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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jimmy Hoffa Remains MISSING

An aged thug, possibly purging his soul, claims Hoffa remains can now be found on the outskirts of the city of Detroit ... so that's where officials are digging this time.
MISSING: Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart
BUT DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP: Today's massive Hoffa search resembles numerous other wild goose chases investigators have been sent on in their efforts to bring closure to the most famous missing person case since Amelia Earhart vanished in 1937.
Unlike the much loved American aviatrix, however, shady Teamster prez Jimmy Hoffa was up to his elbows in wrongdoing and rubbing elbows with organized crime on a regular basis. 
Not surprisingly then, more than one criminal cohort has claimed responsibility for killing him and unceremoniously disposing of his carcass.
According to these same *reliable* felons, the shot or stabbed or bludgeoned or dismembered corpse of Hoffa remains buried in secrecy somewhere, and that unmarked burial plot is either a swamp or a stadium parking lot or the backside of his once-favorite restaurant or, now, an overgrown field in Michigan.
Boy, for a dead guy he sure gets around, doesn't he?


  1. All this Hoffa talk reminds me of another Detroit badass. Just read BAD LIKE JESSE JAMES, a book about a guy who in the 1970s committed armed robbery, who trafficked in international heroin sales and ran Detroit's heroin market, who was involved in fraud, extortion and other assorted violent crimes. He not only plotted to rob a Brinks truck, he even threatened to blow up Detroit Airport unless he was paid $1,000,000! Bad? Yeah. The guy was also A FEDERAL ATF AGENT! Something about Detroit....

  2. Knew someone from Detroit and he told me where Hoffa was. said they put him in the back of a truck . He is in another state according to him.

  3. My theory is that Hoffa 'swims with the fishes'. (In a pair of cement booties.)

  4. That what I heard and it is in virginia ,I think he said. Said he knew the truck driver.

  5. Water's the most efficient way to do it, forensically speaking. And when it comes to killing these mobsters are VERY efficient.

  6. I think I discovered the common links on the so called drownings. if i am right than it would give the federal government an incentive to keep everyone in the dark if they do know about it,and maybe they do and maybe they don't..I do not want them to know where I got and how I got information so I can not say some things here. Besides I do not want to make just the kind of case that will make people go hmmm. I want to make the kind of case that makes people go OMFG! besides that these other people with theories seem to be to a large degree sponges. I can make a better case than anyone knows.

  7. @ Tennessee111: Maybe move that topic over to the most recent related post: the missing person case of Austin Hudson Lapore (click on my name in this comment, if you want to view that.)