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Friday, August 15, 2014

Craigslist Dog Torturer and Killer being Sheltered

Hunted Craigslist dog torturer and killer Jason Brown has "issues" his lawyer says, so the serial killer of canines is being sheltered now from the growing mobs eager to put him down.

Brown, 24 and a meth head, went on a canine killing spree last month at a Motel 8 in Nevada. His defenseless victims were all dogs he had "adopted" for that purpose via Craigslist.

His gruesome acts, which included decapitation and dismemberment, took place this July and were discovered at that time by a maid who was finally able to enter Brown's chained up room.

The horrified woman immediately notified management and the police because there was "blood everywhere" she said, "and dog heads in the bathtub and refrigerator."

Investigators also found evidence of torture and small body parts like ears, tails and penises. They say it's clear thus far that at least six dogs were victimized there, but continue to examine the entire case, as it is now known that any individual who abuses helpless animals in such a manner will often go on to become a full-blown serial killer.

Brown himself has readily admitted to having homicidal "urges of rage" and that butchering dogs "made [him] high." When questioned as to whether he also has similar feelings toward human beings, he replied, "Dogs are good for right now."

Sporting a face so evil it would make even Ted Bundy seem angelic, Jason Brown was apprehended at the Super 8 motel on July 9th 2014, when he unexpectedly returned to the scene of his crimes while officials were still investigating.

Since then the demented Craigslist dog killer has been held at an undisclosed location in lieu of $70,000 bail; his name removed from the Nevada police registries and websites "for his protection."

But activists everywhere are up in arms over his unprecedented case of premeditated animal cruelty. They are demanding Brown's jail bond be rescinded so he can remain in police custody while awaiting trial. At least.


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