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Friday, April 8, 2016

Parents of Missing Adrian Lynch Renew Search Pleas

The parents of 20yo Adrian Lynch (below), who went missing from Jersey UK four months ago, has renewed pleas for help in finding his body.

Adrian 'Addy' Lynch vanished this past winter after leaving a Christmas work party in a taxi sometime around the witching hour.

The cabbie reportedly dropped him off on the evening of December 5th in the Carrefour Selous area of St Lawrence, which is approximately one mile from Lynch's residence.

He was then observed traveling on foot through that neighborhood by a number of eyewitnesses, and filmed as well by several surveillance cameras.

But where the youth went after that, and what happened to him there, is still a mystery.

Parents of 20yo Adrian Lynch renew appeals for help finding their missing son.

Jersey island police believe Adrian Lynch was "disoriented" from drinking and suffered a fatal "misadventure" that night; which seems likely because the young electrician hasn't been seen or heard from since.

However, months later there are still no hard clues as to Lynch's actual fate, and nothing but a few personal possessions were ever recovered from the area he was last sighted alive in.

This week Adrian Lynch's parents are issuing new fliers listing some of those items -- and others -- he had on him when he disappeared, in hopes of refreshing people's memories and reigniting interest his unsolved missing persons case.

These are as follows:

1. a Ford Fiesta car key
2. a Yale house key
3. a pair of black shoes (which may have come during an accident)
4. a blue suit, white shirt, and white undershirt
5. a Signet ring

Danny and Sharon Lynch also released a written statement about the emotional impact their 20-year-old son's troubling and unexplained disappearance has had on them:

"Four months have passed since Adrian was last seen and although time is said to be a great healer, in this case that doesn’t seem to be true," they jointly stated. "Not knowing where he is or what happened to him on that night is just unbearable and it feels as though things are just getting worse, the longer this goes on."

Local officials have previously assured the Lynchs that as long as their young man is missing his cold case will be actively investigated, although "not [as] a crime."

Indeed, police recently alerted farmers and seasonal workers arriving in the region this spring to be on the lookout for human remains or related evidence. But so far no one's come across anything.
Anyone who knows what befell Adrian Lynch on December 5, 2015, or his current whereabouts, is urged to contact Jersey UK authorities at 612612 or CrimeStoppers at 0800555111.


  1. I just finished reading "FOOTPRINTS OF COURAGE" By Jan Jenkins...Chris Jenkins went missing in 10/31/01. This family,worked tirelessly...So did many other well known detectives,forensic pathologists,etc...same story as all the others. However,after all the work this family did,they even had witnesses/suspects and know,what happened to their son,got the certificate ruled from the usual "accidental drowning,no foul play" to homicide...nothing,by way of justice,came out of it. Nor,do I believe,it ever will. Its a cover up,that none of us,nor even professionals,can penetrate. It's a network...like Scientology is a cult,and they have several Scientology centers all throughout the world. Get where I am going with this? I also feel,GANG STALKING IS PART OF IT. Read her book. unreal!

  2. @Anon 4/9/16: Agreed -- the Jenkins' struggle was epic and unjust because Chris had obviously been a victim of foul play and his body posed in the water. (e.g. face up, arms crossed, fist/s clenching his own hair, etc.)

    However, police handling of the Chris Jenkins disappearance and *drowning* death investigation, as well as 100s of others before and since, is a major clue in the case of the drowning men...

    Thanks for dropping by this week and for taking time to post too.


  3. August 2016 UPDATE: Eight months after young Adrian Lynch disappeared after leaving a Christmas work party, his body was finally discovered this month partially submerged in a reservoir not far from the neighbourhood he vanished from.

    That body of water, by the way, was well within the 'high priority' search area police established during their widesweeping investigation last winter, and therefore had already been scoured by dive teams equipped with sophisticated sonar.

    A coroner was unable to pinpoint the exact cause and manner of Lynch's death...