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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Can You ID Drowned John Doe By His Tattoo?

A John Doe victim was found drowned in the Kanawha River on April 19th with the below tattoo on his left arm.

West Virginia police have released the image, noting it's not the actual one but practically identical in hopes someone may recognize this and ID the dead man.

They say the large Virgin Mary tat is specifically 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' and done with black ink. It extends from John Doe's shoulder to his elbow.

A crucifix was also found in one of his pants pockets.

This sacred tattoo and a crucifix are all WV police have to ID their John Doe drown victim

No other form of identification was found on the body of a "6-foot tall" unknown male of indeterminate age pulled from the water on Thursday.

His remains were retrieved in the vicinity of River Avenue and McDonald Street in South Charleston.

Anyone who thinks they can identify the John Doe found drowned this week by his distinctive tattoo is asked to call the South Charleston Police Department at (304) 744-5951.

Updates to this case will be posted in the comment section.

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  1. UPDATE 1:30 PM: The above described John Doe is believed to be "between 20 to 30 years old" and of "Hispanic descent."

    Boaters noticed the young man's body wash ashore near River and McDonald early Thursday night and called 911.

    The victim is presumed to have drowned (fully clothed) in the river, but no other information has been made available yet, pending identification.