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Sunday, March 29, 2015

R.I.P. Ken Gruno (missing found drowned)

Michigan's missing man Ken Gruno, 27, was finally located this week, three months after he vanished without a trace from an Otisville pub where he'd been celebrating Christmas with good friends.

His body was just found partially submerged in a shallow pond, and a medical examiner says the Air Force veteran "accidentally" drowned there somehow.


Young males like Ken Gruno, vanishing in the dead of winter and showing up drowned in an icy body of freshwater weeks or even months later, appears to be a scary modern-day phenomena now ... read more


  1. http://www.tuscolatoday.com/index.php/2015/03/27/medical-examiner-rules-ken-grunos-death-caused-by-accidental-drowning/

  2. For me at least, this is one of the most significant, yet widely ignored cases in recent times. While I believe that some of the hundreds of drownings that have occurred over the past two decades could very well have been just accidents, nobody will ever convince me that for many of them, something more sinister is at play. What are the statistical odds that over such a short span of time, several young men matching the same physical description from the SAME geographical location just happen to "fall in" a body of water and drown?? Drunk or not, this is NOT a common thing--and if it is, why isn't happening all over the country? Why did it just start happening with such veracity around 1997? Why don't we hear about it in warmer climates where it would possibly make sense for young men to go near the water? Why is it concentrated during very specific months (Sept through April)? Why do many of the disappearances happen around the same date of each month? Why are their common themes among the names/locations etc...of the victim and where they were found? Why do some of the bodies not show up until weeks or months later, often in locations that were previously heavily searched? We know that at least two (sadly only two) were ruled homicides (Chris Jenkins and Patrick O'Neil) only after the parents got involved and put pressure on LE. Both disappeared under similar circumstances--the same circumstances that we have seen occur time and time again over the last several years.

    I don't want to seem like I am rambling, but this case fascinates and saddens me. Something tells me that if there were college aged girls instead of guys, this case would be everywhere.

    I guess my point is that these drownings are still happening and how anyone can believe--with all the coincidences--that they are just cases of young, healthy, athletic guys getting drunk and falling into water and drowning is beyond me.