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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Missing Hoboken Man Matt Genovese Found Drowned in Hudson River

Police say a corpse pulled from the Hudson River is that of Matt Genovese, 24 of Hoboken New Jersey.

Genovese disappeared this weekend after leaving McSwiggan's Pub where he and his friends had gathered on Saturday night as a major blizzard was blanketing the region.

THE CASE OF THE DROWING MEN (complete forensic analysis)He left his group on foot just before midnight, telling them he was heading back to his apartment approximately ten blocks west of the bar.

But he never made it home again.

For some reason those friends now believe Matthew Genovese had, instead, walked east toward the Hudson River immediately upon departing from McSwiggan's.

No one knows yet whether he may have been intending to visit someone in that neighborhood, or if whiteout conditions got him turned around and he lost his bearings.

Colleagues reported him missing on Monday, when he failed to show up for work.

During this week's search for the missing Wall Streeter -- and despite record snowfall and accumulations -- a Hoboken cop said he found the missing man's billfold on the ground near the waterfront at Pier A.

"All his cash, credit cards, IDs were all still in the wallet," the officer disclosed, adding that the body of Matt Genovese was retrieved from the river still wearing the same clothes he wore on the night he'd vanished.

Police are declining to posit a theory as to how he could have ended up in the water, citing their ongoing investigation. But the 24-year-old isn't the first young man in Hoboken NJ to drown there in cold weather:

In late March of 2014, marathon runner Andrew Jarzyk disappeared during a predawn jog on the promenade. His body was fished out of the Hudson River roughly a month later.

Amid swirling controversy over "malfunctioning" surveillance cameras positioned all along the riverbank where Jarzyk was last filmed running in exercise clothing, Hoboken officials ruled his drowning "accidental."

The medical examiner attributed alcohol and "intoxication" as the reason why the 27-year-old suddenly plunged to an icy death.


  1. I was thinking about what could of happen to a handsome young man like Patrick James McNeil so I thought to myself let me see if I could havea insight when I call on Patrick spirit and his soul said his drink had made him sick and had left the bar with no help from no one ,or gotten help for someone to call the cops to get him to a hospital,but he was abducted rape, tortured and left to lay for dead on a dirty floor in a New York House in a dark room with garbage until he was dump in the Hudson River and he was hurt and to weak to swim but he had a little life in his body and Patrick soul let my insight see him come up with his head twice in the water and than Patrick soul was taken to heaven by God angels and I guess it was meant for the Natural of the insect for the fly eggs to be on Patrick pubic hair to let his family know he was killed and he fought to live and the truth will come to the light because God Grace will have it done on earth as it is in Heaven, and tears came in my eyes to think of the evil sick shit happen to Patrick,a evil dam shame !!!
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  2. Matthew Genovese had to be killed by some one watching him from the dam Pub and the killers waited to strike and hunt Matt down like a wild animal or think they caught a deer for their Blood harvest Feast like a Movie Picture but except this is the real shit of Evil of FOUL PLAY

    and Matt need a dam gun and pepper spray

    on him and other men and women need to arm up for your PROTECTION NOW NOT OR I WILL SEE INTO IT.

  3. sure glad I don't drink and I do open carry. It is legal to do so here in Ohio. If either of these men had a 9mm in plain view they would have never been victims at all. I also will never understand why alcohol is so widely accepted, It's a dangerous drug that leaves people defenseless and causes poor decision making. moral of story= carry and know how to use a handgun, and if you have to do drugs, smoke weed, it would have zero negative effect on you in a situation like this.

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