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Thursday, March 19, 2015

David Bird Has Been Found Drowned - 1 Year Later?

"Missing man David Bird has been found drowned today," may be a New Jersey coroner's official finding by the end of the week:

A body just retrieved from a river near where the 55-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter was said to have gone walking when he vanished is now pending formal identification and notification of relatives.

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Bird was last seen on January 11, 2014. His family had offered a $10,000 reward for any information about what may have happened to him or his whereabouts, but nothing ever came of their search.

"This is the first lead of any kind," a family spokesperson said today.

Many waterways merge in the area that the supposed body of David Bird has been found drowned in. But, still, the odds that, one full year later, his corpse would resurface there -- or be found at all -- is both forensically and statistically improbable.

Which, if it truly is the missing man himself, makes one wonder how long the deceased was actually in the water ... and who put him there?


  1. CORONER'S UPDATE: Body found drowned is indeed that of missing WSJ reporter David Bird ... believe it or not.


  2. please stay on this...it's a real classic case. The Medical Examiner's report should have already been filed to the police stating the cause of death. It's starting to seem as if someone is cooking it. It hasn't been released to the media. What's going on??? I think this is going far beyond someone slipping in the mud and falling into icy water. I will definitely check back here to see what's coming down the pike on this one! ty ty

  3. Agree with you, Mortimer, this case is suspicious. What was the condition of the body, by the way?

    (Seriously, because of the natural decay process of 'de-gloving' and the extraordinary length of time this man was supposedly dead in the water, there wouldn't even be a body by now. Just a few bones, at best.)

    Thanks for taking the time to post your opinion on this story.


  4. This type of story really has the tendency to give you a sense of dread. I'm reeling at the implications frankly. :-(

  5. body might have been frozen a long time with low bacterial action. Where is that Medical Examiner's Report???????????? suppose he went out for a walk to meet someone? a source? or that's what he thought he was doing...and it was the killer. We have a lead on the motive....the case Mr. Bird was investigating...more on that later...and that connects to the WHO ...someone who would have been exposed pretty soon.

  6. This reminds me of that missing woman , Nazima Habibul, who was found a day after her disappearance in Lady Bird Lake in Texas. They reported that they retrieved the body, mind you 24hrs after she disappeared, and the body was so decomposed they were unable to immediately identify the sex? I mean the chlorophane in that lake alone would slow decomposition down. She was last seen walking down "slaughter lane"? And within 48 hours they managed to recover the body, identify her and have a funeral?

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