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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Odin Lloyd not the only murder victim of Aaron Hernandez

According to police, Odin Lloyd isn't the only person Aaron Hernandez has gunned down during one of his lethal rages:
In what appears to be a gangland-style of premeditated killings, the ex-pro footballer has murdered at least two other men in cold blood, investigators now believe. Seriously injuring just as many, or more, in various drive-by shooting events.
In Boston, for example, it's suspected that he and a homey killed two people and wounded a third in 2012. All of whom, according to eyewitnesses, Hernandez had been in a barroom altercation with earlier that same evening.
With these new but not-so-surprising revelations, a troubling picture has emerged. That of a violent young man with an exceptionally short fuse who squabbles with people, usually when out partying, and then hours or even days later starts gunning for them.
Mass murderer Hernandez rats out accomplice
One night in the slammer is apparently all it took to get tattooed tough guy Aaron Hernandez to sing on his cohorts:
Arrested today is fellow homicidal hood Carlos Ortiz, one of two hitmen Hernandez summoned to help coerce Odin Lloyd into a vehicle on June 17, 2013, so to transport him to the designated industrial park for a preplanned execution.
Stupidly enough, that secluded location was virtually in the former star athlete's own backyard. And, like the three hapless victims in Boston who ate lead in his vengeful spray of bullets, Hernandez had been observed verbally accosting Lloyd in public too.
The ex-Patriots' tight end was miffed that his jocular buddy from the lowly semipros had the audacity to chat with some as-yet-unnamed patrons of a Rhode Island pub who Hernandez reportedly "had problems with" in the past.
So he seethed over the perceived slight for several days in a row before finally deciding to kill his friend.
Clearly a perp as demented as that is some kind of a rabid animal, not a human being at all, and his new home in a Massachusetts jail cell is where he's always belonged.
Regrettably, though, in that state Hernandez can't be euthanized.

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