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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weird Case of N.C. Motel Deaths Solved

The worrisome case of three N.C. motel deaths in as many months, all in the same room, has at last been solved, although officials investigating the odd string of fatalities had already advised the public they had "nothing to fear."
On June 8th 2013, 11-year-old Jeffrey Lee Williams was discovered dead inside a motel room at the Best Western in Boone, North Carolina. Police arriving on the scene found his mother sprawled close by, still alive but unresponsive.
The boy died in the same fashion as an elderly couple in April -- from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Seems that particular room is situated right over the pump room for the adjacent pool, so this possibly faulty equipment is being tested as the likely source of the deadly but odorless fumes responsible for the otherwise mysterious N.C. motel deaths.
The deceased boy's 49-year-old mother, Jeannie Williams, is currently still in hospital. It's not clear if she's been informed yet that her son is dead.



  1. I in no way mean this to offend you but you should reserve judging about illusory correlations . It is not like I think it is my job to educate the public. It is time consuming to walk someone through this. It is not like everyone, when I talk about a specific possible victim, knows who I am talking about. I say a guy on this street or that bar,etc. It is not like I point out every odd circumstance surrounding their death either and not just about some possible cryptic clues. I wrote out 10 paragraphs this morning just for one point I make. I did an overview which I still have to go into more detail for people that just do not know all the odd circumstances and details the way I do. Sometimes I put things out there because in the past others had ideas that seem like they might have merit and not so much because I am trying to sell anyone on my beliefs.

  2. My friend, as you know, I am truly fascinated by your computations on the SFK case and have never completely ruled out their possibilities. Myself though, I'm simply a follower of the principles espoused in Occam's Razor -- that the simplest answer is usually the correct one -- therefore I tend to see the matter in a much less complicated perspective.

    For instance, the unexplained multiple deaths in the above post: This scared a lot of locals in the area witless, and definitely on its face appeared quite sinister. But I wasn't surprised that some toxic agent actually turned out to be the real culprit, because (IMHO) there was no other other practicable explanation, absent wounds or any relationship between the two sets of victims.

    That being said, sometimes, as we've all seen from time to time, life can be very complex indeed, and likewise so can sudden and unexplained death...

    And then that is where people like you, individuals with an eye for detecting the minutest of details in a case, always prove extraordinarily useful.


    1. Not everything is going to have a simple answer. The facts are not pointing in that direction at all. I employ more of a scientific method. Formulate a theory and put it to the test. A theory should not be based on a lot of assumptions ,but I do not assume a hell of a lot except 1-many cases that mirror each other are suspicious in other ways.
      2- cases that mirror each other often tend to be in the same part of the countries and often in a short time frame.
      3 -they often mirror each other in more than one way.
      These are not unusual things to do at all . in fact it is similar to what LE does except in some cases they seem to mirror each other by some kind of cryptic clues and not just other similarities.

      In a scientific method you compare with a control group. Someone even made a comment like "well if a guy with a green shirt goes missing and then someone named green goes missing it does not mean anything" . That is not even a fair comparison.

      In fact when i posted the article about crimes being all in locations with the number 4 I was skeptical. It would take more than that to convince me those places were intentionally targeted.