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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brian Shaffer Missing Persons Reward Now $100,000

The missing persons case of Brian Shaffer resembles all the other Smiley Face Killer disappearances -- before and after his -- with two notable exceptions...

Shaffer vanished upon reentering a bar. And his remains have yet to be recovered.

A look at the Brian Shaffer cold case and Joey LaBute murder in Ohio

Ten years later, both of Brian Shaffer's parents are also now deceased, and the reward for info that will help solve their son's puzzling cold case has risen to a $100,000.

The 27-year-old Ohio State University med-student was celebrating Spring Break in downtown Columbus on the evening of April 1, 2006.

He went missing that night at the Ugly Tuna Saloon, a popular bar-and-grille located not far from the one where 26-year-old Joey LaBute similarly disappeared last month.

OHIO MYSTERIES: Was still-missing 27yo Brian Shaffer killed like Joey LaBute?The LaBute and Shaffer disappearances in Ohio, though spaced a full decade apart, are almost identical in that both magically vanished without a trace inside a pub where they'd been socializing with friends and relatives.

True to The Case of the Drowning Men, however, LaBute's body was found weeks later dumped in an outdoor body of water; but this young man's death is one of the few to subsequently be ruled a homicide.

A medical examiner determined that LaBute hadn't been in the Scioto River the entire time he was gone without a trace. And it was clear by other autopsy results that he didn't really "drown."

Naturally, these two strikingly-similar missing-persons cases in Ohio has generated a lot of speculation as well: For Joey, over what role his "sexuality" might have played. For Brian, whether he "deliberately" fell off the radar or even "killed" himself.

Though Joey LaBute was found dead relatively soon after he disappeared and his suspicious death remains unsolved, the LaBute family has partial closure that the Shaffer family has not.

Thus, the rumors surrounding the Shaffer's missing young man still abound, even ten years after the fact.

“There is a possibility he is alive," conceded one of the detectives who first worked the Brian Shaffer case back in 2006. "But, if you look at the probabilities that he isn’t, those are just as great.”

“Everybody has a theory,” he added,“but the ultimate mystery remains -- where is Brian?”

What do you think, was Shaffer also killed the night he went missing in Ohio? Did he, instead, commit suicide someplace where he'll never be found? Or is he alive and well today, living under a false identity?


  1. Would a K9 have been able to track him if he'd been put in a band member's case?

  2. I should think so. These remarkable dogs can detect a scent for quite some time after a trail has otherwise grown cold ... they can even locate bodies lying at the bottom of deep rivers and lakes.

    Problem is, though, that Brian's trail out of and back into the Ugly Tuna was a bit circuitous, and may have therefore created a *dead end* for the K9s.

    Thanks for reading today and for taking the time to comment!


  3. Wow! Wasn't expecting a Brian Shaffer post.. Im pretty skeptical when it comes to pychics, but there's definitely a few I'd trust to do a reading on this case. Has there ever been information from psychics or remote viewing on this case?

    1. You know what, Ciara, I'll look into it -- ping me here if you find that info first.


      They are people who have open the door to evil spirits/satan and are deceived. They cannot help you. Pray instead and ask God of the Bible that He reveals the truth. And for wisdom. He knows all things.
      Jesus loves Brian and died for his sins.

      19When they say to you, "Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter," should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?

  4. Wow! Wasn't expecting a Brian Shaffer post.. Im pretty skeptical when it comes to pychics, but there's definitely a few I'd trust to do a reading on this case. Has there ever been information from psychics or remote viewing on this case?

  5. I don't buy the theory that he disappeared willingly to start a new life. Why would he choose a night drinking with friends to put this plan into action? I feel like he unfortunately met his fate that night or shortly after.

  6. I think he is deceased, but not necessarily killed on the night taken, given that many of these victims are held for a while before being placed in water.

  7. The question is how he managed to exit the bar without anyone noticing. The only exit is monitored by video camera.

  8. He's still in that place his body that is, I can feel it and want to find him.

  9. Have you ever noticed in the pictures of Brian with his dad and also the picture of him separately with his mother - he is throwing a weird hand sign. That’s weird he would do that as his age in otherwise serious nice photos. Look up the meaning of that hand sign....