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Monday, January 4, 2016

Missing Boston Student Dennis Njoroge Found Drowned in Charles River

Body found in Boston's Charles River on New Year's eve is missing college student Dennis Njoroge (shown in the poster below).

Missing college student Dennis Njoroge found drownedIn a troubling pattern that has plagued cities like Boston for the past two decades, the 21-year-old Northeastern University media-arts major abruptly disappeared from his campus on November 29, 2015.

A native of Kenya, Njoroge moved with his parents to Massachusetts in his youth. They filed his missing persons report when he uncharacteristically lost touch with them and failed to attend anymore school activities.

A month later, on December 31st, a young man's corpse was spotted in the Charles River, and positively identified as the missing college student over the weekend.

This is the same waterway where the body of 23-year-old grad student Jonathan Dailey was discovered in the winter of 2012, bound in chains and weighted with cement.

It's also not far from the city reservoir where missing honors student Franco Garcia was found drowned, after he mysteriously vanished while using a downtown ATM.

As with Dailey's and Garcia's peculiar cold-weather drownings, Boston police are claiming there is "nothing suspicious" about the similar disappearance and death of Dennis Njoroge as well.

In fact, they informed reporters yesterday that they don't even plan to fully investigate it because -- as is typical for waterlogged bodies -- there were "no signs of trauma" on Boston's latest drowned young man.


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  2. Dennis Michael Njoroge, 21, was in his senior year at Northeastern University where he majored in media arts when he vanished late in November of 2015. His body was found in Boston's Charles River on December 31st. Following autopsy and toxicology tests, the city coroner concluded it was impossible to determine if the young man truly drowned by accident or suicide, or if he *somehow* died elsewhere and was placed in the water already dead. Thus, the cause and manner of Njoroge's death was listed as 'unknown' although a BPD spokesman stated at the time that they weren't investigating the case as a homicide.


    1. Was their any Marks or struggling Marks on his body. ? There has to be some type of evidence. I just feel like Noone works hard enough

  3. A lot of bodies in the Charles lately.! Is there a timeline or database?

  4. Someone needs to go down for this. These kids are so young. Didn't even get a chance at life. If they don't pay for what they did now. They will is the second life.

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

    God bless the families and friends to these young men .