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Monday, January 4, 2016

Missing Backroad Anthem Frontman Craig Strickland Found Drowned

Search Teams using sonar report that missing Backroad Anthem frontman Craig Strickland has been found drowned at the bottom of Kaw Lake:

The discovery of his corpse in the 40-mile long body of freshwater today occurs more than a week after Strickland's boat was found capsized.

He and his younger hunting buddy, Chase Morland, had recklessly taken off in the middle of a winter superstorm last weekend "to kill ducks" in the wilderness, but immediately disappeared later the same day.

Morland, 22 from Arkansas, was immediately found drowned, but 29-year-old Craig Strickland had remained missing ... until this afternoon.

Today's announcement that searchers finally found his remains at Bear Creek Cove confirms fears that Strickland also perished during freak weather that brought dangerously high winds, mixed precipitation, and flooding to the region.

Only Craig Strickland's dog, Sammy, an experienced Labrador Retriever, survived the ill-fated hunting expedition into Oklahoma's Kaw Lake district.

As might be expected, Sammy was found unharmed guarding Chase Morland's dead body -- that particular breed of canine are not only famous for their loyalty but also for being excellent swimmers.

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