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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Hernandez arrested in murder of Odin Lloyd

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Hernandez arrested and charged with the premeditated murder of Odin Lloyd, plus a handful of related criminal offenses, not counting obstruction of justice in destroying his home video-surveillance system and his cell phone. The accused ex-Patriots' tight end is currently being held without bail:
Boston Globe / Getty Images

Lloyd is the 27-year-old semi-pro football player and longtime friend of Hernandez who was found murdered in gangland style near the star athlete's mansion in Attleboro Massachusetts last week.
Authorities say his body was found dumped at an industrial site. He'd been shot in the back of the head.
All week investigators have been probing the exact circumstances of Lloyd's slaying, serving search warrant after search warrant upon Aaron Hernandez and, with his high-powered attorneys looking on, questioning him at length.
Anonymous sources close to the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly have repeatedly stated that an arrest -- at least for obstruction of justice for destroying crucial evidence -- was imminent, and finally the footballer is in custody.

He faces murder charges as well as a half-dozen related criminal counts including ones associated with actively hindering prosecution, to which he entered a not-guilty plea today.
Images of a handcuffed Hernandez being placed in a police cruiser are streaming across the web right now, a predictable outcome for a troubled player with a history of violence and some questionable ties to criminal elements.
Although the actual events leading to the murder of Odin Lloyd are yet to be revealed, it's likely, now that one key player is apprehended, the story will soon unravel.

One thing is known for sure though: The New England Patriots wasted no time in dealing with their embattled tight end; upon news of Aaron Hernandez arrested, they fired him.

That status places the issue of the newly-released pro-football player's multi-million-dollar contract up in the air, as it's not entirely clear if he is now in forfeiture at this point, or whether he will be when or if convicted.

Either which way, it won't take the high-profile accused murderer's team of pricey attorneys very long to eat up those earnings and benefits.
UPDATED to include arrest image, arraignment status, murder charges, and crime details - Bookmark this post for more updates, and add your own updates or related remarks in the comment section.


  1. UPDATE: Murder One for Aaron Hernandez -- first degree murder charges -- which means prosecutors believe the killing was premeditated, as indicated by the evidence thus far collected as well as the victim's bullet wounds.


  2. UPDATE - THE EVIDENCE: Investigators told the court they recovered surveillance footage of Aaron Hernandez picking up Odin Lloyd in the early morning hours immediately preceding the murder, and doing so with a gun in hand.

    They presented further evidence showing him driving to and from the body dumpsite and then back to his mansion again, with the same weapon displayed at all times.

    Prosecutors also claim that Hernandez shot Lloyd a handful of times -- in the head and in his chest -- although why still remains unanswered.

    "The execution of Odin Lloyd" was Hernandez's doing, they said.

    Accordingly, the accused athlete is being held without bail now, not only in consideration of the viciousness of his current crime, but in light of past aggressions which the pampered perp has gotten away with, without so much as a fine.

    A civil suit is also presently pending concerning a prior shooting event where Hernandez blew out the eye of an acquaintance he had a disagreement with. That plaintiff additionally seeks redress for facial pain and an irreparably damaged limb.

  3. UPDATE - MURDER DETAILS: While at a Rhode Island nightclub Hernandez grew irate with Lloyd because the semipro had spoken to people Hernandez was allegedly "having trouble with."

    Hours/days after the pair separated that evening, the then seething and murderous Patriots' tight end texted two of his out-of-state *friends* to join him immediately at his residence.

    Once they arrived there the trio then proceeded together to Odin Lloyd's home some 30 miles away, where the 27-yeaR-old was coerced at gunpoint to accompany them.

    En route to his own murder Lloyd managed to sneak in an urgent text message to his sister in order to alert her to the fact that he was "with NFL." Moments later he re-texted her and ominously added "just so you know."

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