the flyer everywhere you can. (Find other vital information below in earlier reports of this case, and also see the comment section for an alert concerning an unauthorized altered version of the portrait being distributed on the web today.)

UPDATE @ 5:40 PM April 29th: After questioning and dismissing four persons of interest, plus family members, friends and coworkers, police are focusing in on one "white male suspect." They also believe there is a good chance Heeringa may have known her abductor, if only casually. The FBI has been contacted and is expected to join the investigation.

Ms. Heeringa's boyfriend of five years, Dakatoh Quail-Dyer, has provided more information about the missing woman for identification purposes.  He says Heeringa has a “lazy eye” when she's not wearing her glasses and has the following distinct tattoos: 
  • A music note and peace sign on her left ankle,
  • a star on her back,
  • sleeping Z's on her left foot,
  • and a sun and moon on her right calf.
[Read original story with added details below - check back again or bookmark for further updates.]
Police are asking for the public's help in the Jessica Heeringa abduction on April 26th from the Norton Shores suburb of Muskegon, Michigan. A reward is also being offered.
The 25-year-old petite blonde is an employee of an Exxon convenient store and was in the process of closing shop for the evening when a six-foot Caucasian male between "30 to 40 years of age" with "parted, light brown, wavy hair" lured her to his van parked just outside the gas station.
Earlier reports said a passerby saw the pair walking toward the vehicle but didn't observe anything unusual in Heeringa's demeanor at that point. However, once inside the van a struggle was overheard and then the man drove off with her.

Why the onlooker failed to intervene or take note of the license plate number isn't quite clear yet.
Thereafter, other customers arriving at the seemingly still-open facility observed it was unattended and at approximately 11:15 PM notified police of the situation.
Heeringa's purse and belongings were still inside the store and no money was stolen from the cash register. 
Violent crime statistics show that employees who clerk at convenient stores and gas stations are at exceptionally high risk of harm from assailants or robbers. For that reason such places of business are usually equipped with numerous security devices, including cameras hidden both inside the premises and out.

This particular Exxon station however is said to have had no electronic surveillance at all, which is grievous and clearly placed their underpaid employee in additional peril. Fortunately though, an eyewitness caught a glimpse of the potential kidnapper's vehicle and is describing it as a silver minivan, possibly a Chrysler Town & Country model.
Ms. Heeringa is only about five-feet tall and 110 pounds. The single mother's life is in extreme danger and the public's vigilance and assistance in locating her ASAP is now required.
Her family says Jessica has no enemies whatsoever and is known to go out of her way to be helpful to people, so her abductor may be a total stranger who pretended to need her aid, or he may even be a customer she was acquainted with and therefore trusted. (Statistically, the latter is more probable, since the majority of kidnap victims are somehow acquainted with their kidnappers.)
Anybody who sees this young woman, or recognizes her abductor and/or his vehicle is asked to immediately call 911 or the Silent Observer tip line at 231-722-7463. Visit the 'Find Jessica' facebook page here to touch base with Heeringa's loved ones, and bookmark this post for additional case updates.