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Friday, November 22, 2013

Shellie Zimmerman Says George Zimmerman Is Berserk

Shellie Zimmerman, the estranged wife of Trayvon Martin's killer, claims George Zimmerman has gone wacko since being acquitted of the unarmed Florida teen's assault and murder last summer.

She also said that, on the night preceding that infamous shooting, she'd actually left her husband because he once again ridiculed her in public, adding that "life would be very different now" if she hadn't foolishly returned to his aid in the aftermath of the contentious killing.

Zimmerman, who's had regular brushes with the law both before and after that undeniably life-altering event, was once more detained and arrested this month on charges of domestic violence.

This time it involved a live-in girlfriend who he allegedly threatened at gunpoint when she attempted to throw him out of her apartment. 

According to the woman, he also deliberately broke some of her possessions.

Weeks ago repeat offender George Zimmerman narrowly escaped similar charges from Shellie Zimmerman herself when he assaulted her and her father at their home whilst brandishing a firearm.


  1. OMG! More oppression of George Zimmerman! This is even worse than what they did to that poor OJ Simpson who was also innocent. I am going to write a big check to the Zimmerman defense fund right away.

  2. This tool, ugh. No honest person believed he didn't have everything to do with causing whatever transpired between him and Trayvon, ands then in true bully turned cowardly fashion shot and killed the kid because he was getting his ass kicked. I'd like to wring his neck for all the negative attention he single handedly brings to the gun debate. A high profile poster boy for all the wrong reasons.