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Monday, November 4, 2013

"I'm really good at killing people" Obama brags

Hardly sounding like the leader of a first-world democracy, the latest Obama boast "I'm really good at killing people" may be too over the top for even his most diehard supporters to defend.

And dying hard goes to the crux of the matter when we're talking drone strikes on civilians.

A number of White House aides recently confirmed in a scathing new biography about the Kenyan-born American president that if it seems Barack Obama is a bit trigger-happy, well, that's not a coincidence.

"I'm really good at killing people" the unabashedly bloodthirsty commander-in-chief was overheard bragging in the Oval Office one day. 

Bloody Barry already *enjoys* the worst record on free speech and privacy rights of any U.S. president to date. And with damaging disclosures from former defense contractor Edward Snowden being leaked almost every single week now, he really can't afford anymore embarrassing revelations.


Obama's approval rating is already at an all time low, and continues to steadily plummet.

Rightly so, human rights advocates state, because the unconscionable conduct of President Obama, and his perverse pride about those shameless ways, is scarily on par with that of many third world dictators.

Maybe even worse, since this would-be-king is pilfering the tax dollars of the richest nation on the globe to achieve his evil objectives.

Do you think the president's murderous boasts are shocking and undignified? Call the Washington hotline at 202-456-1111 and let him know today!


  1. Google... down low Chicago ...and click on the first item. Then come back here and let me know what you think.

  2. Hmm, anything's possible with this dude, I'd say. He's definitely the most deceitful and dishonest politician we've ever seen.

  3. Huh? Short memory you have there. Barry can't hold a candle to George W. Bush in terms of abuse of power truth be told, and recall George W's response to being challenged about the constitutionality of his actions, "The Constitution is just a piece of paper."

    Barry has a loooong way to go to match the number of deaths Bush is responsible for, not to mention how his incompetent war mongering nearly wrecked our economy.

    I'm not a Democrat, but I detest intellectual dishonesty regardless of politics, and as a certain notable philosopher once cautioned, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    1. Not a Democrat....right.

      As much as you may have hated the Iraqi War and the questionable intelligence used to justify it, there was at least some bipartisan and international support for it. The same is said for the liberty-stifling Patriot Act and its dreaded DHS.

      The great thing now is the final death throes of the economy can no longer be blamed on Bush (though the problem certainly goes back further) but can be placed squarely on the people who have foisted the "A"CA upon the unsuspecting populous.

    2. I am a Democrat ... but didn't vote for Bloody Barry EVER, I'm proud to say.


    3. Maybe it's time to reconsider your allegiances in this broken two-party system that is moving towards dictator rule. I merely made a protest vote in 2012.

  4. I was all for the "change" obama promised in early 2008,however,once I found out about his hateful,racist pastor jeremiah wright (which was right around the time of the election),I quickly changed my mind. I couldnt understand how people could vote for a man who had a mentor/pastor like j.r. IMO that said volumes about the kind of person he truly is.

    1. I think he must've been using the word "change" more literally -- he meant nickeled and dimed and quartered.

    2. That's only one example of the dichotomy he possesses that so many don't care about. It's unfortunate they'll have to be lined up by a firing squad (or some of their family) before it ever phases them. I knew he was a snake oil salesmen from the beginning, but his new comrade McCain would have nary been better (nonetheless, I voted for him following the lesser of 2 evils route). What about his earlier statement concerning a civilian security force? And his desire to kill the insurance market altogether and leave us only with the plantation one-size-fits all insurance that the ACA is attempting to foist upon all of us? All I can say is it took some Idiot zombies to willingly vote for this harbinger of destruction twice.