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Monday, February 15, 2016

Missing Person Alert for Zachary Marr, 22 of Harvard MA

ALERT: Missing person Zachary Marr below vanished in thin air while standing outside a Boston bar during the predawn hours of February 13, 2015.

Missing person alert for 22yo Zachary Marr of Harvard MAMassachusetts authorities are asking for the public's help in locating the missing Harvard man, who was last observed taking a cigarette break outside the Bell In Hand tavern on Union Street near Faneuil Hall.

Sub-freezing temperatures enveloped the area over the weekend and the 22-year-old was reportedly outdoors without a jacket or other appropriate winter attire.

Zachary Marr is a blue-eyed and bearded Caucasian male, about 5-foot-8 and 175 pounds, with short brown hair. He was wearing dark jeans, a blue sweatshirt and black sneakers when he disappeared.

Harvard police are also involved in the search for this missing young man. Anyone who knows what happened to him Saturday morning while visiting Boston, or Marr's current whereabouts, is urged to alert them at 978-456-1212.

Tips on this developing missing persons case can also be submitted to the Boston Police Department's District A-1 detectives at 617-343-4571.

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  1. NOON UPDATE: Missing Harvard man Zach Marr had been celebrating his 22nd birthday with his cousins at Boston's Bell In Hand pub when he stepped outside for a smoke near closing time without a coat on.

    Bar security then barred him from reentering the establishment because it was closed, according to Marr's urgent text message to his relatives still inside.

    One of his cousins, Amanda, says she "knew something wasn't right" when she promptly went to find Zachary and he was gone without a trace.

    The birthday boy has not been seen or heard from since then, and Boston has proven it's not the best place for young males to *disappear* in.


    (The Marr missing persons case is still developing and could progress quickly within the next few hours or days. So don't be shy about posting your own updates and observations here, in case I'm not around!)

  2. 2/16/16 UPDATE: Managers of the historic Boston tavern that Zach Marr vanished from early Saturday morning have issued a written statement challenging witnesses accounts that the 22-year-old went missing after bar security denied him reentry because the pub was "closing":

    "We have provided video to his family and the police and it showed Zachary leaving the Bell in Hand at 1:20 a.m. and the video clearly shows that Zachary did not try to re-enter the Bell in Hand. It does, however, show several other customers leaving and re-entering. He would not have been denied access. Other video has shown he was last seen in front of the garage heading towards surface artery. We hope that he is found soon and we are cooperating fully with police and the family to help in any way we can.”

    With the above differing version of events, the Zachary Marr missing persons case is rapidly shaping up to resemble that of Nick Wilcox on New Year's day 2013 in downtown Milwaukee.

    Wilcox and his friends were celebrating at a notorious but now-defunct bar called the Irish Rec Room, when bouncers there physically removed the 24yo from the premises.

    Wilcox was then gone without a trace three straight months, during which time bar management produced various security tapes falsely purporting to show him walking away unharmed, either "in the company of a man wearing a red shirt" or "by himself down the alley."

    Finally, in the last days of March 2013, following weeks of such ploys and obfuscations, the missing young man's badly decomposed remains were fished out of the nearby river -- in an area previously searched multiple times, including by police divers.

    Wilcox's convoluted case is featured at length in the new double issue of 'Hunting Smiley' -- hopefully Marr's won't turn out to be identical.


  3. UPDATE 2/17/16: Police get tip that leads them to start searching the Charles River and Boston Harbor today for the body of missing Harvard man Zachary Marr.

    Another Franco Garcia, Jon Dailey, Dennis Njoroge, Eric Munsell ... ?


  4. I saw this on a Reddit thread...May be bogus but may be helpful...


    [–]SteveTaleb 4 points 1 day ago
    And strangely enough on my drive home in south Boston. I saw a giant billboard with nothing but a huge smiley face on it. Check it out for yourself if you live in the area. It is on Dorchester Avenue right by the golds gym. CREEEEPY
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    [–]TouchDownBurrito 3 points 1 day ago
    Wow, I just noticed that a few mins ago, I can see it from my window.
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    [–]InvestigatingXBoston 1 point 12 hours ago
    i went down to the area he was last seen in those photos from across the street of the bar and etched on the pillar infront of him there was a smiley face. though i think that is irrelevant to what might have actally happened to him.
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    1. Interesting. Thank you for this, Christian. Boston officials are still probing area waterways for the body of Zach Marr today, so clearly they're aware of certain common themes in these cold weather disappearances, although smiley faces feature less often in them than many would believe. Rivers, harbors, lakes and ponds on the other hand...

      I hope the Marr family got the name (and badge number) of Bell-In-Hand's bouncer who blocked Marr's reentry and that they interviewed him before he "left the area" as happened in the Matt Ward cover up in Indiana.


    2. Another strange sync...

      Origin of the name 'Marr' - River, Ocean, Sea...

      And yet another Smiley Face sync...Marr disappeared one street from "Cross Street", and obviously crosses are a commonality in many possible Smiley Face cases...

      Thanks for taking a peek at my post, I so applaud the work you do here and visit your site to peruse your work often. Great job!

    3. You do know that the smiley face is possibly the most drawn piece of grafitti on the planet, right?

  5. PS...Here is a link to my work on the Greg Hart case...I found and documented the smiley face(s) graffiti directly where Greg went missing. I also worked on the Sunil Tripathi missing person case as well and found NUMEROUS points of SFK continuity there as well...Thx!


  6. Greg Hart's case is covered in THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN -- he was murdered in the parking lot of a pub owned by the spouse of the same RI cop who attempted to head up Hart's missing-persons case, a conflict-of-interest that speaks for itself. Skilled swimmer and scuba diver Hart was later found badly beaten and drowned in the nearby river. This detective's dirty police department, btw, had just been busted by the feds drugs and racketeering, and, separately, for a pattern of excessive force.

    As to sad Sunil Tripathi, he left a suicide note that his affluent family didn't reveal at the time they reported him *inexplicably* missing to police and on social media, because they wanted the public and FBI to help them find his body.

    The FBI has rarely ever involved itself in investigating the spate of missing/drowned men, and there were at the time many bona fide cases they should have devoted their "limited resources" to instead (e.g. Nick Wilcox and Colin Gillis). So that wasn't fair of the Tripathis, IMHO.


  7. And who named him "THE SMILEY FACE SERIAL MURDERER"? I don't think Zachary Marr is in the water.I think he was lured or forced into a car,or maybe left with someone he met in the bar and it turned out badly.As you see when he has walked a little way from the entrance he's on the phone.Did they find out who he was on the phone with?Have they been able to track his phone or any of his belongings?His wallet?I haven't heard any updates.If he did leave in a car the problem is he could be anywhere.His family said he had his own issues,and I am not passing judgement,but maybe he left to get high with someone and he OD'ed and they panicked and left him some where.That's if his issue was with drugs.I don't know,it's just a thought.They said he headed towards the artery which makes no sense to me because he knew his friends were on their way out.Why leave?Especially where he texted and told them they wouldn't let him back in.If his intention was to leave why even bother texting his friends at all.It mind boggling.I pray for Zachary and his family that they find him soon.God Bless

  8. @babygirl57: NYPD detectives Gannon and Duarte dubbed the alleged serial killer/s 'Smiley' based upon iconic graffiti they said they found at 40 different crime scenes. (Gannon and Gilbertson's 'Smiley Face Killer' interview session will be posted here soon, so maybe it's a good question for you to pose to them directly.)

    As to the Boston tavern claiming Zach Marr walked to the artery (while on the phone with his cousin still inside the bar), this is no doubt a tale a dead man wouldn't tell ... if you catch my drift.

    However, this does show why it's so important for loved ones of missing young men to begin examining film footage -- including from ATM cams -- ASAP. Ditto for getting the name (and badge number) of the security personnel typically involved in such cases. Otherwise stories will suddenly appear to change and conflict, whilst the surveillance feeds which might prove or disprove these accounts *mysteriously* vanish.

    Thank you for dropping by this evening and taking the time to post your insights.


  9. Have the police gone through all the other videos from different bars where some man came up missing to see if there is a certain video with a certain individual in each of the videos?He or whoever could be hanging out in a bar waiting to prey on someone.Or videos in the surrounding areas to see if a certain person keeps appearing in or around the time of the disappearance?Just I thought!

  10. @babygirl57: Of course one of the most corrupt police departments in the world has "gone through" the Zach Marr videotaped disappearance already ... why else would his missing-persons case become such a "mystery" and "new videotape emerge" today showing he "fell into the water"?

    (The family needs to get that bouncer/cop's name and contact the FBI now, without delay. The Bureau has jurisdiction over these matters.)


  11. "Body Found in Charles River" this week is "not believed" to be that of Zachary Marr, for some yet-undisclosed reason ...

    We are still closely following Marr's unsolved missing-persons case and will report any relevant updates here in the comments section, or via another feature article, if necessary.


  12. Found today ... in the Charles. What a shame.

  13. There is something wrong with this story
    God rest his soul