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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Missing Airman Keifer Huhman Found Drowned

Police have confirmed that the body of missing airman Keifer Huhman has washed ashore in Delaware.

For weeks after the 21-year-old vanished and his abandoned truck impounded, loved ones and law enforcement have been searching area waterways for his remains.

On Thursday a fisherman discovered a young male's corpse cast onto a rocky bank of the Chesapeake and Delaware canal.

It was retrieved and later positively identified at the Delaware Division of Forensic Science as Keifer Huhman.

The Senior Airman was stationed at Dover Air Force Base and reported missing by his family in February when he failed to return there for duty and they learned authorities had towed his disabled vehicle from a bridge.

No one yet knows the circumstances of Huhman's apparent drowning in the C&D canal. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and manner of his death.

Air Force officials had already declared their missing airman dead earlier in March 2016 -- Huhman is one of several young men to disappear and purportedly drown this winter.


  1. Have you heard this? This mans body was found in a river/lake after leaving a bar and being dropped off at a convenient store. His body was found six miles away from where he was last dropped off. He accidentally called his wife i believe and recorded on voicemail what i believe is his death. Sounds like hes being waterboarded... Like dunked in water until dying. Please give this story attention bc its what i believe is true evidence of all these killings. The link i posted doesn't have the audio to the voicemail but you can listen to PART of it online. Sounds like hes screaming, moaning and gurgling. Cops still report NO FOUL PLAY!? HE RECORDED HIS MURDER IMOhttp://m.startribune.com/body-found-in-lake-is-missing-mounds-view-man-henry-mccabe/339975911/

    1. Hello my name is Scott Hamilton me and my firm are investigating the smiley face killers any information would be helpful you can reach us at coldcasejustice@yahoo.com

  2. Hi, C, and thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I did cover this very bizarre case last year (for both Killing Killers and Crime Mag). Here is the drown-report and link to his original missing-persons report (at bottom):

    Missing taxman Henry McCabe has been found drowned, two months after leaving a frantic voicemail with relatives in which growls and screams were recorded in the background.

    On Monday, a kayaker discovered Mr. McCabe’s body in Rush Lake, some distance from where the 32-year-old had been dropped off -- and promptly vanished -- after a night out with his friends.

    Searchers have acknowledged they previously scoured that same area and found nothing. However, a law enforcement official said yesterday that the victim appeared to have been in the water “for quite some time.”

    Henry McCabe was a salaried employee of Minnesota’s Department of Revenue and is survived by a wife and two young children.

    Despite the troubling circumstances of his disappearance and a frightened 2-minute message begging for help, police are now indicating there is “nothing suspicious” about his missing persons case or drowning…



  3. Hey, thanks for the additional information. Im curious what you thought about the gurgling noise (to me that is definitely what it sounds like)?
    I really feel this man recorded his murder. To me, the voicemail sounded like he was fighting tirelessly for his life, which is why you hear so much screaming and "growling" (i believe thats gurgling not growling). I don't know, i just really feel this recording captures something significant in not only this man's murder, but possibly what other victims endured. If LE believes no foul play in this case then there's gotta be a cover up of some kind.