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Friday, January 8, 2016

FBI Launches Animal Cruelty Offender Database

Beginning in 2016, those convicted of animal cruelty -- like the infamous Craigslist serial dog killer below -- will land on the FBI's watchlist.

Craigslist serial dog killer Jason Brown
In 2014, Jason Brown, 24 and a meth addict, went on a canine killing spree at a Motel-8 in Nevada, sadistically torturing, decapitating and dismembering unwanted dogs he had *adopted* through Craigslist.

By the time a maid was finally able to get into his chained-up room, Brown had slain at least six helpless victims there; leaving "blood everywhere" and storing "dog heads in the bathtub and refrigerator" alongside their ears, tails and penises.

The link between that degree of cruelty towards animals and violence against humans, including serial murder, has long been established. But until now it wasn't possible for state law enforcement agencies and humane societies to swiftly connect the dots via an actual database.

The move this year by the FBI to start collecting all the names of convicted animal abusers under a separate category in their 'National Incident-Based Reporting System' aims to correct this potentially-fatal oversight.

It also alerts authorities across the nation to begin treating these cases more seriously, because “when the FBI says animal cruelty is important and we are going to track it, it sends a message," a Bureau spokesperson announced during this week's press conference.

That's a significant shift, since, in the past, such offenders have been routinely underestimated by the criminal justice system, receiving mere slaps on the wrists which enabled them to enlarge the scope of their criminality until it included targeting humanity.

Beginning in 2016, however, the revolving-door days of small fines and short sentences for brutally mistreating defenseless creatures have, happily, come to an end.

Now police and prosecutors need only consult the NIBRS database when determining the appropriate sentencing for those charged with animal cruelty offenses, ideally putting away these dangerous sociopaths  before they move on to victimizing people.

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