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Monday, August 18, 2014

Michael Brown Autopsy: Shot Red-handed and Stoned?

Michael Brown autopsy reveals the hulking robbery suspect had drugs in his bloodstream and wasn't killed running in fear from officer Darren Wilson, as claimed by Brown's companion and alleged accomplice Dorian Johnson:

Johnson and Brown -- who stood 6-foot-4 and weighed 300 pounds -- were both the prime suspects in a cigar store robbery that had just taken place only minutes and blocks from the scene of Brown's botched arrest on August 9th.

Witnesses to the events which led up to Brown's street killing that day admit the gargantuan youth fiercely struggled with, and even likely injured, patrolman Wilson who during the altercation discharged his revolver approximately six times.

The four initial gunshots Wilson fired were apparently intended to disable Brown, standard protocol in cases where a suspect is presenting deadly force to resist arrest. 

Autopsy diagrams also indicate that each of those first bullets lodged nonlethally in Brown's extended and massive arms. The last ones, however, were aimed directly at his head and deemed fatal.

Said to be found on Brown's person at the time of his premature demise: A fistful of cigarellos, traceable to the cigar store heist.

These qualifying factors and other incriminating evidence are finally beginning to trickle out this week, just as Missouri's heavily armed National Guard is being dispatched to the beleaguered suburb of Ferguson in Saint Louis where Michael Brown once lived.

Indeed, the rioting, looting and related criminal acts going on there now -- all purportedly staged in protest against the in-custody death of an allegedly unarmed Michael Brown -- have gotten so out of control and over the top that the first day of school for many of Saint Louis' youngsters had to be postponed today.

And further stoking the already tragic-enough situation is "Reverend" Al Sharpton, who evidently hopes to make the Brown shooting controversy akin to the Trayvon Martin slaying.

Opportunistic, rabble-rousing Sharpton rose to public prominence decades ago under similarly dubious circumstances when he aided infamous teen Tawana Brawley in falsely accusing local police officers and high-ranking officials of beating and gang-raping her, then smearing her suspiciously unbruised body with racial epithets using their own bodily fluids and feces.

One gigantic nationwide uproar later, astonished Americans learned that the emotionally troubled young girl had completely fabricated her frightening story in order to avoid punishment from her parents for having been wayward again

Today Ms. Brawley lives and works under an alias, shunning the limelight she once so shamelessly sought. Neither she nor Sharpton have ever fully paid the money damages awarded to their numerous victims for what was at the time an unprecedented campaign of slander and defamation.


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