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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Leaves Corpses In Trees

Officials in the Philippines fear super Typhoon Haiyan has killed tens of thousands of citizens, and the Red Cross projects that the lives of about 1.7 million children there have been severely impacted:

As global warming rapidly escalates now, causing, among other things, massive droughts in Africa and widespread flooding in Asia, there's little doubt the world's poorest are reeling from the excesses of the wealthiest.

In fact, global warming experts say the largest contributor by far to the problem is mighty United States itself, which, annually, produces more than one-third of all greenhouse gases.

This weekend we saw firsthand the kind of apocalyptic devastation that runaway wastefulness and resulting climate change will be bringing us -- in the form of more frequent super storms like the one that just decimated the Philippines.

The force of Typhoon Haiyan, now heading straight for Vietnam, was measured to be 3.5 times that of Louisiana's hurricane Katrina. And in its wake it left destruction of epic proportions; smashing buildings like matchsticks and flinging drowned corpses into the trees...


  1. Careful with the causal fallacies. The climate is always undergoing change...mankind isn't powerful enough to generate that change all by himself.

    1. Denial is a powerful opiate, but it doesn't change the facts.

      Or science.

    2. No, the science isnt settled. Control freaks have you doing their bidding.