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Monday, April 4, 2016

Missing American Colin Madsen Found Dead in Siberia

Shown below, missing 25yo American Colin Madsen was found dead today in a mountainous region of Siberia.

Madsen, who was lodging in the highland region of Buryatia with friends in advance of climbing Love Peak together, vanished under suspicious circumstances still being probed this week.

Missing 25yo American student Colin Madsen has been found dead in Siberia

Locals say the fabled area is infested with both good and evil spirits which pose a significant hazard to visitors who underestimate the power of such supernatural forces.

Russian authorities launched an all-out search there for the missing college student soon after he disappeared in the predawn hours of March 27th during subzero weather.

Madsen's colleagues say he mysteriously left their guesthouse that morning without warning, proper clothing, or a cell phone -- claims which additionally prompted a murder inquiry to ascertain whether the U.S. tourist was a victim of foul play.

Madsen's parents also flew to Russia to help hunt for their son who they assert was an experienced world traveler and had never before encountered any trouble while touring or studying abroad.

Despite last week's massive search-and-rescue effort though, which even included helicopters and drones, there remained no sign of Colin Madsen, alive or dead.

On April 4th, however, Buryatian police informed Interfax that the frozen body of the missing American was finally located not far from the remote lodge where he and his colleagues had been staying.

"The tourist has been found dead two kilometers from the village of Arshan," a Russian law enforcement representative said. "Detectives are working the scene."

There was reportedly "no trauma" or wounds on the corpse, and rescuers were able to ID the dead man at the scene because Madsen still had his wallet on him.

Investigators are now pursuing a theory that the 25-year-old postgraduate student succumbed to the elements after "taking narcotics" with his fellow climbers on the evening prior to his abrupt disappearance.

"The young men used drugs but did not drink alcohol," a spokesman for Buryatian division of the Russian Investigative Committee told reporters today. 

He also said "there were no conflicts between them," although the investigation is still underway to determine exactly what caused and preceded Mr. Madsen's untimely death.


  1. Update on this case, US Forensics revealed Colins body had been moved after his death, he had been redressed and suffered multiple injuries not consistent with falling in the woods. His wrists also showed signs where he had been restrained. Parents are attempting to get the case reopened in Russia.

  2. His drug testing in the U>S> and Russia was negative. This is slander and gross corruption and coverup. May the guilty parties hang and may the Russian people be free of the "abuse of power", corruption, and brutality by the police of the Russian Federation

  3. Agree with posters and forensics -- Colin was killed.

    Why though?


    Witness to a crime?